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Regeneralive - Oncology Clinic in Mexico


Torre Médica New City Medical Plaza, Avenida Paseo del Centenario #9580, Zona Urbana, Río Tijuana, Tijuana, 22010
For more information about Regeneralive in Tijuana please contact the clinic.
Oncologist Consultation
Oncologist Consultation $25 - $49
NK Cells  
Cellular Autologous Immunotherapy  
Autologous Cellular Immunotherapy is a form of treatment that uses the cells of our immune system to help fight diseases such as cancer, sometimes these cells are modified in vitro to improve their capacity, the types of adaptive cellular immunotherapy include therapy of antigen receptor T cells and tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapy (LIT). Our immune system is able to recognize and eliminate cells that have been infected, as well as those that have become cancerous, in the case of immunotherapy against cancer, the objective is to change the tumor balance to achieve the identification and elimination of cancer cells , immune cells known as killer T cells (TKC) are particularly powerful against cancer, due to their ability to bind to markers known as antigens on the surface of cancer cells. A crucial point for the development of an antitumor immune response depends on a correct complex cellular interaction which involves DC dendritic cells, CD8 + T cells, CD4 + T cells and NK cells. The interaction of DC-NK cells is of great importance in antitumor immune responses. Image of cell interaction in response to a tumor process.
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Oncología y Sangre Dra. Ochoa - Oncology Clinic in Mexico

Oncología y Sangre Dra. Ochoa

Gonzalez Ortega 1050-1, Tijuana
Cancerous diseases are treated at this clinic located at Tijuana in Mexico. Overseas patients are welcomed and treated at affordable prices at the clinic. The specialist and his team have served the needs of patients from the year 2000. Prevention and early detection of cancer is the main focus of the specialist and he has successfully helped to cure patients of cancerous conditions using the best available diagnostic and treatment technology. Diseases treated by the specialist include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma, cervical cancer and lung cancer.
Oncologist Consultation  
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Healthy Baja Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mexico

Healthy Baja Group

Calle 3era 7801 Consultorios, Edificio Avante, Locales C,D,F, Zona centro, Tijuana, 22000
We are  located in Down town  Tijuana, at only five minutes from the border with USA.We have over   30   medical   specialists and   operate   from 8.30   am to   19   pm .   Our   area   of  hospitalization   runs 24   hrs .   Most of our   studies and consultations   are completed in   2-3   hrs
Treatment for Wrinkles  
Veneers from $29
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MediBiologica - Dr Jose Ricardo Duenas Saboya


Ave. Paseo de los Héroes No.10999 Consultorio 807. Zona Rio, Tijuana, 22010
A wide choice of biological therapies is provided at this clinic located at Tijuana in Mexico to treat patients with a wide range of adverse health conditions. Overseas patients are welcomed and treated at affordable prices by the trained and experienced team. Services are non invasive with no side effects and are both safe and effective treatments. Services provided by the team include homeopathy, ozone therapy, exercise therapy, neural therapy, chelation therapy, Vitamin C therapy, specialized therapies for cancer patients, general medical care counselling and psychotherapy, anti-ageing treatment, immunotherapy and cell therapy.
Oncologist Consultation  
Our treatment concept includes a series of biological therapies within a comprehensive program that includes the main tools to attack the tumor and its circulating cells without weakening the patient, giving excellent results and overall quality of life appropriate for this fight. This comprehensive strategy against cancer, non-toxic for all types of cancers, and in all its stages, is designed to stimulate the body's regulatory system, repair and immunize the mechanisms to recognize and kill cancer cells.Always appropriate to individual needs and integrates the protocols that each patient needs TREATMENT GOALS: 1. - Allow you to suffer less getting the maximum benefits of the treatment  being applied, we are dedicated to help the patient to better tolerate their suffering and resulting in a way to cause cell apoptosis and get the cancer cell to die for itself.2. - Attempt to restore the metabolic pathways that have been damaged which eventually lead to tumor development.3. - Understand that if you modify the "ground" is possible to reverse the progression of tumor cells or cause them to suicide or apoptosis.Our Program is phased and includes: DETOX AND DRAINAGE: Detoxifying the patient with numerous techniques to help us change the conditions of congestion, and chronic inflammation affecting the patient which are the initial cause of cell damage. IMMUNOTHERAPY: Producing a specific immune response , effectively and accurately recognizes circulating tumor cells, so they can be attacked by our innate defense system. PROPER NUTRITION: alkalizing the patient to change the acidic medium in which tumor cells survive, maintaining a neutral pH or with low levels of alkaline which are not conducive for the multiplication of malignant cells.
Stretch Marks Removal  
PEELING MEDICO  Es un tratamiento médico no quirúrgico, cuyo efecto inmediato es la eliminación de una parte del cutis más o menos profunda, y la regeneración de la piel renovando la matriz dérmica, y que sirve para eliminar las manchas de la cara, disminuir las arrugas y las marcas de acné.   Con esta exfoliación se logra que la piel elimine las capas superficiales y se renueve más rápidamente; la piel produce células nuevas haciéndola más joven y fresca.  El resultado es una piel más luminosa, más joven, limpia, uniforme, compacta y elástica. Las zonas más frecuentes a tratar son las siguientes: Cara, Cuello, dorso de las manos  y Codos.¿QUÉ VENTAJAS OFRECE?   - Puede realizarse en cualquier época del año, en cualquier tipo de piel y en cualquier parte del cuerpo,   aunque el más frecuente  es el peeling de cara y  escote.- Es rápido, sencillo y trata toda la cara en su conjunto.- No precisa anestesia ni ingreso en clínica- Elimina las manchas de la cara- Elimina las marcas de acné.- Elimina las pequeñas arrugas.- Disminuye las arrugas medias y surcos.- Da vitalidad y devuelve el aspecto juvenil a la cara. 
Allergy Testing  
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Dr. César Zepeda Najar - Dr. Cesar Zepeda. Oncologist Surgeon. International Member Society Surgical Oncology.

Dr. César Zepeda Najar

Hospital Angeles Tijuana Av. Paseo de los Héroes # 1999 Office No. 805, 8th Floor, Tijuana, 22044
Dr. Cesar Zepeda Najar.Oncologist & Oncoplastic Breast SurgeonInternational Member of Society Surgical Oncology (SSO).National Cancer Institute Mexico.Board Certified of Mexican Council Of Oncology. I´m specialiced in patient with cancer. BREAST CANCER.Oncoplastic Breast Cancer SurgeryConservative Breast CancerSurgery & Sentinel Node.2. HEAD & NECK CANCER. Thyroid Cancer Lip & Oral Cancer. Major Salivary Gland Cancer 3. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Esophagogastric Junction Cancer Stomach Cancer Colon & Rectum Cancer Liver & Pancreatic Cancer. 4. GYNECOLOGIC SITES. Cervix Uteri Cancer. Ovary Cancer. Endometrium Cancer 5.  SKIN. Skin Cancer. Melanoma of the skin  Sentinel Node Isolated Limb Perfusion 6. GENITOURINARY SITESTestis Cancer. Kidney Cancer.
Oncologist Consultation from $34
BREAST CANCER. Oncoplastic Breast Cancer Surgery Conservative Breast Cancer Surgery & Sentinel Node. HEAD & NECK CANCER. Thyroid Cancer Lip & Oral Cancer. Major Salivary Gland Cancer DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Esophagogastric Junction Cancer Stomach Cancer Colon & Rectum Cancer Liver & Pancreatic Cancer. GYNECOLOGIC SITES. Cervix Uteri Cancer. Ovary Cancer. Endometrium Cancer GENITOURINARY SITES Testis Cancer. Kidney Cancer. SKIN. Skin Cancer. Melanoma of the skin  Sentinel Node Isolated Limb Perfusion MUSCULOSKELETAL SITES  Bone & Soft Tissue  Sarcoma
Skin Cancer Screening  
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Angeles Health International - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mexico

Angeles Health International

Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Paseo de los Heroes No. 10999, Zona Rio, Tijuana, 22010
Overseas patients are welcomed by this highly trained and experienced ENT surgeon and his team at their clinic located at Tijuana in Mexico. Face and neck surgery including plastic surgery at affordable prices are performed at the clinic. The clinic is fitted with state of the art equipment and the latest techniques are used to transform the appearance of patients. Services provided include rhinoplasty, ear and ear lobe surgery, facial liposuction, nasal reconstruction, face-lift, head and neck surgery, eyelid surgery, chin surgery to improve chin projection and administration of anti-ageing injectables,
Oncologist Consultation  
Cancer Screening  
Breast Check  
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St. Jude Center - General Practice in Mexico

St. Jude Center

Blvd Agua Caliente 4500, Col. Aviacion, Tijuana, 22420
For more information about St. Jude Center in Tijuana please contact the clinic.
Oncologist Consultation  
Cancer Screening
Cancer Screening  
Stomach Cancer  
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Hispano Americano Hospital Tijuana - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mexico

Hispano Americano Hospital Tijuana

La Paz 3, Cona Rio, Tijuana, 21100
For more information about Hispano Americano Hospital Tijuana in Tijuana please contact the clinic.
Oncologist Consultation  
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Hospital Nova

View Phone Number Guadalupe Victoria 9308 Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, 22320, Mexico
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