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Dublin Healing - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Dublin Healing

Stradbrook Road, Blackrock, Dublin
Progressive CounsellingHaving worked as a social worker for almost 30 years, and a therapist for 15 years, I have been able to gain a vast insight into the challenges and problems faced by individuals and families in their lives.   Progressive Counselling is a very effective way of untangling the problems. Starting here and now with the issue being experienced it helps bring clarity and understanding from which change and progress can be agreed upon. Where there is a need for acceptance of what is (e.g. a bereavement or loss), support and practical tools are given to help.Some of the areas helped by Progressive Counselling include addictions, anger management, coping with serious illness, relationship/family problems, self-esteem issues, stress at work/home, search for meaning, depression and anxiety. I also have expertise in helping people with acquired brain injuries as well as marital and relationship counselling.Appointments are available in Dublin City Centre and Blackrock.
counselling €45 - €65
For counselling, healing and meditation foundation the session lasts approximately one hour.  Yoga and Holistic Energy Care are tailored to meet individual needs and therefore are priced according to time and venue.
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Nutrition Works Ltd - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Nutrition Works Ltd

1 New Park Road,, Hollypark, Blackrock, A94 D729
As a Nutritional Therapist, I focus on you as an individual; I look at the nutrients on your plate and the way your body uses them, assess any potential deficiencies, and identify any nutritional or biochemical imbalances that may be causing your ill-health.    I work with you to find the underlying root cause of your symptoms, and help you manage your current health issues with a view to preventing further disease developing. I provide guidance, support and suggestions on healthy diet changes, stress reduction methods, and light exercise routines through personal coaching, in order to enhance your general well-being.
Holistic Health Consultation from €80
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Mary Spierin - Solution Focused Therapy -  Mary Spierin

Mary Spierin - Solution Focused Therapy

Judehaven, 36 Granville Park, Blackrock, Dublin
5.0 from 1 verified review
Mary Spierin is an experienced therapist who can help with a wide range of emotional problems, psychological, behavioural, and stress-related issues. Mary uses brief solution focused approaches to help you to feel better quickly and achieve lasting results. Mary integrates Counselling & Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy & NLP, and also uses these therapies separately to suit individual preferences. 
Holistic Health Consultation  
Hypnotherapy from €70
Hypnotherapy from €70
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Care Cure Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Dun Laoghaire - Acupuncture Clinic in IrelandFeatured

Care Cure Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Dun Laoghaire

(01) 525 5261 53 Lower George Street, Dun Laoghaire, A96X7K2
4.4 from 11 verified reviews
Therapists are very professional very clean rooms and genuine caring attitudeChris, Ireland, 29 08 23

My issue was 3 bulging discs and I received acupuncture, cupping and deep muscle massage. Therapists are very professional very clean rooms and genuine caring attitude. Well-stocked clinic with plenty of alternative medicines for all types of ailments. Value for money was the 6 visit package. I recommend you try Care Cure.

Holistic Health Consultation free
Holistic medicine is now used all over the world. What this means for you is that each part of your physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions is equally important and imbalances in any of these areas can contribute to illness. Holistic medicine considers a person’s mind and body, diet and exercise, lifestyle and relationships, work and leisure, and achievements and problems. Whether you have pain in your leg, a headache, or are suffering from stress Chinese Medicine follows the holistic principle. Chinese medicine states that illness results when there is disharmony in the body, or when something is out of balance. The concept of organs is different to that of Western medicine. In Chinese medicine, organs are viewed according to their perceived functions, rather than literal functions. In Care Cure Clinics we say that the enlightened person eats when hungry and sleeps when tired. This means living in harmony with the energy of the seasons and with the particular requirements of mind and body, which empowers you to influence your own health destiny.
Allergy Testing €99 - €179
An allergy or intolerance is an acute sensitivity to an otherwise harmless substance. Care Cure conducts an extensive allergy test which checks your sensitivity for up to 100 food items and environmental allergens such as dust mites, pollen and animal hair. The test is conducted by obtaining a strand of your hair, which is then analysed in our labs. When the analysis is complete we will call you for a consultation. At this consultation, you will be given your individual colour-coded test results, which will highlight low - medium - extreme allergies. You will also receive dietary advice, lists of substitute foods (such as spelt for wheat sufferers) and a list of supplements which would benefit you. In addition, we will provide you with our phone number which you may call if you have any further questions regarding dietary advice. Tests can be followed up by treatment if required.
Reflexology up to €55
Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive therapy based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every organ gland and system in the body. By stimulating these reflexes, reflexology encourages deep healing and tranquil relaxation. This therapy is particularly beneficial for joint mobilisation, migraine, sinus, digestion, back problems and stress-related conditions as it discharges negativity and stimulates the body’s own immune system for self-healing. It can also enhance general well-being so why not book yourself a treat and pop into your local Care Cure Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for a soothing reflexology session? Sessions typically last about 35 minutes and prices vary with the time allowed for treatment.
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1 other location in Deansgrange for Care & Cure Chinese Acupuncture and Massage- Longford
Care Cure Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Dublin

Care Cure Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Dublin

(01) 525 5379 Unit 10, Merrion Shopping Center, Ballsb
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Irish Hypnosis – Blackrock - Holistic Health Clinic in IrelandFeatured

Irish Hypnosis – Blackrock

29 Carysfort Ave, Blackrock
Hypnosis BlackRock Medical Center in Drogheda, Ireland is a top holistic health clinic owned by Dr Oliver Lynn. They use advanced hypnotherapy technology to provide personalised care for addiction, anxiety, bad habits, and more. They are the highest-accredited hypnotherapy clinic in Drogheda Medical Clinic and have a strong commitment to professionalism. Patients have reported positive outcomes, making it an effective choice for improving overall well-being. Contact them for tailored care to achieve your objectives.
Holistic Health Consultation  
Pain Management - Alternative Treatment  
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Reiki, Autogenic Training, Mindfulness Meditati - Melanie Pelka

Reiki, Autogenic Training, Mindfulness Meditati

101 Monkstown Road, Monkstown, Dublin, A94 E3F9
We offer Reiki treatments, Reiki courses, Autogenic Training courses and Mindfulness Meditation instruction in a peaceful, safe and confidential environment.
Holistic Health Consultation €30
Reiki €50
Reiki Level I from €200
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Vian Holistic by Sue Vian - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Vian Holistic by Sue Vian

Ivy Cottage, Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock, co Dublin
For more information about Vian Holistic by Sue Vian in Blackrock please contact the clinic.
Holistic Health Consultation
Eye Treatment from €30
This 30 minute treatment will sooth tired eyes and help decongest and cool puffy eyes, whilst at the same time nourishing the eye area and helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It uses special products for the eye area and consists of cleansing, exfoliation, chemical peel, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid serum, retinol mask, massage, moisturise and FPS cream.
Post Cosmetic Surgery from €60
When you choose to have cosmetic surgery, you take a significant step toward improving the appearance and health of your skin. For the fastest recovery and best results, it’s essential for you to take special care of your skin afterwards. This treatment promotes anti-inflammatory action and reduces capillary fragility. A special antioxidant and hydrating mask promotes collagen stimulation and aids in whitening through retinol spheres.
Blue Diamond Treatment from €60
BC Blue Diamond is a unique and innovative treatment, developed with nanotechnology that combines diamond particles that revitalise, hydrate and improves the appearance of skin, leaving it light like a diamond. It has assets that promote increased cell life and replace damaged cells with new cells, leaving the skin more toned. Ideal to minimize the signs of facial aging, this treatment can be applied even to young skin in order to prolong their youthfulness. The treatment consists of the use of Diamond Capsules, Blue Diamond serum, Blue Diamond Radiance Mask and a 20 min massage.
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Monkstown Natural Health Clinic - Michael Lawlor

Monkstown Natural Health Clinic

34 Mounttown Road Lower, Monkstown, Co Dublin, 0000
4.5 from 2 verified reviews
Brilliant guyPeter, Ireland, 06 07 23

I’ve been with Michael Lawlor for over 10 years for various treatments. Latest one was when I gave up cigarettes as I’ve been diagnosed with COPD. In my job I’d normally walk about 9km a day. With the COPD my calf muscles would cramp after 2 Km. I could write a book about the advice and importantly diet changes that Michael suggested I do. As an aside. Today I went for my last visit till August. Two weeks ago I had the beginning of a bad toothache the day I saw Michael. With a few cranial needles I’ve been pain free for weeks. I can’t recommend Michael highly enough. Brilliant guy. 👍👍

Holistic Health Consultation  
Dermatologist Consultation  
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Dublin Chiropractic and Disc Centre - Dr Sinead Moore

Dublin Chiropractic and Disc Centre

70 lower Mounttown Road Upper, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin
Welcome to Dublin Chiropractic and Disc Centre We are located in the heart of Dublin and accept National and International clients. Our services include: Spinal Alignment through Chiropractic care. All our Chiropractic Doctors are US trained. Spinal Decompression used for the treatment of disc injuries including bulging and herniated discs. Core Strengthening using Applied Therapeutic Mechanics. This  provides clinicians the practical ability to perform integrated passive and active therapy for musculo-skeletal disorders.  This approach aims to normalize movement impairments that are related to the patients’ complaints, as detected in the functional examination.  Using this approach, reevaluation is constantly monitored while the technique is performed to ensure a symptom free environment.  Body areas are mobilized until pain is eliminated. Active neuromuscular training is then prescribed.  These techniques are performed in the functional weight bearing position, and are continuously monitored to ensure that they are pain free throughout the intervention.  Suitable for almost all common Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Pelvis, and Hip pain patients.
Holistic Health Consultation  
CST - Craniosacral Therapy  
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Sláinte Care Clinic - Reception

Sláinte Care Clinic

13 Patrick Street, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin
4.6 from 1 verified review
Sláinte Care Clinic aims to provide to patients and healthcare professional with facilities to which they are relaxed and comfortable in.  We believe that your treatment should start the moment you make your appointment.
Holistic Health Consultation  
Allergy Testing from €45
We can arrange a wide range of allergy tests with results back to you within 48 hours 
Fertility - Alternative Treatment  
Infusions, IV hydrations - these must be prescribed items from your referring consultant or General Practioner
Very Good
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The LIFE Architect - Anna Casey

The LIFE Architect

99 Georges Street Upper, Dun Laoghaire, A96 R6W0
4.8 from 1 verified review
Stressed,  Worried,  Weary ,  Running on Empty,  or  Know you need to make some life changes now? You don't have to go-it-alone, because now you can get the professional help to achieve those changes that matter to you.Anna utilises the latest in Professional Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming/ Repatterning), Hypnotherapy/ Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, HT (Havening Therapy for Trauma) and other psychological tools and techniques which are designed to suit your unique needs. So now, you can make those changes more efficiently than you may have previously imagined... Because you too can   Replace Negative Thoughts, Beliefs, Behaviours, With Empowering, Positive, Proactive ones. If you'd like more, you can call or email to set up a complementary 15 minute telephone consultation.Specilizations :- Phobias/ Fears, Anxiety, Gaining Confidence, Self-Esteem, Public Speaking,  Motivation, Bullying, Nail Biting, Other Habits, Limiting Beliefs, Tinnitus, Weight Loss+ Hypnotic Gastric Band, Controlled Drinking, Stop Smoking, Strategic Visualisation, + more. Professional Accreditations / Memberships: H.Dip. Psychotherapy (University College Dublin); H.Dip. Coaching and NLP (Kingston University London); Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); Member, International Coach Federation (ICF) Member, Clinical Hypnotherapy+Psychotherapy Association Irelreland (CHPA); Member, Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, (RIAI)
Holistic Health Consultation €65 - €80
Hypnotherapy €65 - €80
Unleashing the power of the unconscious, leading to deeper understanding and resolution of  many issues and exploration of future empowering potentialities.
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