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Mary Carmody Nutrition - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Mary Carmody Nutrition

St. Johns Well, Carrigaline, Cork
Holistic Health Consultation  
My clients fill in a detailed questionnaire which takes about 15 minutes to complete and this saves time at the consultation. I work holistically with each client to help them achieve their health goal and this works very well when the client is ready to make the change and get healthy. I love my job really as it is so rewarding to see everyone feel so healthy at the end of their individual programme.
Allergy Testing €169 - €430
York Test: 30 Euro for York First Step Test(to see if you have a food intolerance), - €350 for the Food & Drink Complete York Test which includes a full nutritional consultation where client must fill in a detailed nutritional questionnaire. I also do Lorisian Hospital Standard Testing 50 food for 149 Euro, 100 foods for €249 euro and this comes with a great back up packet to support your results. York & Lorisian Tests can be done in the comfort of your own home with a simple blood prick sample. Consultations if needed can be done by Skype, phone or in person.
Diet and Nutrition Advice  
I am a Nutritional Consultant who works individually with my clients to help them achieve their health goals. I work out different programmes to suit each of my clients needs and work with them over an agreed number of visits depending on what is needed to achieve their target normally 1-3 treatments.
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Boguslawa Solak - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Boguslawa Solak

Gracelands, Ballinrea Road, Carrigaline
5.0 from 5 verified reviews
I would definitely recommend for mums-to-be!!Helen, Ireland, 18 08 16

Maternity Reflexology: The treatment was incredibly relaxing. I had several treatments weekly coming up to the birth and found myself dozing off during several of the treatments. I always had a great nights sleep after the treatment. I would definitely recommend for mums-to-be!! The treatment room is clean, quiet, bright & comfortable. It allows for a very relaxing experience.

Holistic Health Consultation  
During the first visit you are asked questions about your medical history as well as your lifestyle. Advice how to improve your lifestyle is then given to help you benefit more from the treatments you have.
Reflexology up to €40
You can choose from Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem TM, Pregnancy Reflexology or Foot Reflexology in Cancer Care 
Holistic Massage €43 - €55
The benefits of Holistic Massage * helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness * helps relieve stress, anxiety and aids relaxation  * alleviates discomfort during pregnancy * reduces muscle spasms, pain and swelling * provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion * helps to remove lactic acid and toxins * improves movement of blood and lymph fluids * reduces blood pressure * helps relieve tension related and muscle strain related headaches * improves ability to monitor stress signals and respond appropriately * creates a feeling of well- being
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Carrigaline Hypnotherapy and CBT Centre - Susan McElligott MA Counselling Psychotherapy

Carrigaline Hypnotherapy and CBT Centre

16 Hillcrest, Killmoney Road Upper, Carrigaline
4.9 from 3 verified reviews
GreatOlivia, Ireland, 28 10 14

Cbt & Hypnosis I am very pleased with my sons experience during his treatment. He had become a very scared boy having watched an older boys play station game at his friends house. He could not let me out of the room without wanting to follow me n know if I was going upstairs n if I was he had to come. If really was affecting his everyday activities. Susan was great to make him feel at home building a picture of his interests n life in such a pleasant way where he was comfortable n happy showing actions of football skills etc. As the session went on Susan used what she had learned from ruaircs interests to overcome his fears. He did really well after the first session but we felt maybe he needed another to be able to move him back out of our room. Susan made him two audio visual tapes which he listened to. They helped to further overcome his fears. Thanks to Susan he is out of our room and back to the more outgoing happy boy he was!

Holistic Health Consultation from €100
Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, CBT, NLP,Reiki can successfully treat depression, panic attacks, anxiety, boost confidence, stop smoking, eating disorders, marital problems, divorce issues, or any emotional problem. I use a holistic view rather than focusing on one issue. please contact me for more information.
Hypnotherapy from €100
Stop Smoking - Alternative Treatment from €250
4 more treatments
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Cork Nutrition Clinic - Nutritional Therapist

Cork Nutrition Clinic

Carrigaline Medical Centre, Cork Road, Carrigaline, 0000
Cork Nutrition Clinic is ran by a Grace Mc Dwyer who is Qualified Nutritional Therapist (MBA, Dip NT, mNTOI). Grace gained a honours Masters in Food from UCC and then went on to train in Nutritional Therapy in the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). The client is run out of Carrigaline Medical Centre and the aim is to help clients to reach optimal health through proper nutrition and by educating clients of the healing (and damaging) effects of the foods we eat. 
Holistic Health Consultation up to €85
Nutritional Counselling  
Diet and Nutrition Advice  

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Release...Peace Cobh - Michelle A. Hardwick

Release...Peace Cobh

12 Oak Drive, Rushbrooke Links, Cobh
SUPPORT AND POSITIVE CHANGE My work combines a number of potent techniques to help you evolve and change. These can include:  the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Relaxation, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Regression, QHHT and Mindfulness. Together we'll peel back the layers of who you are not, to discover who you truly are. We might need to explore more of the origin of your challenges/patterns or emotions, responses and behaviours. However instead of re-living your past, we release it. You can then feel more peaceful and free about what might have occured back then, and gain a more ‘adult perspective’ about it - rather than seeing it through the eyes of the younger you. Once the past is released we can then go on to establishing a new, stronger foundation of you. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and feel more confident, peaceful, content, aware, empowered, and able to enjoy each day. One client recently text me this after her consultation:“I had a feeling this way of change was for me. I need to let you know that since our session yesterday something in me has shifted. I don’t know what – but I feel alive! I have this most beautiful feeling of peace and for that I thank you most sincerely”. I specialise in processing and releasing root causes of the following conditions:- Anxiety, worry, fear, panic, stress, insecurity- Lack of confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, self-worth- Inability to trust, needing ap
Holistic Health Consultation €75 - €150
Hypnotherapy €75 - €150
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Reiki Cork Ireland - compiling

Reiki Cork Ireland

4 Maryborough Hill, Douglas, Cork
Reiki healing services are offered by this expert and experienced Reiki healer at her clinic located at Cork in Ireland. She offers Reiki services to heal a wide range of adverse health conditions for patients of all ages. She also runs classes for those who choose to pursue a career in Reiki healing. Treatments for adverse health conditions are performed in four treatment sessions are scheduled in a row of four days. Reiki is a holistic therapy and the underlying cause of the problem is treated rather than the immediate symptoms.
Holistic Health Consultation up to €60
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Mulberry Acupuncture Clinic - Acupuncture Clinic in Ireland

Mulberry Acupuncture Clinic

Thornbury Heights, Rochestown, Cork
5.0 from 4 verified reviews
Got the results I wantedBridget, Ireland, 28 09 18

I had some acupuncture to treat the pain in my back. I chose this clinic because it’s near to me and the price was good. Got the results I wanted. Definitely worth the money. Frances is such a chatty, fabulous person and a great therapist! There was no pain involved at all. The clinic is situated inside a house, but the room was very nice and Frances was so welcoming. I would definitely go back to her if I need acupuncture treatment again. She’s just so skilled!

Holistic Health Consultation  
Reflexology €25 - €30
Developed from Zone Therapy, Reflexology is based on the principle that Reflex points on the hands and feet correspond to all parts of the body. Applying pressure to these points with Reflexology techniques is said to help release tensions and encourage the body,s natural healing process to restore and maintain health and wellbeing.
Acupressure €40
1 more treatment
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Zyran Therapies - Suzanne Booth - Massage Clinic in Ireland

Zyran Therapies - Suzanne Booth

Church Road, Douglas, Cork
Zyran Therapies offers a variety of treatments in a professional and confidential manner. After a thorough consultation I can establish the best Therapy to suit you. Past treatments will be taken into account to investigate what has and has not worked for you previously. I encourage clients to offer feedback so as to ensure that your best interest is always first. My aim is to get you up and running and to encourage remedial programmes so you can carry on the good work yourself! Therapies include: Deep Tissue Massage/ Sports Massage/ Cranial & Facial Massage. Reflexology inc Fertility & Maternity Reflexology.
Holistic Health Consultation  
Reflexology from €55
Indian Head Massage from €55
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Cork Natural Fertility Clinic - Ms Deirdre Mackesy

Cork Natural Fertility Clinic

Robin Hill Clinic, Lake Road, Rushbrooke, Cobh, Cork
Robin Hill Clinic Welcome to Robin Hill Clinic. Set in the beautiful surroundings of a 19th century former rectory overlooking Cork harbour, a visit to Robin Hill alone will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated. We offer luxurious accommodation in a relaxed holistic setting and specialize in Pamper breaks and Holistic retreats. Robin Hill has developed very successful multi-disciplinary clinics, specializing in Children’s Health, Back Pain & Infertility Robin Hill a quality provider of holistic treatments, particularly unrivaled in the areas of Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is run by registered nurse, acupuncturist and homeopath Deirdre Mackesy.  Deirdre has spent over thirty years working in the healthcare sector and is dedicated to complementary forms of healing for the sick and those looking to improve their health and wellbeing. The clinic houses experienced and registered practitioners of Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Cranial Osteopathy, Kinesiology, Diet & Nutritional Therapy, Psychotherapy, Reflexology, Yoga, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Massage & Reiki  Robin Hill Clinic incorporates The Cork Natural Fertility Clinic and welcomes clients who are preparing for, undergoing or seeking an alternative to assisted fertility treatment such as IVF. With the instance of female and male infertility now statistically one in six, research and studies are proving
Holistic Health Consultation  
Colonic Irrigation  
10 more treatments
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Cork Acupuncture Clinic - Sport Injuries

Cork Acupuncture Clinic

28 The Maples, Frankfield, Douglas, Cork, T12 RH9D
3.8 from 2 verified reviews
Cork Acupuncture Clinic is my go to practitioner whenever me or my family need any treatmentsTheresa, Ireland, 11 10 16

Ken is always professional and friendly, I first went to him last July, I had just travelled here and was carrying a lot of stress from a transatlantic move,I was experiencing a troublesome pain in my mid back that was coming through to my chest, I had cupping and alternative treatments done in the past, so I knew what I wanted, the treatment was well paced not rushed, I always feeI calm and taken care of by the time the treatment is through. In the days following I felt great relief . Supsequently I have had accupuncture and cupping for neck - shoulder pains from sleeping badly, I have had relief everytime. I love cupping and have grown to go to accupuncture also, no one loves the idea of needle, but Ken is very careful and an aware practioner. Cork Acupuncture Clinic is my go to practitioner whenever me or my family need any treatments. I have had, acupuncture and cupping done, Ken is knowledgeable and a competent practitioner I would and have recommended him. the clinic is clean and warm.It is operated from home Fyi.parking available.

Holistic Health Consultation up to €55
Stop Smoking - Alternative Treatment €39 - €55
Cupping up to €55
3 more treatments
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Success Partners - General Practice in Ireland

Success Partners

City Gate 1000, St Michaels's Drive,, Mahon
Julie Silfverberg of Success Partners has been working in the health area since the seventies and more specifically with how your thinking influences you health since the early 1990's. She uses a range of psychological theories, methodologies and tools to make it easier for you to begin the process of change enabling you to have a life that is healthy, fulfilling and flourishing thus enabling you to be happy. 
Holistic Health Consultation  
Stop Smoking - Alternative Treatment  
3 more treatments
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Mindful Rest - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Mindful Rest

Rosemount, Ardfallen Road, Douglas, T12HiK1
For more information about Mindful Rest in Douglas please contact the clinic.
Holistic Health Consultation €60
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