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About Bianco Dental

We as BIANCO DENTAL CLINIC do appreciate your decision to allow us to provide you with the quality Dental Treatment you deserve.We attempt to help you answer some of the questions you may have concerning our office and procedures.

  • Our goal is to help you feel and look your best through quality Dental Care.We look forward to serving you as a patient with the use of the latest techniques and technology available for General,Cosmetic and Surgical Dentistry.

  •  We maintain an outstanding full service operation in all levels of Dentistry to ensure you the best possible care.Please ask if you would like us to improve your smile utilizing any of our cosmetic procedures,which include Veneers,Laser Whitening,Tooth Colored Fillings,Bonding,Lumineers,Cad Cam Restorations,eMax Veneers and any kind of Dental Implant Surgeries.In the meantime,we look forward to seeing you ,your family and friends in our Dental Clinic soon.
  • Our Dental Clinic is a CONTRACTED CLINIC  for US Airforce,US Army,Canadian Army and NATO Soldiers in Izmir.
  • Beautiful Izmir is a pearl of Western Turkey nestling on the stunning Aegean coast. The third largest city in Turkey, Izmir is over 8,500 years old and is home to some unique World Heritage sites, including Ephesus. The climate is similar to the Mediterranean; hot and dry in the summer months and mild in the winter.

  • If you like we can organise your entire trip and post-operative careso you can relax and concentrate on you.
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  • TDB - Turkish Dental Association (Turkey) 
  • TTB - Turkish Medical Association (Turkey) 
  • EDAD - Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (Turkey) 
  • TAOMS - Turkish Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Turkey) 
  • Dentsply Friadent Implant Programme (International) 
  • Zimmer Biomet Dental Education Program (International) 
  • ICOI - International Congress of Oral Implantologists (International) 
  • ISO Certification - International Organization for Standardization (International) 


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₺12296 - ₺36888

Bone Graft

Bone Graft  - Bianco Dental

  Bone Grafting is a surgical procedure that replaces missing bone in order to repair bone fractures that are extremely complex, pose a significant health risk to the patient, or fail to heal properly.

  Bone generally has the ability to regenerate completely but requires a very small fracture space or some sort of scaffold to do so. Bone grafts may be autologous (bone harvested from the patient’s own body, often from the iliac crest), allograft (cadaveric bone usually obtained from a bone bank), or synthetic (often made of hydroxyapatite or other naturally occurring and biocompatible substances) with similar mechanical properties to bone. Most bone grafts are expected to be reabsorbed and replaced as the natural bone heals over a few months time.

  The principles involved in successful bone grafts include osteoconduction (guiding the reparative growth of the natural bone), osteoinduction (encouraging undifferentiated cells to become active osteoblasts), and osteogenesis (living bone cells in the graft material contribute to bone remodeling). Osteogenesis only occurs with autografts.


  The amount of time it takes for an individual to recovery depends on the severity of the injury being treated and lasts anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months with a possibility of vigorous exercise being barred for up to 6 months.

₺10759 - ₺13833

CAD/CAM Dental Restorations (eMax)

₺6148 - ₺12296

Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding - Bianco DentalDental Bonding - Bianco Dental

Dental bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored resin material (a durable plastic material) is applied and hardened with a special light, which ultimately "bonds" the material to the tooth to restore or improve person's smile.

₺5226 - ₺10759

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges - Bianco Dental

Metal Based Porcelain Bridges , Zirconia Based Bridges 

₺10759 - ₺13833

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns - Bianco DentalDental Crowns - Bianco Dental


₺10759 - ₺13833

Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crown - Bianco DentalZirconia Crown - Bianco Dental

from ₺6148

Dental CT

Dental CT - Bianco Dental

₺24592 - ₺46111

Dental Implants

Dental Implants - Bianco DentalDental Implants - Bianco Dental






Dentist Consultation

₺30740 - ₺61481


 Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth typically made out of an acrylic resin which at times incorporate porcelain or metal for additional structural support. There are two main types of dentures. Both Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures are finely crafted, custom-fitted. If you properly maintain your dentures they will appear natural and provide a perfect smile. Additionally, dentures help strengthen muscles controlling your expressions that require the support of your teeth, rid you of pronunciation problems caused by missing teeth and aid with chewing.

 Dentures, also known as false teeth, are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth; they are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Conventional dentures are removable. However, there are many different denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants. There are two main categories of dentures, the distinction being whether they are used to replace missing teeth on the mandibular arch or on the maxillary arch.

 Daily cleaning of dentures is recommended. Plaque and tartar can build up on false teeth, just as they do on natural teeth. Cleaning can be done using chemical or mechanical denture cleaners.

₺23055 - ₺53796

General anesthesia for dental treatments

 General anesthesia makes you both unconscious and unable to feel pain during medical procedures. General anesthesia is commonly produced by a combination of intravenous drugs and inhaled gasses (anesthetics).

 The "sleep" you experience under general anesthesia is different from regular sleep. The anesthetized brain doesn't respond to pain signals or surgical manipulations.

 An anesthesiologist is a specially trained doctor who specializes in all types of anesthesia, including general anesthesia. After you're asleep (unconscious), your body's vital functions are monitored and your breathing is assisted and controlled.

 We do our treatments in Hospital,and an anesthesiologist and another team member, a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), work together throughout your procedure to carry out these tasks.


Implant Dentist Consultation

₺7685 - ₺12296

Inlay or Onlay

Inlay or Onlay - Bianco Dental

  In dentistry, an inlay is an indirect restoration (filling) consisting of a solid substance (as gold, porcelain or less often a cured composite resin) fitted to a cavity in a tooth and cemented into place. An onlay is the same as an inlay, except that it extends to replace a cusp. Crowns are onlays which completely cover all surfaces of a tooth.

Comparison of Inlays and direct fillings

 When an inlay is used, the tooth-to-restoration margin may be finished and polished to a very fine line of contact to minimize recurrent decay. Opposed to this, direct composite filling pastes shrink a few percent in volume during hardening. This can lead to shrinkage stress and rarely to marginal gaps and failure. Although improvements of the composite resins could be archived in the last years, solid inlays do exclude this problem.Another advantage of inlays over direct fillings is that there is almost no limitations in the choice of material.

 While inlays might be ten times the price of direct restorations, it is often expected that inlays are superior in terms of resistance to occlusal forces, protection against recurrent decay, precision of fabrication, marginal integrity, proper contouring for gingival (tissue) health, and ease of cleansing offers. However, this might be only the case for gold. While short term studies come to inconsistent conclusions, a respectable number of long-term studies detect no significantly lower failure rates of ceramic or composite  inlays compared to composite direct fillings. Another study detected an increased survival time of composite resin inlays but it was rated to not necessarily justify their bigger effort and price. 

₺3074 - ₺6148

Periodontitis Treatment

Periodontitis Treatment - Bianco Dental

  Scaling and root planing, otherwise known as conventional periodontal therapy, non-surgical periodontal therapy, or deep cleaning, is the process of removing or eliminating the etiologic agents – dental plaque, its products, and calculus – which cause inflammation,thus helping to establish a periodontium that is free of disease.

 Plaque is a structured resilient yellow-grayish substance that adheres tenaciously to the tooth surfaces including removable and fixed restorations. It is an organised bio-film that contains primarily bacteria in a matrix of glycoproteins and extracellular polysaccharides. This matrix makes it impossible to remove the plaque by rinsing or using sprays. Materia alba is similar to plaque but it lacks the organized structure of plaque and hence easily displaced with rinses and sprays. When this plaque gets mineralized it forms into calculus. Calculus is thus the hard deposit formed by mineralization usually covered by a layer of unmineralized plaque.

  Because the bone is alive, it has cells in it that build bone, and cells that break down bone. Usually these work at the same speed and keep each other in balance. This process is known as bone remodeling. The chemical by-products of ongoing inflammation stimulate the cells that break down bone, which now start working faster than the cells that build bone. The net result is that bone is lost, and the loss of bone and attachment tissues is called periodontal disease.

       The objective for periodontal scaling and root planing is to remove dental plaque and calculus (tartar), which house bacteria that release toxins which cause inflammation to the gum tissue and surrounding bone.

₺7685 - ₺13833

Root canals

Endodontic therapy or root canal therapy, colloquially root canal, is a sequence of treatment for the pulp of a tooth which results in the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion. This set of procedures is commonly referred to as a "root canal". Root canals and their associated pulp chamber are the physical hollows within a tooth that are naturally inhabited by nerve tissue, blood vessels and other cellular entities. Endodontic therapy involves the removal of these structures, the subsequent shaping, cleaning, and decontamination of the hollows with tiny files and irrigating solutions, and the obturation (filling) of the decontaminated canals with an inert filling such as gutta percha and typically a eugenol-based cement. Epoxy resin, which may or may not contain Bisphenol A is employed to bind gutta percha in some root canal procedures.

After endodontic surgery the tooth will be "dead", and if an infection is spread at the apex, root end surgery is required.

₺12296 - ₺18444

Sedation for dental treatments

       If you feel that the right dentist and psychological techniques alone won’t do the trick for you, have a look at the available pharmacological options for coping with dental anxiety.

Sedation can be useful if:

  • you don’t want to be aware of what’s happening during a procedure and you want to be “out of it”. In this case, IV sedation is the method of choice.

  • you want a little help to relax – “laughing gas” can give you a pleasant relaxed feeling

  • you have a “gut feeling” that sedation would help you and allow you to get work done which otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tolerate

  • your fear is procedure-specific (e. g. needles, extractions), especially if you know that the fear would still exist in the presence of an empathetic dentist and adequate pain-control

  • you perceive your fears to be completely irrational and not helped by either an empathetic dentist or psychological techniques

  • you have other mental health problems and you feel you’d benefit from sedation

  • your primary aim is “to get your teeth fixed” as quickly as possible, for example because you’re very busy or you’ve got an important social event coming up

  • it’s an invasive or unpleasant procedure such as more complex extractions

₺24592 - ₺49185

Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift - Bianco DentalSinus Lift - Bianco Dental
  Maxillary sinus floor augmentation (also termed sinus lift, sinus graft, sinus augmentation or sinus procedure) is a surgical procedure which aims to increase the amount of bone in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw bone), in the area of premolar and molar teeth, by sacrificing some of the volume of the maxillary sinus.  When a natural tooth is lost, whether through dental decay, periodontal disease or dental trauma, the alveolar process begins to remodel. The edentulous (toothless) area is termed a ridge, which over time usually loses both height and width. Furthermore, the level of the floor of the maxillary sinus gradually becomes lower. Overall, this leads to a loss of volume of bone which is available for implantation of dental implants, which rely on osseointegration. The goal of the sinus lift is to graft extra bone into the maxillary sinus, so more bone is available to support a dental implant.Indications  While there may be a number of reasons for wanting a greater volume of bone in the posterior maxilla, the most common reason in contemporary dental treatment planning is to prepare the site for the future placement of dental implants.  Sinus augmentation (sinus lift) is performed when the floor of the sinus is too close to an area where dental implants are to be placed. This procedure is performed to ensure a secure place for the implants while protecting the sinus. Lowering of the sinus can be caused by: Long-term tooth loss without the required treatment, periodontal disease, trauma.Patients who have the following may be good candidates for sinus augmentation.


  It takes about three to six months for the sinus augmentation bone to become part of the patient's natural sinus floor bone. Up to six months of healing is sometimes left before implants are attempted. However, some surgeons perform both the augmentation and dental implant simultaneously, to avoid the necessity of two surgeries.

₺10759 - ₺13833


Veneers - Bianco DentalVeneers - Bianco Dental
E-Max Veneers , Zirconia Veneers

from ₺18444


        Lumineers are a popular veneer option because they are a "minimal preparation" or "no-preparation" procedure that is attractive to both dentists and patients who benefit from the concept of tooth preservation. This technique is best used with patients who have spacing in their smile and only minor tooth rotations. Most cosmetic dentists employ conservative bonding techniques in which they only remove enough surface enamel to allow a ceramist to make life-like teeth for patients. Often Lumineers do not require the dentist to grind, cut or file down any tooth structure for proper placement. 

     Traditional veneers and their thick nature require the grinding down of your original tooth structure. This can be a painful, anxious experience that many patients would prefer to avoid. Lumineers are unique in that they are ultra-thin (approximately 0.2 mm) and highly translucent, allowing them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel. Lumineers are so thin they require little to no tooth reduction and no shots. Once the procedure is completed, there is no tooth sensitivity or placement discomfort, so they look and feel natural from the moment they are placed. With Lumineers you can eat and drink anything you want with confidence because they are applied in the most durable way possible.

        Your Lumineers can be installed in two easy visits to bring out a beautiful new smile. During the first visit a precision custom mold will be taken so that personalized veneers can be created, then you and your dentist will choose the shade you think works best for your new, permanently white smile. On your second visit, your Lumineers are checked for fit and shade then painlessly attached giving you a healthy, natural smile.

₺10759 - ₺13833

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers - Bianco DentalPorcelain Veneers - Bianco Dental
Bianco Dental - Dt. Atay Utlulig

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3-5 May 1993 Izmir,Turkey
International Congress of Dentistry(Certificate of Participation);
21-23 September 1995 Izmir,Turkey
1th National Congress of Dentistry
(Certificate of Participation);
22-25 March 1999 Istanbul,Turkey
4th Congress of the Balkan Stomatological Society
(Certificate of Participation);

10 May 2005 Izmir,Turkey

Intraoral Porcelain Repair Course

Aegean University Faculty Of Dentistry

(Certificate of Attendance-TDB)

11-12 November 2006 Izmir,Turkey

First Implantology Course-Zimmer Dental

(Certificate of Attendance)

13-14 September 2008 Izmir,Turkey

Introduction to Implantology And Success Course

Dr.Gerald Niznick Dental Implant Education Institute

19 February 2010 Izmir,Turkey

Bicon Dental Implants

Prof.Dr.Orhun Bengisu Surgical And Prosthetic Principles Course

24 March 2012 Izmir,Turkey

Prof.Dr.Taeweon Kim Ecligner Orthodontic Aligners Education Course

25-29 May 2012 Skopje,Macedonia

Dr.Med.Dent.Nils Stucki Ecligner Orthodontic Aligners

                                       Further Education And Training Course

16-19 May 2013 Bologna,Italy

Btk,The Smile System,Aesthetics Of The Smile Course

28-31 Aug 2013 Istanbul,Turkey

FDI,2013 ,101 Annual World Dental Congress

Graduation research,1994,Bornova,Turkey
Influences of chemicals on Human organism(Dt.Atay UTLULIG)

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