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Ul. Victorenko, Building 4, Building 1, MoscowRussia

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Monday09:00 - 21:00
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Enquire for a fast quote ★ Visit our Dentist - Ul. Victorenko, Building 4, Building 1, Moscow, Russia. Staff: Leonid Eygin, Svetlana Eygina, Vladislav Serpuhovitin.

Popular Treatments

Dentist Consultation
Installation of the implant from 30000 ₽


Install braces on one jaw from 45000 ₽
Sapphire braces 1 jaw from 35000 ₽
Ceramic braces 1 jaw from 40000 ₽


Composite veneers from 13200 ₽
Veneers (Empress, E-max) from 19250 ₽
Teeth Whitening

Dental Crowns

Metal-ceramic crown (including molds and consumables) from 17000 ₽
Metal-ceramic crown on implants (including consumables) from 24000 ₽
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Air Abrasion
from 5000 ₽

Removal of plaque and polishing the teeth with the help of Air-Flow system

from 6500 ₽

Removing tartar ultrasound skelerom and polishing teeth with AIR-FLOW system

from 45000 ₽

Install braces on one jaw

from 35000 ₽

Sapphire braces 1 jaw

from 40000 ₽

Ceramic braces 1 jaw

from 60000 ₽

Lingual Braces 1 jaw

from 30000 ₽

Metal braces at 1 jaw

Dental Crowns
from 17000 ₽

Metal-ceramic crown (including molds and consumables)

from 24000 ₽

Metal-ceramic crown on implants (including consumables)

from 40000 ₽

Ceramic crowns (including molds and consumables)

from 30000 ₽

Installation of the implant

Dental Sealant
from 1500 ₽

Sealing fissures followed by fluorination

from 270 ₽

Silvering "Soforide" (1 tooth)

from 400 ₽

The picture shot (capture a single tooth)

from 120 ₽

Panoramic shot (shot across the mouth)


Dentist Consultation

from 3500 ₽

Removal of permanent teeth simple (including post-surgical events)

from 10750 ₽

Tooth extraction (impacted, dystopic, "wisdom" teeth)

from 1600 ₽

Removing a baby tooth a simple (movable tooth)

from 2250 ₽

Removal of milk teeth of average complexity

from 3300 ₽

Removing a baby tooth complex

from 3750 ₽

Treatment of dental caries of permanent teeth (filling JRC)

from 4950 ₽

Treatment of dental caries (one surface)

from 9350 ₽

Aesthetic restoration of teeth

from 5350 ₽

Treatment of 1-channel tooth

from 8600 ₽

Treatment of 2-channel tooth

from 11950 ₽

Treatment of 3-channel tooth

from 3850 ₽

Filling the canal by hot gutta-percha

from 3200 ₽

Deep fluoridation of all teeth

Hygienist Session
from 2700 ₽

Profesiional'nykh oral hygiene (milk bite)

from 3200 ₽

Professional oral hygiene (mixed dentition)

from 5500 ₽

Treatment of caries

from 4000 ₽

Plastic frenulum of the upper lip

from 1200 ₽

Orthodontist Consultation

from 3750 ₽

Treatment of pulpitis milk teeth with the production of permanent filling

from 5500 ₽

Treatment of pulpitis baby tooth in a single visit

from 4800 ₽

Treatment of pulpitis baby tooth 3 visits

Sinus Lift
from 15000 ₽

Sinus lift closed (excluding consumables)

from 50000 ₽

Sinus lift open (excluding consumables)

Teeth Cleaning
from 8900 ₽

Removal of plaque and polishing the teeth using Clinpro Prophy Powder Systems

from 3300 ₽

Treatment of milk teeth caries

from 4800 ₽

Treatment of dental caries of permanent teeth (composite)


Teeth Whitening

from 18500 ₽

Zoom Whitening 3

from 13200 ₽

Composite veneers

from 19250 ₽

Veneers (Empress, E-max)

from 41500 ₽

Porcelain Veneers

Smile Dent Moscow - Ul. Victorenko, Building 4, Building 1, Moscow,

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Private Patients Welcome
Leonid Eygin -  at Smile Dent Moscow

Leonid Eygin

Chief Physician, MD, Ph.D., a dentist-orthopedist. In prosthetic dentistry since 1985. He graduated from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. Residency in the specialty "prosthetic dentistry". From 1995 to 2000 - the teaching activities at the department of general practice of dentistry. In 2000 he defended his thesis at the Russian State Medical University. 1995-1996,. training in implantology; 1998 training on techniques of complete removable prosthesis on Ivokap system Ivoklyar company; 2001 course on indirect methods of dental restoration; 2001 participated in the international symposium on the theme "Solid dentures"; 2002 Seminar on "Anatomy of good practice"; 2002 course on "Control and motivation"; 2003 g.obuchenie program "Internal marketing in dentistry"; G.seminar 2005 on "the use of prosthetic implants 'Astra' system; 2007 International Symposium on the theme "Possibilities of restorations on implants XiVE; 2008 g.seminar planning and procedures in modern implantology using Friadent systems. 2009 lectures and seminars on the topic: "Biomehannika temporomandibular joint and practical skills articulators" Since 2000, he engaged exclusively in private practice.
Svetlana Eygina -  at Smile Dent Moscow

Svetlana Eygina

She graduated with honors from Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry in 1997 Residency in the specialty "dentistry". 2001 non-surgical periodontics Seminar in Chicago center; 2002 Practical course on indirect dental restoration materials in the latest American Academy of Dental; 2002 Workshop on the theme: "The successful root canal treatment in everyday general practice physician"; 2003 Course on topical issues of periodontics in the German-Russian Dental Society; 2003 Training course on "Modern endodontics KIDS" new endodontic materials and technologies that improve the efficiency of treatment in childhood. 2005 Workshop "Color and light in dentistry"; 2006 Internship at the University Hospital Duesseldorf; 2007 master class of the restoration of Jerusalem in the training center; 2008 Internship in the Spanish private clinics; 2010 master class at the Jerusalem University on the program of the latest developments in the methods of endodontic treatment of root canals; 2011 master-class academic medical center in the city of Dusseldorf on methods of sealing root canals termoplastifitsirovannoy gutta-percha; 2011 - The diploma "Indirect methods of fabrication of aesthetic composite restorations, Dr. Daniele Rondoni, Italy
Vladislav Serpuhovitin -  at Smile Dent Moscow

Vladislav Serpuhovitin

He graduated from the Moscow State Medical Dental Univercitet in 2001 In 2003 he graduated from the clinical residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Central Research Institute of Dentistry. In 2002, training in Spain for Implantology in 2003g.stazhirovka plastic surgery in Frankfurt am Main. In 2004, training on the latest techniques in surgical dentistry - in Austria. In 2006, he participated in the World Congress of Implantology - in the United States. In 2008 he defended his thesis on maxillofacial surgery. 2010 Internship at the clinic g.Orlando (USA); 2011 Internship at the training center of the company Dentsply by techniques directed regeneration of bone in the lower jaw; 2010 European Association for Osseointegration: Certificate of membership. 2012 New York University College of Dentistry: «Advanced techniques in oral implantology: hard and soft tissue management». 2013. Moscow - the course "Modern trends, technologies and techniques in aesthetic implant dentistry» Dr. Maurice A. Salama
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Ul. Victorenko, Building 4, Building 1, MoscowRussia