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Prices from 500 zł - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Good ServiceScore™ 6.9 from 71 votes ★ 11 verified patient reviews. Multi-specialty clinic - Katowicka 81e/111, Poznań, wielkopolska, 61131, Poland.

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About Exclusive Dental Studio

Exclusive Dental Studio is a dental practice like no other. It’s a place where passion and years of experience are combined with unique atmosphere. 

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Patient reviews

4.8 from 11 verified reviews
Natalie, UK
( Review verified by phone)

Experience, quality and finished result are all stunning

5 50 Dental Implants

I had an accident a few years ago and lost my two tooth, after deciding to get an implant I researched a lot. Friend of mine recommended Exclusive Dental Studio in Poznan in Poland. When I went there, I found the clinic is extremely well organised and efficient, and I was impressed by all the staff that I encountered there. I would definitely recommend dr Kamil Szewczyk to others considering this kind of treatment.

The overall experience, quality and finished result are all stunning - changed my life both in terms of being able to smile with confidence and being able to chew on my right hand side Anyone considering this type of work should definitely not hesitate from value for money, service and the quality and the aftercare I also cannot fault. I haven't looked back!

Treated by: Dr Kamil Szewczyk
Jasper, Netherlands
( Review verified by phone and email)

Great value at a excellent price!

5 50 Teeth Whitening • Paid: 1500 zł

I wanted to have a nicer smile and was recommended to go here.
And I don't regret it at all, the clinic is very nice and has state of the art equipment. I would tell any friend looking for this procedure to go here. It has a great value at a excellent price!

I've had a very pleasant experience here, the very friendly and skilled staff made me really feel at ease.
And as a bonus, the teeth whitening procedure is a lot cheaper than in my home country :)
I would recommend this to anybody looking for a great smile.

Olga, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I am very happy now because I can smile again

5 50 Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges, Root Canals, Teeth Whitening

I would like to highly recommend Exclusive Dental Studio in Poznan. My teeth were in a very bad condition after two pregnancies. I live in Wales and my dentist recommended extraction of a few teeth and then the denture. I didn't want to do this. My friend in Poland adviced me to go to dr Agnieszka Kulik from Exclusive Dental Studio. This was the best advice ever! Dr Agnieszka not only saved my teeth but she also made me beautiful ceramic crowns and bridges. I had root canal treatment and teeth whitening as well.

The staff in Exclusive Dental Studio is very friendly and helpful and the doctors they are very professional. They speak fluent English. All my treatment went in a very pleasant atmosphere without pain and stress. The interior of the clinic is very cozy and the dental equipment is very modern. And they make the best raspberry tea I have ever drunk. I am very happy now because I can smile again and I paid at least three times less than I would pay in UK. Thank you Exclusive Dental Studio!

Natasha, UK
( Review verified by email)

Incredible and beyond expectations

5 50 Teeth Whitening, Dental Checkup

Having flown in especially for my routine dental check up, I opted to have teeth whitening also. The procedure was pain free, lasted minimal amounts of time and included thorough cleaning prior to the whitening process. Relaxed whilst the teeth whitened, aftercare advice and moulds were provided so that I could top up the whitening treatment whilst back in the comfort of my London home.

Incredible and beyond expectations, time and time again. I have been a patient at the Exclusive Dental Studio, since it first opened and whilst on a work contract in Poland finding a dentist whom I could trust was key.
From fillings to removal of wisdom teeth, I have never felt pain or discomfort during any treatment, in fact I am always excited about visiting even if it is for my routine check up.
Living back in my home in London, I fly in every time to see the wonderful team at Exclusive Dental Studio, and will never have treatment any where else - always professional, always encouraging and caring and always ensuring the best of everything is provided during my visit.
Highly recommended!!

L..L, Seychelles
( Review verified by phone)

Great experience

5 50 Dental Implants • Paid: 3552 zł

I have just returned from Poznan where I had a dental implant Noble Biocare Active done on my front tooth. This was done at viva dental for approx £700. This was arranged via come for smile, you can check out their website. Collection from the airport etc. was a great experience with far more advanced technology than in the UK. I am from Aberdeen Scotland,but now I life in Africa. Implantation was with sedation NO2. Great experiance!!:) Only cons to consider:

I had stitches done and need them removed 7days after the implant was placed. Called a number of dentists in Aberdeen who refused to take the stiches out for me as the work was done in Poland, I then started to worry I needed to travel back just to have stitches out. However I managed to find a polish dentist in aberdeen who would do the job. I think it was just UK dentists being stubborn.

Second thing is the 2nd stage process, the crown. I only stayed in Poznan thurs/fri flew home sat(got the implant on fri) but was told in 3/4months when I go back to get the crown I will need to stay longer. First I will have an appointment to check if it's stable. If not I'll be sent home and asked to come back a few weeks later. This may happen once or twice. Once it's stable, I'll get impressions then wait four days for the crown to be made before fitting. Hopefully I'm happy with get the hint, it might not be as easy as getting the implant.

So when I returned home, I called a number of dentists to see if they would do the crown. Turns out there is no price difference of UK v Poznan, the real saving is in the implant! I was quoted £2800 in UK and paid £700 Anyway again nobody will touch me with a barge pole. They must use the same brand as the implant for the abundment BMW v Audi for example. I was told even if they did use the same brand they still wouldn't do it.
I have Noble Biocare implant. It’s international brand.
If u are flexible then defo go to Poland! Looks like I'll defo be going back, I'll prob get a one way flight until I know if it's stable or not instead of getting a return as they cannot tell if it's healed enough until I get there. Prob need to be there for a week or so to get the crown.

Gosha, UK
( Review verified by email)

The best I have ever seen and experienced

5 50 Dental Crowns, Composite Resin Inlay or Onlay, Fillings, Root Canals, Veneers • Paid: 1 zł


I live in Central London and I have been to a few of the top Dentists from Harley Street to Chelsea over the years, till now!
Never again will I be going back to any other dental centers! The service I received at Exclusive Dental Studio POZNAN has been the best I have ever seen and experienced. The care and professionalism is 100%.
What comes first is the results they give, and I can assure you that the work I have had done's amazing! Not to mention the price compared to England.
As soon as you arrive you are looked after, they get to the "root" of your problems and together they set out a plan, in my case, it was to spend 5 days on the top part of my teeth and then have a week off and then come back for another 5 days to do the bottom section of my teeth.
My first impression of the Exclusive Dental Studio Katowicka in Poznan was extremely pleasing, all the equipment was very modern, sterile and looked more than up to date than the UK!
There was a lovely girl called Alice who co-ordinated my dentistry plan with myself and my new dentist explaining which days I needed to come in, and the time each procedure was expected to take, she also explained the price structure, and made sure that any other requirements or concerns I had were taken care of.
Initially I had some worry that maybe they don't understand English, that was not a problem, there English was very good and my mind was instantly put at ease.
My Dentist (Dr Agnieszka) was my appointed dentist who carry out all of the work I had during my stay at the Exclusive Dental Studio. I cannot thank her enough for her work. She made me feel very relaxed at all times, and explained everything so thoroughly that I always felt confident and all my questions were answered.
So over the next few weeks I spent around 10 days with Dr Agnieszka. Now lets be honest, you would think that having serious dental work is not fun is it painless! Well I'm telling you, if I didn't have Dr Agnieszka as my dentist,Ii know it would of been a LOT HARDER for me! So For all the work I have had done over that 10 days it was such a pleasure to have Dr Agnieszka.
And when it comes to Dr Agnieszka's work, for example, my upper 2 crowns was so bad (basically broken inside) it looked like dental implantation was the main option, now most dentist's would just go with that option, because it's all about the money! But is there a solution? If you can avoid taking out your teeth you should.
Dr Agnieszka found that by doing a root canal treatment on my 2 crowns and keeping each side of the crown and taking away all the decay & bacteria & everything else in the middle, leaving just the shell of the crowns.
Now Dr Agnieszka Kulik had the option to do large fillings inside the crowns and to have a Composite Onlay to go on top. A lot cheaper and a lot less pain than having implantation! I did on the other side have 1 crown implantation, and there was nothing that could be done to save that crown at the back, it really was severely damaged! So I can say from experience about it being less pain! Now they look amazing, the 2 composite onlay crowns along with the ceramic veneers, fillings etc etc thanks to Dr Natalia, my teeth look the best they have ever looked.
I also must give a special mention to Dr.Kamil Szewczyk for the treatment I received from him, which include the implant and removal of my Crown. How can anyone forget this sort of treatment would be crazy!!
Dr Szewczyk did a really good job. I didn't feel a thing when having the removal or the implant, thank god! You only start to feel pain a couple of days after. But this is normal for anyone who takes this sort treatment. Nothing painkillers cannot help you with, in the end, its worth it!
So to round this review up, I saved money and i got everything done in a good time span, with a Dentist that is devoted and dedicated and extremely professional. And I also had enjoyed my time in Poznan city. Its a 5/5 for the Exclusive Dental Studio, and 5/5 for it’s staff and if you're as lucky as I was to have Paulina look after you as well as Dr Agnieszka then you're in the best of hands.
And for me to do a review means something as I don't ever do reviews!
Hope this helps some of you on this forum

Treated by: Dr Agnieszka Kulik
Aga, Ecuador
( Review verified by phone and email)

Delicate and engaged

4.9 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: 1000 zł

tooth care

I was a patient for over 2 years when I was living in Poland and I was very satisfied with dental care. Especially now I can see how precious is to have that possibility to go to the dentist whenever I need it and be sure everything will be perfect. My dentist, Mr Agnieszka is very delicate and engaged doctor and she really cares for beautiful, white smile. I miss that so much here, I even think to fly there every year to use her help and fix all my tooth.

Treated by: Dr Agnieszka Kulik
Sean, Germany
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)


3.7 50 Dental Crowns • Paid: 1000 zł

The treatment and price were excellent. Communication after the treatment (eg. for a receipt in €) has been difficult.

Arthur, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

Highly recommended!

5 50 Fillings • Paid: 1 zł

tooth fillings

It was one of the best experiences I've had at a dentist. Really patient, helpful and knowledgeable service. The office is very clean and high tech with reasonable prices. It was a pleasant experience and I look forward to going back to Exclusive Dental Studio. Highly recommended!

Thomas, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

Very helpful and friendly

4.8 50 Dental Implants • Paid: 1500 zł

I'm absolutely delighted about Exclusive Dental Studio. I decided to take a trip and make everything on one go. There were really many things to do and the professionals from this service did really good job. I'm 50 years old now and I'd never afford to have three teeth implanted, 4 filled, and the rest whitened for such money. The conditions are really clean and sterile, staff very helpful and friendly. Advise everyone who wants to have all teeth healthy and left money in pocket.

Nina, Ireland
( Review verified by email)

Very professional and helpful

4.7 50 Fillings • Paid: 6510 zł

I was welcomed with a raspberry tea! It was a spa-like experience from the very beginning but it got even better when we moved to business of fixing my smile.

Top class environment like in a Hollywood clinic. Clean and sterile yet not cold. Staff very professional and helpful but somehow I felt like visiting my family.

The process itself was surprisingly relaxing and the materials used were top class. Quality of work done is exceptional, I'm showing it off to all my gals and even dates. Fillings smooth, whitening didn't go wrong after few weeks as it happened for me on few ocassions, analysis on the scan that I have decided to do was straight to the point and definitely without the Doctor trying to sell me her extra services.

I regret that I only had little time to stay there. I'm going to Poznan again for sure, such a lovely city!

Total price for fillings, scan, whitening and some other minor issues I had was much lower than I expected.

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Exclusive Dental Studio - Katowicka 81e/111, Poznań, wielkopolska, 61131,

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Dr Agnieszka Kulik - Dentist at Exclusive Dental Studio

Dr Agnieszka Kulik

Job Title:
Dentist, she graduated Poznań University of Medical Sciences in 2006 and one year later she opened her first dental clinic - Exclusive Dental Studio. Her speciality is digital dentistry, especially prosthetics and orthodontics. She is a member of EAO Eurasian Association of orthodontist and active member of American Equilibration Society.

Since 8 years she is also keen on aesthetic medicine, is certificated doctor of aesthetic medicine and a member of Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging. In 2016 she expanded the clinic by adding Exclusive Dental Academy&Lab where the best dental specialists have been gathered to create the best natural looking smiles designed totally digitally.

Dr Kamil Szewczyk - Oral Surgeon at Exclusive Dental Studio

Dr Kamil Szewczyk

Job Title:
  Oral Surgeon
Miss Paulina Kluczynska - Staff Nurse at Exclusive Dental Studio

Miss Paulina Kluczynska

Job Title:
  Staff Nurse
Marietta Pacholska - Manager at Exclusive Dental Studio

Marietta Pacholska

Job Title:
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Katowicka 81e/111, Poznań, wielkopolska, 61131Poland