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Ollident-Sucha - Dental Clinic in Poland


ul. Sucha 2/4, Łódź
For more information about Ollident-Sucha in Lodz please contact the clinic.
Root Canal Treatment Molars from 600 zł
Root Canals
Root Canal Treatment of Incisors and Canines from 250 zł
Root Canal Treatment Premolars from 400 zł
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ul. Gorkiego 10/12, Łódź
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JMC Dental Clinic - Logo

JMC Dental Clinic

Zlotno 34, Lodz, 94221
4.6 from 5 verified reviews
From the very beginning we managed to see foreign patients to the mutual satisfaction. Over the few years we were visited by many from England, Ireland, Norway, the USA, Finland, the Netherlands and beyond. Our dentists have proven that the target set by the patient and his contentment is the highest priority.     JMC Dental Clinic is a place where modern dentistry is accompanied by many years of experience and professionalism of dentists. We believe that the doctor is there for the patient, NOT vice versa. As a consequence, each course of treatment is precisely explained by dentist to the patients and thanks to our X-ray laboratory, they are able to follow their own course of treatment - all this to ensure that the stress before the visit is gone and its only trace is a shameful memory.     Our clinic, located in the city of Lodz, is the result of many years of dental practice. We know that during treatment the most important are: peace, relaxation and positive attitude of the patient. Thus the idea of ??creating an elegant, comfortable dental clinic friendly to every patient.    Spacious and luxurious, air-conditioned interiors, together with openness of the dentist staff build this atmosphere.    Focused on innovations,we have equipped all the surgeries with modern technological solutions, which guarantee the painless treatment, without disturbing your comfort. It is also worth noting that we have our own sterilization centre, through which we can guarantee our
Molar Root Canal 650 zł - 800 zł
Root canals 250 zł - 800 zł
Complex Root Canal 250 zł - 800 zł
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ATJ Dentistry Clinic - Dental Clinic in Poland

ATJ Dentistry Clinic

Tatrzanska 61, Lodz, 93219
5.0 from 1 verified review
All fields of dentistry based on University practitioners. The best composites of the world leading companies. Safety and general health care due to consults of internal medicine doctor. Unique treatment program created especially for patients with dentofobia by PhD of psychiatry. Use of electronic anesthesia gives a painless treatment also for children. Radiology laboratory and sterilization equipment located at the ATJ Clinic guarantee a total dentistry care minimizing unpleasent sensation of visiting a dentist.
Molar Root Canal  
Root Canals  
Complex Root Canal  
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FroDent - Dental Clinic in Poland


ul. Kilińskiego 42, Łódź, 90257
For more information about FroDent in Lodz please contact the clinic.
Dressing Medicinal Ketac Molar from 60 zł
Root Canals
Dressing Milk Tooth from 40 zł
Development of Channels (single-channel tooth) from 70 zł
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Stomatologia na Ksiezym Mlynie - Dental Clinic in Poland

Stomatologia na Ksiezym Mlynie

Rd.Tymienieckiego 16, Lodz, 90365
4.0 from 1 verified review
It’s a good clinic with very good staffNisha, Poland, 22 05 18

This clinic is very close to my home and I’d seen some good reviews on Google. They successfully extracted my wisdom tooth. The price was a bit more than what I saw online, but I think this was because I had a dentist consultation as well. I returned two weeks after they removed my tooth, just for a regular check-up and so they could take the stitches out. Considering they did such a good job, I’m not exactly sad that I paid more than expected. It’s a good clinic with very good staff. I had some concerns about communicating in a foreign language, but everyone knew English well (which was helpful!). We didn’t have any communication problems.

Molar Root Canal  
Root canals from 580 zł
For one canal. Root canal treatment is the procedure which demands not only a lot of time but also special skills and modern equipment. Nowadays we can treat and save a lot of teeth that have been doomed to extraction before. It is very important to accurately measure the length of canal. It is possible thanks to endometer (electronic measurement of root canal length) and radiovisiography (computer X-ray photo). We also use the innovative dental equipment – LASER KaVo Key III that effectively eliminates inflammation causing bacteria. Directly before filling the canals we use also ozone that has commonly known antibacterial activity. In endodontic treatment it is important to fill root canals precisely. In order to do it in the best way we use tested BeeFill Pack system. Gutta-percha is the best material for root canals fillings. Gutta-percha is placed in the canal at determined depth by means of special seal. After heating and plasticizing it is crammed with the help of endodontic instruments in order to fill prepared canal tightly, without any bubbles. Liquid gutta-percha allows to fill root canals system tightly and permanently.
Complex Root Canal  
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Studio89 Stomatologii Estetycznej - Dental Clinic in Poland

Studio89 Stomatologii Estetycznej

Piłsudskiego 89, Łódź, 92332
For more information about Studio89 Stomatologii Estetycznej in Lodz please contact the clinic.
Molar Root Canal from 750 zł
Root Canals  
Incisor Root Canal from 250 zł
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Clinics that provide Root Canals in Lodz:

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Gold Dentica - Łódź - Dental Clinic in Poland

Gold Dentica - Łódź

ul. Pomorska 41, Łódź, 90203
For more information about Gold Dentica - Łódź in Lodz please contact the clinic.
Root Canals
Root Canal treatment milk tooth - amputation formokrezolowa from 130 zł
Treatment of uncomplicated channel 1 from 200 zł
Treatment of complicated channel 1 from 350 zł
1 more treatment
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Dodent-Kopernika - Dental Clinic in Poland


ul. Kopernika 36, Łódź, 90 – 552
For more information about Dodent-Kopernika in Lodz please contact the clinic.
Root Canals
Filling one channel from 80 zł
Development of a single channel from 120 zł
Treatment of tooth single-channel (total) from 200 zł
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Dr. Monika Dzieciątkowska - Dental Clinic in Poland

Dr. Monika Dzieciątkowska

ul. Północna 46, Łódź, 91425
For more information about Dr. Monika Dzieciątkowska in Lodz please contact the clinic.
Root Canals  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
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Implantom Tomikowscy - Dental Clinic in Poland

Implantom Tomikowscy

ul. Tymienieckiego 16D/U1, Łódź, 90365
For more information about Implantom Tomikowscy in Lodz please contact the clinic.
Root Canals
Root Canal Treatment Uncomplicated (one channel) from 200 zł
Root Canal Treatment Complicated Microscope (one channel) from 300 zł
Dentist Consultation from 100 zł
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Very Good
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NovoDENT-MED Lodz - Dental Clinic in Poland


ul. Wygodna 1, Łódź, 94024
4.8 from 3 verified reviews
Novo Dent-Med is a specialized dental center with two attractively located clinics - in Lódz and in Radomsko, Poland. Each of our clinics is a fully-specialized and modern medical center, which works only with the most qualified professionals in different fields (implantology, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, conservative dentistry and more). In addition to the dental services of the highest quality, we specialize in the organization of trips for medical tourists, who can  save up to 70%  thanks to visiting our clinics.  Check our prices - they are lower from the prices of other clinics in Poland.  Our offer is not only a dental treatment, as we provide so much more: accommodation close to the clinic within yur budgetcomfortable airport transfershelp with booking of cheap flight ticketssupport on each step of the way Contact us with a description of your problem and send us an X-Ray picture, if possible. We will get back to you on the same day and will provide you with the pricing as soon as possible. Once you decide to visit our clinic, we will make sure that your trip is comfortable and at the best possible price. With us it is possible to combine the quality of your treatment with a nice trip, without straining your budget.
Root Canals from 216 zł
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants 2467 zł - 2986 zł
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Stomatologia Codziennie - Łódź - Dental Clinic in Poland

Stomatologia Codziennie - Łódź

ul. Zgierska 115, Łódź, 91473
For more information about Stomatologia Codziennie - Łódź in Lodz please contact the clinic.
Root Canals
Devitalisation from 70 zł
Additional channel from 100 zł
To develop and fill the channel 1 from 150 zł
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