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Prices from 20 zł - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Good ServiceScore™ 6.3 from 9 votes ★ 9 verified patient reviews. Visit our Dentist - Starodworcowa 1E/3, Gdynia, 81575, Poland.

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About NeoDentis

About Medtrip provides high quality, afordable dental and medical services. We also offer help with organizing safe and comfortable stay in Gdansk for our patients. Please find a short description of our surgery and clinic below.


Modern surgeries with three dentistry units at their disposal have: full x-ray diagnostics: point and panoramic (by Finnish Sordex), biostimulating laser, Quick sleeper – anaesthetic tool; a tool measuring the length of canal roots, in-mouth cameras and the lamp Beyond for teeth whitening treatment.

Each patient can expect individual approach. All treatments are understandably conducted under anaesthetic, which reduces the stress connected with the visit. The whole team, while keeping standards of ergonomy, works in so called “four hands” system, in which a patient is set in a comfortable lying position and the dentist and dental assistant work simultaneously by one patient. This method guarantees comfort for the patient and very high accuracy of treatment. By means of an in-mouth camera each patient can watch under magnification on the screen the state of his/her teeth and the results of the treatment. Efficiency of sterilization process of medical tools used in treatments is ensured by modern autoclave class B.

We offer you our knowledge, surgeries with modern equipment and friendly and professionally prepared staff. We consistently realize our mission. Thanks to that we have won the trust of over 3000 patients.  


Medical operations and procedures carries out in modern clinic with 73 hospital beds. The hospital fulfill the highest international sanitary standards. Patients are provided with 24h medical and nursing care, which they can at any moment call with help of special system monitoring the time of medical staff response.

Polish architects designed the modern structure of about 8.000 sq m according to the English concept. The building structure and the technologies used are consistent with international architectural standards. Hospital’s infrastructure and equipment

Operating suite

The hospital operating suite consists of four air-conditioned operating theatres made of stainless steel, which fulfils the highest international sanitary and technical requirements.  It has been equipped with a laminar ventilation system in order to keep the air sterile. The laminar ventilation system limits the amount of microorganisms in the air stream, which is exchanged several times per hour during an operation. Microorganisms and dust are captured by special HEPA filters. Furthermore, the hospital has its own sterilization room equipped with new generation equipment and an independent power supply system. The operating suite equipment includes mobile operating tables, special anaesthesiological and lighting control panels, laparoscopic and arthroscopic units, an operating microscope and the second in Poland Siemens X-ray unit with C-arm and 3D imaging option, which can be used in e.g. neurosurgical operations. Video cameras installed in the operating theatres make it possible to perform surgeries in collaboration with surgeons from the whole world or to transmit the picture directly to the Hospital Conference Room.

Patient’s rooms

Patients stay in single or double rooms equipped with satellite TV, telephone and internet access. After each hospitalization the hospital beds are washed and disinfected in the special bed disinfection room. They are equipped with electrical bed adjustment system and colourful beddings. Each sick room has its own bathroom with a washbasin, a WC and a shower.

Intensive Care Unit

It is one of the modest Intensive Care Units in Poland. The unit is located in the centre of the hospital, in the close neighbourhood of the Operating Suite, the Recovery Room, the X-ray room and the Computer Tomography Room. The ICU is equipped with new generation Siemens equipment, which monitors patients‘ condition and 19 life functions. The monitoring system is complete and accurate and it prevents accidental measurements. If any parameter of life functions changes, the system informs the medical staff about it with a sound signal. Thanks to the central life function monitoring system the medical staff has the possibility to control patients’ condition from different locations in the hospital. The ICU is equipped with modern beds (which e.g. measure patient’s weight exact to 0,1 gram) placed in a spacious, air-conditioned room. Professional care and modern equipment provide patients with the maximum safety.


- Intensive care beds,
- Drager new generation respirators
- Evita and Sawina models,
- Siemens intensive care monitors,
- medical gas installation,
- syringe and drip infusion pumps,
- defibrillators,
- central control panel.

Anaesthesiology Unit

The Anaesthesiology Unit is located in the centre of the hospital, close to the Operating Suite and the Intensive Care Unit. The unit consists of an 8-bed, air-conditioned recovery room. Patients after surgeries are provided with 24 h medical and nursing care. The recovery room is equipped with new generation equipment, which ensures the total control of all life functions. The anaesthesiologists perform anaesthesia also during all surgeries performed in the Clinic.

Image diagnostics

- Ultrasonography (USG)
- abdominal cavity
- urologic
- prostate
- reproductive organs (transvaginal probe)
- mammae (nipples)
- thyroid
- salivary glands
- testicles
- echocardiography (colour Doppler)
- blood flow in extremity arteries and veins and in neck arteries,
- orthopaedic: hip joints, knee joints, shoulder joints, Achilles tendon etc.
- thin-needle biopsy


We make X-rays with a modern, low-emission, stationary Siemens Multix Compact X-ray unit. We make the X-rays of: · chest· skull · sinuses· spine · hip joints · thigh and shank bones · ankle, knee, shoulder and elbow joints  · foot· ribs · blade bone · humeral and antebrachial bones · wrist · hand· fingers Computer tomographyWe use a modern Siemens Emotion 6 computer tomograph. Only automatic syringes are used to inject contrast media (always non-ionic). We perform the computer tomography of: · head,· bones,· neck, · spine,· chest,· extremities, · joints,· abdominal cavity,· pelvisWe also perform the Angio Computer Tomography of: · cerebral vessels,· neck arteries,· pulmonary arteries,· aorta,· iliac arteries,· extremity arteries. Gastroenterological diagnostics  Gastroscopy  Anoscopy – examination of anus, anal canal, and lower rectum using a speculum.  Rectoscopy – examination of rectum using a speculum,  Rectoromanoscopy – rectoscopy and sigmoidoscopy,  Sigmoidoscopy – examination of sigmoid using a speculum, Colonoscopy – examination of large intestine using a speculum Cardiology diagnostics Electrocardiographic investigation (EKG) – at rest  Electrocardiographic investigation (EKG) - exercise Exercise EKG

has been created in order to offer comprehensive solutions to dental and medical problems to patients from the all parts of Europe.

Our task is to facilitate the access to the best medical treatment in Poland and at the same time organize your stay in such an interesting and beautiful place as the Tricity agglomeration (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot) and the whole Pomeranian region undoubtedly is.

So if you are looking for an optimal solution to undergo a professional treatment:

- dental,

- medical,

- plastic surgery or

- sanatorium

in the best medical centers in Poland while preserving the highest European medical standards and at the same time definitely more attractively priced than in your country – this is the right hit.

Finding such a solution for you is a sense and aim of our operations.  

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Patient reviews

4.5 from 9 verified reviews
eivind, Norway
( Verified user)

Very pleased with the treatment

4.2 50 Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

Yes i'm very pleased with the treatment and the prices is very OK comparing to Norway.

Would you recommend the clinic?

I will recommend this clinic to all i know because they have persons there who is speaking English perfect

Would you return for further treatment?

Yes, of course

Helena, Norway
( Verified user)

Very pleased

4 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: 950 zł
Were you pleased with the treatment?

I am very pleased with the treatments.

Would you recommend the clinic?

I felt that i got very good service. The staff was very polite. The dentist and dermatolog spoke very god English so it was easy to communicate. I even got my own contact person who was very easy going and helpful. I got her telephone number for to be able to contact her whenever I needed help.

Would you return for further treatment?

I'm going to meet the dentist for further treatment.

Treated by: Philip Turon
Antonis, Belgium
( Verified user)

Extremely well organised

4.4 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: 12000 zł
Were you pleased with the treatment?

These trips, 2 for now, were extremely well organised, treatment was done by Impladent, Gdansk in a very professional way. The surgeon Adam Ziemlewski is one of the best I know for so far

Would you recommend the clinic?

It was a very nice and professional experience and help with my contact Gosia Poplawska who takes care of all practical matters, excelent English

Would you return for further treatment?

Yes, of course

Treated by: Adam Ziemlewski
Hilary, Ireland
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

I was very pleased

Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

I was very pleased with my treatment and the price was brilliant... It was hard to get an actual price by email because the dentist had to see me first before she gave me the final price and treatment plan but there was no pressure to accept or do the full treatment suggested, it was up to your budget!!! I was very pleased with my treatment and was able to get everything done that i wanted on my budget.

Would you recommend the clinic?

Yes I would and already have recommended this clinic. Everyone is so helpful in trying to make your stay comfortable and not stressful as possible. The language barrier would of been a huge problem as i don't speak any polish and the dentists English was very limited but i was very lucky to have a girl called Gosia who had excellent English and walked me through every Step of my trip... She was my first point of contact and she organized everything for me and i couldn't of done it without her!

Would you return for further treatment?

I have already been back... I will continue to go if i need anymore treatments and next year my boyfriend hopes to get his work done there too.

Treated by: Dr Bozena Szatan, DDS
Jola, Poland
( Verified user)

Help me quickly, at resonable

4.9 50 Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

I am Polish, but I leave in USA. I have scheduled a big treatment with another dentist in Gdansk before I went to Poland. However, when I came there, that dentist quoted very high prices saying that it is still cheapper than in US. Well, that was the whole point of coming to Poland to save some money. Then I contacted MedTrip. They were able to help me quickly, at resonable prices. They accomodated all my needs. Mrs Gosia Poplawska made sure I was taken care off. She called me to remain me of my appointments, then she followed up to see how I was feeling. Several months later, she emailed to make sure I didn't have any complications.

Would you recommend the clinic?

When I came back to US, my dentist here asked me where I had my dental work done. It was an excellent job! MedTrip help me with all the fillings I needed, they also reffered me to have 2 implants and 2 rooth canals done elsewhere so I could have everything done in 7 days and come back home with a happy smile.

Would you return for further treatment?

I recommended them to all my friends. I would recommend them to you. I almost hope that I have another tooth need so I can go and see them again.

Treated by: Dr Bozena Szatan, DDS
John, Ireland
( Verified user)

Very pleased

4.5 50 Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

I was very pleased with this professional dental service.

Would you recommend the clinic?

I would highly recommend this state of the art, high tech, dental service. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Would you return for further treatment?

Were I to require further dental treatment I would have absolutely no hesitation in returning
to this excellent, modern, dental clinic.

Stuart, UK
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)


Dentist Consultation • Paid: 930 zł
Were you pleased with the treatment?

The treatment was in fact a littl echeaper than the quoted price. More importantly, my surgical excision turned out to be so much better than i ever imagine it could be. The surgeon with medtrip is brilliant. Medtrip themselves are also excellent allround. I also had Dentistry witht hem which was first class.

Would you recommend the clinic?

I would recommed the clinic. The whole process was professional and friendly and comfortable thanks to the great staff.

Would you return for further treatment?

Yes, I am in fact returning forfurther treatment in one month.

stuart, UK
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Was amazing

Tattoo Removal
Were you pleased with the treatment?

The procedure - tattoo removal - was amazing. It looks like a scratch. so thin and perfect. The surgeon is obviously very good indeed

Would you recommend the clinic?

Id recommend the clinic enthusiastically

Would you return for further treatment?

Yes - and I am returning for further treatment

Miss, UK
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Slightly cheaper than quoted

Dentist Consultation • Paid: 732 zł
Were you pleased with the treatment?

The price actually worked out to be slightly cheaper than quoted, possibly with the exchange rate. This was about a quarter of what I would have paid in the UK.

Would you recommend the clinic?

I would recommend the clinic, however it would benefit from having English speaking nurses. The consultant spoke impeccable English and was very competent, but as the nurses did not speak English I felt slightly isolated during the surgery which was done under local anaesthetic. The hospital is large and clean though, and the check-ups were very regular. If having a local anaesthetic then ask for a sedative long in advance though, as I did not receive one and it made the experience farmore traumatic than it needed to be.

Would you return for further treatment?

Despite the trauma - and the freezing weather - the results of the surgery are unbelievable. Even an English consultant who saw me afterwards for something else was impressed by the results. However, I have had my fill of surgery.

Kelly, UK
( Verified user)


5 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: 1000 zł
Were you pleased with the treatment?

Yes its was fabulous

Would you recommend the clinic?

panoramic xray, I had 4 fillings ,

Would you return for further treatment?

yes i will return in February

Niels, Faroe Islands
( Verified user)

I am very satisfied

4.7 50 Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

YES, amd I'am very satificed whit the special root treathment I got.
It would be a better service if you could pay with visacard. The threatment could be faster if the dentist we used could work each day.

Would you recommend the clinic?

Yes if you could use creditcard

Would you return for further treatment?

Now, because my friend was living in Gdynja and I used the opportunity to have a holyday and dental treathment.

James, UK
( Verified user)

A very good experience

4.8 50 Dental X-Ray, Dentist Consultation • Paid: 14000 zł
Were you pleased with the treatment?

First of 3 visits completed. I attended 4 times over 4 days. Day 1 for the initial assessment and x-ray, surgery on day 2 then 2 short visits over the next 2 days to check progress after the surgery. All was completed to my satisfaction and the dentist and other staff were very good at explaining exactly what would happen and when. A very good experience - considering it was a visit to a dentist!

Would you recommend the clinic?

Everyone was very professional and friendly. All 3 surgeries I visited were very modern and all equipment looked brand new or very recent.

Would you return for further treatment?

Yes, I have 2 further visits to complete the treatment. The actual implants are completed. Now it is just the abutments, impressions and fitting to complete - the difficult bit is done. I would highly recommend the practice and the dentist was very encouraging. Overall, a very professional experience.

Treated by: Dr Robert Kucharski, DDS
joe, Ireland
( Verified user)

Is everything I had hoped for

4.4 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: 8300 zł
Were you pleased with the treatment?

The quality of the treatment which I measure by the end result, is everything I had hoped for. As regards proce, I was surprised at the low cost given the quality of materials and the procedures carried out.

Would you recommend the clinic?

All throughout the treatment, every step was explained in advance and they invited me to ask questions at every stage. The staff were courteous, professional and made me feel at ease throughout.

Would you return for further treatment?

Hopefully I will not need to return myself, but if I do I would most definetaly return. I would certainly recommend MedTrip to anyone.

Treated by: Dr Bozena Szatan, DDS
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Inlay or Onlay

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from 500 zł

Root Canal Treatment (Root Canal Treatment (Channel three treatment))

200 zł - 500 zł

Root canals

Guaranteed for 1 years.
from 100 zł

Milk tooth root canal treatment with filling

from 550 zł

Incisor Root Canal

from 750 zł

Molar Root Canal

from 650 zł

Premolar Root Canal


Sinus Lift

Teeth Cleaning
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Teeth Cleaning

from 100 zł


from 600 zł

Teeth Whitening

from 650 zł

Home Whitening Kits

from 1000 zł


Guaranteed for 1 years.
NeoDentis - Dr BozenaSzatan, DDS

Payment information


Private Patients WelcomeDental Plans Accepted
Dr BozenaSzatan, DDS -  at NeoDentis

Dr Bozena Szatan, DDS

Graduated: Medical Academy of Gdansk 1999
DDS license No.: 8050029
specialization: aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics
personal characteristic: very patient with a very good contact with her Patients. 8 years experience in modern dentistry.
Dr Malgorzata Iwaniuk -  at NeoDentis

Dr Malgorzata Iwaniuk

  English, Polish
Małgorzata Iwaniuk, DDS
Graduated: Medical Academy of Gdansk 2004
DDS license No.: 2244611
Dr RobertKucharski, DDS -  at NeoDentis

Dr Robert Kucharski, DDS


Rober Kucharski, DDS - dental surgeon.

Medical Academy of Gdansk graduate; specializes in implantology and dental surgery.

In 1997-2007 worked as an assistant in the Facial-Jaw Surgery and Dental Clinic at the Medical Academy of Gdansk.  

Organized and lectured at dental implantology courses.

Author of scientific publications in field magazines.

Participated in national and international trainings, courses and congress devoted to endodontics, implantology and dental surgery.

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Starodworcowa 1E/3, Gdynia, 81575Poland