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What are fillings?

Fillings or dental fillings are used to repair the damaged surfaces of teeth. The surface of teeth may be damaged by small fractures, damaged enamel or decay. It takes 25 to 90 minutes to place a filling in a tooth.

What different types of fillingsare there?

Dental fillings are made of gold, silver, mercury or amalgam, porcelain or ceramic, plastic, composite resin materials or a glass and acrylic mixture called glass inomer.

Is getting a filling painful?

Preparing the tooth to place a filling by removing the decayed portion using a dental drill should not be painful. Some patients find the preparation procedure uncomfortable and painful. The dentist will administer a local anaesthic to ensure that the patient does not feel pain during the procedure.


How long does recovery after fillings are placed take?

Patients may experience pain or sensitivity for a few weeks after a filling is placed. The area where the anaesthetic was injected will feel sore for a few days. The gums of the patient will also feel sore for a few days.

How do I care for my teeth after fillings are placed?

Patients should not eat for at least three hours till the anaesthesia wears off. They should not eat or drink anything that is too hot or too cold for a few days. They should avoid very hard food. They should take all prescribed medications correctly. They should follow correct dental hygiene and brush and floss their teeth regularly.

What are the alternatives to placing fillings?

Alternatives to dental fillings are dental crowns, inlays or onlays, or tooth remineralization.

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Sanus Dentes - Dental Clinic in Poland

Sanus Dentes

Hryniewickiego 6c /12, Sea Towers, Gdynia, 81340
4.8 from 6 verified reviews
Excellent professional dentistRoss, Poland, 09 07 20

Excellent professional dentist. Lovely office + dentistry. Highly recommend Ed.

Fillings 140 zł - 250 zł
Only white fillings
White Filling  
No score yet
Cadent-Filipkowskiego - Dental Clinic in Poland


Filipkowskiego 3, Gdynia, 81578
For more information about Cadent-Filipkowskiego in Gdynia please contact the clinic.
Root Filling from 150 zł
2 other locations in Gdynia for Cadent
Cadent-Myśliwska 4

Cadent-Myśliwska 4

Myśliwska 4, Gdynia


Parkowa 6/1E, Gdynia
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Dent Stomatologia - Dental Clinic in Poland

Dent Stomatologia

Plac Górnośląski 10/5, Gdynia Orłowo
For more information about Dent Stomatologia in Gdynia please contact the clinic.
Filling in the Tooth Milk from 90 zł
Filling in the Tooth Colored Milk from 110 zł
Filling (1 surface) from 120 zł
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Med Oral - Dental Clinic in Poland

Med Oral

Ul. I Dywizji Wojska Polskiego 29A, Rumia, 84230
Surgical appearance enhancement cosmetic surgical procedures and a comprehensive range of services are offered at this clinic located at Rumia in Poland. Medical tourists are welcomed and procedures are performed at competitive prices to enhance their appearance and improve their smiles. All international standards of sterilization and disinfection are strictly complied with and the best available technology, techniques and materials are used while treating patients. Services include smile improvement dental procedures, oral and maxillofacial surgery and surgical cosmetic procedures to reshape or augment the features of the face of patients.
Fillings from 200 zł
Restoration of Teeth with Composite from 200 zł
Removal of a Crown-Root Inlay from 300 zł
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Medico Dent - Dental Clinic in Poland

Medico Dent

ul. Starowiejska 24, Gdynia
4.6 from 1 verified review
Medicodent is a modern dental clinic which offers professional dental care within the fields of conservative dentistry, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, dental surgery, periodontology, pediatric dentistry and implantology They have a highly qualified staff of doctors and medical assistants as well as state-of-the-art equipment. All the procedures are always performed painlessly. Digital X-ray machines and intraoral video cameras allow them to provide professional care and offer the highest quality medical services. For foreign patients, they offer to arrange hotel accommodations at discount prices
Fillings from 120 zł
1 surface
Dentist Consultation from 50 zł
Dental Implants  
A name implant is used to describe an artificial root made out of titan. The implant is placed in the jaws in a usually short surgical procedure. After a short healing time of 3-4 months, caps, bridges, total prosthesis can be placed on that artificial root. In a particular case we can shorter the healing process to few days. Titan because of its chemical properties is biocompatible (its acceptable by the human body and its surface binds with the bone and other soft tissues). That is why titan has found its use in medicine for over 25 years as the material for screws, rails, artificial joints and teeth roots. The success rate in the dental implants reaches 98%, which puts it not only in front of all implant procedures but also in all surgical operations. Such a prognosis puts the implants just behind your own teeth
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Gdyńskie Gabinety Stomatologiczne - Gabinet Gdynia-Obłuże - Dental Clinic in Poland
For more information about Gdyńskie Gabinety Stomatologiczne - Gabinet Gdynia-Obłuże in Gdynia please contact the clinic.
Removal of milk tooth from 100 zł
Tooth filling from 140 zł
Milk tooth filling from 150 zł
44 more treatments
1 other location in Gdynia for Gdyńskie Gabinety Stomatologiczne - Gabinet Gdynia-Obłuże
from 6 users
NovumDent - Dental Clinic in Poland


Starowiejska 47/1A, Gdynia
For more information about NovumDent in Gdynia please contact the clinic.
Tooth filling mat. composite from 120 zł
Dentist Consultation from 150 zł
Part of the surgery (implant system to choose from, including Dentsply Friadent) from 2500 zł
45 more treatments
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Ars Dentana - Dental Clinic in Poland

Ars Dentana

ul. Rdestowa 4/U3, Gdynia, 81531
A pleasant and stress free environment is created by the highly trained and experienced team at this dental clinic located at Gdynia in Poland. Low cost services of a high standard are offered for the benefit of overseas patients at the clinic using state of the art equipment and cutting edge techniques. All international standards of sterilization and disinfection are strictly complied with for the safety of patients. Services include examinations and oral hygiene services, children’s dentistry, general dental care, the cosmetic improvement of smiles and implant dentistry to replace missing teeth.
Medicinal Dressing from 50 zł
Filling Auxiliary Channel from 50 zł
Fill in the Tooth Milky Glass Ionomer Fuji from 80 zł
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Dental-Pro - Gdynia-Pogórze - Dental Clinic in Poland

Dental-Pro - Gdynia-Pogórze

ul. Teodora Śliwińskiego 5,, Osiedle Morskie, Gdynia-Pogórze, 81198
For more information about Dental-Pro - Gdynia-Pogórze in Gdynia please contact the clinic.
Milk tooth filling from 100 zł
Tooth filling (ie. The seal) from 110 zł
Tooth filling from 190 zł
38 more treatments
1 other location in Gdynia for Dental-Pro - Gdynia Redłowo
Dental-Pro - Gdynia Redłowo

Dental-Pro - Gdynia Redłowo

ul. Legionów 100A/U1, Gdynia Redłowo
from 8 users
Dental Surgery - Jacek Wyszkowski PhD, DDS - Dental Clinic in Poland

Dental Surgery - Jacek Wyszkowski PhD, DDS

50 Wladyslawa IV Str., Gdynia, 81384
Jacek Wyszkowski, a graduate of The Medical University in Gdansk, has been in charge of his own private dental surgery practice since 1994. Located in Gdynia, Wyszkowski's practice specializes in esthetic dentistry and implantology. Services include implants Nobel Biocare, Biomet 3i, LAVA porcelaine crowns and bridges (LAVA C.O.S. intraoral scaner), prosthetic crowns, teeth whitening, Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment), tooth fillings, inlays and onlays. The three types of removable dentures available include frame dentures, acrylic dentures, and nylon dentures. Teeth whitening service can be done using the onlay method with gel, or the surgical method which requires only one visit.
Fillings 101 zł - 200 zł
Treating caries - commonly known as tooth filling. After cleansing tooth from caries change it’s necessary to complement lacking tooth tissues. Generally the tooth is being filled during one visit with some composite materials. In my practice I use 3M ESPE Filtek Supreme fillings – the latest nanocomposite. A range of over 20 colours of this filling allows me to perfectly rebuild even the most damaged teeth. In less complicated cases there’s a possibility to use a cheaper material known as Valux.
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
Implants - to rebuild the lacking tooth/teeth we can use a modern implanting technique. This method consists in implantation in jaw-bone a titanic implant which imitates the natural tooth root. On the implant itself, using special links, we attach a crown, a bridge or a denture. Two implants implanted in a toothless jaw allow to hold a denture even in extremely difficult conditions.
27 more treatments
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AN-MED Dental Clinic- Gdynia - Dental Clinic in Poland

AN-MED Dental Clinic- Gdynia

ul. Architektów 11, Gdynia, 81528
Patients of all ages are welcomed by the family oriented team at the two dental clinics run by this practice. The clinics are located at Gdynia and Sopot in Poland. Overseas patients are welcomed and treated at affordable prices at both clinics. All international standards of sterilization and disinfection are strictly observed for the safety of patients and all services are customized according to individual needs at both clinics. Services provided at both clinics include examinations and oral hygiene services, children’s dentistry, general and routine dental care and the surgical placement of implants to replace missing teeth.
Removal of sediment and stone (1luk)  
Treatment of caries - fill glass-ionomer  
Treatment of caries - composite filling (1 area)  
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NeoDentis - Dr BozenaSzatan, DDS


Starodworcowa 1E/3, Gdynia, 81575
4.5 from 9 verified reviews
About Medtrip provides high quality, afordable dental and medical services. We also offer help with organizing safe and comfortable stay in Gdansk for our patients. Please find a short description of our surgery and clinic below. DENTAL CLINICModern surgeries with three dentistry units at their disposal have: full x-ray diagnostics: point and panoramic (by Finnish Sordex), biostimulating laser, Quick sleeper – anaesthetic tool; a tool measuring the length of canal roots, in-mouth cameras and the lamp Beyond for teeth whitening treatment. Each patient can expect individual approach. All treatments are understandably conducted under anaesthetic, which reduces the stress connected with the visit. The whole team, while keeping standards of ergonomy, works in so called “four hands” system, in which a patient is set in a comfortable lying position and the dentist and dental assistant work simultaneously by one patient. This method guarantees comfort for the patient and very high accuracy of treatment. By means of an in-mouth camera each patient can watch under magnification on the screen the state of his/her teeth and the results of the treatment. Efficiency of sterilization process of medical tools used in treatments is ensured by modern autoclave class B. We offer you our knowledge, surgeries with modern equipment and friendly and professionally prepared staff. We consistently realize our mission. Thanks to that we have won the trust of over 3000 pati
Fillings (Very small) 100 zł - 300 zł
Fillings (Little) from 130 zł
Fillings (Medium) from 150 zł
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