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Project Smile - Dental Treatment in Gdansk - Project Smile Surgical TreatmentFeatured

Project Smile - Dental Treatment in Gdansk

58 881 09 77 Partyzantow 76, Wrzeszcz, Gdansk
Rating from 39 Reviews They are incredibly skilledJamie, Poland, 11 Aug 17

I've just completed my treatment at Project Smile: two dental implants, with two teeth on one implant and one tooth on the other. This also entailed two extractions. I have waited until completion of the procedure to write this. In my case, there was a significant gap between getting the implants and the actual abutments and crowns, and I wanted to make sure nothing would happen to invalidate a prematurely gushing review. But, as I expected, nothing did go wrong, and I now feel one hundred percent confident in recommending Project Smile. I'm writing this with some very solid-feeling, natural looking gnashers in place! I won't go into the reasons my teeth needed replacing - mark that up to youthful pugnaciousness. Suffice it to say that, in my mind, I had built up the whole situation into terrifyingly gargantuan proportions. Three extractions! Ghastly implants! What could be worse? And I'm sure many people reading this will be feeling exactly the same way. Well, I'm here to tell you Project Smile is more-or-less artists of dentistry. Compared to any dentist I've ever been to (admittedly only in the UK) they are *incredibly* skilled. I would rate the pain level at 1/10 at worst - significantly less painful, for example, than the 'deep clean' procedure I endured at the hands of a UK hygienist, which I'd have placed about 6.5/10. I promise you that I'm in no way a macho type. Had the procedure hurt in any significant way, at any point, I would tell you. I cannot emphasise enough the astonishing levels of competence and care exhibited at Project Smile, from the almost unnoticeable administration of anaesthetic, to actual the technique of removing the teeth (again I won't go into it in too much detail, but it does not involve the "brace-and-yank" ghastliness I have experienced in the past. You barely know it's happening. As other commentators have pointed out, the surgeon is incredibly gentle. It is next-level dentistry. For anyone worrying about the actual procedure of having the implants put in: I get it, it's a big thing. But, at least if you're going with Project Smile, this 'big thing' is going to be mostly in your mind - the actual procedure was no 'worse' than a root canal, and if anything less intense. Keep in mind that 1/10 discomfort level: you really only notice the anesthetic administration and that's it! I was able to start relaxing as my trust in these teeth-wizards started to build, minute by minute. Believe me, relaxing is the last thing I thought I would be doing! After the procedure, the facilitator Patryk took me down to the nearby clinic to grab antibiotics and painkillers, just plain Ibuprofen if I remember right and I was good to go. A little sensitivity in the days that followed but nothing significant. Actually, I ate an *excellent* dinner at a restaurant recommended by the clinic that very evening! Now possibly this sounds stupid, but for the avoidance of doubt, they won't leave you with "pegs sticking up" (another of my little-fabricated horrors) while you wait for the implants to settle. You get a perfectly good bridge, one I was able to live with comfortably for 6-7 months. The extended period due to me being out of Europe on business. When the time comes, they just swap that out for your new teeth. Here's what I say to anyone thinking of getting an essential procedure like this done at Project Smile: just do it. Choose them not just because they're cheaper than 'back home', but because they are offering an incredible level of service, care and attention. I'm no tooth expert, but I'd be surprised if their service is matched many places in the world. And get it done now. Because I promise you, you'll wonder what you were ever worried about. Finally, for those wondering about the organizational aspects of spending time in Gdansk - don't. It's a cool, safe little city with great food and a really nice old town you can get lost in. Patryk, Project Smile's facilitator, can sort you out with trips to and from the airport and places to stay and you can trust him. But there's plenty of options online if you want to pick somewhere fun by yourself. I'd recommend the old town, even if the locals disdain it somewhat it's great for the wealth of restaurants, bars and nice walks! Perhaps the most indicative thing I can say about this treatment was that I actually *looked forward* to coming back to Gdansk to finish it off. I knew it wouldn't be traumatic, and Project Smile has helped me get over the fear I had of anything involving dental work. The only problem now is I won't want to see anyone else. I'm a Project Smile monogamist! In case there's any doubt after all this, this is an *11/10 review*. Unhesitating recommendation. Would implant again. Even if the 'old town' is actually mostly reconstructed, they've done a really great job of it. If you do stay there, make sure you eat at the restaurant 'Prologue'. Thank me later. Chosen for recommendation from UK dentist (go to Poland, we don't do implants on NHS!), Reddit r/dental subforum ("Poland is the best place for dental tourism! Don't go to Mexico!), and this site - I mean check out the stellar reviews. Still, I had my doubts. No doubts remain. The clinic is smart and well-appointed. The staff are super professional, personable and pleasant. The level of competence is off-the-charts. Alright: that's enough from me. I'm off to enjoy my last two days in Gdasnk, with my new pearly whites.

Implant Bridge 9500 zł - 12300 zł
Dental Implants 2200 zł - 3200 zł
Immediate Implant Placement 2200 zł - 3200 zł
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4.2 / 5  Excellent
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Dentineo - Dental Clinic in PolandFeatured


58 881 09 68 Leszczynowa 90U/2, Gdańsk, 80175
Rating from 17 Reviews I was well treated in every way by a number of the dentists at this practiceCiaran, Ireland, 06 Jun 18

A fairly extensive course of treatment. I was well treated in every way by a number of the dentists at this practice.

Implant Bridge 4750 zł - 6000 zł
If You have more than 2 teeth missing an implant bridge is a perfect solution. placing two implants it is possible to rebuilt 3 or 4 missing teeth.
Dental Bridges 2400 zł - 4500 zł
3-Unit Bridge 2300 zł - 4500 zł
Dental Bridge is good prosthetic solution to fill in missing can be made of porcelain on metal,or a high aesthetic full ceramic bridge looking and functioning as Your natural teeth.
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3.9 / 5  Very Good
from 348 users
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Dental Travel Poland Gdansk - Dental Clinic in PolandFeatured

Dental Travel Poland Gdansk

58 881 04 54 ul. Partyzantów, Gdansk, 80245
Rating from 3 Reviews The whole Filling process was almost pain-free and comfortableRal, UK, 12 Sep 16

I went in for a filling. This was done with great patient and well completed. The whole process was almost pain-free and comfortable. The clinic was well located, very clean and mordernised. The were very helpful and polite.

Implant Bridge  
The bridge consists of 2 implants which make the starting and ending points. On implants there are crowns on implants placed and between them, there is as many crowns as missing teeth. Such a bridge is a long-lasting and effective solution.
Dental Bridges from 1050 zł
Dental bridge fills the gap between teeth. It consists of crowns which can be made of various materials, e.g. porcelain, gold or composite resin. The number of units (teeth) in a bridge complies with the number of missing teeth. The colour, shape and size of a bridge is individually adjusted in order to achieve a natural look of the teeth.
Temporary Bridge from 286 zł
Temporary bridge preserves the aesthetics of the smile before the permanent bridge is prepared. The price for a bridge depends on its units. It is mostly applied when patients wait for their permanent bridges that are to be fitted on the front teeth. Thanks to temporary bridge, patients have the front teeth immediately.
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3.9 / 5  Very Good
from 131 users
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Victoria Clinic - Dr Joanna Parulska-Guzewicz

Victoria Clinic

ul. Jaśkowa Dolina 57, Gdansk, 80286
Rating from 2 Reviews They even got a nice place and staff and equipmentOsamah, gdansk, 25 Sep 14

checked, polished and scaled I got my teeth checked, polished and scaled and they showed me the proper way to take care of my teeth. Now I'm thinking of getting my two bad teeth fixed by them and braces later on. They even got a nice place and staff and equipment

Implant Bridge from 7500 zł
With Dentsply Implants
Dental Bridges 550 zł - 1600 zł
Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap -- these two or more anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth -- and a false tooth/teeth in between. These false teeth are called pontics and can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants.
3-Unit Bridge from 2400 zł
Porcelain bridge fused on metal alloy (Cr-Co, gold). The price does not include the value of gold.
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3.5 / 5  Good
from 63 users
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Come For Smile - Dental Clinic in Poland

Come For Smile

Aleja Zwycięstwa 48, Gdańsk
Rating from 1 Review Painless, effective and good valueSusan, Kristianstad, 15 Apr 16

I was at the clinic 4-5 times for Clear Alignment treatment (splints). The treatment was what the clinic said it would be: painless, effective. A good value, as in my home country it is more expensive and not as well developed. Excellent service. There were several on internet but this clinic was best at communicating with patients, and most immediate. The contact person I had who helped with all, various issues was perfect and most helpful, because of this person alone I would most highly recommend the clinic. My dentist also was excellent, in a hurry all the time, but the contact person/guide helped me all through the process so on the whole I am pleased with my visits and results from this clinic.

Implant Bridge from 3000 zł
Dental Bridges 1000 zł - 1500 zł
3-Unit Bridge 3000 zł - 4500 zł
1 more treatment

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Nearby clinics that provide Implant Bridge:

3.7 / 5  Very Good
from 92 users
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ARTDENT Beauty & Care Dentistry - Dr Agnieszka Misiejuk

ARTDENT Beauty & Care Dentistry

4/2 Wladyslawa Jagielly, Sopot, 81757
Rating from 6 Reviews I felt very safe and pleasedNorunn, Kvalavag, 11 May 13

I called the clinic and got an appointment the same day. They did the best to help me and I got high quality treatment at reasonable price. The dentist was very secure and gave me information about obtions and prices right away. Everything in the clinic is delicate and clean. The staff is welcoming and eager to please you. I felt very safe and pleased after my treatment.

Implant Bridge 7500 zł - 10500 zł
Dental Bridges  
3-Unit Bridge 2700 zł - 4500 zł
Porcelain bridge fused on metal alloy (Cr-Co, gold). The price does not include the value of gold.
3 more treatments
2.9 / 5  Satisfactory
from 1 user
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TriDent - Dental Clinic in Poland


Nowodworcowa 20 Street, Gdynia, 81581
The family oriented team at this dental clinic located at Gdynia in Poland offers a wide range of services to improve the dental and oral health and enhance the smiles of child and adult patients. The team creates an environment and makes efforts to ensure that patients of all ages enjoy an overall positive dental experience. All international standards of sterilization and decontamination are strictly observed for the safety of patients. Services include examinations and professional dental cleaning, general dental care, laser based dentistry, children’s dentistry, cosmetic smile makeovers and implant dentistry.
Crowns And Bridges, Implants Based On Composite Or Porcelain-Faced Titanium, Gold And Ceramic  

Implant Bridge clinics within 145km of Gdansk:

3.6 / 5  Very Good
from 4 users
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Euro Dental Travel - The Clinic of Aesthetical Dentistry - Mr Maciej Drosd
In Euro Dental Travel you will get the most advantageous conditions of treatment, flight, living, transport, and a resident's care. It is us who will complete all the formalities regarding your travel. Education, new technologies and passion have made it possible for us to invite you to a unique place, a place where there is harmony between modern medicine and artistic vision of the world. This is a place where experienced professionals have at their disposal the most modern technologies and knowledge, all this in order to serve their patients. It is a place where the need for communication is understood well. We would like to invite you to a modern stomatological clinic oriented to aesthetic dentistry, exclusive prosthetics and implantology on the solid basis of conservative dentistry, orthodontics and hygiene. Treatment without pain and stress of waiting in long queues, designed individually for every patient on the basis of newest trends in the world are the hallmarks of the place we invite you to. We also had the honour of treating guests from Germany, Ireland, Denmark, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Norway and far Australia.If you decide to take up an offer of Euro Dental Travel, you will get the comprehensive service pack every time. It is only our company that, apart from the flight and the treatment it self, offers DOOR-TO-DOOR service, care of the resident who speaks English, and transport from the hotel to the dentist's office as many times as the treatment re
Implant Bridge  
Dental Bridges 850 zł - 1299 zł
Porcelain Bridge  
Porcelain bridge (one point)

Clinics that provide Dental Bridges in Gdansk:

3.5 / 5  Good
from 32 users
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Anna Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in Poland

Anna Dental Clinic

Szeroka street 119/120, Gdańsk, 80835
Preventive dentistry and the long term dental and oral health of patients is the main focus of the team at this dental clinic located at Gdansk in Poland. Overseas patients are welcome and the latest in dental technology and techniques are used to achieve the best possible dental results at affordable prices by the highly trained and experienced team. Services provided by the team are examinations and oral hygiene services, general dental care, the cosmetic improvement of smiles, jaw surgery, sedation dentistry and surgically placing implants to replace missing teeth.
Dental Bridges
Bridge - Replacement of several teeth  
Dental bridge  
Dentist Consultation  
45 more treatments
3.2 / 5  Good
from 13 users
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Miladent - Gdańsk Główny - Dental Clinic in Poland

Miladent - Gdańsk Główny

ul. Rajska 1/5CD, vis a vis CH Madison, Gdańsk
MILADENT is a modern network of high standard dental and implantology clinics. Our specialists in different branches of dentistry and dermatology provide professional dental care. The doctors in our clinic use equipment of highest class and modern treatment methods. Every one of our clinics matches highest estetic standards. MILADENT works only with the best dental laboratories what makes our prosthetics one of the best in Gdansk. We offer professional and careing treatment to foreign patients. Our doctors speak fluently English or German.
Dental Bridges  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
22 more treatments
3.1 / 5  Good
from 13 users
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Fan-Dent - Dental Clinic in Poland


Slovak lok. 271, Gdansk, 80257
Patients of all ages are welcomed by the family oriented team at this dental clinic located at Gdansk in Poland. Cost effective services are provided for patients from overseas at the clinic. The team creates an environment where patients feel comfortable and cared for from the first visit. All international cross infection control protocols are strictly followed at the clinic. Services provided include examinations and oral hygiene services, children’s dentistry, general dental care, the cosmetic improvement of the smiles of patients and fitting dentures or surgically placing implants to replace missing teeth.
Dental Bridges  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants
Supported Dentures on Implants  
34 more treatments
3.2 / 5  Good
from 4 users
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Stomatologia - Dental Clinic in Poland


Al. Jana Pawla II 4a/6, Zaspa, Gdansk
In the stomatological facility placed in Gdansk-Zaspa they provide complex stomatological care. Not only do they treat bad teeth, but also they take care of patients’ occlusion and offer aesthetic treatment, aesthetic stomatology, general dentistry, and prosthetic treatment.. Highly qualified doctors working in this Centre, as well as contemporary top class dental equipment guarantee the best stomatological care to all groups of patients. In this centre, there are two roomy surgeries equipped with high-quality dental equipment which guarantees the highest standard of services.
Dental Bridges  
Porcelain Bridge  
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