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Implantum Dental Clinic

Arshakunyats 46/2, Komitas 48, Yerevan, 0061
Discover a world-class dental experience at Implantum Dental & Cosmetology Clinic, your premier dental care and rejuvenation destination. Situated in a vibrant and welcoming locale, our clinic is your go-to choice for dental tourism, combining top-tier dental services with the allure of a travel destination. Immerse yourself in the exquisite surroundings of our clinic, where the convergence of cutting-edge technology and a team of internationally-trained dental professionals await you. As a dental tourist, your journey begins with a warm welcome from our multilingual staff, ensuring a seamless experience tailored to your specific needs and preferences. At Implantum Dental & Cosmetology Clinic, we understand the unique requirements of dental travellers, offering comprehensive treatment plans that maximise your time while prioritising your oral health. Our clinic boasts diverse dental services, from routine check-ups to advanced procedures, ensuring you receive world-class care that aligns with international standards. Indulge in the convenience of our streamlined processes, including efficient scheduling, personalised treatment coordination, and transparent communication throughout your dental journey. We go beyond dentistry by guiding local attractions, cultural experiences, and accommodation options to enhance your stay and make your dental trip memorable. Experience a blend of luxury and precision in our modern treatment rooms equipped with state-of-the-
Single Implant 116459 ֏ - 271738 ֏
Dental Implants 116459 ֏ - 271738 ֏
Immediate Implant Placement 135869 ֏ - 271738 ֏
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SHAMS Dental Clinic

Babayan Street 12, Yerevan, 0037
5.0 from 11 verified reviews
Professional team, caring doctorsKarine, US, 23 10 21

I remember with pleasure my treatment process in Shams Dental Clinic. Professional team, caring doctors. Especially my doctors, Gevorg Martirosyan and Vilen Seyranyan, who worked diligently and achieved the best results in a short time. And everyone knows about their affordable prices. Also, I especially want to mention how I was greeted by Shams members at the airport and helped to enjoy the pleasure of touring Armenia. This was real dental tourism! Thank you, Shams Dental Clinic!

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Dental Implants  
Immediate Implant Placement  
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VB Dental Clinic - Logo

VB Dental Clinic

14 Kievyan Street, Yerevan, 0028
4.6 from 4 verified reviews
I'm looking forward to going back for further treatmentsBilly, Australia, 24 09 22

Excellent treatment! Don't be put off by the old fashioned, slightly worn look of the clinic, as the care and expertise is fantastic. In fact I really liked the atmosphere as it shows that the focus is on healing, not on creating a glossy veneer. I went in with a tooth that was in pain and they x-rayed it, then cleaned it to see if it could be saved, Dr Vrezh Balayan quickly realized that it was badly cracked as well as having other issues and couldn't be repaired. So after a brief discussion, made a painless and speedy extraction. I'm looking forward to going back for further treatments when I am next in Yerevan. We found the clinic through this site, and were happy with the reviews. The costs were very reasonable, and they were also very happy to have my partner present as an interpreter, as I do not speak Armenian well enough at this point. In short I highly recommend this clinic! PS I am from Australia

Single Implant  
3D Implantation with Guide, painless, without any cuts,incisions or swelling (by the method of puncture)
Dental Implants  
The advantages of 3D Dental Implantation with surgical guide (without incisions) 1. Minimal trauma of the procedure 2. Manipulation is performed in a short time and is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations 3. The safety of the procedure, as it excludes the possibility of damaging the mandibular nerve and other anatomical structures 4. The postoperative period is almost painless, much easier than after classic implantation 5. No soreness, swelling and bruising 6. A high percentage of integrity of the implants 7. Practical absence of bone loss, because of less tissue injury 8. Tissue healing occurs much faster
Mini Implants  
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"White Castle" Dental Medical Clinic

Adonts street, 6/1, Yerevan, 0014
4.6 from 3 verified reviews
WHY US? Affordable Dental Implants High quality services with up to 70% discount Interesting vacation Airport transportation Saving opportunity on accomondation--------------------------------------------------------------------- Dental Tourism In ArmeniaWelcome to Armenia , the land of smile and sun!Armenian dental tourism, We wish you have a nice stay and enjoy your different experiences in our lovely country with our excellent Armenian dental tourism and Armenian dental tour package.Visit us in our Armenian dental tourism for your Dental services need, we offer a excellent concept of Armenian dental tourism for a planned vacation along with total Armenian dental cosmetic and Armenian dental care.Armenian dental tour, Dental treatments are very costly in most of the European and American countries compared here in Armenia, Armenian dental tourism and Armenian dental tour package.With the excellent concept of Armenian dental tourism, we provide excellent Armenian dental tour package to meet your treatment expenditure and at the same time guide you to spend your vacation.You can enjoy your holidays and receive services related to Dentistry such as Dental Implant, Porcelain crowns, Veneers, Removable dentures, Dental Surgery, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Braces, including Armenian dental tourism and Armenian dental tour packages at a very affordable price.Your treatment will be provided to you at the most comfortable and friendly atmosphere of our Arm
Single Implant 274003 ֏ - 337234 ֏
 Dental implant with porcelain crown Standard - $750Individual - $850notes: modern Alpha Bio dental implants and high quality Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany) materials for the crown   Dental implant with zirconium crown - $1000 notes: implemented with individual zirconium abutment-crown on zirconium.  
Dental Implants 252926 ֏ - 337234 ֏
Dental implants      Dental implant with porcelain crown Standard - $750Individual - $850notes: modern Alpha Bio dental implants and high quality Ivoclar Vivadent (Germany) materials for the crown   Dental implant with zirconium crown - $1000 notes: implemented with individual zirconium abutment-crown on zirconium.            Oral Rehabilitation       Innovative technique for complete oral rehabilitation in just one visit: You go  home with comfortable fixed temporary bridges on the same day. Concept All on 4 reduces the need to complete expensive bone grafting procedures.   Please note, that below prices include permanent bridges. Toothless lower jaw reconstruction - $6500notes: 4 modern dental implants and 4 high quality abutments are used   Toothless  upper  jaw reconstruction - $8500notes: 6 modern
Immediate Implant Placement 1264628 ֏ - 1686171 ֏
Are you a patient who has lost all your teeth and are fed up with ill-fitting dentures that slip around and cause constant sore spots on your gums? Have your dentures been relined over and over again while you continue to lose height and width of your jawbone? Is your face starting to look"sunken in" because your dentures dont fit well, prematurely ageing your face? Are you tired of not being able to eat the foods you love because your dentures dont fit? Have you been told that alternative treatments involving implant-retained dentures are too expensive? The All-on-4 Dental ImplantConcept may be the answer youve been looking for. A proven and successful concept for edentulous patients, the All-on-4 technique allows Dr. David to provide patients like you with an efficient and effective, more permanent restoration using only four implants to support an immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis, like an implant-retained denture or bridge. During the procedure, the two dental implants toward the back of your mouthare tilted, allowing the surgeon to use longer implants in minimum bone volume,thereby increasing bone-to-implant contact. This reduces the need for verticalbone to be built through bone grafting processes, often reducing the cost ofsurgery. In addition, the angled posterior implants can be anchored in thebetter quality bone near the back of the jaw, improving support of theprosthesis by reducing cantilevers (prosthetic with an unsupported end). Biomechanical measurements show that tilted implants, when part ofprosthetic support, do not have a negative effect on the load distribution. Theangulation of implants has been used in clinical practice for more than tenyears and has shown positive results. Overall published data on the All-on-4 concept shows cumulative survival rates between 92
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