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Beaufaces at St Lukes

Beaufaces at St Lukes

Room 437 Medical Arts Building St. Lukes Medical Center, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, 1112Philippines

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Popular Treatments

Liposuction ₱2000000 - ₱3000000
Rhinoplasty ₱40000 - ₱50000
Tummy Tuck ₱200000 - ₱250000
Gynecomastia ₱60000 - ₱70000
Eyelid Surgery ₱40000 - ₱50000
Vaginoplasty ₱50000 - ₱60000
Hymenoplasty ₱40000 - ₱50000
Dimple Creation ₱40000 - ₱45000
Alarplasty ₱35000 - ₱45000
Blepharoplasty ₱40000 - ₱50000
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About Beaufaces at St Lukes

The latest techniques in surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures are performed at this clinic located at Quezon City in the Philippines. The surgeon is highly qualified, well known and has vast experience in performing life and appearance transforming cosmetic procedures for patients. He has performed surgical procedures of a high standard from the year 1987. Procedures performed include the reshaping or augmentation of the features of the face, the reshaping or augmentation of breasts, male breast reduction, Liposuction fat reduction, tummy tucks, Mesotherapy, non surgical skincare treatments and the administration of Treatment for lines and wrinkles injections to reduce excessive sweating.

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Plastic Surgery

₱40000 - ₱45000

Dimple Creation (1 hour, 2 sessions)

₱40000 - ₱50000

Eyelid Surgery (1 hour, 2 sessions)

₱40000 - ₱50000

Blepharoplasty (1 hour, 2 sessions)

₱60000 - ₱70000

Gynecomastia (1 hour, 2 sessions)

₱40000 - ₱50000

Hymenoplasty (1 hour)

₱2000000 - ₱3000000

Liposuction (2 hours, 2 sessions)

₱80000 - ₱90000

Arm Liposuction (1 hour 30 mins, 2 sessions)

₱80000 - ₱90000

Back Liposuction (1 hour 30 mins, 2 sessions)

₱60000 - ₱70000

Neck Liposuction (1 hour 30 mins, 2 sessions)

₱80000 - ₱100000

Thigh Liposuction (2 hours, 2 sessions)

₱40000 - ₱50000

Rhinoplasty (1 hour, 2 sessions)

₱35000 - ₱45000

Alarplasty (1 hour, 2 sessions)

Your wide nose makes you feel like one of those funny-looking animated characters, somehow it makes you feel less confident and unhappy. Now the time has come for you to do something about it. Nose Trim is the cosmetic procedure you are looking for.

Also known as


, Nose trim is a surgical procedure that aims to narrow the span of nostrils and alar base. People with wide opening and flared nostrils are candidate for this surgery. The surgery is done by cutting out a wedge-shaped piece from the outer base of each of your nostrils. Once the surgery is finished, your nose will be covered with splint or bandage. The surgery is performed in the clinic under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis, and usually takes an hour to finish.

“The technique depends on the shape of the nostrils and nasal proportion to the whole face, but generally its goal is to make the nose look compatible with the rest of the facial features. Although it seems like a minor operation, alarplasty like other cosmetic procedures, needs skill and takes a lot of experience to produce good outcome,” says Dr. Alonzo.During your consultation…

Dr.Alozo will evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors, as well as discuss the likely outcomes of the procedure, risks and complications and the type of anesthesia that will be used, including all aspects of the surgery from preparation to post-operative care and follow up and recovery, etc.

Moreover, prior to surgery, you will be advised to take certain medications or adjust your current medications and stop smoking few days before the surgery, as smoking can increase bleeding. You will be asked to avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, and prescribe special instructions like

₱200000 - ₱250000

Tummy Tuck (2 hours, 3 sessions)

₱50000 - ₱60000

Vaginoplasty (1 hour)

Surgeons often coin Vaginoplasty as the “rejuvenation of the vagina”. It is, as Dr. Benjamin Tan Alonzo describes it, as a way of enhancing a woman’s sex life…once again.

For women who have undergone multiple childbirth, the vaginal muscles tend to experience enlargement due to a stressful physical expansion during the delivery, which results to loose and weak vaginal muscles. This procedure can improve the elasticity and tone of the vagina by tightening the vaginal muscles and the surrounding tissues, resulting in greater strength and ability to contract, thereby permitting greater sensation during sexual experiences. 

The Surgery:

During the surgery, Dr. Alonzo will fuse together the loose or stretched muscle at the back of the vagina, and shorted with dissolvable sutures, with the unwanted skin being removed. The result will be an immediate decrease in the diameter of the vagina and an increase in the tightness of the muscles. The operation takes about an hour to complete, and is done either under general anesthetic or local anesthetic with sedation, as an out patient procedure.

Post surgery recovery:

After the surgery, you may feel weak and unable to walk comfortably so be sure to have someone to drive or accompany you when you go home. The area operated will be sore and possibly swollen for a few days. Dr. Alonzo will prescribe medications for you to take for 7 days. You can go back to your normal activities within a few days and sexual activities within 4 to 6 weeks.

Medical Aesthetics

₱40000 - ₱50000

Chin Augmentation (1 hour, 2 sessions)

₱40000 - ₱50000

Excessive Sweating and Body Odor Treatment (1 hour, 2 sessions)

Hyperhydrosis is a medical condition caused by increased activity to the sweat glands. People who have this condition tend to sweat excessively and develop a strong body odor, which can oftentimes be annoying and extremely embarrassing. It can occur in four primary areas such as the hands, feet or soles, armpit and face. 

Good news! Through the very own surgical innovations of Dr. Alonzo --- each offers complete remedy --- proven safe and effective --- soon your problem will just be a thing of the past. 

INABA’S TECHNIQUE  – This surgical procedure involves direct scraping of the sweat glands using a special tissue shaver invented by Dr. Masumi Inaba of Tokyo, Japan. This medical breakthrough is considered quick and simple which after a week of oral antibiotics and other medications leave only a very

minimal scar along the underarm.  

LIPOSUCTION – who says liposuction is just used for removing unwanted fats and bulges? This technique involves liposuction of sweat glands of the axilla using 2 – 4mm cannula.

ALONZO’S TECHNIQUE – it is byharvesting of the remaining sweat glands of the axilla using sharp scissor and cauterization of the remaining hair bulbs.

Post surgery

Surgery only takes 1 to ½ hours under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. There will be swelling and bruising on the operated area, but it will gradually disappear in a few days or weeks. You may feel pain after the anesthesia subsides (like any surgical procedures)

Hair Loss Treatments

₱200000 - ₱300000

Hair Transplant (3 sessions)

HAIR TRANSPLANTATION involves relocation of the patients existing hair follicles from the donor site to the balding area which is often located on the back or side of the scalp then a strip of skin from the donor area is removed and then finally closed with self-absorbable sutures. The donor strip is cut into 3 sizes of grafts such as micro graft, single follicular unit and the modified follicular unit). To explain, micro graft has 1 hair, while single follicular unit has 2 hairs, and the modified follicular unit has 2 to 4 hairs. The surgical technicians isolate individual hair follicles from the donor strip and then implant them to the graft region. The grafts are inserted into pre-cut micro and mini slits to fill in the patients balding areas. Surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia and generally takes about 3 to 5 hours depending on the number of grafts.

After the surgery, patient will feel little or no pain, and can return to work the next day. Shortly within 3 to 6 months, the transplanted hair starts to grow and starts to have the same strength, color, texture, length and life span as your hair from your donor area. Final results seen within 6 months. You will be amazed how your transplanted hairs look and feel natural.

Surgery Risks: Risks associated with hair transplantation are infection and swelling, be sure you take the medications prescribed to you and follow all your surgeons instructions, those risks can be limited.

Beaufaces at St Lukes - Room 437 Medical Arts Building St. Lukes Medical Center, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, 1112,

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Dr Benjamin Tan Alonzo - Principal Surgeon at Beaufaces at St Lukes

Dr Benjamin Tan Alonzo

Job Title:
  Principal Surgeon

Dr. Benjamin Tan Alonzo is one of the most sough-after, well-respected cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines. He has been in active practice since May of 1987 which undeniably makes him one of the Masters in the Art of Cosmetic Surgery.

Devoted to his craft, he was the president of Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery for two (2) consecutive years 2004 and 2005, for which he is also an Active faculty member. Likewise, he is the auditor of the Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery Inc. and officer of Philippine Board of Liposuction Surgery. Moreover, Dr. Alonzo is also a member of international cosmetic surgery organizations namely American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery, The International Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Room 437 Medical Arts Building St. Lukes Medical Center, E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, 1112Philippines