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What is Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is a procedure whereby an indelible tattoo design is removed from the face or body of the patient. It is performed when patients want a different style or design for their tattoo or because of a change in their lifestyle.    

What are the types of Tattoo Removal procedures?

The most common type of tattoo removal is laser assisted tattoo removal. Other types include surgical skin grafting procedures, microdermabrasion, salabrasion or tattoo removal by rubbing with salt, cryosurgery using liquid nitrogen, tattoo removal using trichloroacetic acid that removes the top layers of skin and even surgical excision.  

Are Tattoo Removal procedures painful?

Numbing methods including injecting local anaesthetics, blowing cold air, placing ice packs and applying numbing creams are used during tattoo removal in order to minimise the pain involved.

When can I travel by air after Tattoo Removal?

Patients should not travel by air for at least one day after having nonsurgical tattoo removal procedures performed. Patients should wait for a few days after surgical tattoo removal procedures and get a certification from their surgeon that they are fit to travel by air.  

How long does recovery take after Tattoo Removal procedures?

It takes about one to two weeks to recover from nonsurgical tattoo removal procedures. Recovery from surgical tattoo removal procedures may take up to two months.

What after care is required after a Tattoo Removal procedure?

Patients should take any prescribed medications and apply any topical medication correctly. Patients should not wear tight clothing till the area is fully healed. They should not put any lotion or cosmetic on the treated area for at least three days. They should not get the area wet for at least two days. They should not expose skin to direct sunlight. They should not touch or scratch the treated area until completely healed.

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Nuevo Cosmetic Clinic - Beauty Salon in AustraliaFeatured

Nuevo Cosmetic Clinic

(02) 8074 1923 230 Cabramatta Road, Cabramatta, 2166
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
Worth the visitFiona, Australia, 01 02 23

Great service and price. Thank you. Worth the visit.

Tattoo Removal $100 - $300
We use RevLite's cutting edge PTP laser technology provides an output nearly 60% more powerful than previous laser technologies that can be safely and comfortably administered to patients. As results Revile penetrates deeper , covers more surface area and potentially requires fewer appointments to achieve superior outcomes. 
Treatment for pigmentation $800 - $1250
What is pigmentation Pigmentation is common. usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in colour than normal skin surrounding. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin (the brown pigment that produces normal skin colour) forms deposit in the skin. Excessive sun exposure damages every layer, structure and cell in the skin. The simple freckles is the earliest sign that the skin protective melanin response has been overloads. With a life time of sun exposure, collagen disappears and elastin grows abnormally leading to thick , roughen skin had tears on contact. Skin texture coarsens and the skin appears mottled as skin normal colour is replaced by brown and  spots Our Nuevo derma Therapeutic system for skin correction and rejuvenation . A non surgical way to have fresher, smoother, younger and healthier skin for all ages , colour and skin typesOur revolution system has been proven to be exciting new process that improves the texture, quality and colour of the skin. It extremely effective in treating the face , neck , chest hands, arms legs and other area of the body by using our special formula and technique with money back guarantee result in just 2 months (4 treatment with 2 weeks apart for each treatment ) 
Mole Removal $50 - $100
Moles are skin growths made up of cells that produce color(pigment) . A mole can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or in groups. The moles can be checked if it is different with the moles , need to do biopsy and sending to the lab to check it for cancerSkin tags are small , soft pieces of skin that stick out on a thin stem. They most appears on the neck, armpits, upper trunk, and body fold. The case of skin tags is unknown . They are harmless To remove moles and skin tag we use Radio Frequency with local anaesthetic to cauterise to the skin's surface with very minimum scarring left . The scab will be formed and come off in 3 days . 
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Naked Skin Clinic - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia

Naked Skin Clinic

Level 1, Shop 12, 74-78 The Corso, Manly, 2095
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
Completely professional and gentleJayy, Australia, 20 07 17

I went in for lip filler. Painless, Dr. Parmar was completely professional and gentle. I was confident enough not to use any numbing at all. My lips from a previous Doctor were left a little uneven, but Dr. Parmar had fixed the unevenness and shaped them to keep my natural shape and contours. I love my new lips. I will be definitely be booking in again.

Tattoo Removal $100 - $350
In a quick 15min session we can work to erase unwanted tattoos. With only a few short sessions we can remove unwanted tattoos completely.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation from $30
Our consultation is a 15min meeting with the Dr to discuss prices and treatments recommended to achieve the look you are after.
Treatment for Wrinkles from $13
At $13 a unit our anti wrinkle injections can take years off your complexion instantly. All injectables are only performed by a Doctor.
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Very Good
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Laser-Tattoff - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia


49 Lakeland Circuit, Harrington Park, Campbelltown, Sydney, 2567
5.0 from 1 verified review
Laser-Tattoff specialises in Laser tattoo removal. They complete more tattoo removal procedures than any other provider in the Macarthur region. Laser-Tattoff was established over five years ago by a team of highly educated University graduates trained in health and Laser tattoo removal. Training endorsed by New Look College. Houston, Texas and Fuss Beauty Sydney Australia. Our Qualifications include: Laser Safety Officer: Optics and Laser Fundamentals, Laser Classifications, Laser and Optical Radiation Bioeffects, Non - Direct Beam Hazards, Laser Control and Methods, Regulations, Standards and Reporting, Laser Safety Officer Duties.Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Training:  Non-Ablative Laser Tattoo Removal, Removal of Pigmentation using 1064nm and 532nm Q - Switched Nd:Yag Lasers. Awarded the Distinction of Certified Laser Specialist by New Look Laser College Houston Texas: Training in Laser Physics, Skin Assessment, Anatomy & Physiology, Laser Safety, RiskFactors & Aftercare, Contraindications, and Extensive Hands - On Training and Coaching. Laser Safety Component: Course in Intense Pulsed Light for Hair Reduction. Nationally Recognised Training.
Tattoo Removal $125 - $1000
Very Good
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Cosmetic Medical Clinic (NSW) - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Australia

Cosmetic Medical Clinic (NSW)

Suite 112, Level 1, Manning Building, 451 Pitt Street,, Sydney, 2000
4.8 from 2 verified reviews
The Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney is one of Australia's leading practices for the treatment of dermatological skin conditions and the effects of ageing. We aim to provide the highest patient satisfaction through the use of the latest techniques and the most advanced technologies in a professional and relaxed clinical environment.
Tattoo Removal from $100
The Cosmetic Medical Clinic is the only clinic in Australia providing a dual treatment using both the Fotona Q-Switch laser and the Co2 Fractional Laser. This method has been proven to provide faster and more superior clearance for tattoo removal, making it safer with reduced risks. Additionally, this method also reduces level of pain, promotes a faster healing rate, faster removal of ink, no blisters and a reduced number of treatments. 
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Stretch Marks Removal  
Stretch marks are best treated using a series of CO2 Fractional Laser treatments. Contact our clinic to find out more.
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Very Good
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Ada Cosmetic Medicine Wollongong - Dr Lesley-Jayne Wild

Ada Cosmetic Medicine Wollongong

332 Crown Street, Wollongong, 2037
5.0 from 1 verified review
A team of highly qualified skin laser specialists and cosmetic physicians treat patients at two clinics in New South Wales. The clinics are located at Glebe and Wollongong. Modern technology and advanced techniques are used at the clinics to achieve long lasting and nonsurgical solutions for a wide range of adverse skin conditions. The team has over 20 years of experience in offering services of a high standard for the benefit of patients. Services include laser based skin resurfacing, treatments for pigmented lesions, plasma skin resurfacing, treatments for excessive sweating, anti-aging facial injectables and laser based vein treatments.
Tattoo Removal  
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Laser Skin Resurfacing  
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1 other location in New South Wales for Ada Cosmetic Medicine
Ada Cosmetic Medicine

Ada Cosmetic Medicine

88 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
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No Regrets Laser Tattoo Removal - Beauty Salon in Australia

No Regrets Laser Tattoo Removal

18-26 Faversham Street, MARRICKVILLE, 2204
Safe, Effective & Affordable!At No Regrets you can expect exemplary client service along with a very cool and laid back atmosphere.  The studio has been designed to be a relaxed, tranquil space where you can feel at ease. Our ethos is to make tattoo removal accessible to all, and for this reason our pricing structure is extremely simple and affordable, no matter the size of your tattoo. We use the latest, most effective laser technology in the Q-Switched Nd:YAG, which provides excellent results and with appointments available Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm now has never been a better time to take action. Give No Regrets a call today.  
Cosmetic Tattoo Removal $85 - $120
Eyebrows & lip liner over 1 year old can be treated. Results vary and do require a number of sessions. Call to enquire about yours.
Pigmentation Treatment from $120
Laser facial includes treating sun spots, pigmentation reduction & skin rejuvenation. A number of monthly treatments are required, depending on the amount of pigment to treat, to get the pigment under control, thereafter just as needed. No downtime. Relaxing and Rejuvenating. 
Tattoo Removal, Modify or Fade $120 - $350
Whether you want clean skin again, fade your tatt for new ink or modify an existing tattoo, No Regrets can help you. Getting the pigment out of your skin requires a number a sessions, results vary depending on position, age of tatt, your health, no of colours, size of tatt, type of ink used and how it responds to the laser. Generally you'll need between 6-12 treatments to remove completely and half as many to fade for new ink.
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