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Healthy Choice - Healthy Choice — Improve your life and health naturally

Healthy Choice

Woodstock, South Africa
Energy work Specialised Kinesiology (ASKSA 142/14 • PKPASA 2015031)Lithotherapy (Crystal Healing)Reiki Ryoho (RMA 00136)Aura Healing and Chakra BalanceEnergetic RecalibrationTachyon AttunementsBody work Namikoshi ShiatsuHolistic MassageIndian Head MassageInversion TherapyHerbalism (ANHA 10511/009) Spiritual Coaching and Counselling Shamanic Healing Crystal Essences and Herbal Tinctures Training and Education: Crystal HealingTraditional Usui Reiki RyohoAura HealingExploring Meditation
Holistic Health Consultation $10 - $38
Energy workSpecialised Kinesiology — 30 to 120 minutesLithotherapy (Crystal Healing) — 90 to 120 minutesReiki Ryoho — 60 to 90 minutesAura Healing and Chakra Balance — 30 to 120 minutesEnergetic Recalibration — 15 to 60 minutesTachyon Attunement — 60 minutesBody workNamikoshi Shiatsu — 15 to 120 minutesHolistic Massage — 30 to 120 minutesIndian Head Massage — 30 to 60 minutesInversion Therapy — 15 to 30 minutesHerbalism — 15 to 60 minutesSpiritual Coaching and Counselling — 30 to 120 minutesShamanic Healing — 30 to 120 minutes Crystal Essences and Herbal TincturesTraining and Education:Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho — 18 to 36 hours per levelAura Healing — 6 to 36 hours per moduleExploring Meditation — 8 lesson experiential workshop
Indian Head Massage $17 - $24
Reiki $24 - $31
2 more treatments
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Natalie Holme Therapeutic Reflexologist - Holistic Health Clinic in South Africa

Natalie Holme Therapeutic Reflexologist

Johannesburg, South Africa
5.0 from 1 verified review
Would recommendDoriann, South Africa, 18 08 14

She is a wonderful and very helpful person and would recommend all pregnant woman to go to her for treatment. It really helps!!!!!

Holistic Health Consultation  
Therapeutic Reflexology is a therapy that envolves the stimulation of reflex and meridian points on the feet.  Reflexology helps to remove toxins and congestions and assist the body to maintain homeostasis.  A reflexology session includes a vacuflex boot treatment, a manual treatment and lifestyle advice.
Reflexology from $21
Based on physical and neurological studies, all organs, glands and body parts are represented as reflex areas on the feet.  Pressure is applied with the hands to these specific reflex points, stimulating the sensors and sending waves of relaxation throughout the body.  This relieves blockages and eliminates toxins restoring the free flow of energy in the body.  Circulation is improved which contributes to an uninterrupted supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and the body is able to heal itself, bringing it back into balance.  Reflexology improves circulation and lymph flow, is an antidote to stress and tension, balances hormones, aids the healing process after surgery, promotes relaxation and pain management, helps the body maintain a state of balance, removes toxins and eases pain and swelling in the feet and legs, assists the digestive system by improving circulation, organ function and nutrient supply.
The second stage of a treatment involves the application of silicon suction cups to stimulate acupuncture points along the meridians. The cups are placed on the arms and lower legs on both sides of the body simultaneously. Pressure from the cups on an acupuncture point creates a vibration along the acupuncture pathway and disperses any toxic molecules that are sticking together and causing a blockage in the flow of energy.
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Reflexology Body Balance - Reflexology Body Balance

Reflexology Body Balance

Randburg, South Africa
Our holistic approach to patient management is aimed at improving the wellbeing of our patients in all aspects of life. Reflexology is very effective alongside standard medical care. It is also highly effective at reducing stress and tension which everyone suffers from. Stress is the root cause of disease so destressing is essential to maintaining good health and wellbeing. We support breast cancer patients suffering with secondary lymphoedema as a result of medical intervention. Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage is very effective for secondary and primary lymphoedema anywhere in the body. Our experience is that it is also very effective for autoimmune diseases.
Reflexology & Consultation from $35
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Dr. Carel-Piet van Eeden, Ph.D - Holistic Health Clinic in South Africa

Dr. Carel-Piet van Eeden, Ph.D

Johannesburg, South Africa
CEO of The Foundation for the Advancement of Integrative Medicine (FAIM), Dr. Carel-Piet van Eeden is at the forefront of ad vancing integrative medicine in South Africa through research as well as the development of accredited courses for Integrative Medicine and associated therapies.Beginning his career as a network engineer and then legal business analyst, Carel-Piet now holds a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching from the University of Sedona and assists people from all walks of life to develop life skills and overcome personal obstacles through coaching and counselling. He has a special interest in counselling terminal and cancer patients and his clients have the benefit of his truly unique and special nature which allows him to create a safe and nurturing space for exceptional outcomes. His additional skills in natural healing include Reiki (Master Teachers) and Certified Core Regeneration Practitioner.Carel-Piet is a gifted concert pianist and his knowledge of sound and vibration add a unique dimension to his healing and counselling practice.When at home, Carel-Piet indulges in his practice of Aikido and making music on and off stage. He is also involved in stage productions for a major Johannesburg high school. 
Holistic Counseling up to $45
Holistic counseling session
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Sports Therapy and Rehab - Holistic Health Clinic in South Africa

Sports Therapy and Rehab

Cape Town, South Africa
This clinic is a Naturopathy clinic with a focus on Sports maintenance and rehab therapies. The therapies include myofacial trigger point release, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, supplementation, spinal corrective therapy, SI joint and hip ratio corrections. Additionally I treat various chronic illnesses, stress, weight loss, hormonal imbalance, pain, fertility, depression and anxiety. I use only the best quality natural medicines which are science based and are well researched for safety and efficacy.
Holistic Health Consultation $35
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Point of Health - Acupuncture Clinic in South Africa

Point of Health

Sandton, South Africa
4.5 from 10 verified reviews
Treatment went wellShayne, Johannesburg, 06 01 14

Dr Coucoumbros is great and the treatment went well.

Holistic Health Consultation $31 - $41
Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine. Many people have come to define holistic as ‘natural’ or ‘alternative’. But, in fact, by definition, holistic means, ‘Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole’. ~Oxford dictionary. So it can be said that in the diagnoses and treatment of a patient, the Chinese Medicine draws from all factors both internal and external that contribute to the individual’s current state of health. The resulting diagnosis and treatment is therefore always unique to each individual as no two people can ever be exactly the same. A good example in clinic might present as follows. If you present with migraine, the Chinese medicine doctor doesn’t simply diagnose migraine and treat with one analgesic or pain killer for all patients with migraine. Instead the migraine is then sub-divided into various patters, like Liver yang rising, Liver qi stagnation, blood stagnation, blood deficiency to name just few. This diagnosis is ascertained by assessing patient history as well as a multitude of accompanying signs and symptoms that may present, such as thirst and irritability, or perhaps dizziness and pale menses. With this information, the TCM doctor is able to formulate a symptom complex and make an individuated diagnosis and treatment. It is this pinpointed diagnostic system that makes Chinese medicine so effective.
Acupressure $31
Although acupuncture for most is a very relaxing experience, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. For those with needle phobias or bleeding disorders, acupressure is a good alternative. Acupressure involves the gentle massage of acupoints along the meridians in order to achieve certain therapeutic results. It is also a good alternative for young children, who tend to much faster than adults to treatment.
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Homeopath Durban - Dr Dean Naidoo - Holistic Health Clinic in South Africa

Homeopath Durban - Dr Dean Naidoo

Durban, South Africa
For more information about Homeopath Durban - Dr Dean Naidoo in Durban please contact the clinic.
Holistic Health Consultation  
Alternative Allergy Treatment  
Weight Loss - Alternative Treatment  
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TLS Wellness Emporium - Holistic Health Clinic in Lesotho

TLS Wellness Emporium

Maseru, Lesotho
For more information about TLS Wellness Emporium in Lesotho please contact the clinic.
Holistic Health Consultation  
Indian Head Massage  
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Focused Thought - Banner

Focused Thought

Pretoria, South Africa
About Focused Thought “Focused thought has qualified and certified Hypnosis Practitioners and Past Life Regression Practitioners from SAMHA currently based in Pretoria, Gauteng. Our Practitioners are passionate about helping others overcome the difficulties and obstacles that can stand in the way of health and happiness.” What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which is an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep with a level of awareness. Heightened susceptibility to suggestion and direction, enabling absorption by the subconscious mind with enhanced concentration and focused attention while blocking out sources of distraction. Hypnosis is used as a therapeutic technique or therapy, to allow behaviour modification, recover suppressed memories, and habit change by assisting a person to exercise more control over their behaviour, emotions, general physical well-being and thereby hypnosis is able to treat a wide range of ailments. In laymen’s terms hypnosis is the introduction of suggestions into the powerful subconscious mind. The therapist will attempt to get the conscious mind quiet or passive, so that the therapist has access to the subconscious in order to introduce the suggestions. Just like installing a new computer programme. The ability to enter this state of consciousness opens the doors to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration and desired change. The power is in the mind of the person being hypnotized,
Holistic Health Consultation $35 - $175
Stop Smoking - Alternative Treatment $35 - $175
Anxiety - Alternative Treatment $35 - $175
4 more treatments
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Dr Bryan Long - Pietermaritzburg Clinic - Holistic Health Clinic in South Africa

Dr Bryan Long - Pietermaritzburg Clinic

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
5.0 from 1 verified review
Homeopathic and alternative medicine clinic providing general alternative medical treatment for a variety of conditions including infertility in both female and male patients, ADD in children and adults.    
Holistic Health Consultation $27 - $35
Full consultation excluding prescribed medication
Fertility - Alternative Treatment $27 - $140
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Ches Health and Wellness Centre - Holistic Health Clinic in South Africa

Che's Health and Wellness Centre

Villieria, South Africa
For more information about Che's Health and Wellness Centre in Pretoria please contact the clinic.
Holistic Health Consultation  
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Potential Unlocked Hypnosis Centre - Holistic Health Clinic in South Africa

Potential Unlocked Hypnosis Centre

Pretoria, South Africa
At our hypnosis, we guide and teach you to use the power of your subconscious mind to effect lasting change in your life.
Holistic Health Consultation from $49
Stop Smoking - Alternative Treatment  
Weight Loss - Alternative Treatment  
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