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Medical Center Health-Queen - General Practice in Russia

Medical Center Health-Queen

Queen Ave d.48, k.5., St. Petersburg
For more information about Medical Center Health-Queen in Saint Petersburg please contact the clinic.
Eye Specialist Consultation
Consultation of an ophthalmologist from 900 ₽
Perimetry from 200 ₽
Removal of corneal foreign body from 500 ₽
5 other locations in Russia for Medical Center Health-Queen
Medical Center Health-Kronstadt

Medical Center Health-Kronstadt

Str. Kronstadt d. 17, St. Petersburg
Medical Center Health-Decembrists

Medical Center Health-Decembrists

Str. Decembrists d. 16, St. Petersburg
Medical Center Health-Strikes

Medical Center Health-Strikes

etc. Strikes 46, St. Petersburg
Medical Center Health-World

Medical Center Health-World

Str. World d. 16, St. Petersburg
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First Family Clinic - Sankt-Peterburg - General Practice in Russia

First Family Clinic - Sankt-Peterburg

ул. Гаккелевская, 20 корпус 1, Sankt-Peterburg, 197372
For more information about First Family Clinic - Sankt-Peterburg in Saint Petersburg please contact the clinic.
Eye Specialist Consultation  
Dental Implants
Standard Abutment (titanium) system Alpha-Bio from 6130 ₽
Individual Abutment System Alpha-Bio from 8500 ₽
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2 other locations in Russia for First Family Clinic - Sankt-Peterburg
First Family Clinic - Sankt-Peterburg 2

First Family Clinic - Sankt-Peterburg 2

Kamennoostrovskiy prospekt, 16, Sankt-Pe
First Family Clinic - Sankt-Peterburg 3

First Family Clinic - Sankt-Peterburg 3

Kolomyazhskiy pr., 36к2, Sankt-Peterburg
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Fyodorov Eye Clinic - Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in Russia

Fyodorov Eye Clinic

Beskudnikovsky Blvd. 59a 127486, Moscow
This eye microsurgery clinic in Moscow in Russia offers advanced eye microsurgery performed by world renowned ophthalmologist Prof. S.N. Fyodorov. The professor is a pioneer in artificial lens transplants for patients who suffer cataract disorders. Procedures performed at the clinic include treatments for myopia, far sightedness, cataract surgery and lens implants, glaucoma treatments, optic nerve atrophy, retinal dystrophy, corneal grafting and diabetic retinopathy. Patients of all ages are treated. The clinic provides accommodation and treatments for overseas patients.
Eye Specialist Consultation  
Cataract Treatment  
Intraocular Lenses  
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Smile Eyes - Smile Eyes Clinic in Moscow

Smile Eyes

Leninsky Avenue, 123, Moscow, 117513
5.0 from 1 verified review
SMILE EYES :) in Moscow - it is a branch of the European Smile Eyes Augenklinik group. The Smile Eyes eye-clinics are situated in 12 locations in Germany, Austria and Russia and excel by year-long experience in the field of eye laser and refractive surgery. These locations are reference centers for Zeiss, the German laser manufacturer, and we, the eye experts with practical experience and scientific commitment, are passionate medical professionals who really care about your eyes.The Smile Eyes experts not only apply the most modern surgical techniques - they are significantly involved in their development. In cooperation with the Smile Eyes expert Dr. Sekundo and the University Hospital Marburg, the method of the new generation for correcting myopia, was developed: the SMILE method (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction).Apart from our expertise for laser treatments and refractory lens surgery, our Smile Eyes center offers numerous medical ophthalmological services.We provide treatments for eye diseases such as cataract, retinal diseases, glaucoma or Keratoconus and also esthetical corrections. We as ophthalmologists pay special attention to perfect optical results as well as to the health and functionality of your eyes. 
Eye Specialist Consultation 2500 ₽ - 5000 ₽
Cataract Treatment 40000 ₽ - 150000 ₽
Corneal Transplant 50000 ₽ - 600000 ₽
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OKOMED Eye Clinic - Prof Nina Shigina

OKOMED Eye Clinic

Tallinskaya st.,26, Moscow, 123458
4.0 from 1 verified review
The"OKOMED" eye clinic is a specialized ophthalmologic,out patient clinic in Moscow since 1997 providing the full range of computer diagnostics, eye surgery and treatment both laser and conventional for adults and children. The clinic is equipped with full set of the last generation necessary medical facilities produced by world leading manufactures.We remove cataracts by the method of micro incision cataract surgery (MICS) upto 2 mm with phacoemulsification and implantation of the best available multifocal foldable intraocular lenses (IOLs) using INFINITI® Vision System (Alcon, USA).To correct abnormalities of refraction of small or moderate degree we are using eye operation - LASIK (Laser - Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) by an excimer laser of the last generation “Allegretto Wave”(Germany).We offer up-to-date method of cornea treatment – CROSS - LINKING too! Corneal collagen cross-linking with riboflavin, also known as CXL, CCR, CCL and KXL is successfully using for treatment of keratoconus and primary and post-operative endothelial epithelial dystrophy (EED) of the cornea.Glaucoma could be treated by full range of eye operations such as non penetrating deep sclerectomy, deep sclerectomy with allodrainage and others. Vitreoretinal pathology (retinal detachment, hemophtalm etc.) is treated by vitrectomy surgery with full necessary set of surgical manipulations (endolasercoagulation, separation of commissure of the vitreous body, blocking of retinal
Eye Specialist Consultation 8907 ₽
After preliminary examinations and consultation of ophthalmologist or after the course of eye treatment in the clinic “OkoMed”, our patients have an opportunity to be consulted extra by a doctor of medical science(MD), professor with huge experiences in ophthalmology and eye micro surgery. An independent opinion of our professional ophthalmologists - professors, MD’s, PhD’s, eye surgeons skilled in complicated eye surgeries, who are for many years both collected, compiled and studied the information about various eye diseases being scientists in this field will definitely help you to recover or to save eyesight.
Cataract Treatment 118759 ₽ - 296898 ₽
The cataract (age related) is one of the most common eye disorders among people of old age. This eye disease connected with opasification of the natural human crystalline lens.This means that the affected person has poor vision and the images are unclear and blurred.Cataract surgery in our clinic is performed by the method of micro incision cataract surgery (MICS) with ultrasonic phacoemulsification and implantation of intraocular lenses(IOLs). In “OkoMed” eye clinic we use the latest model of phacoemulsificator the INFINITI® Vision System (Alcon, USA) and ultra-thin flexible, the best available today, intraocular lenses of the "PREMIUM class” from the leading manufacturers of the UK, USA and Germany such as Aspheric Ultima, Rayner Superflex, Aqua Free and multifocal M-Flex Rayner (UK), Aspheric Foldable Bioline Yellow and multifocal AT LISA (Germany), multifocal AcrySof IQ Natural, AcrySof IQ toric and aspheric, AcrySof IQ ReStor, Alcon (USA).
RLE - Refractive Lens Exchange 252364 ₽ - 311743 ₽
The clinic performs surgical correction of refractive errors of the primary and induced - acquired after previous refractive eye operations and refractive errors after implantation of intraocular lenses. Replacement or exchange of the natural lens for the artificial intraocular lens (IOL) can correct any refractive errors of high degree from -30.0 D to +30.0 D. This type of eye surgery can be performed even at eyes with a "thin" cornea, in the case of stabilized keratoconus and when there are contraindications for laser correction.Implantation of multifocal toric IOL’s provides distance and near vision without additional spectacle correction. Very often astigmatism is associated with myopia or hyperopia of high degree and this condition can be corrected by refractive replacement of the natural lens only. In such cases, the natural lens is removed by phacoemulsification method and the special soft spherotoric IOL is implanted.
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Moscow Eye Clinic - A building of Moscow Eye Clinic

Moscow Eye Clinic

The Semenovsky lane, b.11, Moscow, 107023
"Moscow Eye Clinic"   offers efficient and thorough eye disorders diagnosis and treatment. Our clinic is a highly specialized medical institution with the highly qualified specialists providing comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and care for patients with eye diseases using advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment. In the “Moscow Eye Clinic” we have professionals from many spheres of ophthalmology: diagnosticians, specialists in cataract and glaucoma treatment, refractive and vitreoretinal surgeons. We pay a special attention to pediatric ophthalmology. Eye care specialists in the “Moscow Eye Clinic” have good knowledge and all the necessary equipment at their disposal to provide assistance to our little patients.
Eye Specialist Consultation 2000 ₽ - 3500 ₽
Cataract Treatment 45000 ₽ - 80000 ₽
Eye Exam 2000 ₽ - 5000 ₽
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Intermed Center - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Russia

Intermed Center

4-y Monetchikovskiy per., 1/6с3, Moskva, 115054
For more information about Intermed Center in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Eye Specialist Consultation  
Breast Implants  
Chin Liposuction  
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