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What is a root canal procedure?

Root canal procedures, or endodontics, is a treatment for the inner pulp of the tooth. They are performed to save teeth from extraction. The dentist or endodontist, a root canal specialist, cleans out the decayed or damaged pulp without breaking the exterior of the tooth root. The cleaned root canal is filled with a bio-compatible rubber-like material called gutta-percha. They are also performed for patients with damaged teeth caused by accidents or fractures. The procedure takes one to two hours to complete.

What are the types of root canal procedures?

Primary root canal treatments are performed using stainless steel files. Stainless steel files could remove only a small amount of infection and could easily break. The more advanced and flexible nickel titanium files do not break easily and are able to clean the entire infected area easily. Rotary instruments used to clean the root canal are quicker than manual instruments. Other advanced root canal procedures make use of ultrasound or laser to effectively clean the root canal.

Is a root canal procedure painful?

Root canal procedures are performed under local anaesthetic. Patients will not feel pain during the procedure.

What is the recovery time after having a root canal procedures?

Patients take about three days to recover after a root canal procedure. Some patients require a week to recover from a root canal procedure.

When can I travel by air after a root canal procedure?

It is safe to travel by air one day after a root canal procedure. Patients should check with their dentist before embarking on their journey. If they feel pain or discomfort, they should postpone their journey until it abates.

What care is required after a root canal procedure?

Patients should take all prescribed medications correctly. They should not eat until the anaesthetic wears off. They should not eat or drink very hot or very cold food for at least a week. They should avoid eating hard food or sticky food. If swelling occurs they should sleep with their head raised for a few days to bring it down.

What are the alternatives to root canal procedures?

Alternatives to root canal procedures include extractions and pulp capping procedures.

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Zahnexperten Ungarn - Dental Clinic in SwitzerlandFeatured

Zahnexperten Ungarn

Herzogenmühlestrasse 14., Zürich, 8050
Unsere ideal gelegene Zahnklinik befindet sich in Schwamendingen Mitte (Kreis 12) und ist daher mit dem Auto und den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln leicht zu erreichen. Mit einzigartigen Rahmenbedingungen gewährleisten wir Ihnen auch weiterhin unsere Dienstleistungen in Spitzenqualität zu unschlagbaren Preisen. Dank unserer hochqualifizierten Zahnärzte und Zahnspezialisten, die neben ihrer breiten internationalen Erfahrung auch Routine darin haben, eng mit Zahnprothetikern und Oralchirurgen zusammenzuarbeiten, bieten wir Ihnen seit Jahren einen Spitzenservice. Unsere Zahnklinik ist mit modernster Technologie ausgestattet und entspricht voll und ganz den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen in der Schweiz. Sie sind also bei uns richtig, wenn Sie eine erstklassige Zahnbehandlung zu erschwinglichen Preisen suchen. Bei uns steht die Patientensicherheit im absoluten Fokus. Im Zahntourismus ist es sehr schwierig, ein Gleichgewicht zwischen der allgemeinen Patientensicherheit und dem schnellen Behandlungsverfahren zu finden. Die Mehrheit der Patienten möchte in kürzester Zeit eine vollständige Behandlung erhalten, daher haben sich Zahnärzte, die im Zahntourismus tätig sind, darauf eingestellt. Auf lange Sicht birgt dieser Ansatz jedoch ein hohes Gesundheitsrisiko, und Patienten können durch das beschleunigte Verfahren mehr Schaden als Nutzen erleiden. Im Gegensatz zu diesem allgemeinen Ansatz hält unsere Klinik die Gesundheitssicherheit von Patienten für wichtiger. Wir gesta
Root Canals  
Dentist Consultation up to CHF 140
Dental Implants CHF 590 - CHF 1290
11 more treatments
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Praxis Dr. Schwan - Dental Clinic in Switzerland

Praxis Dr. Schwan

Lindenstrasse 8, Rümlang, CH8153
For more information about Praxis Dr. Schwan in Zurich please contact the clinic.
Root tip resection  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
14 more treatments
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Cecconi Dental - Dental Clinic in Switzerland

Cecconi Dental

Säntisstrasse 1, Dietlikon, 8305
For more information about Cecconi Dental in Duebendorf please contact the clinic.
Root Canals  
If the nerve tissue dies, it must be removed from the root canals using fine files. In a second session, these cleaned channels are sealed by means of a filling.
Dental Crowns  
In the case of severely damaged teeth, these are restored with a crown. Missing teeth can be replaced by fixed bridges.
Dental Bridges  
In the case of severely damaged teeth, these are restored with a crown. Missing teeth can be replaced by fixed bridges.
7 more treatments
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Vollbezahnt - Dental Clinic in Switzerland


Theaterstrasse 2, Zürich, 8001
For more information about Vollbezahnt in Zurich please contact the clinic.
Root Canals  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Crowns  
Recovery of lost bite Replacement of lost teeth (it does not always have to be an implant) prosthetics Old-age dental medicine Removable dentures: total dentures, partial dentures, hybrid prostheses Various combinations with crown / bridge reconstructions surgery Whitening extractions Cystectomy Root tip resections Periodontal surgery such as: vestibulumplasty, mucosal and connective tissue graft Implantology (since 1994 implantological experience) Sinus lift Bone structure Dental hygiene Dental cleaning and consulting by experienced dental hygienist with subsequent control by dentist Recallsystem team Our team, which has been working together for many years, consists of two dentists, two dental hygienists and six assistants. Barna Becsek dentistDaniela Becsek dentistMakiko rough dental hygienistKristi Harris dental hygienistRegula Celik-Cantieni assistantRamona Critelli assistantJolanda Eide AssistantMarina Noir Jean AssistantGabriela Thoma assistant Practice particularities Family dentistry Family dentistry allows the whole family to be treated by the same dentist in the same practice. It is of great importance when bringing small children to dental medicine and leads to the development of a trust relationship between child and dentist. It prevents the emergence of fears, which may accompany someone for life. Implantology From single tooth implants to total reconstruction. Decades of implantology experience. Aesthetic Mucogingival Surgery Durable blanket of the most exposed teeth. Experience shows that bare, "open" teeth are a common problem. Many do not know that there is a surgical possibility to permanently solve this problem. Correctly running gingival contours (soft tissue aesthetics) are part of the well-groomed appearance and solve the problem of tooth overresponsibility in the long term. Traumatology Decades of experience with dealing with accidental tooth damage.
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Dr. med. Dent. Christian Zedler - Dental Clinic in Switzerland

Dr. med. Dent. Christian Zedler

Strasse 201, Feldmeilen, 8706
For more information about Dr. med. Dent. Christian Zedler in Zurich please contact the clinic.
Root canals Treatments  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Crowns  
4 more treatments
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Zahnimplantat Zentrum - Kloten - Dental Clinic in Switzerland

Zahnimplantat Zentrum - Kloten

Obstgartenstrasse 15, Kloten, 8302
For more information about Zahnimplantat Zentrum - Kloten in Zurich please contact the clinic.
Root Canals  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
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