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Dental Clinic New Age

Dental Clinic New Age

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ul. Composers, d. 12, Saint-PetersburgRussia

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Monday09:00 - 21:00
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Enquire for a fast quote ★ Visit our Dentist - ul. Composers, d. 12, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Staff: Dr Karpov Vladimir, Elena Danyukova, Sazhin Tatiana.

Popular Treatments

Dentist Consultation from 4000 ₽

Dental Implants

Setting HI-TEC implant (Israel) from 22000 ₽
Implant placement NOBEL REPLACE (Sweden) from 32500 ₽
Installing ANKYLOS implant (Germany) from 36000 ₽
The use of a membrane Bio-Gide or Jason or Lyoplast from 11000 ₽
Using osteotropic preparation Bio-Oss or Cerabone or Lyoplast from 11000 ₽


Installing a combined bracket - samoligiruemoy system (one jaw) from 50000 ₽
Installation of aesthetic braces - samoligiruemoy system (one jaw) from 55000 ₽


Veneers, Lumineers from 22000 ₽
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About Dental Clinic New Age

For more information about Dental Clinic New Age in Saint Petersburg please contact the clinic.
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from 150 ₽

Removing dental plaque AIR-FLOW (1 tooth)

from 50000 ₽

Installing a combined bracket - samoligiruemoy system (one jaw)

from 55000 ₽

Installation of aesthetic braces - samoligiruemoy system (one jaw)



from 10000 ₽

Clear aligners VSD (aligners)

from 120000 ₽

Installing lingual bracket system

Metal Braces
from 28000 ₽

Installation of metal braces - ligature system (one jaw)

from 32000 ₽

Installation of aesthetic brackets - ligature (sapphire, ceramic, plastic) (one jaw)

Dental Crowns
from 5000 ₽

Crown stamped, combined

from 12000 ₽

Metal-ceramic crown

from 14000 ₽

Metal-ceramic crown on the implant

from 22000 ₽

Metal-free crown E.max

from 22000 ₽

The crown on the basis of zirconium dioxide

from 23000 ₽

The crown on the basis of zirconium dioxide implant

from 1200 ₽

Temporary Crown

Dental Implants
from 22000 ₽

Setting HI-TEC implant (Israel)

from 32500 ₽

Implant placement NOBEL REPLACE (Sweden)

from 36000 ₽

Installing ANKYLOS implant (Germany)

from 11000 ₽

The use of a membrane Bio-Gide or Jason or Lyoplast

from 11000 ₽

Using osteotropic preparation Bio-Oss or Cerabone or Lyoplast

from 1200 ₽

fissure sealing

from 500 ₽

Dental X-Ray

from 4000 ₽

Dentist Consultation



Flexible Partial Dentures
from 30000 ₽

Flexible nylon removable prosthesis

from 15000 ₽

Flexible nylon removable prosthesis (teeth 1-2)

Removable Partial Dentures
from 30000 ₽

Removable prosthesis from Vertex material (with the addition of silicone)

from 23000 ₽

Removable plastic denture

from 10000 ₽

Removable plastic denture (1-2 teeth)

from 1000 ₽

Removal of milk teeth

from 200 ₽

Removal of soft plaque (1 tooth)

from 2500 ₽

Removal of a tooth

from 1500 ₽

Tooth extraction simultaneously with implantation

from 5000 ₽

Removal of impacted tooth

from 1000 ₽

unsealing channel



from 500 ₽

Silver-one tooth

from 400 ₽

Temporary Filling

Fluoride Therapy
from 150 ₽

Covering fluoride varnish (1 tooth)

from 1500 ₽

Deep fluoridation (in the clinical setting)

General Anesthesia for dental treatments
from 12000 ₽

Anesthesia  (1 hour)

from 13000 ₽

General anesthesia for children (1 hour)

from 3000 ₽


Hygienist Session
from 4500 ₽

Professional oral hygiene

from 4500 ₽

Professional oral hygiene

from 30000 ₽

ClinCheck - 3D treatment planning system result (Invisalign)

from 300000 ₽

Correction of teeth position system splints (aligners) Invisalign

from 500 ₽

Medical consultation orthodontist

from 700 ₽

Paediatric Dentist Consultation

Periodontitis Treatment
from 6500 ₽

Treatment of pulpitis or periodontitis

from 100 ₽

Scaling (1 tooth)

from 4900 ₽

Pulpitis Treatment of milk teeth

Sinus Lift
from 5000 ₽

Using rich plasma in sinus lift ([Treatment name redacted]-method)

from 12500 ₽

Closed sinus lift (without cost of materials)

from 20500 ₽

Open sinus lift (without cost of materials)

Teeth Whitening
from 12000 ₽

Whitening System OPALESCENCE

from 6000 ₽

Whitening OPALESCENCE (home) system

from 18000 ₽

Whitening System ZOOM-3

from 22000 ₽

Veneers, Lumineers



from 22000 ₽

Porcelain Veneers

Dental Clinic New Age - ul. Composers, d. 12, Saint-Petersburg,

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Dr Karpov Vladimir -  at Dental Clinic New Age

Dr Karpov Vladimir

He graduated from ELAM 1 them. Acad. Pavlov in 1989. high-end professionals involved in dental prosthetics. He is fluent in: all kinds of removable and fixed prosthetics, manufacturing and metal-ceramic restorations, all-ceramic restorations, partial and complete removable plate dentures, clasp dentures. Constantly raises his professional level, participating in seminars and conferences on prosthetic dentistry and public health organizations. The team uses a deserved authority and respect. clinic staff interests above their personal interests.
Elena Danyukova -  at Dental Clinic New Age

Elena Danyukova

She graduated from St. Petersburg State Medical University. ak. IP Pavlova in 2003. Purposeful specialist Dr. responsive, perfectly owning modern methods of dentistry and aesthetic restoration, comprehensively and professionally evaluating patients problems. Constantly improving the professional level. It has certificates of therapeutic dentistry, regularly runs courses kvalifikatsii.Glubokie improve theoretical and practical knowledge enable it to solve any problem of the patient. Most patients who have entrusted their health to her, trust her, and the health of their loved ones.
Sazhin Tatiana -  at Dental Clinic New Age

Sazhin Tatiana

In 2005 she graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy in the Faculty of Dentistry, and in 2006 a clinical internship. In 2007-2009 she was trained in internship on a specialty "Pediatric Dentistry". Wonderful children's dentist, who loves his job and his young patients. She is attentive, sensitive and responsive, able to communicate with children and to find common language with them. He regularly attends courses and seminars on dentistry, improving their skills and deepen knowledge and is closely monitoring the medicine.
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ul. Composers, d. 12, Saint-PetersburgRussia