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Popular Treatments

Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants 3000 zł - 3800 zł
Braces 600 zł - 2400 zł
Veneers 1500 zł - 1800 zł
Teeth Whitening 1000 zł - 1500 zł
Dentures 1000 zł - 2000 zł
Dental Crowns 800 zł - 1800 zł
Dental Bridges 800 zł - 1800 zł
Extractions 200 zł - 300 zł
Teeth Cleaning 150 zł - 250 zł
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Our specialists’ profound experience in dental treatment, joined with the highest quality medical equipment, guarantee an outstanding effect -

Our patient’s beautiful smile and satisfaction.


Having in mind our clients’ comfort, we provide them with complex dental care, from prevention through implants, where the quality is determined by professionalism and knowledge acquired by attendance in several congresses and trainings, both in Poland and abroad.

Each of our doctors presents a distinct specialization, in order to be a true expert in their field, which allows us to treat even most complicated cases.

We think ahead, anticipate and analyze our patients’ needs, in order to fulfill their dreams and expectations.

We cooperate with the best prosthetic laboratories in Poland and abroad.

We dynamically react to the challenges of modern medicine, whereas our experience and knowledge, joined with the passion for discovering new possibilities allow us to offer the best possible solutions.

Thanks to our consistency in realization of objectives formulated in such fashion …

We create a new quality of life and acquire our patients’ trust.


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Bone Graft

600 zł - 2400 zł


Orthodontic therapy is possible to carry out at every age. Treating adults differs from treating children in terms of methods and the apparatus used. Everything depends on the sort of defect and damage made by the factor causing it.In orthodontic treatment we manufacture and implement the following apparatus: MOBILE AND FIXED One should bear in mind that the apparatus itself does not treat, but it is only a device in a doctor’s hands. And to ensure the proper improvement of the therapy, the patient is obliged to appear for the check-up visits. It is during those visits that the activations and changes in the apparatus are performed, according to the direction of the treatment. For the successful therapy the patient’s cooperation is necessary, both in the treatment with the mobile and fixed apparatus.

CEREC Dental Restorations


Cosmetic Dentist Consultation

800 zł - 1800 zł

Dental Bridges

The price given is the price for one 'point' within the bridge. The ultimate price depends on the number of points as well as on the material the bridge is made of.

Dental Checkup

800 zł - 1800 zł

Dental Crowns

For a much closer estimate please send us your panoramic X-ray. The position of the affected teeth has an influence on the complexity of the procedure.
3000 zł - 3800 zł

Dental Implants

Now everyone can have a beautiful smile! Implantology is the newest means for amending tooth shortcomings, without the necessity of grinding the teeth adjacent to the gap ( i.e. the space left by the tooth or teeth missing). It is the element that acts as the root of one’s natural tooth. Surgically inserted in the bone of alveolar appendix, sets with the bone (osteointegration), which allows to create a fixed (i.e. never removed from mouth, not even for brushing) prostethic supplement - crown, bridge or full reconstruction of dentition in cases when there are no natural teeth left. We bring back the smile, joy of life and self-confidence in present day reality... We open up the road to success...! Thanks to the implants... You will restore your natural smile. You can speak and smile without embarrassment. You can eat, whatever you wish, without any problem. THE PROCEDURE IS TOTALLY SAFE AND PAINLESS! Our of concern for our patients we provide consultations with the specialists from abroad. We cooperate with several implantologic companies. The patients undergoing implantation in our Center may be certain about the effectiveness of the implant acceptance (95% of the procedures are successful). THE QUALITY OF THE CARRIED OUT PROCEDURE CONFIRMS THE WARRANTY RENDERED.

Mini Implants


Dental X-Ray


3D Dental X-Ray


Digital Dental X-Ray


Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Dentist Consultation

1000 zł - 2000 zł


Dentures – these are mobile prosthetic supplements (not cemented permanently) used in cases of full or partial dental losses, where there is no possibility of supplementing with the use of a bridge or there are no conditions for implantation. WE CAN DIVIDE THEM INTO: Acrylic dentures, partial and full - their essentials part is acrylic plate of a denture. Skeletal dentures - modernized version of acrylic denture. They are used in cases of partial dental losses. Their advantage is thin, metal frame, practically without any interferences in everyday use. . Overdentures - These dentures are kept in place by a system of latches, most often roll ones, set in the roots of one's own teeth or in implants. Instant dentures - prosthetic supplement inserted on the oral cavity base immediately after extracting of the teeth.

Denturist Consultation


Endodontist Consultation

200 zł - 300 zł


The procedures that we perform are PAINLESS !!!
250 zł - 600 zł

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The procedures that we perform are PAINLESS !!!

Family Dentist Consultation

180 zł - 350 zł


Highly aesthetic, tooth-coloured cosmetic fillings.

Gingivitis Treatment


Gum Surgery


Implant Dentist Consultation

1200 zł - 1500 zł

Inlay or Onlay


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation


Orthodontist Consultation


Periodontist Consultation


Periodontitis Treatment


Restorative Dentist Consultation

400 zł - 620 zł

Root canals


Sinus Lift

150 zł - 250 zł

Teeth Cleaning

Dental prevention We carry out programs that help in significant reduction of dental caries among children and adults. This concerns people in so called “high-risk group”, too. Preventive-hygienic procedures, designed by us exclusively, involve one or a number of appointments, depending on the age and the patient’s problems. The skills and the knowledge gained during those meetings determine the state of health and the beauty of the smile for the entire life. Prevention is a necessary condition for reaching a success in health. The treatment alone cannot contain the expansion and the advancement of the oral cavity illnesses . Within the program we perform: * Examination and diagnostics of the status of the oral cavity hygiene with the briefing, motivation and inspection. * Diagnostics of the dental caries risk. * We conduct educational-medical activities. * Professional tooth cleaning, that is: - scaling - modern disposal of dental calculus - sanding – disposing of the residue and discoloration from the tooth surface. * Contact, spot or tab fluoridation. * Sealing of rut and tooth crevice. * Tooth oversensitivity treatment. * Curettage
from 50 zł

Scaling and Root Planing

1000 zł - 1500 zł

Teeth Whitening

We bring back the smile everyone dreams about!!! Happiness and success are associated with a healthy and attractive smile, and bright teeth are commonly accepted symbols of health and beauty. Tooth bleaching is a method that can make your teeth brighter than ever, and our experience of many years and the therapy applied guarantee safety and obtaining expected results. SPECIAL OFFER !!! Fast and safe bleaching! It takes only 60 minutes to have perfectly white teeth!!! SYSTEM BEYOND WHITENING Bleaching teeth with Beyond Whitening system is a one-time procedure and takes only 30-60 minutes. Bleaching is performed in the dentist’s office with the use of a special lamp emitting COLD, BLUE light. The result is color improvement, ranging from 5 to 14 shades, according to VITA scale. At present, Beyond system is regarded as the safest and the most effective tooth bleaching procedure.
1500 zł - 1800 zł


Many years of an improved, whiter smile.



Bone Marrow Aspiration or Biopsy

AURIDENT - Skwierzynska St. 26B, Wroclaw, Lower Silesian, 53522,

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