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Dental Implants from 3000 zł
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Teeth Whitening 1000 zł - 1500 zł
Dentures 500 zł - 4500 zł
Dental Crowns 1000 zł - 2000 zł
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Root canals 200 zł - 800 zł
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About Dr Gajda Dental Clinic

Since 1983, our clinic has provided comprehensive, high quality dental care for adults and children alike, performed by our highly qualified and experienced dentists and ably supported by our dental technicians and ancillary staff. All our dentists attend regular training courses, symposia and professional conferences, ensuring a continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills. We use only the latest technologies available in modern dentistry and prosthetics, with our clinic fully equipped with the newest medical and diagnostic apparatus, including: digital radiography computed tomography implant navigation operational microscopes, and the latest micro motors for root canal work. All our more sophisticated procedures are carried out using sterile magnifiers or operational microscopes, with sterilisation carried out in accordance with the strictest international norms. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of dental care and we maintain the highest aesthetic standards possible in the prosthetic work carried out in our own labs. Our Clinic is located near to the heart of Szczecin city centre, with easy access to all public transport and the city's tourist attractions.
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  • OIL - District Medical Chamber (Poland) 
  • PSI - Polish Society of Implantology (Poland) 
  • DGOI - German Society of Oral Implantology (Germany) 


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Bone Graft



Straight teeth are not just a pretty smile; well-aligned teeth also reduce the risk of periodontitis. "Straightened" teeth are easier to clean and protect from decay, so straight teeth give a beautiful and healthy smile!Anyone can have orthodontic treatment, whatever their age - it is not just for children. There are two types of brace: removable and permanent. Treatment with removable braces:Principally recommended for children between the ages of 4 and 12, before all the permanent teeth are in place. The braces should be worn for at least 4 to 6 hours daily and also at night. Success depends on the child's willingness to wear the braces for the designated period. Treatment with permanent braces:Recommended for both children and adults. The main advantage of this system is that the braces are fixed to the teeth for the treatment period (using special glues), with the result that the braces work 24 hours a day. This also means that the teeth and braces must be cleaned thoroughly after every meal and before going to sleep. A further recommendation is professional cleaning by a dentist. Hard or sticky foods should be avoided, since they could damage the braces.

CEREC Dental Restorations


Cosmetic Dentist Consultation


Dental Bridges

full-ceramic telescopic crowns / bridgesFiness/Degu-DentEmpress I and IIZirconium,adhesive bridges

Dental Checkup

1000 zł - 2000 zł

Dental Crowns

Ceramic crowns:If you've had a lot of fillings or an injury of some kind which makes veneers impossible, a range of ceramic crowns can be used, such as: metal-free, zirconium ceramic, ceramic fused to metal, or gold Metal-free crowns:These are made of low-melting porcelain and have the nicest appearance since they most closely resemble the natural tooth colour and, unlike crowns on metal, will not be visible near the gum line as the gum recedes with age. Their life-span is similar to that of natural teeth. They are best for people with sensitivity to metals since they are non-allergenic. Zirconium ceramic crowns:This is the latest computer-supported system in metal-free zirconium ceramic. Zirconium is extremely hard and durable, and incomparable with other materials. It is white and translucent, unlike classic porcelain, but its main advantages are its biocompatibility (it is non-toxic and your body will not reject the material), its low temperature conductivity, tightness and colour fastness. As a result, it is an excellent material for cosmetic dental procedures. Crowns on metal:The ceramic is fused onto a metal base and is a tried and tested material for this type of procedure, setting the standard for all subsequent developments in the field. Since the metal construction is opaque, it makes the translucency of the natural teeth difficult to replicate. There is also the risk of metal allergy (to nickel or chrome). This problem can be avoided by using gold as
from 3000 zł

Dental Implants

Advantages of implants:they are by far the most natural way to rebuild a tooth, replacing the root itself, while the prosthetic reconstruction replaces the crown of the tooth; excellent appearance and function, a natural smile and comfortable chewing, no need to file down the neighbouring teeth, much improved comfort over traditional dentures and fewer associated problems, increased self-esteem and psychological well-being Procedure:- diagnosis and scheme of work, - surgical phase: under local anaesthetic, the titanium implant is inserted precisely, - prosthetic phase: tooth reconstruction Treatment with implants is preceded by a comprehensive diagnostic process:- taking the patient's medical history, - assessing impressions of the teeth and evaluation of the contact between the lower and upper teeth, - digital X-rays. These procedures allow the dentist to make the right choice of implant system. The implants are inserted under local anaesthetic and so the procedure is totally pain free. After the healing period is over (3 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw), the reconstruction process can begin.New at the clinic:Instant implants on the front teeth, allowing a lost tooth to be replacedGuarantee:Implant treatment done on the basis of a professional diagnosis and by skilled surgeons will result in many years' use right from the moment of implantation.

Mini Implants


Dental X-Ray


3D Dental X-Ray


Digital Dental X-Ray


Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Dentist Consultation

500 zł - 4500 zł


Removable dentures:functionally unstable: partial and full,frame dentures and splint dentures,unilateral dentures.With our own, on-site lab, we can find quick and easy solutions for all your dental problems, and create custom dentures that fit you perfectly. We also work with outside labs both in Poland and overseas.Since we do our best to ensure the highest possible quality in our clinic, malfunctions in our dentures are extremely rare. However, we still offer a two-year guarantee in the unlikely event of any problems.

Denturist Consultation


Emergency Dentist Consultation


Endodontist Consultation



150 zł - 400 zł

Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Family Dentist Consultation

100 zł - 250 zł



Gum Surgery


Implant Dentist Consultation

1200 zł - 1500 zł

Inlay or Onlay


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation


Orthodontist Consultation


Paediatric Dentist Consultation


Periodontist Consultation


Periodontitis Treatment


Restorative Dentist Consultation

200 zł - 800 zł

Root canals

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding it (root canal therapy and surgery). Endodontic treatment aims to: -preserve the tooth pulp where possible by covering it, directly or indirectly -preserve the tooth with irreversible infection or dead pulp -preserve the tooth with surrounding tissue infection, which is the result of long term infection of the tooth pulp or previous, ineffective, root canal treatment. The tooth pulp, commonly known as the nerve, is principally composed of nerve tissue, blood and lymphatic vessels, and is found in what can sometimes be a very complicated system of root canals and chambers in the inside of the tooth crown.Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the pulp is irreversibly infected, most usually as a result of tooth decay or the crown having broken due to injury. Treatment involves removing the infected pulp and bacteria from the chambers and canals in the tooth. Infected pulp can lead to the surrounding tissues also becoming infected, with the risk of other body parts becoming affected, such as the heart, joints or kidneys. It is quite common for symptoms of some general conditions to be reduced or even disappear entirely once a diseased tooth has been treated.
1500 zł - 3500 zł

Sinus Lift

1000 zł - 1500 zł

Teeth Whitening

This is either done on individual teeth or on groups of teeth. Dead teeth (following root canal work and an X-ray check) can be whitened by inserting a bleaching agent into the tooth chamber for several days. The treatment can be repeated several times, without side effects, until the desired result is achieved.To whiten groups of teeth, carbomide peroxide at 10 - 16% is used. You receive a special mouth guard to take home along with the bleaching agent, and then applies it yourself. Using this method will result in the obvious lightening of most mild and medium discolouration. Where discolouration is more severe (e.g. following a course of antibiotics), treatment may be lengthened or a different method may be preferable (the dentist will discuss with you all treatment options). After bleaching, the teeth permanently remain lighter, although the colour may be 'refreshed' on a subsequent visit to the dentist. Before starting treatment, the teeth should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all signs of plaque or tartar, any loose fillings in the side teeth should be replaced and any tooth decay should be dealt with. Any fillings in the front teeth should be changed after the bleaching, since the colour of composite material is not affected. Side effects may include temporary sensitivity in the teeth, especially to cold.
1200 zł - 1500 zł


Where there is deep discolouration following a course of antibiotics, tooth attrition and high enamel deficiency, the teeth may have to be corrected prosthetically. The first way is with ceramic veneers. This requires a small amount of the front surface of the tooth (the enamel) to be removed, which, while it sounds a little drastic, is much less invasive for the tooth tissue than preparation for a full crown. The veneers are bonded to your teeth using a special resin. If you take good care of your teeth, ceramic veneers will give you many years of an improved, whiter, smile.


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Dr Gajda Dental Clinic - Dr Stanislaw Gajda

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Dr Stanislaw Gajda -  at Dr Gajda Dental Clinic

Dr Stanislaw Gajda

  English, German, Italian, Polish

Dr Gajda established in 1983 firs private Dental Clinic. His aim has always been to provide high quality dentistry for the patients in a caring and professional way with emphasis on lifestyle dentistry that enhances your smile, confidence and general well-being. He has over 30 years Dental Practice experience in all aspects of dentistry, including dental implants, cosmetic makeovers, dental surgery and general dental treatment. He has been involved in the training of dentists, undergraduates and postgraduate dentists. He is member of The Pierre Fauchard Academy - International Honor Dental Organization.He speaks German, Englih and Italian.

Ms Aleksandra Swistelnicka - Dentist at Dr Gajda Dental Clinic

Ms Aleksandra Swistelnicka

Job Title:
  English, German, Polish

Qualified as a dentist in 2010. Her special interests are Endodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. She speaks English and German.

Ms Malgorzata Firlej - Orthodontist at Dr Gajda Dental Clinic

Ms Malgorzata Firlej

Job Title:

Qualified as a dentist in 1993. She has extensive training and experience in the treatment of all orthodontic problems in both adults and children. She speaks English.

Mr Kamil Irla - Dentist at Dr Gajda Dental Clinic

Mr Kamil Irla

Job Title:
  English, Polish

Qualified as a dentist in 2011. His special interests is conservative dentistry. He speaks English

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ul. Narutowicza 16a, Szczecin, Poland, 70240Poland