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Queen Dental Centre of Implantology

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Calvary Street 34, Szombathely, H9700Hungary

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Dental Implants 172998 Ft - 480549 Ft
Veneers 136476 Ft - 192220 Ft
Teeth Whitening 96110 Ft - 146087 Ft
Dentures 76888 Ft - 1653089 Ft
Dental Crowns 61510 Ft - 134554 Ft
Dental Bridges 86499 Ft - 146087 Ft
Root canals from 30755 Ft
Laser Teeth Whitening 146087 Ft
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About Queen Dental Centre of Implantology

Special offer for Zirkonia crowns: 255 EUR

A highly qualified and experienced team works in our 25-year-old dental practice, which is led by implantologist Dr. Györgyi Nemeth. The surgery is located in West Hungary, well-accessible  (a 1-hour drive) from Vienna. Our dental team strives for quality and not volume so we have time for our patients. We provide personalised care with the latest technology. The human side of patient care does matter to us. We provide a friendly welcome, stress-free environment and we do not lose touch with our patients after the treatments. To maintain quality our team works in close cooperation with a team of dental technicians, who also see the patients. Our dental technicians are also highly-qualified and have international experience.   For our patients we arrange free transport from Vienna Airport and help you organise accommodation.  

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Neil, UK25.05.2011
Excellent service - communicated in German - and will consider for the future.


  • ÁNTSZ - National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (Hungary) 
  • ESQH - European Society for Quality in Healthcare (International) 
  • ISO Certification - International Organization for Standardization (International) 
  • TÜV Rheinland - Technischer Überwachungsverein Rheinland (International) 

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38444 Ft - 230664 Ft

Bone Graft


Cosmetic Dentist Consultation


Dental Bonding

As people age, surface tooth enamel wears and the gums recede, exposing the root surface. The root surface is covered by a material called cementum, which when exposed, is very sensitive. This condition can be the result of either abrasion or erosion. Loss of tooth structure due to mechanical wear is called abrasion. This is most commonly seen as a "notched area" on the tooth right at the gumline. Cosmetic dentistry uses adhesive bonding technique to restore teeth to a more natural appearance and protect teeth where harmful wear and exposure have taken place. Adhesive bonding coverings can also desensitise teeth. We can also add on to the tooth structure to change the colour and provide modifications in shape, form and alignment. The composite materials that are bonded to your teeth not only look natural but they wear like natural teeth.
86499 Ft - 146087 Ft

Dental Bridges

Guaranteed for 3 years.Home tooth whitening: 225€

Dental Checkup

Yearly check-ups are free of charge. They are also essential for warranty claim.
61510 Ft - 134554 Ft

Dental Crowns

Guaranteed for 3 years.Porcelain fused to semi-precious metal (Ni-free) 190 EUR, Titanium-ceramic 245 EUR, Porcelain fused to gold 300 EUR, Zirkonia-ceramic (metal-free) 340EURTemporary crowns 20EUR if made by laboratory, otherwise free
172998 Ft - 480549 Ft

Dental Implants

Guaranteed for 10 years.Free first examination Free panoramic X-ray Free treatment plan and quote abutment price is not indicated either included here. Antibiotics rinse pack ice pack 30EUR. Placing one implant usually takes 10 minutes with minimal invasion.
192220 Ft - 461327 Ft

Mini Implants

11533 Ft

Dental X-Ray

Panoramic X-ray

Digital Dental X-Ray


Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Dentist Consultation

76888 Ft - 1653089 Ft


We provide dentures together with implants. 4 implants with a denture without palate attached to the implants with hidden clips (bar joint denture) cost 4300 EUR per jaw


13455 Ft - 49977 Ft

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Extraction is free of charge if dental replacements (implants, bridge)are to be made.
23066 Ft - 30755 Ft


Porcelain veneers are wafer thin shells of porcelain, specially shaped which are 'bonded' (cemented) onto the front side of teeth. Usually on the front teeth which are exposed during a smile or eating. Mostly, dental veneers are used to cover up crooked, stained, misaligned, chipped or otherwise slightly disfigured front teeth.This can be purely for cosmetic purposes but also to straighten an irregular bite line and servers as a smaller measure than filing away the teeth for new crowns. Quite often, veneers are inserted to close up gaps between teeth closing (diastemas = space between teeth) and can also be used instead of braces for teeth that are only slightly misaligned.In a nutshell, veneers can improve the look of your teeth. A significant advantage of porcelain veneers over other types of cosmetic dental bonding is related to the fact that a porcelain veneer's surface is just that, porcelain.Since porcelain is a ceramic, and therefore glass-like, its surface is extremely smooth and impervious.This means that the surface of a porcelain veneer will not pick up permanent stains. So Porcelain veneers resist staining.Also veneers are translucent and do not immediately reflect light which gets reflected by the underneath tooth enamel, and this gives the veneered teeth a very real original toothy look.Last but not least, with veneers the dentists needs to file away much less of the original tooth than with crowns.
76888 Ft - 134554 Ft

Gum Surgery

The price depends on the quadrants. Closed curettage periodontal surgery/quadrant costs: 200EUR/135GBP. Open curettage surgery/quadrant costs: 350EUR/275GBP

Gum Contouring and Reshaping

To restore the health of the gum tissue by reducing any inflammation so that the tissue will be tight and pink. After achieving this the contour of the gums has to be evaluated. The edge of the gum tissue (gingival margins) should be at the same height for the two front teeth and the two canines. The gingival margin of the two lateral incisors should be about 1 to 1 1/2 millimeters lower than the other teeth. GUM RECONTOURING: It's a safe, comfortable procedure. Following the treatment the gums may be tender and swollen for up to one week. To reduce the symptoms patients should take Ibuprofen and rinse with a salt water.

Implant Dentist Consultation


Inlay or Onlay

Ceramic inlays are tooth-coloured fillings for use in back teeth when high degree of aesthetics is desired. They are glass-like porcelain-based fillings, fabricated outside of the mouth. These restorations have to be cemented in the tooth preparation with composite cement. Once cemented, ceramic inlays are strong and wear-resistant. Inlays usually require two appointments because of the time needed for laboratory fabrication. The first appointment is used for the tooth preparation and generation of the mold, and the second appointment is when the inlay is tried in and delivered. They are indicated for the restoration of moderate to large defects in back teeth, such as tooth decay, tooth fracture, or developmental defects and also for the replacement of broken or lost fillings. Highly esthetic tooth-coloured fillings, adhesively bond to the tooth, require less removal of tooth structure than crowns, can strengthen the tooth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation


Periodontist Consultation


Periodontitis Treatment

from 30755 Ft

Root canals

Based on the same idea of crowns, bridges are used to restore a missing tooth when a dental implant cannot be used for any reason. It utilizes the two teeth on either side of the gap (called abutment teet) which hold a false tooth in- between. Teeth help to support our cheeks and lips. When teeth are lost and not replaced the cheeks loose their support and become sunk-in giving an older appearance. Also when a tooth is lost and not replaced the neighboring teeth start to move in place. These results in loss of chewing efficiency and predispose to gum and periodontal problems.
69199 Ft - 115332 Ft

Sinus Lift

96110 Ft - 146087 Ft

Teeth Whitening

A bridge is a restoration designed to replace a missing tooth or more. It can be made of metal covered by porcelain or dental gold covered by porcelain or just porcelain depending on the cost and quality needed. It is good to replace missing teeth to prevent the teeth next to the gap not to lean into the gap as this alters way the upper and lower teeth bite together. Food can get caught in these gaps causing decay and gum disease. Further for your appearance and a better smile.
146087 Ft

Laser Teeth Whitening

136476 Ft - 192220 Ft


Ask about the treatment please.
102645 Ft

Porcelain Veneers

Ask about the treatment.
Queen Dental Centre of Implantology - Calvary Street 34, Szombathely, H9700,

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Dr Györgyi -  at Queen Dental Centre of Implantology

Dr Györgyi

  Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Implantology, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Prosthodontics, Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ)
  English, German, Hungarian
  • Dentistry: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - 1983 (University of Pécs - Medical School, Hungary)
  • Implantologist - 1991 (Semmelweis University - Faculty of Dentistry, Hungary)
  • Radiologist - 1997 (Semmelweis University - Faculty of Dentistry, Hungary)
Miss Ildikó  Sipocz - Dental Auxiliary at Queen Dental Centre of Implantology

Miss Ildikó Sipocz

Job Title:
  Dental Auxiliary
  Dental Assistant
  English, German, Hungarian

Ildikó has been working as a dental assistant and a registered dental hygenist since 2002.   

Ms Dagmar Vajda -  at Queen Dental Centre of Implantology

Ms Dagmar Vajda

Ms Hajnalka Tóth - Dental Nurse at Queen Dental Centre of Implantology

Ms Hajnalka Tóth

Job Title:
  Dental Nurse
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Calvary Street 34, Szombathely, H9700Hungary

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