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Lackner Kristóf u. 64, Sopron, 9400Hungary

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Prices from 15184 Ft - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Visit our Dentist - Lackner Kristóf u. 64, Sopron, 9400, Hungary. The Rosengarten Dental Clinic in Hungary was established in...

Popular Treatments

Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants 322652 Ft - 360611 Ft
Teeth Whitening from 113877 Ft
Dentures from 151836 Ft
Dental Crowns 75918 Ft - 113877 Ft
Dental Bridges
Extractions from 15184 Ft
Root canals 28469 Ft - 56939 Ft
Fillings 28469 Ft - 56939 Ft
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About Rosengarten Dental

The Rosengarten Dental Clinic in Hungary was established in an effort to provide more than just a simple surgical intervention for those interested in receiving dental treatments in Hungary. The clinic has got all what it takes to offer a full range of services in dental tourism and to turn treatments into a pleasant experience to its patients. a dental clinic furnished with state-of-the-art equipment dentists with thorough knowledge and significant history of professional experience who speak German and English qualified assistant staff plastic surgery beauty salon 350 m2 Rosengarten Hotel - a three-star hotel with 26 rooms and a Turkish bath Rosengarten Restaurant - a restaurant with a winter garden and a terrace   Dental treatments... ...up to 60% discount You can achieve up to 60% discount with our low dental prices. Example: A tooth implantation costs an average of GBP 1,700 in England which is more than HUF 610,000 while the same costs only one third in our surgery. transfert expenses If patients travel by air or train, they are transferred from the airport free of charge (Vienna airport 60 km, Bratislava 90 km). ...hotel accommodation free of charge During your stay here you may receive a discount from our hotel costs, and even have accommodation free of charge depending on your dental treatment. ...20% discount from the beauty salon prices 20% price discount from each service of our beauty salon. 7-day programme Dental Holiday Why not connect your dental treatment with a 7-day holiday?If you wish we help you to organize programs for your free time. Day 1: arrival, screening test, preparation of plan of treatment, quotation, commencement of treatmentDay 2-5: facultative programmesDay 6: trial, handing overDay 7: departureThe programme is subject to change depending on the number and duration of treatments. (telescopic crowns, combined prostheses)Implantation treatment (3+7 days)If you arrive to receive an implantation treatment, the implant is first put in place which takes one day (2-3 days including inward and outward journey) and then after a healing period of 1-3-6 months, the superstructure (bridge, crown) can be prepared within 10 days in the framework of our dental programme, or a prosthesis will be prepared immediately on the freshly placed implant provided that sufficient bone is available and the patient will be able to leave the surgery with usable teeth that day or the day after.
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John, New Zealand04.11.2021
Could be better
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Very helpful.
Scott, Ireland30.03.2011
I received an email with advice about procedures and prices, it was very informative.

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Bone Graft


Cosmetic Dentist Consultation


Dental Bridges

We live in an age when appropriate appearance and suitable looks are an absolutely important part of our everyday life. It is in our own interest to provide for health prevention, regular and proper personal hygiene. It is not a physical nor a chemical treatment, and it does not have any harmful effects on the dental enamel. The treatment is based on optical principle: the chain resulted from the stain between the sheets of the dental enamel is torn to its molecules thereby enabling the light to freely move. The result is brighter teeth by 4-8 shades, which may last for 1-3 years depending on the life style. Treatment is performed in a pleasant environment on a single occasion, and takes only one hour altogether. In order to achieve the expected result a mouth hygienic pretreatment is required. Regular scaling of teeth and polishing in itself is essential for health prevention. Following the colour identification a 1-2 mm thick tissue friendly, pH-neutral whitening gel is applied on the teeth, which is then illuminated by an innocuous plasma light. The treatment is repeated as necessary. The result can be seen right after washing off and flushing. However with this smaller giving-up we can ensure our pleasant smile for quite a long-time!

Dental Checkup

75918 Ft - 113877 Ft

Dental Crowns

Ceramic crown on Ni-free metal/Gold ceramic crown/Zirconium ceramic crownThe cost of one single crown includes:Examination, consultation, and plan of treatmentPreparation of a study-cast if so requiredX-rayAnaesthesiaTooth preparation – grindingBuilding of tooth stumps if so requiredRemoval of existing old crownsPrecision impressingBite-takingGum correction if so requiredPreparation and fixing of temporary crownFrame try-in if so required Preparation of ultimate crownsSupplying and fixing of ultimate crownsOral hygiene counselling (in relation to taking care of the prostheses)

Gold Crown

Not only pouring is available to mount a metal cup on the ground tooth stump, but the so-called gold electroplating too. This produces an extremely thin (only 0. 2 mm) cap made from pure gold which is covered with ceramics. The crowns so prepared are outstandingly accurate and the yellow golden base provides a lively colour effect.

PFM Crown

A metal coup is poured on the ground tooth which is then covered with tooth coloured ceramics. This ceramics completely obscures the metal making it look aesthetic. Producing this metal cap from any precious metal complies with the strictest standards of biocompatibility and aesthetics. These crowns are stable and long-lasting; the ceramic crown cover is colour-fast and offers a high aesthetic value.
322652 Ft - 360611 Ft

Dental Implants

Implant Camlog (Superstructure)/Implant Replace (Superstructure)

Dental Sealant

Liquid sealant is injected in the fissures of the teeth to prevent caries from further development.

Dental X-Ray


Digital Dental X-Ray


Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Dentist Consultation

from 151836 Ft


Full acrylic dentures

Denturist Consultation


Endodontist Consultation

from 15184 Ft



Family Dentist Consultation

28469 Ft - 56939 Ft


from 322652 Ft

Implant Dentist Consultation


Restorative Dentist Consultation

28469 Ft - 56939 Ft

Root canals

Root canal filling: front, premolar and molar teeth
up to 227754 Ft

Sinus Lift

from 113877 Ft

Teeth Whitening



A thin ceramic shell which causes the least damage to the teeth and is primarily used in the case of the front teeth. It is completely free of metals, long lasting and the most aesthetic prosthesis these days. It can be successfully applied on discoloured teeth.
Rosengarten Dental - Dr Kornélia Fehér

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Private Patients Welcome
Dr Kornélia Fehér -  at Rosengarten Dental

Dr Kornélia Fehér

  English, German, Croatian, Serbian

1999 - Dentist degree at the University of Medicine in Pécs
2001 - Specialist examination in dental and oral diseases
2002 - Dentist at the Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic in Pécs
from 2003 Dentist at Rosengarten Weiss Dental Clinic
Camlog Implantation Course
Languages: German, English, Serbian-Croatian

Dr Varga Péter -  at Rosengarten Dental

Dr Péter Varga

  English, German

1996-2001: Dentist degree at the Semmelweis University of Medicine in
Budapest 2003.Specialist examination in dental and oral diseases 1999-2002.
Oral surgery practice, Budapest Szent Rókus Clinic 2004. Replace Select
Implantation course
Languages: English, German

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Lackner Kristóf u. 64, Sopron, 9400Hungary