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Enquire for a fast quote ★ Visit our Dentist - Megyeri út 123/1, Pécs, 7631, Hungary. Staff: Dr Gabor Iron, Dr Thomas Goja, Dr Balazs Iron.

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Dentist Consultation
Implantology (Dental Implants)
Teeth Whitening


Artificial Teeth
Fixed Prosthetics
Clear (Transparent) Palate
Gold-Colored Metal Mesh
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Bone Graft

Bone Grafting (Heterologous) and or Membrane Insertion


Surgical Transplantation of Bone Block




Clear Aligner



Orthodontic Retainer

Passive Transfer (Retention) Device


Active Night Removable Device


Passive Night Removable Device


Dental Bridges

Dental Checkup

Reasons for Toothache


Preventive Procedures (Prevention)


Pregnant at the Dentist

Dental Crowns

Primary Telescope Crowns


Secondary Telescopic Crowns


Dental Crowns


Implantology (Dental Implants)


Dental X-Ray

Digital Dental X-Ray

Digital Dental X-Ray


Full Digital Radiography


Digital Panoramic X-ray Evaluation Specialist


Dentist Consultation




Fixed Prosthetics


Clear (Transparent) Palate


Gold-Colored Metal Mesh


Combined Replacement Replacement Precision Mounting Element


Clip (Removable Acrylic Temporary Restorations will pair only)


Artificial Teeth


Dentures Relining

Full Dentures

Full or Partial Dentures Base Plate Acrylate base Teeth


Full or Partial Eenture Base Plate Acrylate


Removable Dentures


Simple Tooth Extraction


Complicated Tooth Extraction


Simple Root Removal


Simple Root Removal, Tooth Removal Jack


Haemostasis and Suture


Surgical Tooth Outcrops

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Milk Tooth Removal


Wisdom Tooth Removal is Simple, we have an Off Hoist


Wisdom Tooth Removal: Wedged, Surgical Sterile Outcrops


Wisdom Tooth Removal Wisdom Teeth in One Session every Other




Painless Treatments


Treatment of Gingivitis

Gum Surgery







Crown Lengthening


Inlay or OnlayDeposits (Inlay, Onlay, Overlay)


Night Bite Splint


Oral Surgery



Periodontitis Treatment

Periodontics (Gums, Periodontal)


Treatment of oral mucosal diseases


Moving Teeth Splinting


Polishing will Row

Root Canals

Temporary Cover Filling


Removing the Old, Inadequate Root Canal Filling


Root Canals Treatment



Sinus Lift

Sinus Closing


Closed Sinus Lift the Page


Open Sinus Lift the Page


Teeth Whitening


Tooth Jewellery





Tour De Dental - Megyeri út 123/1, Pécs, 7631,

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Dr Gabor Iron - Manager at Tour De Dental

Dr Gabor Iron

Job Title:
He is the Managing Director, Manager. University of Pécs, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering, Information Technology specialist (2000-2003) Dental Technician (2004-2007) Széchenyi István University (2007) In 2007, he graduated from the dental technician training in Pécs. His interest for the profession and the result of continuous hard my job in 2012, he could open his own dental lab mine. The opening of the lab, we can provide a much better quality of services for foreign and domestic customers. That is why we have built up in the Tour de Dental Ltd. around the dental profession. If he have time, welcome to go to the nearby lake for fishing, he is also a fan of the dedicated sports car as well. Tekintetve speak English language skills starting level, which would like to develop in the future, the attainment of a high level of proficiency. For him, it is equally important to lifelong learning, as the experience gained over the years. None of them can be successful without the people on the other, it is one of basic philosophy.
Dr Thomas Goja - Admin Team Leader at Tour De Dental

Dr Thomas Goja

Job Title:
  Admin Team Leader
Socrates Foreign Trade Academy, Bilingual Secondary School, International Transportation and Logistics Administrator (2008-2010) Foreign languages: English - fluent, fluent language skills After high school became interested in the trade, logistics, and management of the business, profession related to the operation. He is a transport company previously employed where initially performed administrative tasks (invoicing, exhibition-quality documents, árunyilvántartás management) and transport organization, also dealt with the provision of logistical tasks and new partners, building relationships, recruiting orders. From the autumn of 2008 International Transportation and Logistics Szakügyintézonek learned tertiary vocational qualification period is June 2010. His plans include English language proficiency test done. He is open to new things, he like challenges. In his work he like the mobility, flexibility to quickly adapt my. To this day his hobbies include football, riding a motorcycle, and the technical and IT-related things you are interested.
Dr Balazs Iron - Dentist at Tour De Dental

Dr Balazs Iron

Job Title:
He is a Primarily, Dentist (Lawyer) Doctoral degree in Dentistry, dental specialist legal specialization, practice leader. Prosthetic dentistry and restorative dentistry specialist doctor - EU exam. Implantologist. University of Pécs, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry specialist (2004). UP MS Dentistry and Oral Surgery (resident doctor for 3 years). Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics exam (2007) - corresponded perfectly rating. Obtain UP Law Faculty of Law Degree (2007) Implantologist (2006). n 2004, he graduated from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry Program. Professional practice of Pécs Dental Clinic of Conservative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery and Periodontology Department got resident and clinical practitioner. After obtaining a special examination in the private sector started to work mainly in Pécs, Budapest, Hungary and Austria.
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Megyeri út 123/1, Pécs, 7631Hungary

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