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What is Breast Implant Surgery?

Breast Implant Surgery, or Boob Job or Breast Augmentation Surgery, is performed to give women fuller and more rounded breasts.  It is popular among women who have lost breast volume because of weight loss or after childbirth and breast feeding. It is also performed for breast cancer patients who have undergone mastectomy surgery, to reconstruct their breasts.

How is Breast Implant Surgery done?

Breast Implant Surgery is performed either by a fat transfer procedure to increase the volume of breasts or by making incisions and inserting silicone gel or saline filled implants to increase the size of breasts. Depending on the patient's requirements they can be inserted above or underneath the muscle tissue of the breast and be inserted through incisions made underneath the breast or under the armpit.  The surgeon should explain the benefits of each type of procedure.

What are the best Breast Implants?

Silicone breast implants come filled with silicone gel while saline breast implants come as silicone shells that are later filled with sterile salt water. Silicone implants don’t wrinkle or ripple. These are normally used for breast reconstruction surgery for breast cancer patients. Since silicone implants are filled they do not allow changing size according to body proportions. The size of saline implants can be adjusted by the surgeon.  The best implant will depend on the needs of each individual patient.    

What is the recovery time after Breast Implant surgery?

It takes about nine months to completely recover from breast implant surgery.

What are the alternatives to Breast Implant Surgery?

Some alternatives to breast implant surgery include fat injections or fat grafting procedures, breast enlargement medications, breast enlargement pumps or hormone therapy for breast enlargement.

We have all the information you need about public and private plastic surgery clinics that provide breast implants in Norway. Compare all the plastic surgeons and contact the breast implants clinic in Norway that's right for you.

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Akademikliniken - Oslo Ullevål - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Norway

Akademikliniken - Oslo Ullevål

Sognsveien 70, Oslo, 0855
For more information about Akademikliniken - Oslo Ullevål in Oslo please contact the clinic.
Breast Implants
Tissue augmenting breast, in conjunction with other therapies  
Removing the implant from kr 15000
Breast augmentation, anatomic implant capsule warranty from kr 400000
7 more treatments
5 other locations in Norway for Akademikliniken - Oslo Ullevål
Akademikliniken - Stavanger

Akademikliniken - Stavanger

Salvågergt 3-5, Stavanger
Akademikliniken - Oslo

Akademikliniken - Oslo

Hoffsveien 92, Oslo
Akademikliniken - Bergen

Akademikliniken - Bergen

Strandgaten 3, Bergen
Akademikliniken - Trondheim

Akademikliniken - Trondheim

Nordregate 11, Trondheim
from 13 users
Porsgrunn Plastikkirurgi - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Norway

Porsgrunn Plastikkirurgi

Storgata 107, Porsgrunn, 3921
5.0 from 1 verified review
The results were much better than what I expectedOwen, UK, 07 01 17

Extremely happy with the service provided at this clinic. Dr. Begic is a very experienced surgeon who takes good care of his patients. I had reconstructive breast surgery, and the results were much better than what I expected. Great value for money, especially considering his years of experience and the fantastic results. Would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone! The facilities are clean and modern, and everything was handled very professionally by the staff and the surgeon himself.

Breast Implants
Addition of anatomical implants from Mentor® from kr 3000
Breast Augmentation from kr 30000
Replacement of implants + splitting capsule from kr 34000
5 more treatments
Very Good
from 9 users
Dr.Lee Specialist in Dermatology and Venerology - Dermatology Clinic in Norway

Dr.Lee Specialist in Dermatology and Venerology

Hinnasvingene 55, 2nd floor, rear courtyard with children play equipment, Stavanger, 4020
We are a private wholistic dermatology specialist clinic with a focus on using mainly non steroidal medical care. Our doctor has many years of vast international experience working in US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden etc. He is familiar with various skin types ranging from black to white especially hispanic and Asians. We also provide traditional acupuncture treatments for conditions such as acne, psoariasis, eczema, rash, migraines etc. He has completed specialized advance training in oncological, dermatological and cosmetic surgery from the University of Paris 2013 hence also provide minor surgeries such as removing mole, warts, cyst, carbuncle etc. We have advance equipment to monitor, scan and examine moles up to 230X to check for melanomas or other forms of skin cancers/conditions prevalent in Asia and other countries. We are highly successful with fungal nails, moles, warts, rash, pimples and long term skin conditions. We have had much success with challenges such as treating 25 to 8 years of skin problems. Many of our grateful patients have written long descriptions you can discover online. 
Breast Management or Reshaping from kr 1800
Dermatologist Consultation  
Pimples or Acne Hydrofacial Deep Clean with antiseptic or antibotics from kr 1800
6 more treatments
from 18 users
Margit Hammerstad - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Norway

Margit Hammerstad

Svelvikveien 4, Drammen, 3040
For more information about Margit Hammerstad in Drammen please contact the clinic.
Breast augmentation or breast prostheses from kr 30000
Breast Lift
Breast Lift from kr 37000
Breast lift + prosthesis from kr 37000
2 more treatments
from 12 users
Bugge Plastikkirurgi - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Norway

Bugge Plastikkirurgi

Kirkeveien 7, Oslo, 0260
For more information about Bugge Plastikkirurgi in Oslo please contact the clinic.
Breast Implants
Round Prostheses from kr 30500
Anatomical Prostheses from kr 34500
Prostheses and Lift from kr 64500
1 more treatment
1 other location in Norway for Bugge Plastikkirurgi
from 11 users
Clinic Haugesund - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Norway

Clinic Haugesund

Strandgata 54, Haugesund, 5528
For more information about Clinic Haugesund in Haugesund please contact the clinic.
Breast Augmentation  
Nose Correction  
5 more treatments
1 other location in Norway for Clinic Haugesund
Clinic Bergen

Clinic Bergen

Ulriksdal 2, Bergen
from 7 users
Klinikk Stavanger - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Norway

Klinikk Stavanger

Kvalebergveien 21, Stavanger, 4016
For more information about Klinikk Stavanger in Stavanger-Sandnes please contact the clinic.
Breast Implants
Breast enlargement in men, men on both sides from kr 15000
Breast Augmentation from kr 25000
Breast Lift from kr 30000
1 more treatment
from 16 users
Aesthetic Clinic Dr. Dr. Stein Tveten - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Norway

Aesthetic Clinic Dr. Dr. Stein Tveten

Kirkeveien 7, Oslo, 0260
For more information about Aesthetic Clinic Dr. Dr. Stein Tveten in Oslo please contact the clinic.
Breast Implants from kr 35000
Breast Lift free
Removal of fat glands armpit (suction) from kr 15000
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