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Prices from 37 € - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Multi-specialty clinic - 410 Brivibas Avenue, Riga, 1024, Latvia. Baltic Health Tourism Ltd. (BHT) is the internation...

Popular Treatments

Face Surgery from 3450 €

Breast Implants

Round Implants from 3071 €
Anatomical Implants from 3214 €
Breast Augmentation with Fat Injections from 4214 €
Breast Augmentation from 5635 €


Liposuction from 2400 €
Liposuction - 2 Areas from 342 €


Rhinoplasty - I from 2285 €
Rhinoplasty - II from 2800 €
Rhinoplasty - III from 3428 €
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About Baltic Health Tourism

Baltic Health Tourism Ltd. (BHT)

is the international representative, and part of, the largest and most modern private clinic in Latvia "Veselibas Centrs 4" ("Health Center 4") has been successfully operating for over 18 years and today has 16 branches providing different services and treatments. All our clinics use only the most modern equipment, and the majority of our staff has been trained in Europe. Health Center 4 has received the certificate ISO 9001:2008. It ensures that the quality and service of the company's products meet international standards. For the comfort of our clients when visiting Latvia, Baltic Health Tourism provides following services:

  • priority customer service;
  • organization of pre-online consultation with a doctor;

  • appointment with a doctor

  • preparation of individual health proposals for the client, depending on the wishes of;
  • visa support;
  • booking hotels, if necessary;

  • coordination and customer support throughout their stay in Latvia;
  • leisure activities and transfer;
  • organization of treatments and relaxation in the spa centers;
Medical tourism in Latvia
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Plastic Surgery

from 2357 €

Upper Arm Lift

Breast Implants
from 3071 €

Round Implants

from 3214 €

Anatomical Implants

from 4214 €

Breast Augmentation with Fat Injections

from 5635 €

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift
from 2514 €

Mastopexy - I

from 3457 €

Mastopexy - II

Breast Reconstruction
from 5635 €

Breast Correction

from 5635 €

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reduction
from 2757 €

Breast Reduction - I

from 3371 €

Breast Reduction - II

from 5185 €

Breast Reduction - III

from 2514 €

Brow Lift

Butt Implants
from 5657 €

Buttock Augmentation

from 4214 €

Buttock Augmentaion with Fat Injections

from 3928 €

Buttock Augmentation with Implants

from 2571 €

Calf Augmentation with Implants

from 1714 €

Chin Correction with Implants


Eyelid surgery

from 742 €

Blepharoplasty Lower

from 742 €

Blepharoplasty Upper

from 1257 €

Blepharoplasty Upper and Lower

from 3457 €


from 3842 €

Facelift and Neck Lift

from 2400 €


from 342 €

Liposuction - 2 Areas

from 2071 €

Neck Lift

from 3450 €

Face Surgery


Nose Reshaping

from 2285 €

Rhinoplasty - I

from 2800 €

Rhinoplasty - II

from 3428 €

Rhinoplasty - III

from 3142 €

Thigh Lift

Tummy Tuck
from 2828 €


from 3200 €

Abdominoplasty with Umbilicoplasty

from 4000 €

Abdominoplasty with Umbilicoplasty and Lipectomy


from 3016 €

Dental Bridges in Jaw

Dental Implants
from 1751 €

Implants of a Single Front Teeth

from 1411 €

Implantation of a Single Side Tooth

from 50 €

Dentist Consultation

Medical Aesthetics

from 171 €

Treatment for Wrinkles

from 919 €

IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal - Baltic Health TourismIPL Hair Removal - Baltic Health Tourism

Photoepilation – hair removal with IPL system – is a most effective method for solving cosmetic hair problems. The method is based on the selective principle of phototermolysis. Light passes through the hair follicle and is absorbed in melanocytes. The absorption of light in the hair follicle elevates the temperature locally in the follicle, causing denaturation of proteins. This leads to shrinkage of the follicle cells. The hair growth is permanently stopped.   IPL photoepilation for removal of hair can be used on any part of body. 

from 556 €

IPL Skin Rejuvenation


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

from 2357 €

Silhouette Lift™


Spider Veins Treatment

from 579 €

Vein Laser Surgery (1 hour)

Vein Laser Surgery - Baltic Health TourismVein Laser Surgery - Baltic Health Tourism

This is the most popular treatment method of chronic venous insufficiency in Latvia. It has been applied in Health Centre 4 for 7 years, and physicians have gathered a very wide experience in this field. Depending on the extent of surgery the patient only stays in day patient facility from 1 to 3 hours, and then he will be able to walk on his own. This method involves closure of sick vein portions instead of their removal through skin incisions, as it is done in classic vein surgery. Laser surgery is only performed under local anaesthesia, and not under general or spinal anaesthesia.

from 689 €

Steam Vein Sclerosis

from 1061 €

Tattoo and Permanent Make-up Removal


Treatment for Wrinkles

Varicose Veins Treatment
from 2204 €

Vein Closure - Cyanoacrylate

from 759 €

Vein Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation of Varicose Veins

Radiofrequency Ablation of Varicose Veins

from 786 €

Steam Vein Sclerosis (1 hour)

Steam Vein Sclerosis - Baltic Health TourismSteam Vein Sclerosis - Baltic Health Tourism

SVS (steam vein sclerosis) method for vein treatment has been used since 2006 all over the world, more than 3.000 surgeries have been performed so far, which is sufficient to give a definitely positive evaluation of this method, acknowledges Dr. Rene Milleret. This is a system of injection into which heated sterile water steam is administered as microimpuses through a catheter with micro holes at the end. Thus contraction and closure of venous wall is achieved. SVS technique is especially innovative: it is not similar to other techniques, as steam directly affects the vein and closes it causing it even less injury. Each steam microimpulse releases 60 J of energy. The number of impulses varies depending on vein diameter.


from 4000 €

IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation

from 3600 €

IVF with Donor Eggs

Eye Care

from 1003 €

Eye Exam - Women

for Men - 951 Euro

General Practice

from 51 €


MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
413 € - 550 €

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (45 mins)

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Baltic Health Tourism

Siemens MAGNETOM Spectra Closed-type MRI equipment with the magnetic field strength of 3 T (teslas) allows promptly performing a high-quality examination without losing the image resolution, which is especially important in case of severe injuries and diseases when it is hard for a patient to stay motionless for a long time. Non-hazardous magnetic field and radio waves are used to obtain MR imaging, therefore the examination-related risk is almost non-existent.

400 € - 1500 €

Health Check-up

Health Check-up - Baltic Health TourismHealth Check-up - Baltic Health Tourism

At our Clinic you could have a full health check-up of different levels. Check-up program could be chosen from the list or you could send us you requires and we will help you with your own program. Contact us directly for more detailed information.


GP Consultation

Health Check
from 67017 €

Individual Check-up


Health Check

from 1594 €

Women's Health Consultation


from 37 €

Dermatologist Consultation (30 mins)

Dermatologist Consultation - Baltic Health TourismDermatologist Consultation - Baltic Health Tourism

During the consultation doctor diagnosing the problem and institutes therapy. The clinic offers modern diagnostic and treatment techniques for all kinds of acute and chronic skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and gynecological diseases, as well as veins diagnostics and treatment using the latest technologies and highly qualified specialists’ work.

from 1303 €

Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation Treatment - Baltic Health TourismPigmentation Treatment - Baltic Health Tourism

To remove any unwanted pigmented spots, blood vessel neoplasms or Port- wine spots we can use our Q-Switch laser. Elimination of these problems is only possible by taking a course of therapy. This usually takes 3 laser sessions, one each month.

One session includes: A one day consultation with our dermatologist followed by a 20 minute laser application session on the pigmented skin area. This is followed by a 30 minute procedure with the cosmetician to calm the skin after the laser application.   

Skin Diagnostics
from 350 €

Neoplasm Removal

Neoplasm Removal - Baltic Health TourismNeoplasm Removal - Baltic Health Tourism

Papillomas, naevi, dermafibromas, moles, warts, condylomas, basaliomas, keratomas, angiomas, etc. are considered as skin neoplasms. The topicality of this issue is related to eventual malignant development of particular neoplasms and to the fact that they are conspicuous skin cosmetic defects. Laser coagulation guarantees an excellent aesthetic result – smooth and clean skin. In the morning there is a consultation with a dermatologist, and diagnostics is performed for all neoplasms. If the diagnostic findings indicate that the neoplasms are benign, they will be removed by a physician. There is no need to stay in clinic overnight, but the next morning you should come to the follow-up visit.

from 557 €

Skin rejuvenation by IPL therapyl

 Skin rejuvenation by IPL therapyl - Baltic Health Tourism Skin rejuvenation by IPL therapyl - Baltic Health Tourism

Superficial skin capillary nets, resident skin blushes, benign blood vessel neoplasm and port-wine spots can be removed by using our intensive pulsating light (IPL) therapy.  

One session includes: An initial consultation with our dermatologist followed by 30 minutes of pigment spot treatment and  a 30 minute procedure with the cosmetician to calm the skin.

Minimum 3 months – one visit to the clinic each month. 

from 1062 €

Tattooand permanent make-up removal

Tattooand permanent make-up removal - Baltic Health TourismTattooand permanent make-up removal - Baltic Health Tourism
Tattoos and areas of permanent make-up are eliminated using Q-Switch ruby laser. The advantage of this laser is its velocity of impulse which can be compared to nanoseconds. Only a laser whose impulse is shorter than one millisecond can destroy tattoo color corpuscles. Q-Switch selectively acts through the skin and splits cells that contain pigment molecules created in the process of tattooing. The fewer colors in any tattoo, the easier it is to remove it. Easiest to eliminate are black, grey, violet and green tones. Red and yellow tones are most complicated because they do not react to a laser impulse. In these cases additional tattooing is used to mix these two colors with others to better eliminate them. There are tattoos that can be eliminated in two sessions but usually the process is a longer more repeated procedure which must be performed every 4-8 weeks. In this period the cells “eat” more pigment with the result that the pigment can be better removed. Q-Switch laser procedure can be performed for all a


Orthopaedist Consultation
100 € - 5000 €

Joints treatment and surgery

Joints treatment and surgery - Baltic Health TourismJoints treatment and surgery - Baltic Health Tourism

Joints and bone treatment, bone and joint injuries, bone fracture complications, endoscopic surgery and athroplasty in ORTO clinic in Latvia. The clinic employs over 50 highly skilled medical professionals, whose main job is to ensure that you receive the highest level of health care and maximum comfort. Most of the doctors got their experience not only in Latvia, but also in USA and European clinics. Some of specialists in the clinic are medical consultant of Latvian Olympics Team.

100 € - 5000 €

Spine Treatment&Sugery

Spine Treatment&Sugery - Baltic Health TourismSpine Treatment&Sugery - Baltic Health Tourism

Spinal surgery, spinal injuries and illnesses, spinal disc herniation, spinal fixation, postoperative rehabilitation. ORTO clinic is a certified outpatient and inpatient orthopedic clinic in Latvia, which has been operating since 2008 ORTO clinic is the best and most respectable orthopedic clinics in Latvia where patients can get the best treatment and postoperative rehabilitation with highly-skilled doctors.

from 45 €

Orthopaedics Consultation (30 mins)

Orthopaedics Consultation - Baltic Health TourismOrthopaedics Consultation - Baltic Health Tourism

The best orthopedic consultation in Latvia you can get in ORTO clinic. Clinic has long-standing cooperation partners are the Latvian Olympic Team and Latvia’s top professional sports clubs.

Beauty Salon Treatments


Beauty Salon Enquiry

from 1250 €

Vein surgery with bio-glue (40 mins)

Vein surgery with bio-glue - Baltic Health TourismVein surgery with bio-glue - Baltic Health Tourism

This method is mostly applied for treatment of early stage of varicose veins, and in comparison with the previous endovenous methods this is even less invasive (no scars), it is especially sparing, causes no pain and haematoma (haemorrhage) after surgery, as there is no traumatic intervention. The vein is not removed, it is closed after a special safe and harmless bioglue is administered as injection though a single-use catheter, after which the vein transforms into connective tissue. Use of compression stockings is not required after surgery; the recovery period is very short, and no cases of relapse have been observed. The surgery does not require the application of anesthesia and pain control, as this glue technique is completely painless – there is no thermical impact, as it is in case of laser, radiofrequency and steam method.



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