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IVF Riga - Dr Violeta Fodina, Head of iVF Riga

IVF Riga

Zaļā iela 1, Riga, LV1010
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The response to my request was very fastAlice, Latvia, 02 06 17

Great clinic! Very caring doctors and personnel! The response to my request was also very fast!

Blastocyst Culture from 510 €
Fertility Specialist Consultation 100 € - 150 €
Egg Donation from 7100 €
* This is the full price! Including Donor choosing, Donor examinations and medications, Donor stimulation, Egg collection, fertilization by ICSI, Blastocyst cultivation + EmbryoGlue + EmbryoScope + Freezing + PICSI
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Ava Clinic - Jaroslav Lakutin

Ava Clinic

Vilandes Street 3, Riga, LV 1010
AVA CLINIC, is the first IVF clinic in Latvia and in all Baltic states, that has received an international certificate (ISO 9001:2008). It confirms that the provided services correspond to the highest European quality standards. ?V? CLINIC is an international network of clinics specializing in infertility treatment. This network of clinics was established in 1993 and it is now well-known throughout Europe.The first clinic was opened in Finland. In summer of 2005 ?V? CLINIC started working in Riga, quickly gaining patients respect and confidence. Comfortable conditions, friendly atmosphere, highly professional team of medical specialists, modern equipment and individual approach to every patient allow to carry out successfully infertility treatment, egg donation programm, egg donation and sperm donation programm for single women and to monitor gravidity and supervise programs of children monitoring, reaching positive results even in most complex cases. Our mission is not limited by infertility treatment only; we do our best to support the birth of healthy children.
Blastocyst Transfer from 400 €
Extended culture of embryos to the blastocyst stage is a method used in fertilization treatment where more information is available about the vitality of the embryos. Blastocyst culture can be done both in IVF and ICSI treatments. In usual treatments, the embryos are cultured for 2-3 days after the fertilization. The embryos can be divided into 4-8 cells before the transfer to the uterus. At this stage, the selection of the most vital embryos from all embryos of good quality may be difficult.By culturing embryos for a longer period of time (the prolonged cultivation), we are able to choose the most vital ones for transfer, i.e. embryos that have continued to divide and develop. In extended culture, the embryos are cultured for 4-5 days prior to the transfer to the uterus. At this stage, the embryo already has more than one hundred cells, and it is at either the morula or blastocyst stage at the moment transfer.This corresponds to the development stage of an embryo formed in natural conception as it passes through to the uterus. At the morula stage the embryo forms a cluster of cells where we no longer can count the exact number of cells. At the blastocyst stage the first differentiation of cells has occurred. The inner cells in the thickened area of the blastocyst develop into fetal tissue, and the surrounding cells, known as trophoblast, develop into the placenta at the fetal end. At the blastocyst stage the embryo is ready to attach onto the lining of the uterus once it has hatched out of its membrane.The likelihood of implantation of an embryo thus developed to this stage is great. This enables us to transfer a single embryo only and thus decrease the risk of a multiple pregnancy. The blastocyst culture of embryos is a good option in cases where the implantation of embryos has not occurred during earlier treatments. The disadvantage of extended culture is that only 40-60% of embryos reach the blastocyst stage, and it is possible that all of the embryos cease t
Fertility Specialist Consultation from 100 €
ExaminationsFirst consultationAt your first appointment with our doctor together you will go through all factors affecting conception as well as all your prior examinations or treatments. Our doctor will explain all the possible treatment options and the likelihood of conception after various treatments. The needs of each client are individually evaluated during the consultation session. If any further investigations are needed, a tailored schedule is planned to best meet the client’s expectations. Examinations prior to treatment.Examinations prior to the treatment aim at explaining the reasons why a natural conception does not occur. It is important to find the factors behind infertility, and the results determine the course of treatment.It is advisable to bring any previous results to the consultation session since they are all taken into account and new examinations will be carried out if necessary. The investigations need not to take a long time and the treatment can begin quite soon if the client so wishes.Female testsA doctor will plan an individually tailored schedule of examination depending on received data. The development and release of a female egg from the ovaries, determining whether the fallopian tubes are open and the structure of the uterus are important factors that need to be examined. Ultrasound is used to detect any abnormalities in the uterus, and this can often be done at the first appointment.Sometimes we need to do hysteroscopy, the visualization of the uterine cavity, and only very rarely laparoscopy, the visualization of the abdominal cavity. The maturing of eggs can also be detected with ultrasound, which is timed according to the estimated day of egg release during the menstrual cycle. The so-called SSG ultrasound can help determine whether the fallopian tubes are open.A small amount of liquid is injected though the cervix and the passage of the fluid into the uterus and through the fallopian tubes is monitored. The modern examination
Egg Donor from 6450 €
A woman who does not have any contraindication for pregnancy or delivery can opt for fertilization treatment with donated eggs.The results of fertilization treatment with donated eggs are extremely good. Donated eggs enable the conception and the birth of a healthy child in many families when this is no longer possible with the woman’s own eggs. We choose such donor for recipient whose physical features, such as the colour of hair and eyes, body build match those of the recipient.The egg donation program of the AVA clinics do not share the eggs, the recipient is given all the eggs that her chosen donor produces during one treatment cycle. The number of eggs varies depending on the donor’s reaction to the stimulation. The donated eggs are fertilized with the partner’s sperm, either fresh or frozen. We screen our egg donors carefully. They are healthy women aged 18-34, who voluntarily offer their help to grant the chance of motherhood to anonymous recipients.Most of our donors are mothers themselves and wish to share that experience with those who desire it. In many cases the donors have witnessed the grief caused by infertility among family and friends. In the process of choosing donors, the psychologists of our clinic meet and discuss with the possible donors. All our donors have been tested for any abnormalities in their chromosomes, HIV, contagious hepatitis as well as the most common sexually transmitted diseases and also have been examined by narcologist.The treatment with donated eggs is an option to conceive if a woman has failed to get pregnant with her own eggs. Fertilization with donated eggs is a big step for couples to take, and to come to terms with the idea often requires time and professional help. Therefore we recommend all of our recipient couples to discuss the issue with either our specialists at the clinic.Treatment using donor ovum provides opportunity to become pregnant if it has proved not possible by of own ovum of patient. Passing for tre
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Reproduktīvās medicīnas centrs

Reproduktīvās medicīnas centrs "EMBRIONS"

"B"Klīnika LINEZERS,Linezera ielā 6, Rīga, 1006
For more information about Reproduktīvās medicīnas centrs "EMBRIONS" in Riga please contact the clinic.
Blastocyst cultivation from 84 €
Fertility Specialist Consultation from 25 €
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation
IVF from 668 €
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