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Carolina Medical Center - Orthopaedic Clinic in PolandFeatured

Carolina Medical Center

22 307 18 73 ext: 73380 ul. Pory 78, Warsaw, 02757
5.0 from 1 verified review
The hospital itself is very modern and immaculately cleanKatarzyna, Thatcham, 27 08 17

I had a consultation last week with Dr. Laskowski (Orthopaedic) for my hips as I'm not happy with my current treatment in the UK and wanted a second opinion. Dr. Laskowski was very thorough and he was also able to fast-track me for blood tests, X-Rays and MRI as I had travelled specially and was only in Warsaw for a couple of days. The hospital itself is very modern and immaculately clean. I chose the hospital as it is Orthopaedic and aimed at those who are sporty/active. The prices are so much better than those in the UK. I was able to get an appointment very quickly and my visit was organized through Danuta M, (who deals with patients coming from abroad and also speaks excellent English!) Danuta has been brilliant and even came to meet me just before my appointment!

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging 680 zł - 1600 zł
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a widely used and comprehensive diagnostic method. The first examinations in the world were performed in the early 1980s. Magnetic resonance imaging does not use roentgen rays (X-rays), but is based on the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance. Therefore, it is regarded as the safest method of internal diagnosis. If recommended, it can even be used to examine a foetus in utero. Magnetic resonance apparatus generates a strong magnetic field. The higher its’ intensity, the more accurate the human interior images. In clinical practice, apparatus creating 0.1 to 3.0 Tesla intensity are used. An apparatus which creates over 1.0 Tesla is called “high-field” and is used for spectroscopy, functional examinations, or the ultra-fast inspection of blood vessels and the heart.Magnetic resonance exploits properties of the nuclei of a hydrogen atom, in particular those of its protons. When put into a strong magnetic field they become magnetized, consume impulses of low frequency electromagnetic waves and send impulses during the disappearance of activity. This signal, differing in absorption depending on the kind of tissue it passes through, is processed by the computer system and converted into images which are interpreted by radiologists.We are also equipped with software for the colour shaded depiction of cartilage joints.
Medical X-Ray 60 zł - 250 zł
The X-Ray diagnostic method is widely applied in medicine, mainly in the diagnosis of bone trauma. The procedure itself is straightforward as each tissue type of the body absorbs roentgen rays in different ways. The X-rays pass through soft tissue but are reflected back by the denser bone material and hence an image can be produced showing this reflection. To get the X-ray image, the radiation going through the body causes a blackening of a photographic plate according to the amount of absorption. The bone tissue demonstrates a much greater absorption capacity than the tissues surrounding it, which is visible on the film as the non-blackened area. X-ray examinations have a limited application in the diagnosis of tissues due to the fact that there is too small a difference between the absorption coefficients of these different tissues as opposed to that of the dense bone. With a view to a better depiction some shading agents are applied, called contrasts, and then a viable image of non-bone material can be createdRepeated X-ray examinations are not encouraged as too much radiation can be hazardous to health. Therefore, they are carried out exclusively on patients holding a referral issued by a doctor. For children they are limited to a minimum, and more progressive methods of diagnosis are applied, which are safer for the patient.
CT Scan - Computed Tomography 580 zł - 1200 zł
Spiral computed tomography uses roentgen rays (X-rays) to get detailed images of the inside of the human body like never before. As a result of advanced computer processing, diagnostic images can be created for any part of a patient’s body. Enough data can be collected in a CAT scan for the rendering of an advanced three-dimensional reconstruction of the examined tissue or organ.An X-ray lamp and detectors suspended on opposite sides of a perfectly round hoop are the main components of a CAT scanner. Entering the CAT scan on a special table, the patient is situated between the lamp and detectors. The X-ray lamp generates radiation, which passes through the patient’s body and is picked up by detectors. The fact that X-rays are differently impaired by individual organs/tissues of the body forms the collection basis for the image. The detectors are able to measure the level of this differential weakness and create a digital image of the results. The amount of data attained during the examination has grown due to the application of modern detectors, which has given greater processing possibilities. This means that, after performing an examination, even when the patient has already left the studio, we can use the received data to get additional and alternative renderings of the examined area. They are usually two and three dimensional images of examined structures, and in the case of the cardiovascular system, the images are similar to subtractive angiography. It is also possible to make three-dimensional images of the interior of organs using the light/clearance system (such as: blood vessels, stomach, intestines, trachea, bronchial tree, and even the inside of the middle ear). Such reconstructions are called multi-surface, three-dimensional or virtual endoscopy.CAT scan recommendations for orthopaedic patients:
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Dentalux - Dental Clinic in Poland


Wiśniowa 40, Warszawa, 02520
For more information about Dentalux in Warsaw please contact the clinic.
MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
CT Scan - Computed Tomography  
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Medicover Hospital - Dr Maciej Kielar

Medicover Hospital

Al. Rzeczpospolitej 5, Warsaw, 02972
4.6 from 3 verified reviews
Affable and attentive personnelDenys, Ukraine, 05 05 18

Going here to vaccinate our child and our self against Meningitis B. Does not have certifications in Ukraine, but already available in EU. So we went on a "medical tourism" trip. We try to contact with different clinics in Poland but get no response. So we find Medicover, what have a hospital in Poland and clinic in Ukraine (in Lviv). Ukrainian medics helped us with arranging an appointment to the hospital in Poland, and we finally find a place for vaccination. Some impressions about hospital and personnel. Medicover Hospital placed far away from town center (going here on the bus take around 50 minutes). It occupies nice designed big modern building (with parking). Many natural lights indoor from glass roof and patios. It creates a rejuvenating atmosphere. Affable and attentive personnel. Talk in Polish, English, and Russian (a little). Made a quick checkup, explained all about the vaccine, make an injection, observe for half an hour and we were free as birds. Will return here for a second vaccination.

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
GP Consultation  
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Phlebology Clinic - Warsaw - General Practice in Poland

Phlebology Clinic - Warsaw

Wawelska 5, entrance from Rokitnicka Street, Warsaw, 02034
The Clinic of Phlebology has created a modern medical centre in the heart of Warsaw (Poland) whose mission is to introduce modern diagnostics and treatment of venous system diseases with broadly-defined education of patients and training physicians in the field of phlebology. The Clinic of Phlebology is composed of nurses and physicians who deal passionately with venous system diseases for years. The strength of our team results from a complex approach to problems and ailments reported by patients. What makes us distinct?In our offer, you will find a full ultrasound diagnostics of venous and arterial vessels (ultrasound doppler). In collaboration with the Center of Imaging Diagnostics of the Medicover Hospital and 3T MRI unit of the Sports Medicine Center in Warsaw, we can perform every examination of vessels. We make, i.a. phlebographical examinations, intravascular ultrasound Radiologists from our team are personally concerned with the analysis and performing of such advanced vascular examinations. Due to a diversified range of skills of our team, we apply the knowledge on phlebology, angiology, radiology, imaging diagnostics, general internal medicine, surgery and aesthetic medicine in the diagnostic and therapeutic process.
MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
CT Scan - Computed Tomography  
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Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej MSW z W-MCO w Olsztynie - General Practice in Poland
Patients from overseas are welcomed and treated at affordable prices at this hospital located at Olsztyn in Poland. The team at the hospital consists of highly trained and experienced professionals and a wide range of medical diagnostic and treatment services are offered at the hospital. The hospital is fitted with state of the art equipment to enable the team to perform cutting edge procedures while treating patients. Medical disciplines available at the hospital include general surgery, internal medicine, oncology, orthopaedics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology and obstetrics, neurology and rehabilitation services.
MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI without Contrast Conjunction from 550 zł
MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (of the pelvis, bladder, prostate contrast conjunction) from 610 zł
Face MRI with Contrast Conjunction from 660 zł
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