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Medica 3- Dr. Z. Todorova

Medica 3- Dr. Z. Todorova

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Golden sands resort - Hotel Melia Grand Hermitage, 27 " Akad.Andrey Saharov", Varna, Bulgaria, 9000Bulgaria

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About Medica 3- Dr. Z. Todorova

"MEDICA 3" is one of the leading dental offices in The Eastern Coast of the Black Sea. The dental offices are located in the luxurious Bulgarian resort"Golden Sands" so that you can take complete care of your health and beauty, body and teeth. You can combine the magical healing effect of the sun, water and seaweeds of the Black Sea with the chance of getting an efficient high - tech and know - how dental treatment.                                

Dr. Todorova with her 28 years experience in the field of dental orthopedics can give you the chance of a new life. Just for one week (even less - 4 days are enough for orthopedic treatment due to the good collaboration between the dentists and the dental technicians) she can change your life for the better ... She offers her patients a combined approach to their teeth where healthy teeth and the right shape and length of the teeth become one beautiful smile. 
Dr. Todorova introduces in her practices the newest dental service - imputting of implants. The intervention is performed by a dentist with a specialty in surgery.

The dental offices have experience in treating patients from all over the world. Germany, UK, Ireland, Israel, Russia, Island and the Scandinavian countries...

We work with the best tourist agencies and offer planned vacations for single patients or a group of patients.Our vacations are affordable for the average citizens of European countries. "Save & Enjoy" which means that you will reduce your dental costs by 50 - 70%. At the same time you will enjoy one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries - Bulgaria.

Visit us and become one of our satisfied patients from around the globe!

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Patient reviews

4.8 from 15 verified reviews
Mrs_Elaine, Bulgaria
( Review verified by phone and email)

My experience has been amazing the full team of doctor and dental nurses were first class

5 50 Dental Implants, Extractions

I myself have had to wear a denture since I was 13 years old due to loss of teeth from a fall. Over the years I lost another 4 teeth so had a top denture with 5 teeth on it. I hated wearing a denture but felt there was nothing else I could do. Unfortunately, I have a very strong bite this resulted in having to then wear a metal denture, which was even worse for me. I have always avoided having photos done I would always hide at the back.

12 years ago I had family that moved to Bulgaria who started to use Dr Zlatina Todorova. He had porcelain crowns fitted to all his upper teeth which I thought was amazing he looked Fab. I still carried on using my dentist in the UK but I was back and forth Bulgaria visiting my family. One day I decided why not go and see if I could have anything done, to make me feel more confident about my smile. I was very nervous at the time.

On meeting Dr Zlatina Todorova I was made to feel so at ease, she explained exactly what they could do for me. I basically needed 4 implants, 2 extractions, a metal bridge and 14 porcelain crowns. I came out feeling confident with what the Doctor told me said but said I will go back to the UK also have a chat with my dentist about what could be done.

My dentist read through everything and said it is a really big job to do. He was very surprised with the cost said nobody could compete with that in the UK. I then booked my ticket phoned the clinic to book in for the work to be done nervous was an understatement.

On arrival at the clinic, I realised that I did not need to feel nervous at all. As work was being done it was explained to me every step of the way. I experienced no pain as this was all controlled with pain relief. On the first day, I had my implants done, extractions, other teeth drilled ready for the crowns and bridge. I returned the next day to have temporary teeth put in, to protect my mouth. I then returned 4 days later to have the metal bridge fitted.

I returned to the clinic 4 days later for Dr Zalatina to permanently fit the brace.

My experience has been amazing the full team of doctors dentist and dental nurses were 1st Class.

I have not stopped smiling. My teeth are unbelievable Dr Zlatina has made me feel so happy and confident. To think it has taken me 43 years wearing a denture, to now be denture free is amazing. I cannot thank Dr Zlatina enough. She will be my permanent Dentist now who will see a lot more of me.

Treated by: Dr Zlatina Todorova
Mrs_Donna, Bulgaria
( Review verified by phone and email)

I won't go anywhere else now that I have found this place

5 50 Periodontitis Treatment, Fillings, Dental Crowns • Paid: 300 лв.

I've had several visits to the clinic over the last year. Treatment to cut the gum on the wisdom tooth, a deep filling and more recently a crown. I have always hated going to the dentist but all of the doctors and nurses at this clinic have made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

The doctor and nurses are very helpful. The clinic itself is very clean and the prices are reasonable too. I won't go anywhere else now that I have found this place. A lot of family members use this dental clinic with excellent results.

Paul, UK
( Review verified by phone)

I was well looked after and the clinic constantly kept in touch

5 50 Dental Crowns, White Filling, Hygienist Session • Paid: 3106 лв.

I have worn a denture for over 30 years and I had 2 missing teeth to the right of my two front teeth and one missing to the left of my 2 front teeth. I sent a photograph to Dr. Todorova and she replied within 24 hours to say she could provide me with a fixed metal bridge to replace my missing teeth. The response from the clinic to my emails prior to my visit to Bulgaria was excellent. I was very nervous about having the treatment, but once I was at the clinic I was put at ease immediately. The pain relief is excellent, the treatment I was given was second to none. I have a metal bridge fitted with 7 porcelain ceramic crowns. This meant I had to have my two front teeth filed down and one either side of the missing teeth filed down. A metal bridge was then permanently fitted with 7 crowns. 4 to cover the filed teeth and 3 to replace the missing teeth. I also had a white filling and my teeth polished. I would highly recommend the clinic and Dr. Todorova to anyone, very professional.

I visited the clinic at the 5* Melia Grand Hermitage Hotel the day after I arrived (Sunday) and treatment started immediately, I spent about 2 and a half hours on the first day. I then went back for a checkup and to have temporary plastic crowns fitted until my bridge was ready. The work was completed by the Friday (less than a week). I was well looked after and the clinic constantly kept in touch. I chose the clinic as I had friends who had visited two years previously for treatment and they recommended it. The results are exactly as I had hoped, at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in the UK. I also enjoyed two weeks holiday.

Treated by: Dr Zlatina Todorova
Reidar, Bulgaria
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

A pleasant and professional examination

5 50 Teeth Cleaning • Paid: 137 лв.

A pleasant and professional examination, treatment and dental cleaning.

Nice, convenient with very professional and nice English speaking staff.

Nora, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

I now enjoy going to the dentist

5 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: 3350 лв.

Panoramic Dental X-Ray
Teeth cleaning
Tooth removal
7 zircon ceramic crowns

I chose this clinc because only they gave me the very first consultation I wanted over e-mails from a photo I sent them. I needed a general idea of what can be done , of course I knew for more details I will have to visit in person. So I did. Booked my first appointment in December 2016.

I was welcomed by Dr Todorova and her team.
Dr Todorova explained very detailed how she sees every step to create a nice smile. I was happy with all the information I received. Had a filling done and teeth cleaning.
Then was just matter of time to arrange time off work and go for the whole procedure.
The team are very responsive to emails so that made it easy to organise it all.

Stayed in Varna just over 2 weeks , had tooth removal and every day visits .
At the end I left with 7 zircon ceramic crowns and a beautiful smile :)

The team were so caring and friendly. I felt calm in their hands and believe it or not I now enjoy going to the dentist (how many people can say that !)
I can`t thank enough Dr Todorova and her team for my new smile. Thank you all and see you again soon

Treated by: Dr Zlatina Todorova

Dear Nora, thank you very much for the kind words.We are very happy when our patients are satisfied with the final results of our work.Things happen when the patients are patient and when they trust us,like you.We hope that will see you again, maybe in summer :). Kind Regards

Dr Zlatina Todorova
Dr Zlatina Todorova
Gail, Sri Lanka
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I am happy with the result and the price for my Dental Crowns and Teeth Cleaning

5 50 Dental Crowns, Teeth Cleaning, Panoramic Dental X-Ray

I requested quotes from at least 6 clinics but Dr.Todotova was the only one who replied. I went to see her as i wanted to replace 2 crowns and get a good clean. i had a panoramic xray around 20 lev payable to the xray specialists in the building. Consultation and clean 70euro. You can get a clean for a cheaper price, however, they did a fantastic job- best clean i have ever had, so i am happy with the result and the price.

The clinic was clean and very modern. The staff spoke good English. I was offered a huge range of treatments much more than i had planned. However, for 2000 euro i could basically get a new set of crowns, whitening of my original teeth to match the crowns and an adjustment to the bite. I have plenty of time to review my options and will let you know how it goes.

Treated by: Dr Zlatina Todorova

Dear Geil thank you for the kind words,we are happy that we didn't disappoint you and that your visit in our clinic was pleasant for you.We hope that we will see you again! Best regards

Dr Zlatina Todorova
Dr Zlatina Todorova
Karen, Bulgaria
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Left with a smile I never thought I'd have

5 50 Porcelain Crown, Dental Implants

I'd always covered my mouth when I smiled because my teeth were in such bad condition and very squint and crooked. As I got older they got worse and by the time I decided to do something about it they were in a terrible state with most of my side teeth missing and the front ones broken and needing replaced -so I thought! Dr Todorova thought differently and said she could restore my smile using porcelain crowns. And she and her wonderful team have done just that! Today I left the clinic with a smile that I never dreamt I'd have! And I can't stop smiling!! Thank you so much!

My experience was one of total care from start to finish. Excellent pain relief and such gentle work with constant good communication throughout. I found the experience very relaxing and I'd a good amount of work done that before with previous dentists, I would have found terrifying, but here, with such an excellent team of genuinely lovely people I relaxed and actually enjoyed the treatment! Do not hesitate to go to Dr Todorova, you will be going to the very best of dentists. She and her team are perfectionists so you can be sure the work will be of the very highest standard. I will return here for all future dentistry and recommend my family and friends to do the same. First class!!

Thank you very much Karen for the kind words.For everyone from our team was a pleasure to work with you - when the patient is possitive and motivated the results are brilliant. Happy Holidays and hope to see you soon! Regards

Dr Zlatina Todorova
Dr Zlatina Todorova
Martin, Norway
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

Treated very nicely for root fillings

5 50 Root Canals, Root Filling, Fillings • Paid: 1074 лв.

As a student in Norway, it is very expensive to get a dental treatment. Dr. Z. Todorova had a clinic in Golden Sands, in a hotel which was close to mine. I had some root canal fillings and normal fillings. I always felt welcome, and they treated my teeth nicely.
I'm coming back here next year.

I chose this clinic after reviewing the price and location. I also made sure that their equipment was sterilized, which you always should do when you choose your dentist. I also found their English better than the rest of the dentists.

Treated by: Dr Zlatina Todorova

Thank you very much for the kind words!Hope to see you next year! Best regards

Dr Zlatina Todorova
Dr Zlatina Todorova
Geoff, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

I received constant attention

4.5 50 Extractions, Dental Implants, Dental Crowns • Paid: 6699 лв.

I had made myself a promise many years ago that when circumstances permitted, I would renew my teeth as comprehensively as finances permitted. In the UK, I was estimating a spend a minimum of between £4/5K and a course of treatment that would, if continuous, span a ten day period. My upper jaw required an extraction, two implants and nine crowns. My lower jaw would have to put up with a set of dentures until the coffers were replenished. Marieta from Dr Todorova's clinic quoted around 50% of my UK estimates (not among the lowest of the approximate estimates I received) With airfares, hotels, meals etc., I calculated another 20%. So, if everything worked well and to plan, I would save £1200/£1500. I decided to proceed.

My decision to choose Medica 3 had little to do with dentistry and more to do with where I would choose to spend ten days of which, say 5, would be committed to treatment and 5 to relaxing/sightseeing. My choice was based on a choice of beach and sun on the Black Sea rather than churches and monuments elsewhere. I assumed, based on the promo photo that Medica 3's clinic was in the hotel and Golden Sands. The cost of hotels in this area was too costly, so I had to opt for a more economic, but very adequate hotel on the front in Varna centre. Just as well. It just so happens that the clinic where the dentistry is carried out is on the outskirts of Varna centre and the beach location, mainly for holidaymakers with emergencies. The map is accurate and I suggest they change the photo to match or make it clear in the narrative. Golden Sands is 19 kilometres from Varna centre!
Having said that, I consider myself very lucky that I chose Medica 3. Met at the airport, it was direct to the clinic and an examination, costed options and a good clean. I was impressed and remained impressed throughout my visit with the level of personal attention I received and the continued presence of competent professionals who attended me. One question any prospective client should ask is whether the clinic has in-house technicians who can make and, more importantly, correct and adjust any hardware. To me, it's a vital component.
My appointments were all scheduled outside of hours where local patients were attended and I received constant and painstaking attention to detail and an overall concern that I suffered no pain. Medica 3 is a very professional and complete outfit with a very sympathetic boss (female) who has a great deal of experience. I did have problems with the dentures moving in my mouth which required three visits to correct, but I have to commend the level of competence which was displayed at all times.
Of course, the proof of the pudding is whether my implants and crowns remain as fixed and perfect as they are today. Only time will tell, but I am confident that, the inconvenience and expense of returning apart, I would have any problems readily attended to. As things stand, I cannot recommend Medica 3 too highly and I will be back again to deal with my lower jaw when circumstances ie. cash - permits.
Well done, Medica 3!

Thank you very much for the kind words!Many greetings from the whole team.Hope to see you next year! Best regards

Dr Zlatina Todorova
Dr Zlatina Todorova
John, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Put at ease straight away by the quality of the clinic

5 50 Porcelain Crown

Myself and my partner have just returned from Bulgaria where we both had treatment from Dr. Todorova, I had 8 porcelain crowns and my partner had 12. We were obviously worried about going to a country and Dentist we had never visited before but we were put at ease straight away by the quality of the clinic and the professional and friendly manner of Dr. Todorova and her wonderful team. I would recommend anyone thinking of having treatment to take the plunge, thanks again for our wonderful smiles!!!

Any dental procedure is not pleasant but the results far out weigh any discomfort you get while being in the chair. Dr. Todorova and her team have a knack of putting you at ease. I look forward to returning next year for further treatment.

Treated by: Dr Zlatina Todorova

Thank you very much!This means a lot for us.Hope to see you next year! Regards

Dr Zlatina Todorova
Dr Zlatina Todorova
Michelle, UK
( Verified user)

Very happy with the service received.

5 50 Porcelain Veneers • Paid: 391 лв.

Results are great. The value for money is excellent. I would recommend this clinic to anyone as the consultation is very thorough, you can ask plenty of questions and explain what it is you want to have done. Very happy with the service received.

Janice, UK
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Amazed at the wonderful care and treatment

Dental Implants • Paid: 2903 лв.

Amazed at the wonderful care and treatment, cannot fault in any way. Thank you all so much.

Zornitsa, Greece
( Review verified by phone and email)

Excellent care!

5 50 Dental Implants • Paid: 5861 лв.

Total Teeth Care & Dental implants

I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Todorova and her staff for all the kindness and excellent care we received. You have taken extra special care of Ludvig, as well as me. We are grateful for your thorough professionalism and comprehensive care over the past years. We feel extremely lucky to be taken care of by you.
Thank you so much for the phenomenal work you did on our teeth. Thank you for my smile!

Treated by: Dr Zlatina Todorova
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Medica 3- Dr. Z. Todorova - Golden sands resort - Hotel Melia Grand Hermitage, 27

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Dr Zlatina Todorova -  at Medica 3- Dr. Z. Todorova

Dr Zlatina Todorova

  Endodontics, Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Paediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics)
  English, German, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian
Dr. Zlatina Todorova graduated as a dentist from the Medical Academy of Sofia, Bulgaria in 1981. She specialised and worked as a family dentist and surgeon in the city of Shumen until 2000. In 2000 she started working in her own dental offices in the Black Sea resorts of Albena and Golden Sands, treating mostly foreign patients interested in aesthetic prosthetics. Since 2001 Dr. Todorova also specialised in working with and for children with physical and mental disabilities.

Dr Todor Todorov

  General Dentistry, Implantology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Surgery
  English, Bulgarian, Russian
Dr. Todor Todorov graduated as a dentist from the Medical Academy of Sofia, Bulgaria in 1982. He specialised and worked as a surgeon in the city of Shumen. In 1986 he took his degree in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. Latter he also started working in the field of Implantology.
Dr Nevin Sabri -  at Medica 3- Dr. Z. Todorova

Dr Nevin Sabri

  General Dentistry, Paediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics)
  English, German, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew
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Golden sands resort - Hotel Melia Grand Hermitage, 27 " Akad.Andrey Saharov", Varna, Bulgaria, 9000Bulgaria