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Lisa Sacks

Bristol Nuffield Hospital at the Chesterfield, 3 Clifton Hill, Bristol, BS8 1BNUK

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About Lisa Sacks


IMPORTANT NOTE: We only consult and operate from Bristol, UK, so if you are travelling from further afield, please be mindful of the travel time/ follow up process and time commitment this will take. If you are travelling from outside the UK, this might not be the best practice for you.

We also can only operate on patients that is 18 years old and over. 

After 10 years of extensive NHS practice, Lisa Sacks established her private clinic in Bristol. The clinic has a reputation for pre surgery patient care and follow up care for patients. Surgery for breast reshaping (augmentation, reduction, uplift and symmetrisation), tummy tuck, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and labiaplasties are performed at the clinic.


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Patient reviews

5.0 from 126 verified reviews
Amy Johnson, UK
( Review verified by phone)

The pain in the top of my shoulders has completely gone and my self-confidence has grown so much

5 50 Breast Reduction

Age 40 and Sporty new mum of a fabulous little man

I decided to have the surgery that I have always wanted when I was off on maternity leave from work so that the 12-week recovery would not be affected by my physically demanding job. The Vertical Breast Reduction surgery was fully explained to me, and the realistic results were discussed at length. 

I have always worn clothes that are baggy and ill-fitting to hide my large breasts. For years I managed to squeeze myself into a 36DD bra, but after discussion with the surgeon I think I was definitely closer to a G cup. I would never consider wearing a vest top or any other tight-fitting top in public but since surgery I have completely changed what I wear as now I have greater confidence in my body shape.

I had seen Ms Sacks surgical work before I decided to ask her to improve my physique. She gave me realistic expectations of the surgery, scarring, pain, length of recovery and how the vertical breast reduction would be the best procedure to give me the size and shape of breasts that I wanted.

I woke up from surgery and was comfortable. For the first few days I took some pain killers (Paracetamol & Ibuprofen) but didn't experience any great discomfort. I stuck to the recovery plan for 12 weeks which is essential for a good and painless recovery. 

My posture has improved dramatically since surgery. The pain in the top of my shoulders has completely gone and my self-confidence has grown so much. I am now wearing fitted clothes and feeling confident in my appearance. I feel so much better about myself. In work and at home, hardly any of my friends or my colleagues are aware that I have had surgery. They are aware that I have changed what I wear, but not why. I am now a 36B and am not being knocked around when I run or have by boobs tied down within an inch of their lives. 

Ms Sacks was there for me at all stages with advice and insights from pre-surgery through to recovery with in-person consultations and Zoom Meetings due to Covid restrictions. She has kept in contact at regular phases of recovery which were pre-arranged for convienience. She is so kind and makes you feel very relaxed. To me, she feels like a guardian angel that has made a huge difference to my life. 

The cost of the surgery was reasonable. At the end of the day, I saw it as an investment in my future life. I was aware that the hospital offers a finance package which can be helpful to spread the cost if needed.

My only regret would be not having this surgery with Lisa Sacks years ago. I honestly can't recommend her enough; she is very professional, easy to talk to and a fantastic surgeon.

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Amy Stokes, UK
( Review verified by email)

I am so much happier looking in the mirror these days

5 50 Breast Reduction • Paid: £7500

Lisa really cares about her patients and is invested in their happiness and well-being. Decisions are made based on what is best for the patient, even if that means turning them away.

I had a vertical incision breast reduction, going from an F cup to a small C (possibly even a B in some bras!). I’d wanted this surgery for almost 20 yrs, as I was an early developer and have been large chested since my early teens and hated it. Lisa was the first surgeon I felt would take my concerns and motivations seriously after a long period of research.
From pre-op to post-operative care, the service at The Nuffield was amazing, with Lisa and her team taking every care to make sure I was comfortable both physically and mentally. I cannot believe how relatively painless the whole process was, and recovery was also without incident. Post-surgery I could contact Lisa at any time and get a quick and reassuring response.

Since the surgery my posture has improved greatly; once I was healed enough to run again I was amazed at how much freer I felt whilst doing it! Clothing that used to pull under my arms and feel restrictive is now loose and comfortable and I never have to feel restricted by heavy-duty bras again. I am so much happier looking in the mirror these days. I wish I had done this earlier!

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Susannah Fry, UK
( Review verified by email)

I feel like a new person and years younger

5 50 Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift

I had a tummy tuck and breast uplift.

I went to see Lisa after waiting nearly ten years to have this done, I lost 10 stone after weight loss surgery (kept it off)and had lose skin and felt old , now aged 48 and on my own decided it was time for me, Lisa and the team were fantastic talking to me about the pros and cons, speaking to ladies Lisa had done the procedure on really help me make the right decision for me. I feel like a new person and years younger, my confidence is sky high and my posture is now tall and proud. I can’t thank Lisa and her team enough

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Madeleine Street, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

My posture instantly improved and I immediately felt smaller and feminine

5 50 Breast Reduction

I am 41 years old and had a vertical breast reduction 18 months ago with Lisa Sacks.

I was a 38GG and now wear 38D. I had always wanted a reduction and Lisa was highly recommended to me. After meeting Lisa, I knew this was the right time. The surgery and recovery I can honestly say was straightforward with very little discomfort.

My posture instantly improved and I immediately felt smaller and feminine. The results exceeded my expectations and my confidence is the best it’s ever been! Shopping for bras is no longer a chore and I do not need to wear an underwire. I have had regular follow-ups with Lisa and felt I could contact her and Liana if I needed too. This has been life-changing for me and my family. It’s worth every penny! I am a different person!

Thank you, Lisa.

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
FoxyVox, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I finally feel I have the breasts I've always wanted

5 50 Breast Reduction • Paid: £7300

I am 37 and I had a secondary breast reduction with Miss Sacks a few months ago. I had the vertical incision - she is one of the few UK surgeons who offer this technique. My initial surgery (with a different surgeon) was approximately 15 years ago - I had the anchor incision at the time. Within that time frame, my breasts grew back to a 30 GG cup (I suspect due to two pregnancies and some weight gain, although my BMI stayed within normal range) and were sitting really low on my chest. I had pretty horrid back pain, no clothes fit right and I looked enormous even at a BMI of 21. I couldn't really run or do intensive exercise.

I saw two other surgeons in the Bristol area prior to seeing Miss Sacks. They both wanted to do an anchor incision and one was clear I wouldn't be able to go to a C/D cup without a free nipple graft which I wasn't happy to do.

Miss Sacks came across as really professional and able to listen to what I wanted from the surgery. She was attentive and discussed all of my concerns. The pre-op and post-op care was brilliant, she offered so many opportunities for me to discuss any issues or concerns I had. She offers long term follow up, which is something nobody else I've spoken to seems to offer!

I am still in awe of how smooth the entire process was, compared to what I had previously experienced during my first BR and to what I was expecting. The surgery was virtually pain-free after the first night in hospital, when I had pain relief promptly. I was able to walk around so much quicker than anticipated and use my arms. I am now three months post-op.

I finally feel I have the breasts I've always wanted - I am now a 30C/D. All the clothes I try on fit, all the off the shelf bras fit - it's really such a magical feeling, after all these years of having to buy Bravissimo bras! I think my posture is better, certainly, my back and neck pain is much improved.

I think the result exceeds my expectations, especially considering this was a secondary breast reduction and a vertical incision (which lots of surgeons will tell you can't achieve a significant reduction!). Definitely, worth the money, I wish I had it done sooner!

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Emma Falkner, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

It feels amazing to see the skin and my lower ribcage beneath my breasts now

4.5 50 Breast Lift • Paid: £7500

I had always been unhappy with the shape of my breasts. They had always been droopy, even as a teenager I struggled and felt self-conscious because of my breast shape. Just before surgery, I was a 36 D - so it wasn't so much the size but the fact that they were long and pendulous.

Now I am a 36 C and my breasts are higher and smaller. It feels amazing to see the skin and my lower ribcage beneath my breasts now. This area had always been covered up my breast tissue. I have just bought a bikini top which I am looking forward to wearing in the summer. I also feel taller and I walk with a more upright carriage - I don't have the heaviness of my breasts pulling me forward.

The operation went fine - however, I did too much exercise in the 2 weeks afterwards so I risked the shape of my breasts and they also became very sensitive and painful which meant I didn't like the tightness of the support bra. This was my fault and I didn't follow Lisa's advice of resting fully in the 2 weeks afterwards. Six months later they are looking good although I am a bit concerned about my right breast and nipple which is pointing downwards a little - but Lisa has reassured me that the breast will continue to adjust for another 6 months.

As soon as I met Dr Lisa Sacks I immediately knew that I was in safe and confident hands. She had come highly recommended - and I was not disappointed. She speaks with passion and confidence in her surgical ability and although I was nervous going into the operation I felt that I was going to be cared for well.

Her immediate aftercare is also excellent - texting and following up on a daily basis for 2 weeks. She also made it clear that if I had any concerns or queries post operation I could contact her. Which I did!

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Lola, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I am also more motivated to eat well and exercise as it makes tummy result even better

5 50 Tummy Tuck

I had my tummy tuck with Lisa 3 months ago, and am over the moon with my results.

I'm 37 and have 2 boys (4 and 7 ). My tummy muscles separated after my first pregnancy, leaving me with two bulges on my tummy no matter how much i exercised. I was still only size 8-10, but seeing my tummy was upsetting me every single day. Finally, when our youngest was 4, and my husband and I decided that our family was complete, I decided to do something about it.

I found Lisa thanks to all the wonderful reviews on this and other websites. She was not the nearest surgeon to me (she is in Bristol and I am in Hertfordshire, so it's 2.5hrs by car or trains each way!). But because most consultations were online, I found this very manageable; and only had to travel to Bristol 3 times (one for pre-op consultation; one for surgery and one for 2 weeks post-op check-up). Lisa was on hand via Whatsapp all times day and night; so I did not at all feel unsafe not living in Bristol. We also had regular Zoom follow-ups, in which I could raise any concerns (if I had any).

I was terribly anxious before the op, but it all went very well, and I could feel my corset-like repaired abs on the evening of the surgery. My recovery went smoothly; I was working from home 2 weeks after surgery; and now 3 months on I am back to doing karate, yoga as well as HIIT and weights. Aesthetically, my tummy looks even better than I expected. Bulges on the stomach and wrinkly skin have gone. I now have a definitive hourglass shape, something that I didn't expect. My tummy is super flat - it no longer sags to the floor when I do a plank and no longer hangs over the top of my trousers, skirts, etc. This has given me enormous confidence - I can wear cropped tops (which I didn't do even when I was a teenager!); I no longer turn off the light when I am intimate with my husband; I am also more motivated to eat well and exercise as it makes tummy result even better.

To summarise I am super pleased with my results. Lisa is a fantastic surgeon - I followed her instructions to the letter, and she created a result that far exceeded my expectations. She is also a wonderful and caring person; once you meet her you make a friend for life.

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Karen Gatrell, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

She was professional and approachable giving me much needed confidence

5 50 Breast Reduction

Vertical Breast Reduction Oct 2020 (36GG to 34DD) Age 56 - The only regret I have is that I didn't find Lisa and do this decades ago!

A bit about me: From my teenage years my breasts had been the bane of my life. They were large and pendulous. No matter how much weight I lost or how much exercise I tried to do nothing changed. My shoulders had dents where my bra straps were holding the weight of my breasts. My breasts hurt when I exercised and even a brisk walk could cause discomfort. My posture was not great either. I found shopping for clothes a nightmare as my frame was often a size 12/14 but because of the size of my breasts I would need to buy a 16/18 in a top or a dress which made me look much larger than I was. Basically, I felt that all people saw was my breasts. For many years I wanted to have a breast reduction procedure, but the timing was never right and/or I did not have the finance readily available. I am an anxious person, so it needed to be right for me to go ahead. I made myself a promise that I would do the necessary research and go ahead with this as soon as I retired.

Surgery: I decided to retire early and late 2019 I fixed the date for April 2020. As soon as that decision was made, I started my research. Once I came across Lisa’s profile and read all the information and reviews pertaining to her, I knew that I wanted Lisa to carry out my operation using the vertical scar technique. Pre surgery I lost approximately 1½ stone - none of it from my breasts!

Little did I know that I had decided to undergo this procedure in the middle of a global pandemic! However, Lisa and her manager, Liana are such kind and caring ladies who made me feel supported throughout. I met Lisa via two Zoom consultations and once in person before my surgery. She was professional and approachable giving me much needed confidence. My regular follow-ups have been carried out over Zoom due to the pandemic which is very convenient for me as Bristol is over an hour from where I live. Lisa listened, understood my anxieties and discussed my expectations with me. She has an eye for proportions which gives her the ability to bring about amazing results that I could never have imagined. Lisa is only ever a message or call away and I know she will always be there if I have any questions or issues.

A bit about me now: I look in the mirror and can see my torso and rib cage – AMAZING!!! I am 3 months post-op and I feel fabulous. No pain when I exercise, my weight loss that no one seemed to see before the operation is now noticed by everyone I meet. I stand taller and have no discomfort from my bra. Following surgery, I’ve lost almost ½ stone and I’m an off the peg size 12. My confidence has been boosted ten-fold and exercising is painless. This surgery was 100% worth the expense and the small amount of discomfort that came with it. Lisa and her team at the Nuffield are second to none and I would thoroughly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to have this surgery.

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Ella Murphy, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I felt very comfortable and trusted her completely

5 50 Breast Reduction

I had my breast reduction at age 21 and haven’t looked back since! I went from a 34G to a 34D and having suffered from back and shoulder pain, difficulty exercising and body insecurities.

My posture improved almost immediately, and once I recovered I found I could run again with no pain and shopping for new clothes is so much more enjoyable! I’ve always been quite active through rowing, but I’m now the fittest I’ve ever been and even signed up for a half marathon, which never would have been possible before!

Lisa was absolutely incredible throughout the experience from the first consultation to the regular follow-up appointments. She does everything possible to get the best result for you, I felt very comfortable and trusted her completely!

Natasha Fourie, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I finally look and feel much happier and more youthful which is how everybody should feel

5 50 Breast Reduction • Paid: £7300

I recently underwent a breast reduction using the vertical scar method which Lisa is so well known for and I can safely say it is the best decision I have ever made. I have wanted this done since I was a teenager, however, I was always concerned about finding the right surgeon. I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend me and I’m grateful I can now do the same for others!

This really is a life-changing surgery, not just for the alleviated neck and back pain, but how much my confidence has grown makes it worth the price entirely. I used to come out of the shower or get dressed trying to hide away from my partner and even myself.. always feeling self-conscious and upset with my body, but it is safe to say that ship has sailed! I finally look and feel much happier and more youthful which is how everybody should feel, and Lisa made this all possible.

From the minute I contacted Lisa I knew I wanted to go ahead with her as my surgeon (and luckily the hospital was located in my home City which made the process even better!). Both Lisa and her manager Liana kept in frequent contact with me making sure I was completely prepared and Liana did everything she could to get me dated as soon as possible which just proves how much they value the patients they have. I also decided to undergo this procedure in the midst of a global pandemic, but throughout the whole process, I felt safe and supported both emotionally and physically. My regular follow-ups have been carried out over Zoom which is actually more convenient for me due to work and Lisa is always just on the other end of the phone if I have a question (which I have had many). I’d recommend this 1000x over to anybody considering it.

I went from a droopy E cup to a youthful, perky C cup and haven’t looked back since.

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Kate Cliff, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

Not only are the results better than I could ever have hoped

5 50 Breast Implants, Tummy Tuck

I am a fit 46-year-old and have had 3 caesarean sections. Having spent the best part of 10 years dieting and exercising to try to deal with the damage the c-sections had left me, in the hope I could improve my physical (without clothes) appearance myself. I began to realise I couldn’t. Following a recommendation, I went to see Lisa which has turned out one of the most positive life-changing experiences and the best decision I have ever made. My only regret was not doing this 10 years ago.

I had a breast augmentation (mentor micro-textured cohesive silicone gel) and tummy tuck at the same time, which also resulted in a repair of a ventral hernia and umbilical hernia. I hadn’t realised until after the surgery that my posture, digestive system, bowels, abdominal discomfort, distended stomach etc were so poor pre-surgery. Not only have all these things been corrected, but I also look and feel far better than I have ever done in my life. My body image and confidence has improved dramatically. I was a 34B and size 10 (and yes, you can still have significant excess skin and all these problems at this size whilst being physically fit too).

Lisa saw me regularly for several pre-op appointments to talk me through what the surgery would entail and to be sure that I was sure and understood what could be achieved and also what couldn’t. She made me feel that if I wanted to change my mind or if it wasn’t for me then I could walk away at any point. She didn’t rush me and let me make my decisions in my own time but with lots of support, guidance and factual information throughout.

The results are incredible. I am now size 8 wearing 32DD. My goal was to look normal and proportionate. Not only are the results better than I could ever have hoped, aesthetically Lisa ensures your new belly button and scarring are also perfect which includes strict post-operative care. Her attention to detail pre, during and post-surgery is exceptional. Lisa sets out to give a Rolls Royce service and she does this and more. She sees you many times before you leave the hospital, stays in touch by text and also sees you post-surgery for regular follow up appointments. In addition to this, you also have access to her PA Liana who is brilliant at absolutely everything, getting your 100’s of questions answered quickly! I trusted Lisa implicitly and her standard of care, bedside manner and gentle approach was perfect for me.

The only warning I would give is don’t go into this lightly. It is not a walk in the park and you don’t get the results I have got by popping in for a quick op and not listening to the advice. It is major surgery and for the results to be as perfect as mine you need to follow all the advice for post-surgery recovery. It is painful, even if you think you have a high pain threshold (I have), you may think you will be back in work in a week (I did think) but you won’t, you will need about 3 weeks before you can even begin to feel human. Go into to it with your eyes open, ask all the questions, accept it will take about 6 weeks out of your life before you start to feel normal, rest as you are told, don’t push it - then you will have the most magnificent result.

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Emma, UK
( Review verified by phone)

It has completely changed my life for the better

5 50 Septoplasty, Septoplasty

In 2017 I had an open septorhinoplasty with the wonderful Lisa! Not to sound dramatic but it has completely changed my life for the better. Before surgery, I would avoid social situations, even something as simple as driving I would avoid as I hated stopping at traffic lights in fear the next driver would see my nose from the side.

I was 28 when I had the surgery and even though I wished I had it sooner I think in reality it was the perfect time as I was able to cope better with my emotions - was a bit of a rollercoaster! I had a difficult and long surgery and a more difficult recovery than I had anticipated- it was a very emotional time! Also getting used to seeing my face without that thing that I was so fixated on was a process. But over the months of recovery and swelling reducing my confidence grew and grew.

I am two years post op and it was honestly the best thing I have ever done and I’m so glad I choose Lisa as my surgeon she has been there for me through all of my worries and really has created the nose I should have always had! The best thing about Lisa is she sees the person as an individual and not just a patient, I went to quite a few consultations with other surgeons and when I met Lisa I knew instantly I could trust her. It’s lovely not to have that constant worry and anxiety about something which has enabled me to focus on other things - It has opened up so many opportunities for me and my new confidence - with my first book coming out this month!

So a big thank you to Lisa you are the best.

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
Ellie Bracey, UK
( Review verified by phone)

I feel much more confident in social situations on holidays and most of all with my partner

5 50 Breast Implants • Paid: £5504

My friend has recommended me Lisa Sacks but I did my own research and went ahead with the consultation. Both Liana and Lisa were so approachable and helpful when responding to my questions and made me feel at ease from the get-go. When meeting Lisa she was so warm and welcoming and so gentle towards me, I immediately knew I wanted her to complete my surgery. Lisa gave me all the required information pros and cons so I could make an informed decision myself. Together - we decided on 300cc. I was a 32B/C and my end goal was to be a 32E.

The day of the surgery obviously very nervous but Lisa instantly put me at ease as did the staff at Nuffield Health. Following the surgery, I had a lovely gift and card from Lisa wishing me well, which was such a lovely gesture! Lisa herself came to visit me the next day to check on me and remove the drains herself which I really liked as put my trust in her solely. The aftercare was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t be more thankful to Lisa for giving me her personal number for a week and asking me every couple of days how I was, it reassured me and my mum completely.

3 months now on have 3 checks up at 1 week 3 weeks and 12 weeks! I am healing well, the scars are so minimal I can hardly see them! Absolutely over the moon with my new breast and I feel amazing within myself! The difference it has made to my confidence is beyond believable! I feel much more confident in social situations on holidays and most of all with my partner! I am now wearing a 32E bra!

Treated by: Dr Lisa Sacks
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Dr Lisa Sacks - Surgeon at Lisa Sacks

Dr Lisa Sacks

Job Title:

Lisa Sacks is a highly respected consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Bristol and is trained in every area of plastic surgery, specialising in cosmetic surgery. She is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) and the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe.

Her finely honed sense of aesthetics also forms an important part of her parallel career as a sculptor specialising in the human form.

After training in South Africa and Belgium, Lisa settled in the UK, where she worked as an NHS consultant for almost 10 years, before deciding to go full-time private. She has a completely independent practice, which allows her to offer patients a high level of personalised care and treatment. Patient satisfaction is paramount and a skilled, professional team will take care of you throughout the entire process.

From your initial consultation through to long term follow up care, all your appointments will be with Lisa Sacks herself. At the consultation you will be given an in depth preoperative assessment, together with access to clinical photographs of previous surgical results and the chance to talk to past patients.

The practice has a well earned reputation for providing exceptional preoperative care and support. Attention to detail and building close relationships with patients are our priorities. Long term follow up care is a very important part of our patient care.

A combination of all these factors means that patients have the reassurance of knowing they are in safe hands. This has resulted in the practice enjoying high levels of patient satisfaction and


Bristol Nuffield Hospital at the Chesterfield, 3 Clifton Hill, Bristol, BS8 1BNUK