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What is a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to reduce abdominal fat. The result is a slimmer and firmer abdomen.

How is a Tummy Tuck procedure done?

To perform a tummy tuck procedure, first general anaesthesia is administered. For patients with large tummies, the surgeon will cut the abdomen horizontally between the hip bones and contour the abdominal muscles, skin and tissues. The surgeon will place drainage tubes under the skin if required. Patients with fat deposits only below their navel will need a shorter and less complex procedure where the surgeon will make a smaller incision and perform key-hole surgery, inserting a small camera to see what needs to be done.

What are the alternatives to a Tummy Tuck?

Alternatives to a tummy tuck procedure are liposuction procedures, diet and exercise, and radiofrequency or laser assisted procedures to reduce abdominal fat.

What is the recovery time after a Tummy Tuck?

Patients recover from a mini or partial tummy tuck procedure within a month but full recovery after a full tummy tuck procedure will take about 6 months.

Tummy Tuck vs Mini Tummy Tuck

The full tummy tuck procedure is employed when patients require the contouring of the entire abdominal region. The procedure takes about four to five hours to complete. It takes about six months to completely recover from a tummy tuck procedure. A mini tummy tuck procedure is for patients who have excessive localized fat in their lower abdomen. The procedure is minimally invasive and takes about one hour. Patients recover from a mini tummy tuck procedure within a month.

How long does swelling last after Tummy Tuck?

Swelling after a tummy tuck procedure may last for about six months.

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Polikliniek De Blaak -Vestiging Rijswijk Branch - Drs. Dros the founder of polyclinic the blaak. As one of the first dermatologists in the Netherlands

Polikliniek De Blaak -Vestiging Rijswijk Branch

Oranjelaan 1, Rijswijk, 2281 GA
For more information about Polikliniek De Blaak -Vestiging Rijswijk Branch in s-Gravenhage please contact the clinic.
Abdominoplasty from € 6
Mini Abdominoplasty from € 4
Back roles under the bra band from € 1
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Essential Aesthetics - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Netherlands

Essential Aesthetics

Statenplein 21, Netherlands, The Hague, 2582 EZ
5.0 from 10 verified reviews
The staff are always very friendlyJacob, Netherlands, 06 04 20

I promised myself one day that I will not compromise when it comes to my own body and skin and that I will choose the best doctor. I am now a regular customer of essential for several years now. Always very nice helped. Visited several times for various treatments. And the staff are always very friendly. I will certainly remain a customer of essential in the coming years!

Tummy Tuck € 5500 - € 7500
Liposuction € 5500 - € 9000
At Essential Aesthetics, we specialise in liposuction, and fat aspiration. In addition to liposuction, there is now a new procedure called LipoSculpting, an even more sophisticated liposuction technique. If you are considering liposuction, read on! Sometimes you can't always achieve the desired effect with training. And if you can, you may not have the time or feel like it. Liposuction can then be an option. Please note, liposuction is not a means of losing weight, but it can help you get rid of local excess fat, such as abdominal fat. Many women suffer from stacking fat around the hips, thighs, abdomen and upper arms. Especially after a pregnancy, the body can change a lot under the influence of hormones. Men more often suffer from stacking fat around the abdomen, stomach and neck area. But also on the knees, in the face, around the ankles, back and buttocks, stacking fat can be difficult to train away. Liposuction can then be the ideal solution. Sometimes fat also has to be cut away to achieve the best result (dermolipectomy), as it is often done when treating cellulite.
Fat Transfer/Fat Grafting / Fat Injecting in the face € 2000 - € 2400
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Esthebeauty Den Haag - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Netherlands

Esthebeauty Den Haag

Stationsweg 23, Den Haag, 2515
It's a happy world at Esthebeauty Our price for FUE Up to 4200 Grafts in 1 session incl. 1 A treatment, with accom., airport transfer and English talking Hostess. For 2300,- Euro. 10+ years experience, Only ISHRS Doctors, Certified Hospital, 24/7 service and lifelong result.
Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck € 2900 - € 3000

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Blécourt Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Netherlands

Blécourt Plastic Surgery

Vlietlandplein 2, Schiedam, 3118
For more information about Blécourt Plastic Surgery in Schiedam please contact the clinic.
Tummy Tuck
Abdominoplasty from € 3950
Tummy Tuck from € 4750
Mini Abdominoplasty from € 2950
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Mediplast- Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Netherlands

Mediplast- Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam

ilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam Westersingel 70, LB Rotterdam, 3015
The location of this clinic is at Oud-Haverlee near Leuven in Belgium. Surgical and non surgical procedures are performed by a highly qualified and experienced team. Their goal is to enhance the appearance of patients and increase their confidence by performing procedures of a high standard. A detailed initial consultation is scheduled and the requirements of patients assessed before procedures are performed. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and breasts, surgical body sculpting procedures, intra-gastric balloon procedures for obese patients, the administration of anti aging facial injectables and laser based skin improvement procedures.
Tummy Tuck
Mini Tummy (Day Surgery) No Navel Displacement from € 2950
Abdominoplasty (1 Night included) With Navel Displacement from € 4400
Ultrasonenbehandeling Bij Liposculptuur from € 660
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Park Kliniek Rotterdam BV - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Netherlands

Park Kliniek Rotterdam BV

Hoofdweg 90, Rotterdam, 3067 GH
For more information about Park Kliniek Rotterdam BV in Rotterdam please contact the clinic.
Tummy Tuck
Corset from € 140
Abdominoplasty from € 4900
Mini Abdominoplasty from € 2800
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Tummy Tuck clinics within 60km of The Hague:

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Amsterdam Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in NetherlandsFeatured

Amsterdam Plastic Surgery

085 888 4255 ext: 90901 Jan van Goyenkade 12-1, Amsterdam, 1075 HP
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
Amsterdam Plastic Surgery is a state of the art boutique clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Medicine and Anti-Aging.Dr Ali Pirayesh is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon. His specialist interests include Aesthetic procedures of the Face and Breast as well as Body contouring. He is also an expert in injectable fillers as well as medical lasers.
Tummy Tuck € 4500 - € 7500
Liposuction € 1000 - € 15000
Abdominal Etching  
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Blooming Plastische Chirurgie - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Netherlands

Blooming Plastische Chirurgie

Spaarne Gasthuis –Noord, 3e Verdieping, Vondelweg 999, Haarlem, 2026
For more information about Blooming Plastische Chirurgie in Haarlem please contact the clinic.
Tummy Tuck
Abdominoplasty (mini) from € 3250
Abdominoplasty from € 4900
Abdominoplasty Expanded from € 5200
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St. Antonius Plastische Chirurgie - Utrecht - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Netherlands

St. Antonius Plastische Chirurgie - Utrecht

Soestwetering 1, Utrecht, 3543 AZ
For more information about St. Antonius Plastische Chirurgie - Utrecht in Utrecht please contact the clinic.
Prior to surgery, which lasts two hours, anesthesia is necessary. But before that, we take a personal consultation plenty of time to tell you about the opportunities and risks of a tummy tuck, the recovery period and the expected results.
2 other locations in The Hague for St. Antonius Plastische Chirurgie - Nieuwegein
St. Antonius Plastische Chirurgie - Nieuwegein

St. Antonius Plastische Chirurgie - Nieuwegein

Koekoekslaan 1, Nieuwegein, Utrecht
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Ats Kliniek - Amsterdam - Dr Hermens

Ats Kliniek - Amsterdam

Daalwijkdreef 47, Amsterdam
Surgical and non surgical procedures to help patients enhance the appearance of their face and body are available at this clinic located in Vlijmen, The Netherlands. All procedures performed are of a high standard and the clinic is fitted with the best available equipment for the comfort and safety of patients. procedures performed at the clinic are facelifts, reshaping or the augmentation of facial features, breast augmentation and reshaping, laser hair removal, laser based pigmentation, blemish and tattoo removal, hair and eyebrow transplants and the administration of Treatment for lines and wrinkles and dermal filler injections.
Tummy Tuck  
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