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Bellezza de la Fuente

Bellezza de la Fuente

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Refugio Sur 39,, Col.San Antonio, San Míguel de Allende, Guanajuato, 57350Mexico

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Monday16:00 - 20:00
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Prices from $250 - Enquire for a fast quote from Bellezza de la Fuente.

Popular Treatments

Plastic Surgeon Consultation $287 - $4920
Breast Implants $2500 - $4000
Liposuction $2500 - $4000
Tummy Tuck $3500 - $5000
Eyelid surgery $1500 - $2500
Breast Reduction $2500 - $7000
Fat Transfer
Facelift $3500 - $7000
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About Bellezza de la Fuente

LIVE BETTER, LOOKING BETTER, IS MY SAYING. AND I LIKE TO ADD, MY GOAL IS ALWAYS TO OBTAIN NORMAL LOOKING RESULTS. Our Hospital works as Out Patient or Inn Patient. with   fully equipted Operating Rooms. With several Medical Anaesthetist, and O.R. nurses. Doctors and nurses on duty 24 hrs. You can select different prices, regarding rooms.Some Suites are available. We have several Receptionists and the Hospital + is less than 10 minutes away from my office. At my office. only consultations, removal of stitches and use of Laser are performed. Surgeries allways at the Hospital. VIVA MEJOR, VIENDOSE MEJOR

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Parking - Space for multiple cars.Accessible to disabled people - A Ramp, elevator and weel chairs.Public transport access - Bus goes by at the nearest cornerWheelchair accessible toilet - Two placesDisabled parking - two spacesPatient bathroom - Each room has it and by the Office alsoWireless access - On request.On-site pharmacy - Across the street and at the Hospital.

Clinic services

Emergency service - 24 hrs. service with a Doctor on duty.Open 24 hoursOpen weekends

Travel services

International travel - We could arrange pick ups at International bridges. Or through Medical Tourist ServiceLocal travelLocal accommodation - We supply you with information regarding closest hotels.Pick up service from hotel - We could arrange pick ups.Pick up service from airport - We could arrange pick ups.

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Plastic Surgery

$2500 - $6000

Abdominal Etching

Abdominal Etching - Bellezza de la FuenteAbdominal Etching - Bellezza de la Fuente

In the Abdomen, I do Abdominoplasty( Tommy Tuck), removing excess Skin and fat, with some Liposuction and Plication of natural muscular girdle. Transfering the navel to the new position. In some cases when a Tommy Tuck is not required a Liposculpture is done.


Areola Reduction

The reduction is done under local anasthesia and sutured with a fine suture.

$2500 - $4500

Arm Lift

Arm Lift - Bellezza de la FuenteArm Lift - Bellezza de la Fuente

To reduce hanging arms: Most of the time, there will be excess Skin and Fat. I do the reshaping by a vertical incision in the inner side of the arm, removing the excess and adjusting the tissues. By having the arms on your side, which is most of the time, the resultant scar is well hidden. I do both sides at the same time.


Belly Button Reshaping

$2500 - $4000

Breast Implants

Breast Implants - Bellezza de la FuenteBreast Implants - Bellezza de la Fuente

The type of Breast Implants I use are Texturised and Cohesive. Gel in the interior. According to the case will be the approach. Anaesthesia will be by Block or Gral. Anaesthesia.

$2500 - $7000

Breast Lift

Breast Lift - Bellezza de la FuenteBreast Lift - Bellezza de la Fuente

Breast Lift will be accordingly to the case. Some times an adjustment of the skin bra, will be sufficient. In others a breast implant, will also be required, beside the skin bra adjustment.


Breast Reconstruction

$2500 - $7000

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction - Bellezza de la FuenteBreast Reduction - Bellezza de la Fuente

In the Breast Lift, there is some information.


Brow Lift


Buffalo Hump Removal


Butt Implants

$2500 - $4000

Butt Lift

At present But Enhacement is beeing mainly done by Lipotransfer, from the same patient. So an Sculpturing procedure is carried out at the same time


Butt Reduction

$3000 - $4000

Cheek Implants

I normally do the implants, from an approach in the inside of the mouth. In my hands the best implants are the Submalar and they enhance the Cheek bones, including the Zygomatic Arch.

$1500 - $2000

Chin Implant

Chin Implant - Bellezza de la FuenteChin Implant - Bellezza de la Fuente

The Chin can be improved by Self Fat Transfer or by an Implant. The Anatomical will be my choice and is introduced by an small and well hiden incision, under the chin. In some cases a temporaray filling, could also be of some use.

$1200 - $1500

Dimple Creation

The dimples I have created are the Chin dimple. Under local anaesthesia and always with the idea of Natural look.

$1500 - $2500

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery - Bellezza de la FuenteEyelid surgery - Bellezza de la Fuente

Blepharoplasty, can be carried out on the Upper eyelids or Lower ones or on both. Sedation and Local Anasthesia are required. As an Outpatient and fine sutures will be removed in around five days. Pain is not a concern. Some Equimosis ( bruices) are normal and they will be gone in a matter of one to two weeks.

$1500 - $2500


Blepharoplasty - Bellezza de la FuenteBlepharoplasty - Bellezza de la Fuente

I did describe it under Eye Lid Surgery. Upper and Lower, or either part as one procedure. Fine suturing is done. Scars are very well hidden. Excess fat is removed.


Eye Lift

$3500 - $7000


Facelift - Bellezza de la FuenteFacelift - Bellezza de la Fuente

In some cases is the only best solution. Normally is carried out under sedation and local anaesthesia or under general. I do this procedure correcting the Eyelids at the same time, if required. I like to mantain this patients over night at the Clinic. Some Bruices are normally expected, plus some sweling. By a Facelift, I will correct the Cheeks, Neck and the eyelids if required.


Mini Facelift


Fat Transfer




Inverted Nipple Surgery

$1500 - $2500

Jaw Contouring

Fat transfer from the same patient is the answer to this problem. Mainly on the Angle of the Maxila. Altough some times a Silicon Implant, may help also. Usually in this cases, some other things will be carried out at the same time. Mainly another Fat Transfers to the face or Dorsum of the Hands, etc.




Lip Reduction

$2500 - $4000


Liposuction - Bellezza de la Fuente
I been doing Liposuction and Sculpturing since 1984 and if is done correctly, the results are excelent. A girdle has to be use afterwards for a few weeks. I don`t do Liposuction for Obese patients, I like always to be on the safe side, so mainly I like to atack, areas, that can not be reduced by diet or exercise. Abdomen, Inner thigs, Hip areas, Love handles, Inner knees and some fat accumulation on the torax, arms, upper back and fat pubic region can be done with excelent prespective. Body sculpturing and maybe fat tranfer, can be done at the same time.

Neck Liposuction


Neck Lift


Nipple Reduction

$1500 - $2500


Otoplasty - Bellezza de la FuenteOtoplasty - Bellezza de la Fuente

A correction of Protruding Ears, is commonly done in children and is recomended to do them before they get into Elementary School. The resultant scar is minor and is situated behind the Ear.


Pectoral Implants

$287 - $4920

Plastic Surgeon Consultation

The Consultation Fee, is $50 Dlls. This amount will be deducted from procedure fee, if this is carried out. Procedures : Facelifts, Eye lid surgery, Nose correction, Auto Fat Transfer, Auto Platelet Enrichment for Rejuvenation, Peelings, Laser to facial Pigmentations, Lines and Spider Web Capilaries on the Face and legs, Line Fillers with Hialuronic Acid, Application of [Treatment name removed] or Dispor. Facial Implants. Tommy Tuck, Liposuction and Liposculpture, Breast Reduction or Augmentation. Tatoo removal by Laser. Treatment of Scars and Pigmentations. Treatment of Skin Cancer.





$2500 - $4000

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty - Bellezza de la FuenteClosed Rhinoplasty - Bellezza de la Fuente

I always do a Close Rhinoplasty, meaning the incisions are inside the nose. I like to mention, that I always in my surgeries, go for Natural Results, so a proper result or shape, will be selected by me , accordingly to the rest of the face. If the Chin is small, I probably will suggest an Implant there, to make a good balance.


Nasal Tip Surgery


Thigh Lift

$3500 - $5000

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck - Bellezza de la FuenteTummy Tuck - Bellezza de la Fuente

This procedure is done under Caudal Block or General anaesthesia. I like to mantain this patients at the Clinic for a couple days. In this procedure the goal is reduce the abdomen and adjust the muscular girdle. In some cases a Liposuction around the area is performed. The navel is fixed in the new position. A large amount of skin and fat are removed and all the stretch marks, below the navel, will be gone.


Full Abdominoplasty




Mini Abdominoplasty

Medical Aesthetics


Laser and Pulsed Light Vein Treatment


Dermal Fillers


Fat Filler

$1000 - $1500

Lip Augmentation

As a temporal result, the infiltration with Hialuronic Acid( Restilane Etc.) will do the trick. Also some Fat Transfer from the same patient, can be indicated.


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation


Mole Removal

I do remove moles. I do a drawing around them, following the lines of the skin, to resect them and do the suturing with a very fine nylon. If they are very small, I might get at them with my Laser. Both ways the results will be quite good. Skin cancer is deal the same way, by resecting them, accordingly to the type. Larger ones may need a Flap or Full thikness Skin graft, taken from behind the ear, upper eyelids etc.

$1500 - $3000

Scar Removal

Lets talk about a bad scar in the face, the vertical type, wich are the worse, on the Forehead or Cheeks. Then probably and at the right time, meaning some months after the initial injury. I will perform a W plasty and fine suturing, followed by local treatment with Silicon Gel and maybe some Medical Laser or Microdermoabrazion.

$250 - $500

Spider Veins Treatment

This capillaries are frecuently seen on the side of the nose or in the Thighs, back of the Knees and upper legs.I do treat this problems with my Medical Laser, this treatment is by sessions. Some times I do fine sclerosing inyections if requiered.

$350 - $500

Tattoo Removal

With my Laser for Tattoos, I can only treat better the Darker ones. Topical anaesthesia by gel is required and several sessions, accordingly to the tattoo. Light colors, like white, ivory, light yellow, light sand are out of my reach. Years ago I use to remove them with my skin graft knife and of course this leaves an scar, but for some patients, they prefer the scar than certain tattoo. The price will be by session.


Treatment for Wrinkles


Varicose Veins Treatment



Birthmark Removal

Beauty Salon Treatments


Beauty Salon Enquiry

$1000 - $1500

Laser Wrinkle Reduction



Body Treatment

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