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Hospital de la Familia

Hospital de la Familia

Circuito Brasil No.82, Mexicali, Baja California, 21100Mexico

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Monday09:00 - 19:00
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Prices from $3580 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Outstanding ServiceScore™ 9.1 from 195 votes ★ 20 verified patient reviews. Multi-specialty clinic - Circuito Brasil No.82, Mexicali, Baja California, 21100, Mexico.

Popular Treatments

Breast Lift $3800 - $4400
Full Abdominoplasty $4800 - $5400

Butt Lift

Butt Implants $4200 - $44600
Butt Lift $3600 - $4200
Mommy Makeover $5900 - $7950
Arm Lift $3700 - $4000
Thigh Lift $3850 - $4950
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About Hospital de la Familia

Beautiful state of the art hospital located just 200 yards south of the US/Mexico border entry in the city of Mexicali, BC Mexico.

 Hospital de la Familia ( Family Hospital ) offers all the medical needs you can find in hospitals in the United States for a fraction of the cost. 

We have a concierge service that will assist you with translation, ground transportation from San Diego, CA and/or Yuma, AZ, hotel reservations, all ground transportation within the city of Mexicali and a complete itinerary of your medical travel with us. 

We feature all-private rooms (23 total ), 5 operating rooms, 2 front desks, 5 ICU units, a 24 hour cafeteria for all our guests.  

We have been in business since 2003 and have assisted over 4,000 US patients! Please call us or email us for more details we are happy to hear from you

Peggy - Gastric Sleeve patient from New Zealand
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Patient reviews

4.9 from 20 verified reviews
Alecia, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

My confidence is through the roof and I have my pep in my step

4.5 50 Mommy Makeover • Paid: $10000

I had the whole mommy makeover which in which included breast implants Brazilian butt lift lift belt Tummy tuck I will say that I had the most amazing time ever II personally had read all the reviews views before I went down there I researched this clinic like no other I read the bad reviews and the good reviews which I 1st and foremost will tell you LU being a practice manager of my own vet clinic Bad reviews is is something to look at but not something to strongly believe Every bad review that I read they did take into consideration and I see where they have changed their is there procedures they are absolutely not out to get money from you they they are absolutely very much professional I had a travel coordinator from the the hospital Penelope was Penelope was my 1st contact and marisol was my 2nd contact I had been emailing back-and-forth for over 7 months and without a doubt they never got tired of my questions they answered them very well they werent pushing me to get a procedure done in the end I chose family DE la hospital handstown I am now 4 months post up and my body looks amazing .

They are very transparent when it comes to what we want and what they can do honestly a lot of people imagine something different with their bodies and they might not like what they but they got but that's what they did is exactly what they were supposed to do they also told me that if I wanted a revision surgery that it would be a tremendous amount cheaper they are up front and honest when saying There might be a spot here or a spot there that you find that has a little bit more fat more fat or they took off more in this area its People its a major reconstruction surgery they might not get every single little bit but they tell that to you in the beginning before you even go into surgery the payment was amazing they didnt hassle me for the money I to be honest was trying to give the money to them immediately and they kept telling me no put your money away we will worry about that later so whatever review said that they were all about the money they most certainly are not yes of course they want to be paid for their services But they want client communication and client satisfaction In Washington State

What I extremely liked the most is I had gone for a couple consultations in Seattle Washington Bellevue Washington and everything that the surgeons said to me in Washington they said to me in Mexico which made me believe that they knew what they were talking about and they did and they did I cannot tell you how well my body has healed I have followed all of their directions to AT The hospital standard care is in my mind a lot better than Washington in Mexico at the family De la hospital that hospital is so clean you could eat off of the floor They have a tremendous amount of employees there.Washington and Seattle I believe that patient care has gone down if I ever need any type of a surgery I would always go and always will go to family family DE la hospital. All the staff made me feel very comfortable yet some of them did not know any English but they took the time to get their phone out and do translation There is not one thing that I can complain about at that hospital I have recommended to a lot of people They were very good to me even when I left their facility silly and went to the hotel my travel agent from that hospital drove me there personally got me all checked into my room and made sure to tell the reception that I was from their hospital

After arriving home my care didn't stop there they constantly checked in with me asking for pictures And to check on my progress. Immediately returning home to Seattle Washington I found a lymphatic Massage clinic in Renton Washington and medical insurance does pay for that while I was getting massaged the Guy that was doing the therapy on me purpis the on me personally wanted their information to pass along to other people he was completely amazed at how well they did my surgery telling me that he sees tens of thousands of is the dense of clients that have had that surgeries in the state of Washington and they have not looked as well as the ones that I got done in Mexico So he will be recommending that hospital to other people that have essentially got botched in Washington. I do believe that my right in plant and my breast has flipped I do not hold that hospital responsible I completely take ownership that it was me I went back to work is back to work 4 days after all of the surgeries of the surgeries although I followed all of their rules and recommendations since I believe that I might have lifted something that I probably shouldnt have So I will be contacting them to get a revision surgery and Stress again I hold heartedly believe it was not their fault it was my own.

Honestly what I like the most Is they take care of everything so let me explain once I finally got the money together and decided to have the surgery at their clinic I request the same thing but if Im doing a procedure I ask that you put half down So that was a very good plus right there then on top of that once you Give them your artillery they set everything up from then on they have somebody waiting for you at the San Diego airport that person then drives you to the hospital do the hospital and drops you off but does not just drop you off he gets hold of your medical liaison liaison and that person meet you at the front door get you all checked in It takes you to your room explains everything goes over everything in detail make sure everything is complete then she comes back the next day Before your surgery to go over the procedures the procedures what you want gets you fitted for everythingYou go to your surgery you you stay the night in the hospital she then comes your leaves youre liaison and speaks to you make sure everything is OK and at that point you pay themYou have 2 options at that point you can either stay in their hospital facility and they can give you around-the-clock care or they will drive you to your hotel room

You will have a driver pick you up from your hotel your hotel room to take you back to the airport and let me tell you this they are trained to take you back-and-forth across the border so it does not take that long at all they have some kind of medical clearance where 9 times out of 10 they will be able to get to the front of the line Im and get you through with no problemsYou go back to the airport get on the flight go homeAnd they continue to contact you from there to make sure that everything is going right. Last but not least if anybody is thinking about getting the surgery done I strongly suggest you do it at this hospital I had very low self esteem I did not like to look in a long mirror at my body I had body shame from having 3 kids and being 41 years old and everything was drooping and sagging I had 3 Cesareans yet I was very small still but I just could not get rid of it would have all the flab and extra is an extra skin this is an investment not old is an investment not only in your body but your mind and your soul I can now look in the mirror and be happy with what I see My confidence is through the roof and I have my pep in my step.

Treated by: Miss Penelope Olivas
Cynthia Joanna, US
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

I would recommend them to anyone thinking about getting the procedure done

Butt Lift

Travelled to Mexico for a BBL and had the best experience with this hospital the staff, Case managers and Plastic surgeons are highly trained professionals. I would recommend them to anyone thinking about getting the procedure done.

Tracey Meeks, US
( Review verified by email)

I am so happy with my results

5 50 Gastric Sleeve • Paid: $6300

I had my surgery June 1, 2019, and am now down 26 lbs. I was treated so well, I had a private room, I have not felt sick at all. I did not have as much weight to lose as some my weight loss has been slower, I went in at 200 lbs and am now 174, I am so happy I made the choice of the mini gastric bypass sleeve. I am eating regular food and not starving myself anymore and losing weight. When I woke up I did not feel pain, they were very attentive. I am so happy with my results. Thank you to my team of nurses and doctors.

Treated by: Mr Carlo Bonfante
Nancy Salazar, US
( Review verified by email)

Overall the hospital staff was friendly and clean

3.5 50 Liposuction, Full Abdominoplasty

I had liposuction to my back and a full abdominoplasty with muscle repair. I had Google what I was looking into and came across this hospital. It had good reviews and affordable prices.

Overall the hospital staff was friendly and clean. The only thing I was not pleased with, was the missed held information on the whole liposuction procedure.

Denice, US
( Review verified by phone and email)

I’m extremely satisfied with my results and I’m only 1-month post op

5 50 Butt Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Breast Implants • Paid: $6

I received a bbl, tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation!

The experience was great the staff was amazing and so was the service. I’m extremely satisfied with my results and I’m only 1-month post op. My scars are so minimal I’m still in shock of how great I healed.

Deborah, US
( Review verified by phone and email)

The hospital was small, personable, cost-effective and extremely clean

5 50 Butt Lift • Paid: $4

I wanted a Brazilian butt lift and searched online for an excellent, reputable doctor. In the NYC area where I'm from, the cost was too expensive. I emailed Medico, who recommended Hospital de la. Familia. Within 2 days I received a quote from Dr Sarinana. I asked a few questions and once satisfied, I booked my surgery.

The doctor listened to my concerns and was careful where to make incisions that were the less conspicuous and gave me the derriere I wanted - natural-looking results with no exaggerated features.

From the moment I booked, I received emails and phone calls with pre- and post-op info. When I got off the plane, their driver greeted me to take me to Hospital de la Familia. Every employee I encountered, especially Maritza, worked as a team and treated me like royalty. English was not spoken as much so I dusted off my high school Spanish and had fun practising my Spanish. The hospital was small, personable, cost-effective and extremely clean.

Highly recommended for any procedure.

Richard, US
( Review verified by phone)

The pain I had suffered with for ten years is now gone

5 50 Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I went in for Bi-lateral Carpal Tunnel surgery. From the onset, the hospital staff was professional and very friendly. I was seen by every doctor who would have a role in my surgery. All very upbeat! No grumps! Post op was wonderful.

All the nurses were pleasant and made sure I was comfortable. The pain I had suffered with for ten years is now gone. I still have some numbness in the rips of my fingers but it's only been nine days since the surgery. I have had very little discomfort and I actually drove home to Seattle less than a week after my surgeries 28 hours behind the wheel with no significant discomfort or pain. I hope that as inflammation subsides that I will get more feeling back to the tips of my fingers. They don't hurt anymore so that's a win! I am so glad I did the surgery.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that the possibility for me to have had the surgery in Seattle was absolutely zero chance. Self-employed with no insurance would make it likely impossible with the high costs involved here but doing the surgery in Mexico made it possible for me. I'm very grateful for the medical tourism that is available for folks like myself.

I would not hesitate for one second to recommend Hospital De La Familia to a friend or acquaintance.

Great facility. Professional staff. Attentive nurses. Competent physicians. Affordable services. Enough said! I am so happy I chose Hospital De La Familia!

William, US
( Review verified by phone and email)

Very clean hospital with professional staff

4 50 Gastric Sleeve • Paid: $3500

I researched Sleeve surgery for over 6 months. Family Hospital was best for me.

Very clean hospital with professional staff.

Laura, US
( Review verified by phone and email)

They will guide you through the entire medical process before and after

5 50 Gastric Sleeve, Gallbladder Removal • Paid: $2800

I couldn’t be happier with the customer service, medical staff and doctors at Hospital de la Familia!

I have had two major surgeries (gastric sleeve revision and gallbladder removal), Dr Maytorena was fantastic with my sleeve. He has always responded to any questions I had even when I started having gallbladder problems. He was extremely professional and his bedside manner tops anyone in the USA. I was equally as lucky to find Dr Neblina a transplant specialist who removed my gallbladder (which was filled with 95 stones).

I was going to have to wait over 6 months in the US. He gave me his personal cell phone and told me to call anytime. I do not speak Spanish at all and I never had to worry. They were so accommodating to me and my husband. The nurses constantly made sure not only I the patient was comfortable but my husband who stayed in the room with me.

I will be going back for a procedure in February with another great surgeon (Dr Luque) and I know I will be in great hands.

I have and will continue to recommend Hospital de la Familia to my friends and family. They have amazing staff throughout the entire facility, they will guide you through the entire medical process before and after. The most important thing patients can do is their homework on the physicians and the facilities they intend on using.

Treated by: Dr Maytorena
Don, US
( Review verified by phone)

The check-in was smooth, in-take comfortable and my surgeon is the best surgeon I have ever had

5 50 Hernia Repair

Excellent results! By Hospital de la Familia and Dr. Sarinana. He is the best surgeon I have ever had. I had plenty and have experience.

My treatment was to address hernia meshes that were causing 24x7 pelvic pain. Dr. Sariana solved it in 1 procedure. I am free from meshes pains. My future is back! I like to thank Hospital de la Familia, Dr. Sarinana and the staff for excellent results. I'm very happy. I highly recommend Dr. Sarinana and Hospital de la Familia. They are the best!

Hospital de la Familia is a nice and very well run hospital. I have been to many facilities. This hospital is very clean, the staff is very friendly, polite and they resolved my mesh pains issue. I'm free from mesh pains.

The check-in was smooth, in-take comfortable and my surgeon Dr. Sarinana is the best surgeon I have ever had. I had many. I like to thank Hospital de la Familia and staff for a great facility, professional services and super results! I'm very pleased!

Treated by: Dr. Sarinana
Angelica, US
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

The surgery went as planned. The doctor explained everything to me before and after surgery

Gastric Sleeve • Paid: $4350

My vertical gastric sleeve was a great treatment plan for me. The surgery went as planned. The doctor explained everything to me before and after surgery.

My experience was awesome. The staff are friendly, helpful and great listeners on your needs. Excellent hospitality.

Kay, US
( Review verified by phone and email)

They believe in putting your care, health needs and safety first

5 50 Plastic Surgeon Consultation

Very nice people. Very clean place. They believe in putting your care, health needs and safety first.

Very good overall service.

Nick, Canada
( Review verified by phone)

It was a super simple process

5 50 Gastric Balloon

In and out in a flash - gastric balloon was a super simple process.

Super friendly staff. Totally recommend to anyone wanting a cheaper alternative to the US.

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  • AMCC - Academia Mexicana de Cirugia Cosmetica (Mexico) 
  • AMCE - Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Laparoscópica (Mexico) 
  • AMCG - Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía General (Mexico) 
  • AMCPER - Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva (Mexico) 
  • CMCPER - Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva (Mexico) 
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  • CMO - Consejo Mexicano de Oftalmología (Mexico) 
  • CMOT - Consejo Mexicano de Ortopedia y Traumatología (Mexico) 
  • CMU - Colegio Mexicano de Urología (Mexico) 
  • CNCPER - Colegio Noreste de Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva (Mexico) 


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Plastic Surgery

$3700 - $4000

Arm Lift (2 hours)

$3800 - $4400

Breast Lift (2 hours)

Butt Lift
$4200 - $44600

Butt Implants (1 hour)

$3600 - $4200

Butt Lift (2 hours)

$5900 - $7950

Mommy Makeover (4 hours 20 mins)

$3850 - $4950

Thigh Lift (3 hours)

$4800 - $5400

Full Abdominoplasty (3 hours)

Obstetrics / Gynaecology

$5250 - $6250



$4000 - $6500


$11500 - $13000

Hip Replacement

$10500 - $12500

Knee Replacement

$8750 - $16000


$8000 - $15000

Orthopedic Spine Surgery

$5500 - $7000

Rotator Cuff surgery


$12000 - $15000

Aortic Valve Replacement

Hospital de la Familia - Circuito Brasil No.82, Mexicali, Baja California, 21100,

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Mr Carlo Bonfante - Manager at Hospital de la Familia

Mr Carlo Bonfante

Job Title:
  English, Spanish

Carlo Bonfante has over 5 years working in the Medical Tourism Department of Hospital de la Familia. He is able to answer almost any question or concern about your experience at Hospital de la Familia.

Miss Penelope  Olivas - Practice Coordinator at Hospital de la Familia

Miss Penelope Olivas

Job Title:
  Practice Coordinator
Penelope grew up in Mexicali BC Mexico and went to school in Calexico CA. She has been a Case Manager for the Family Hospital for over 2 years. Penelope worked at a Geriatric Center before getting involved in Medical Tourism. She is compassionate & understanding, always available to help medical travelers. 
Miss Maritza  Rosas - Patient Services Manager at Hospital de la Familia

Miss Maritza Rosas

Job Title:
  Patient Services Manager
Maritza Rosas has worked with Hospital de la Familia since 2016 and is very familiar with all the processes that take place at the hospital. Maritza's role begins the moment you enter the hospital, as she will be assisting all medical travelers by checking them in, getting them set up in their private hospital room, and coordinating with hospital staff & surgeons to cover all tasks during patients' visit. She will assist you while in Mexicali as well, providing patients with Transportation services between hospitals, hotels, and anything that our medical travelers need. 

Circuito Brasil No.82, Mexicali, Baja California, 21100Mexico