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Buda Surgery Clinic

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Mammut 2, Lovohazutca 2, Budapest, Hungary, 1025Hungary

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Free consultation ★ Prices from 15084 Ft - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Very Good ServiceScore™ 7.8 from 24 votes ★ 1 verified patient review. Visit our Plastic Surgery Clinic - Mammut 2, Lovohazutca 2, Budapest, Hungary, 1025, Hungary.

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Breast Implants 550000 Ft - 1000000 Ft
Liposuction 120000 Ft - 1000000 Ft
Rhinoplasty 150000 Ft - 1000000 Ft
Tummy Tuck from 550000 Ft
Eyelid surgery
Breast Reduction
Fat Transfer 200000 Ft - 750000 Ft
Facelift 550000 Ft - 1000000 Ft
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About Buda Surgery Clinic

Our modern clinic is located in the heart of the hilly Buda side of Budapest. The experienced Buda team includes plastic surgeons, ENT plastic surgeons, vein surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, laser specialists, homeopathic doctors. Hence, we can offer a plethora of aesthetic solutions under local or general anesthesia.

We also offer special methods of fat transfer to the face using a 3D Space Lifting technique and also tummy tucks or mommy make-overs using VASER lipo and RF technology to firm the skin. The fat transfer can be applied for breast, butt, chin, cheek and other augmentations. We are very successful in getting the fat to remain do to the high cell count in the transferred fat. Knees and arm joints can also be treated with the adult cells from the fat in combination.

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Excellent overall service

4.5 50 Plastic Surgeon Consultation

The clinic has now moved to the Pest side of the river.

Excellent overall service.

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Stephanie, UK14.05.2016
Initial response was good and fast but have sent pictures over a week ago and haven't heard back.
Erika, US09.07.2015
Very detailed, professional response.
Claire, Hungary02.03.2015
The response from the clinic was quick and accommodating.

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Plastic Surgery


Areola Reduction


Arm Lift


Bra-Line Back Lift

550000 Ft - 1000000 Ft

Breast Implants

We use silicon implants or fat transfer to augment the breasts.  Pricing depends on the brand of the implant and type used.


Breast Lift


Breast Reconstruction


Breast Reduction

170000 Ft - 250000 Ft

Brow Lift

The brow lift is down by a plastic surgeon.  It can be combined very well with a blepharoplasty or fat transfer to the face.

350000 Ft - 650000 Ft

Butt Implants

We use implants or fat transfer to augment the butt.

550000 Ft - 750000 Ft

Butt Lift

A butt lift can be combined with a butt augmentation using an implant or fat transfer.


Butt Reduction


Calf Implants


Cheek Implants

350000 Ft - 500000 Ft

Chin Implant

A chin augmentation is done either with an implant or fat transfer.

from 150000 Ft


This procedure is usually done by our plastic surgeon.


Eyelid surgery




Eye Lift

550000 Ft - 1000000 Ft


Facelifts are generally done under general anaesthesia by a plastic surgeon.  We offer lower face/neck or mid-face lifts combined with fat transfer to give the best effect.

300000 Ft - 500000 Ft

Mini Facelift

Usually mini face lifts are combined with fat transfer or even special IR treatments to tighten the skin.

200000 Ft - 750000 Ft

Fat Transfer

We use unique equipment and techniques for the face and body for augmentation and rejuvenation with fat.  For the face, we have a special 3D Space Lifting technique.  As the fat is processed, around 70% of the fat transferred remains because of the high [Treatment name removed] count.

We have excellent results with fat transfer to the breast, butt, chin, nose, etc.


FFS - Facial Feminization Surgery



150000 Ft - 300000 Ft


We have patients from all around the world come to us for Hymenoplasty.  There is a free pre-consultation with the doctor before the surgery.


Inverted Nipple Surgery

300000 Ft - 600000 Ft


Guaranteed for 50 years.

The labiaplasty is done by our gynaecologist surgeon.  The surgery can be combined with vaginoplasty. 

120000 Ft - 1000000 Ft


The intelligent way of doing liposuction is with VASER lipo please see the testimonials. 

We have patients come to us from all over the world for VASER lipo.


Body-Jet™ Liposuction


Laser Assisted Liposuction




Pectoral Implants


Plastic Surgeon Consultation

The surgeon and patient discuss overall problems and solutions

150000 Ft - 1000000 Ft


Our rhinoplasty is done by a ENT plastic surgeon and is considered one of the best in the country




Closed Rhinoplasty


Nasal Tip Surgery


Open Rhinoplasty


Thigh Lift

from 550000 Ft

Tummy Tuck

One of our specialities are tummy tucks combined with VASER lipo and RF treatment for the lax skin. 

Tummy tucks are always done under general anaesthesia. Usually excess skin is removed and  muscles are tightened. 

Please send a picture of yourself to evaluate what needs to be done.

from 550000 Ft

Full Abdominoplasty

 You should stay in Hungary for at least 10 days after the procedure, ideally 14 days after an abdominoplasty.  You will need to stay in our clinic 1 or 2 days after the procedure for observation where a private nurse will look after you until you are released.

Here is a description of a tummy tuck:

Where are the incision is placed: Generally, a horizontal incision is placed just within or above the pubic area. The length of the incision, which extends laterally toward the pelvic bones, depends largely on the amount of skin to be removed. The contour of this incision will vary somewhat according to the structure of your abdomen and the style of bathing suit or undergarments that you prefer. Your plastic surgeon will try to keep the incision within your bathing suit lines, but this may not always be possible. Some patients have loose skin above the navel. In such cases, the surgeon may make a second incision around the navel so that the redundant skin above it can be pulled down. The excess abdominal skin is then removed. The position of the navel remains unchanged. To tighten the abdominal wall, the surgeon brings loose underlying tissue and muscle together with sutures. Skin of the lower abdomen that contains stretch marks may be removed as well. Any remaining stretch marks may be somewhat flattened and improved, but you should not expect a dramatic change in their appearance.

Abdominal skin is pulled downward, and the excess is removed. A small opening is made to bring the  navel through.

from 550000 Ft


A lipoabdominoplasty is a tummy tuck with additional liposuction.  We do VASERlipo to get the best results.

from 450000 Ft

Mini Abdominoplasty

The mini abdominoplasty is a tummy correction, but not as drastic as a tummy tuck.

from 150000 Ft


This surgery is done by our experienced gynaecologist and can be combined with labiaplasty.

Medical Aesthetics


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

from 40000 Ft

Lip Augmentation

We can use implants, fat or HA fillers to augment the lips.

15000 Ft - 300000 Ft

Scar Removal

We offer scar correction to all our patients with unwanted scarring.

from 30000 Ft

Varicose Veins Treatment

Our vein specialist and surgeon who has written books on the subject, can use laser, sclerotherapy and endo laser stripping to remove veins.

from 200000 Ft

Vein Stripping

Nowadays vein stripping is done with laser or RF technology by a vein surgeon or specialist.

from 120000 Ft


The intelligent way of doing liposuction is with VASER lipo please see the testimonials. 

We have patients come to us from all over the world for VASER lipo.  Recovery is very good and we can do the procedure under local or general anaesthesia.

Buda Surgery Clinic - Mammut 2, Lovohazutca 2, Budapest, Hungary, 1025,

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