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Dr Hubert Tytgat

Dr Hubert Tytgat

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Athoma clinic, Mechelsesteenweg 49, Edegem, Antwerp, Belgium, 2650Belgium

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Monday10:00 - 18:00
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Prices from 400 € - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Very Good ServiceScore™ 7.5 from 192 votes ★ 10 verified patient reviews. Visit our Plastic Surgery Clinic - Athoma clinic, Mechelsesteenweg 49, Edegem, Antwerp, Belgium, 2650, Belgium.

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Breast Implants 2900 € - 3000 €
Breast Reduction 5000 € - 5500 €
Breast Lift 4500 € - 4900 €
Inverted Nipple Surgery 400 € - 600 €
Areola Reduction 400 € - 800 €
Nipple Reduction 600 € - 650 €
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About Dr Hubert Tytgat

For more than 25 years plastic surgery has been my passion. I trained as a plastic surgeon  at 3 universities, Leuven and Antwerp in Belgium and Cologne in Germany. I work in the  Athoma Clinic in Antwerp .It is a brand new building with consultations and operation rooms. Experienced anesthesists take care of you during an operation. Specialist nurses are present to help you  in the recovery room, until you can leave the clinic
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Patient reviews

4.9 from 10 verified reviews
Anonymous, Belgium
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I can’t explain it, but I just felt really comfortable with him

4.5 50 Otoplasty

I went for Otoplasty with Dr. Tytgat and was very pleased with the results. I think I chose this doctor because of the good reviews I’d read on the website. I paid the same price I saw on the website and it was well worth the money.

The clinic looked good and everything was very clean. The only downside to my experience here was that I had to wait a long time before anyone said hello to me. Other than this, things went well. I trusted that the surgeon would do a good job. I can’t explain it, but I just felt really comfortable with him. The clinic followed up with me afterward to check that the healing process was on track.

Treated by: Dr Hubert Tytgat
Caroline, UK
( Review verified by email)

Liposuction treatment was the best money I ever spent

5 50 Liposuction • Paid: 1990 €

I chose quite a few clinics and then picked out the three I liked best, based on how they made me feel about having the treatment done, WAL Liposuction outer thigh and love handles, I have always wanted to get rid of these extra bits since i was 15 years old. the price I paid is the price that was quoted minus a 10% bonus, I think it was the best money I have ever spent

I chose quite a few clinics and then picked out the three I liked best, based on how comfortable the made me feel
I flew to Belgium from Manchester on the 28th July and had the surgery the next day, I tool a train from Brussels Gard Du Nord to Merchtem station, the Doctor picked us up from the train station and drove us to the clinic, he is very nice and quite funny,
The clinic is very nice clean and private, you are not in a production line or on the clock, you can relax.
After the surgery I felt nothing at all and managed to walk around Brussels for 7 miles, the next day I got up and about 2 pm I started feeling uncomfortable I did manage to walk for 4 miles, before aspirin and some bed rest, the following day, I walked 7 miles and the last day another 7 miles, then I flew home, for the first week I had quite a bit of bruising, I am on week 3 now I have no bruising whatsoever, and the swelling is going down, For the first time in my life I can see a waist, my trousers are too big and I am very very happy

Treated by: Dr Hubert Tytgat
Ashley, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

I would recommend him to anyone

4.5 50 Labiaplasty • Paid: 900 €

I had Labiaplasty surgery after years of being paranoid, but having recently split with my long term partner, I found it difficult to get intimate with someone new because of how I felt.

I researched clinics for months and found several I was prepared to have the treatment with, but Dr Hubert stood out from the very beginning; informative answers, quick responses, and a caring nature that shone through. The price of the surgery was more than reasonable and amazing value for money given that the same procedure is 4 times as much, if not more, over here in the UK.

I would recommend him to anyone I ever speak to about this. He has over 20 years experience as a surgeon, he has even practiced in the UK for several years.

From my initial email, right the way through to dropping me at the airport, this clinic and Dr Hubert Tytgat was amazing!

I cannot fault a single thing throughout the whole experience. He responded to my emails right away, gave me more than enough useful information in relation to the procedure and how to travel there from the UK. He even came to collect me from the train station. He instantly made me feel at ease, and talked at length to me about what the procedure would be, and how he would do it etc.

During the procedure I was completely at ease. The clinic is immaculate with top of the range facilities. It was more than clean, and had all the finishing touches of towelling robes and slippers - sometimes its the smaller details that count.

The procedure was better than I could have ever expected. He continually asked if I was ok, and if I was relaxed, which I was throughout the whole thing. At no point did I feel uncomfortable and always felt I was in the hands of an expert, with over 20 years experience. He went above and beyond to ensure that everything was 100% so that I would have no complications after the surgery, patiently ensuring that all blood vessels were coagulated and stitches were in place.

Once finished, he even took me to the station so I could make my way home. I didn't feel much pain at all, I didn't even feel the need to take paracetamol or find any difficulty with walking around and moving.

I am so so so so happy with the results! It will be a week tomorrow since I had the procedure so it is still a little swollen and not fully healed but I have had no issues whatsoever. It is sometimes a tad uncomfortable, id be lying if I said it wasn't, but no where near what I expected it to be like and nothing that you cannot cope with. I went to work on the Monday with no problems...I even went out on the Saturday night and didn't feel pain at any point.

I have been wanting to have this done for so many years, researching clinics all over Europe, and I am so glad that I have finally done it, and will be eternally grateful to Dr Hubert for making the whole experience, and my first cosmetic procedure, faultless. I cannot recommend him enough!!!

Treated by: Dr Hubert Tytgat

Thanks for this extensive and positive review. Service to the patient is about experience and technical skills, but also about supportive skills : putting patients at ease, helping them to their destination, recomforting them. It is all part of the treatment. I am very glad you had a good experience. It may lower the threshold for other patients who are anxious when considering treatment abroad. Thanks again Hubert tytgat

Dr Hubert Tytgat
Dr Hubert Tytgat
Kim, Malta
( Review verified by phone and email)

Allowed to get back to your activity straight after the treatment

5 50 Fat Transfer • Paid: 3400 €

I went for a liposuction (after 2nd birth), fat transfer into nasolabial folds and an upper lip lift (to reduce ageing effects) with the Dr Tytgat . The whole experience from the beginning till the end was very satisfying. Dr Tytgat is professional, attentive and caring. He was using a gentle liposuction method that allowed to get back to your activity straight after the treatment. I can confirm You don't feel any pain after the treatment with a bit of paracetamol, it is more like slight stiff sensation. For the liposuction and fat transfer, you can easily go for it. If oneself is considering doing the upper lip lift, I must say that one should expect the same discomfort as in any surgery. I am very happy with the result but discuss first with the surgeon about the choice of anesthetic. I did it under local anesthetic, everything went well but if you are sensitive I would suggest to do it under general anesthetic if the dr offer this option. Also It may be obvious for some person, but I would suggest as well to think about waxing before the liposuction and also to bring maternity pants (disposable cotton pants) just for the comfort of everyone. To conclude the whole experience was excellent and I definitely recommend the Dr Tytgat, you will be in very good hands.
Upper lip lift : 750
Fat transfer: 850
Liposuction 3 zones : 1900

I contacted Dr Tytgat in December 2015 for a liposuction, fat transfer and upper lip lift. The whole experience from the beginning till the end was very satisfying.
Dr Tytgat took the time to answer promptly to all my emails before we agreed on a date for the treatments. He offered a date very soon. The D day Dr Tytgat came to pick me up by car and dropped me back after the surgery. Everything went smoothly, the clinic was in Brussels not Antwerp very clean with modern tools in a middle of a calm environment. His wife and he were very reassuring and caring too. We discuss a bit about the treatments and how it is organized. They both had these little attention that make you feel comfortable during treatments. There was no surprise with the price. Everything happened as it was planned. We just changed the hour of appointment as he had a cancellation that day so I could do it earlier. I greatly recommend Dr Tytgat in Brussels.

Huw, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Great value for money for first class treatment

5 50 Nipple Reduction • Paid: 600 €

Removal of lipoma on upper arm and nipple reduction. Relatively minor but had annoyed for years. If only I had known about the WhatClinic website earlier to be able to access a medic like Dr Tytgat able to address issue and deal with the problem.

From the transportation to the clinic, the calm professional approach, confident and secure treatment to an excellent outcome the whole experience was positive and well worth travelling to Belgium. Great value for money for 1st class treatment.

Treated by: Dr Hubert Tytgat

Dear mr Williams Thanks for a "glowing" review. I can only say that you where a first class patient. I enjoyed our interesting discussion as well as solving you minor surgical problem. Always at your service should you need further help. Merry X-mas and happy new year.

Dr Hubert Tytgat
Dr Hubert Tytgat
Susan, Belgium
( Review verified by phone and email)

Didn't like my profile in photos

5 50 Liposuction, Neck Liposuction • Paid: 700 €

I recently had liposuction on my neck because it looked saggy and I didn't like my profile in photos.I decided to get this treatment done now because I had pondering it for ages but now I found a reputable surgeon with reasonable rates. I looked into the same procedure in the Philippines and it was 2X as much and was a general anesthesia procedure. Dr.Tytgat was compassionate and professional from the start. He even picked me up and dropped me off at the train station. He explained the procedure in detail during the consultation and also during the procedure. I think the treatment was of very good value, especially compared to others worldwide. He also followed up immediately after the procedure to ensure that my recovery was going well.

The clinic was very clean and he took appropriate measures to sterilize the instruments and the surgical room. When he first told me that he would be doing the procedure at his home, I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive. However, the facilities surpassed my expectations and I was very impressed by them.
Just relax and have faith in Dr. Tytgat. He is competent and very compassionate. I believed in him, his skills, and his bedside manner made it a relaxing experience. Also, ask questions wherever pertinent. He was very receptive to all and any questions I asked.
I thought it was a reasonable price to pay. I paid 700 euros for liposuction in my neck.

Treated by: Dr Hubert Tytgat

Thanks for this glowing review. You summarized the important points well : a small but clean pro clinic where people are being treated in a very personal way, the way i would like to be treated. Patients should also feel safe in receiving up-to-date treatments. Thanks again !

Dr Hubert Tytgat
Dr Hubert Tytgat
Anonymous, Canada
( Review verified by phone and email)

I love how my breasts look

4.5 50 Breast Implants

I had breast augmentation on September 9th with Dr Tytgat Hubert. He is a knowledgeable surgeon and answered all my questions promptly. I am on my 12th day and currently very pleased with the procedure, which was conducted without any complications. I love how my breasts look at the moment. I would definitely recommend Dr Tytgat Hubert to anyone wanting to do breast augmentation and I would definitely consider him for any other treatment that I may need in the future, even though I live far, in Canada.

I was out of country patient and did not have a lot of time to stay in Belgium and I appreciate how Dr Tytgat accommodated me in his busy schedule, within one week he booked me for consultation session, which was followed by the surgery after 3 days.
My experience was good and the result is great!

Treated by: Dr Hubert Tytgat
Lyn, Ireland
( Review verified by phone)

I have a long way to go but am much happier now

5 50 Labiaplasty • Paid: 900 €

I had labiaplasty procedure done with Dr Hubert in Belgium. he was very nice and helpful and even collecting me from the airport and brought me into Belgium town after my procedure. Although pain is associated with post op affects of this treatment however I had pain for 2 days and no more. My scarring is minimal and i'm extremely happy with the results so far. I have a long way to go but am much happier now. I couldn't recommend him enough and have even booked back in for breast augmentation.

The clinic was spotless and very sterile. You can smell the sterilisation when you walk in so you know your in a clean place. Very professional and after my procedure i recieved a discharge letter with post op instructions for my gp. I couldnt be happier with my results

Treated by: Dr Hubert Tytgat

Thanks for the flattering review. I will make sure that i keep the same highstandards when you are ready for your augmentation. This time it will be in a hospital. Looking forward to your next visit to Belgium

Dr Hubert Tytgat
Dr Hubert Tytgat
Neel, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

Explained everything about what he's doing during the procedure

5 50 Nipple Reduction • Paid: 293 €

Had a nipple reduction done with Dr Hubert. Procedure was done under local anesthesia. He explained everything about what he's doing during the procedure and made me feel at ease. Will definitely recommend Dr Hubert to anyone.
Great Value compared to clinics in the UK and much cheaper than other clinics in Belgium.

I did not have to wait long time for appointment. He booked me in for the following week and offered to pick me up and drop me off to the train station, which is a good 30 mins drive.
Clinic is very clean and professional. Great value for money. 100% will recommend

Dear Neelesh Thanks for the excellent review. Keep in touch, i want to know how the healing evolves in the next weeks. Hubert tytgat

Dr Hubert Tytgat
Dr Hubert Tytgat
Sara, UK
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

I have no issues with this clinic.

Arm Lift

I decided to have an arm lift and choos belguim surgery to have this done. The treatment from arriving at the hotel to having my surgery was very good. The aftercare was very good too with the 2 nurses being on hand for questions. Had to travel to London for some of the aftercare and although quite a distance to travel was alright.
One of my criticisms is that it would have been useful to have a leaflet of what to expect in the weeks after the surgery. It his may have stopped me from having to travel to London for my concerns to be addressed. The other thing I would point out is that on the leaflet I was given it stated that after 6 weeks the surgeon would be in touch to discuss how the wounds were healing etc. this did not happen.
The clinic was incredibly clean and comfortable. When I met the surgeon, he agreed that I would see a vast improvement on my arms and was quite reassuring. The other people I had contact with at this clinic were very helpful too and I felt they were sympathetic regarding my concerns. I have no issues with this clinic.

Lala, Netherlands
( Review verified by email)

I am 100% pleased with the results

5 50 Tattoo Removal • Paid: 400 €

Experienced doctor who replies to all questions within no time. He is fluent in English, Dutch, French. I am 100% pleased with the results and can highly recommend this doctor.

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  • Ziekenhuiswet / La loi sur les hôpitaux (Belgium) 
  • Integral quality of care in care facilities (Belgium) 


Parking - Parking under the building and parking around the clinicAccessible to disabled people - LiftPublic transport access - the clinic can be reached by train, bus, Antwerp airport in the vicinityWheelchair accessible toilet - yesAccess without steps - by liftDisabled parkingPatient bathroom - yesWireless access - yes

Clinic services

Text message remindersOpen 24 hours - During office hours, but you can phone the dr. any time if neededOpen weekends - Only regular consultation and postop consultations on saturday morning

Travel services

International travel - Very much so, we have more than 10 years of experienceLocal travelLocal accommodation - B&B can be recommendedTranslation servicesPick up service from hotel - Taxis are available at train an airport. Short distancesPick up service from airport - Taxis are available at train an airport. Short distances

Languages spoken


Plastic Surgery

400 € - 800 €

Areola Reduction (30 mins)

Areola reduction is a small procedure done ambulatory and under local anesthesia.

2900 € - 3000 €

Breast Implants (1 hour 30 mins)

Breast Implants - Dr Hubert Tytgat

Breast implants is about

  • Avoiding internal scar tissue (capsular fibrosis)
  • Preserving the sensitivity in the nipple
  • Using the best implants possible (Motiva)

  • Getting the best look and feeling possible

4500 € - 4900 €

Breast Lift (4 hours 30 mins)

Lifted breasts have

  • Areolas are symmetrical and round
  • Scars are inconspicuous. If possible, lollypop incision

  • Reduce scars to a minimum (lollypop incision mostly)
  • Avoiding sagging out of the bottom of the breast

  • Retaining upper fullness
5000 € - 5500 €

Breast Reduction (4 hours 30 mins)

Same as breast lifts + survival of the areola needs to be taken care of

400 € - 600 €

Inverted Nipple Surgery (30 mins)

This very simple operation with 100% results is performed ambulatory and under local anesthesia.

600 € - 650 €

Nipple Reduction (30 mins)

Reducing the height of the nipple s done by taking  part of the skin of the nipple away and suturing

Dr Hubert Tytgat - Athoma Clinic  your professional choice

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Private Patients WelcomePublic Health Insurance - Only for BelgiansDental Plans AcceptedEuropean Health Insurance Card - We perform only aesthetic surgery
Dr Hubert Tytgat - Surgeon at Dr Hubert Tytgat

Dr Hubert Tytgat

Job Title:
  English, French, German, Dutch, Russian
Hubert Tytgat , Cosmetic Surgeon in Belgium.

I am a registered plastic surgeon for more than 24 years. I trained at 3 universities, Leuven and Antwerp in Belgium and Cologne in Germany.

My registration number in Belgium is 1/06058/60/210 The last tree digits 210 identifies a plastic surgeon. I also was registered with the GMCin the UK (General Medical Council)

I am a member of the Belgian plastic surgery assocoaition , the RBSPS the Royal Belgian Society of Plastic SurgeonsCosmetic surgery has become my main activity.

We are a private hospital, but the state still imposes usfixed prices for reconstructive surgery. For cosmetic surgery they are free. Prices for Belgians and for foreign patients are the same. We have lower fixed costs than our British colleagues,without having to cut corners in expertise and quality.

I’m always on the lookout for newer and better methods to do the job, which sometimes involves large investments. I consider myself a no-nonsense surgeon. I like to provide  information but I will  say no to some requests if y consider them outside my field of expertise, when the resultst are uncertain or patients have unrealistic expectations
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Athoma clinic, Mechelsesteenweg 49, Edegem, Antwerp, Belgium, 2650Belgium