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Belgium Surgery Services - Brussels

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AZ Jan Portaels hospital, Gendarmeriestraat 65, B - 1800 Vilvoorde, Dublin 17Belgium

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Prices from 40 € - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Excellent ServiceScore™ 8.7 from 118 votes ★ Customer Service Award 2022 ★ 5 verified patient reviews. Visit our Bariatric Surgery Clinic - AZ Jan Portaels hospital, Gendarmeriestraat 65, B - 1800 Vilvoorde, Dublin 17, Belgium.

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Bariatric Surgery Consultation from 40 €
Gastric Sleeve 6100 € - 6600 €
Gastric Bypass 7500 € - 7950 €
Gastric Band 4000 € - 4400 €
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About Belgium Surgery Services - Brussels

Would you like a fast and professional medical intervention 50% cheaper than in your home country? Come to Belgium for an operation and with the support of the BSS team you will be surrounded with professional people who take care of everything.

BSS offers total packages with the most qualified hospitals and the best surgeons in Belgium!

ALL-IN package includes:

-         Cost of the operation

-         24/7 Personal patient care manager

-         Complete taxi service

-         Accommodation for two in B&Bhotel near the hospital

-         Consultation and Aftercare advice in your home country

If you are interested in our prices or if you require more information about an intervention, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Patient reviews

4.4 from 5 verified reviews
Hazell Peters, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Definitely very organised and very professional

4.5 50 Gastric Band • Paid: 4369 €

I’ve just had surgery, everything went as planned the care was excellent doctor Chris was fabulous and talked straight. He was quite happy to give you his time before and after surgery. Definitely very organised and very professional 💯

Treated by: Chris De Bruyne
Anonymous, Netherlands
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

I am happy with the procedure and the care up till now

3.5 50 Gastric Sleeve • Paid: 6000 €

I had a laparoscopic vertical sleeve on December 20th in Belgium, Vilvoorde.
I had the procedure done after 25 years on and off dieting, with sometimes great results however always ending up heavier than before, hopefully, this procedure will give me the tool to book a lifelong healthy weight.

I have discussed the procedure with the care managers in the weeks leading up to the procedure, upon arrival at the hospital I met Dr. de Bruyne, who explained the procedure. I had a 2-night stay in a real hospital (AZ Jan Portaels) and the care given was excellent. The procedure was without complications, except for nausea the first 2 days after the operation (common in sleeve patients). Post op I met Dr. Bruyne 2 weeks after the operation for a check-up, future checkups I will be with my own physician for bloodwork etc. I am happy with the procedure and the care up till now, only 2 weeks out so my experience is of course limited.

Treated by: Chris De Bruyne
Daisy, UK
( Review verified by phone)

I was very pleased with the care and hospital care in 2011 and still very pleased with my surgery

5 50 Gastric Band

I went to Belgium from the UK to have a gastric band fitted in 2011 and lost 12 stone. I have recently come home from Belgium from having a breast enlargement. I was very pleased with the care and hospital care in 2011 and still very pleased with my surgery this year!

The hospital is extremely clean and the staff is brilliant, friendly and helpful. I will definitely be returning for further cosmetic surgery with Belgium Surgery Services in the future!

Janice, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

The doctors and staff were professional and knowledgeable

4 50 Facelift, Neck Lift • Paid: 5000 €

I had an SMAS face and neck lift. There was a bit more bruising than I expected but overall I am amazed at how fast I have healed. I would definitely recommend this procedure.

The doctors and staff were professional and knowledgeable. I felt safe and cared for- although it was a bit rushed. The aftercare instructions were somewhat vague and I ended up looking up online to get more aftercare info. I would recommend this clinic.

Danielle, UK
( Review verified by phone)

They are very good and I was quite impressed with them.

5 50 Gastric Sleeve • Paid: 7000 €

I went in for Gastric Sleeve Bypass Surgery and feel that the treatment was of good value. I have not have any after care treatment because things went well the first time around and I am greatly satisfied. I am extremely happy with the way things turned out.

I was searching online when I found information on the Belgium Surgery Services - Brussels clinic. They were highly recommended and their reviews were great. I still feel I made the right choice. My first impression was that they are very good and I was quite impressed with them.

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Bariatric Surgery

from 40 €

Bariatric Surgery Consultation

All patients are welcome for a free of charge baratric consultations at our clinics to help them choice what type of obesity surgery will help you the most to lose your overweight

4000 € - 4400 €

Gastric Band

Guaranteed for 3 years.

In this procedure, a hollowband made of special material is placed around the stomach near its upper end,creating a small pouch and a narrow passage into the larger remainder of thestomach. The band is then inflated with a salt solution. It can be tightened orloosened over time to change the size of the passage by increasing ordecreasing the amount of salt solution. The entire procedure is donelaparoscopically, where a laparoscope is inserted through the abdominal wallthrough small surgical incisions.

It induces weight loss byreducing the capacity of the stomach, which restricts the amount of food thatcan be consumed.

Minimally Invasive Approach

7500 € - 7950 €

Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass or stomach bypass is one of the surgical techniques for treating morbid obesity. Alongside purely restrictive techniques, such as gastric banding, and largely malabsorptive techniques, such as Biliopancreatic Derivation by Scopinaro, this is a combined technique.

As with a purely restrictive intervention such as the adjustable gastric band, this surgery is largely a restriction of the food intake, with reduced digestion a less important factor. However, the long-term results are noticeably better than those for purely restrictive surgery. This is due to reduced food intake and a reduced feeling of hunger.

6100 € - 6600 €

Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve is the latest weight loss procedure that shows promising results. By restricting food absorbtion and reducing hunger the gastric sleeve might be your best option. Advantages of gastric sleeve include lower cost, less dumping, fewer complications and does not require adjustments after the initial surgery.

How does the Gastric Sleeve work?

The vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive form of weight loss surgery in which approximately 85% of the stomach is removed leaving a cylindrical or sleeve shaped stomach with a capacity ranging from about 60 to 150 cc, depending upon the surgeon performing the procedure.

Belgium Surgery Services - Brussels - AZ Jan Portaels hospital, Gendarmeriestraat 65, B - 1800 Vilvoorde, Dublin 17,

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Private Patients Welcome

Mr Frederik Serneels

Job Title:
  Chief Executive

Christiaan De Bruyne

Registration Number:
Job Title:
Licensed as a general surgeon in Belgium from 1996, lic 45651 (Medical Council Brabant/Belgium). Licensed as a full surgeon (General Medical Council England) from 2005 ref.6135672 Licensed as a full surgeon (United Emirates, Dubai)from 2004 Licensed as a doctor in Ireland from 2007. I studied in the medical school of the University of KULeuven from 1983till 1990 and I passed first class with great distinction. I studied six years from 1990 till 1996 general surgery with Dr D. Claeys in Ghent who is still one of the leading laparoscopic surgeons in Belgium. The last two years of my training were specific for laparoscopic and oncology surgery. I worked in1993 one year in the Sint Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein in The Netherlands one of the most famous hospitals for thoracic and vascular surgery. I started there the thoracoscopic program. I started as a general surgeon ( with the sub-specialisation of advanced laparoscopic procedures) in 1996 inAZ Jan Portaels hospital in Vivoorde ( near Brussels), Belgium. Very soon became the surgical treatment of morbid obesity a major part of my work. I operated more than 4500 obese patients with laparoscopic adjustable silicone banding and laparoscopic bypass operations. I used most of the available gastric bands in Belgium. They all have a CE accreditation. I started to work at The Emirates Hospital in Dubai () from may 2004. I was asked to start the laparoscopic adjustable Silicone Banding program and now we are one of the fastest growing surgical obesity services in this field in the Gulf region.

Chris De Bruyne

Registration Number:
Chris de Bruyne has been a General Surgeon in Belgium since 1996 (licence number 45651 - Medical Council Brabant/Belgium) and has also been registered as a full surgeon in the UK with the General Medical Council since 2005 (6135672).  He is the most experienced and successful Gastric Band surgeon in Europe. The complication results are published across Europe so all surgeons in the UK know that Chris de Bryune has the lowest complication rate for the gastric band procedure. He worked for a year in 1993 at the Saint Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. The Hospital is one of the most famous hospitals for thoracic and vascular surgery and Chris began work there on the prestigious thoracoscopic program. He also worked as a general surgeon (with the sub-specialisation of advanced laparoscopic procedures) in 1996 at AZ Jan Portaels Hospital in Vivoorde (near Brussels), Belgium. During this time, the surgical treatment of morbid obesity became a major part of Chris’ work. Chris has operated on more than 9000 obese patients through either laparoscopic adjustable silicone banding or laparoscopic bypass operations. He has made use of a wide variety of gastric bands and will recommend the type best suited to the individual patient. All bands have a CE accreditation Chris has been doing pre and post-operative consultations for obesity surgery in Scotland (Edinburgh) London, Birmingham, Newport, Manchester since November 2005. When patients have the band fitted with our surgeon, 90% get to their ideal weight in a year. Studies have found that dieting alone is unlikely to lose weight. All of our aftercare can be done in the UK with our surgeon or a member of his surgical team. With aftercare, we work out at least £1500 cheaper than any UK provider, yet the operation is safer if you book with us. In General, the gastric band is a very safe operation, but with Chris de Bryune it only takes between 15-20 minutes to perform a very quick operation to improve your health for the rest of your life.

Jorn Robijn

Job Title:
  Vascular Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery
  English, French, Dutch
In 2002 Igraduated as a Medical Doctor cum laude at the Catholic University of Leuven,Belgium and I started my training in general surgery for six years. From 2008 Iam licensed as a general surgeon in Belgium.I wastrained in vascular surgery in the Imeldahospital in Bonheiden, Belgium, from2007 till 2009. I was gifted that my mentor was Dr. Patrick Peeters, aninternational well known vascular surgeon. Duringthis period I was trained in all aspects of cardiovascular and thoracicsurgery, but with special interests in endovascular techniques.Fromseptember 2009 I was appointed as a vascular and thoracic surgeon at the JanPortaels Hospital in Vilvoorde, Belgium. Endovascular procedures and treatmentof varicose veins are my main activities.
02 588 59 75 ext: 39436

AZ Jan Portaels hospital, Gendarmeriestraat 65, B - 1800 Vilvoorde, Dublin 17Belgium