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Dr. Shereen Fawaz Neuro Rehabilitation Clinic - Physiotherapy Clinic in EgyptFeatured
Dr. Shereen Fawaz – Consultant of Physical medicine, Rheumatology, and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Ain Shams University. Ph.D., MRCP (London). Description of Clinic Services: 1-NeuroRehabilitation protocols: for neurological and balance disorders: for example stroke, spinal cord injury, parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, cerebellar disorders.  2-Spasticity injection techniques: for example Botulinum injections, phenol, and anesthetic injections.  3-Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS):Diagnostic measurement of Motor Evoked potentials (MEP) and therapeutic (rTMS), and Peripheral Magnetic stimulation (PMS).  4-Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and spinal direct current stimulation.  5-Functional Electric Stimulation (FES): for limb weakness and anal incontinence. 6-Spinal rehabilitation: Mc Kenzie techniques for mechanical diagnosis and therapy: for back pain and neck pain. 7-Pain Management Protocols: including Perineural injections: as a regenerative therapy. 8-Intraarticular injections: for shoulder, knee, back, neck, and all joints injections. 9-Dysphagia rehabilitation: specialized assessment and treatment protocols, including electrotherapy and exercises. 10-Anal and Bladder Rehabilitation: for incontinence especially following neurological insults. 11-Occupational therapy. 12-Nerve conduction and Electromyography (EMG).  13-Hand rehabilitation: for tendon injuries and other post-operative hand injuries. 
Trigger Point Therapy  
Physiotherapist Consultation  
Stroke Rehabilitation  
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Smart Care Physiotherapy - Physiotherapy Clinic in Nigeria

Smart Care Physiotherapy

Abuja, Nigeria
We are a team of Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapists in Nigeria specialized in providing mobile healthcare services to clients in their homes, workplace or any desired place of comfort. We are well trained, licensed, experienced and highly rated in the field of physical, occupational and massage therapy and make use of the best available evidence-based treatment modalities in the management of our patients/clients. At Smart Care, we are committed to delivering compassionate and individualized care to our patients at the comfort of their homes. As our patient, you don't need to keep moving round the city course on regular visit to therapy centers- we bring the healing to you. We will visit you in your home, discuss with you your presenting problem, your general health, and your treatment goals before physically assessing the problem. Using the information gotten, we will develop a treatment plan that will help us achieve results which are in line with your needs and desire. We put the needs and requirements of our clients ahead of anything and everything else. Smart Care is currently the Nigeria's largest and fastest-growing on-demand physical, occupational and massage in-home service available in over 30 major cities across the nation. Our goal is to make quality healthcare easily accessible by all Nigerians and also on the part of the patient relatives; we relieve the burden of constantly taking your sick ones to the clinic for their routin
Trigger Point Therapy  
Physiotherapist Consultation  
Stroke Rehabilitation  
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Uluru Wellness Center - Beauty Salon in South Africa

Uluru Wellness Center

Benoni, South Africa
For more information about Uluru Wellness Center in Benoni please contact the clinic.
Trigger Point Therapy from $23
Deep Tissue Massage  
Sports Massage from $23
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Medissage Therapies - Professional Medical and Wellness Massage in Pretoria

Medissage Therapies

Florauna, South Africa
Medissage Therapies provides solutions for the relief and management of pain, tension and stress issues. Professional, medically focused massage treatments aim to target, treat and relieve your discomfort.Massage therapy treatments are provided by an internationally qualified and certified Massage Therapist, with many years of experience in clinical and spa settings.Medissage Therapies can help you, whether you are seeking... Pain-relief | Injury Recovery/Maintenance | Stress-relief  Mobility Improvement | Posture Correction | Easing of Tension & Aches or simply Peace and Serenity...  MASSAGE THERAPY TREATMENTS CAN HELP YOU COPE WITH Sore Back | Low Back Pain | Shoulder Pain | Upper Back Pain Tight Neck | Stiff Neck | Headaches | Whiplash | Jaw Pain Sore Hips | Tight Legs | Cramps & Spasms | Splints Frozen Shoulder | Tennis Elbow | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Bad Posture | Hip & Pelvic Pain | Limited Mobility | Injuries | Physiotherapy/Chiropractor Follow-on and many more physical issues...
Trigger Point Therapy from $27
Deep Tissue Massage from $15
Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage from $13
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Medical massage by Craig Botha - Massage Clinic in South Africa

Medical massage by Craig Botha

Kempton Park, South Africa
Craig Botah is a registered Therapeutic Massage Therapist with over ten years experience. He specialises in sports massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage and other medical massages.
Trigger Point Therapy from $25
Deep Connective Tissue Massage from $25
Sports Massage from $25
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Alhezam Alnary Pain Clinic - the_clinic

Alhezam Alnary Pain Clinic

طرابلس, Libya
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The Pain Clinic's Director, Dr. Husni Ajaj  receive additional highly-specialized pain management training in Holand , Balgum ,.Irelamd and Germany. Our Pain Clinic offer the best in pain management planning and treatment.
Trigger Point Therapy $58 - $234
Trigger pointinjections - An outpatient/office procedure where small amounts of local anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications are injected in the area of themuscle where you have pain or tenderness. These areas are called trigger pointsbecause they produce pain when stimulated. Trigger Point Injections areperformed if you have myofascial pain which is pain in a specific muscle ormuscle group.
Physiotherapist Consultation $23 - $117
Spinal Rehabilitation - Neck and Back Injury  
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