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Archway House Natural Health Centre

Archway House Natural Health Centre

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Lubenham Hill, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9SZUK

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Prices from £8 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Good ServiceScore™ 6.3 from 15 votes ★ 4 verified patient reviews. Multi-specialty clinic - Lubenham Hill, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9SZ, UK.

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Hypnotherapy £50
Reflexology from £38
Reiki from £38
CST - Craniosacral Therapy £35 - £55
Nutritional Counselling £40 - £60
Shiatsu from £40
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About Archway House Natural Health Centre

Archway House Natural Health Centre was established in 1997 and helps people from Market Harborough and across Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and the Midlands.

Our team of skilled and experienced practitioners offer a wide range of services including Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Chiropractic, Counselling and Psychotherapy, CranioSacral therapy, Health Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Structural Integration and Zero Balancing.

Archway House Natural Health Centre is also home to the Body Fitness team who offer exercise classes, rehabilitation and personal training for people living in and around Market Harborough.

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Patient reviews

4.7 from 4 verified reviews
Angus, UK
( Review verified by phone)

Very professional staff

5 50 Chiropractor Consultation • Paid: £40

Absolutely fantastic experience, very professional staff throughout and a comprehensive range of treatments that I have massively benefited from for over 2 years.

helen, UK
( Review verified by email)

Highly recommended

5 50 Acupuncturist Consultation • Paid: £40


Stella has been treating me with acupuncture for debilitating headaches that have been recurring for over 10 years. The results have been great: I now very rarely get any headaches - and they usually only occur if I haven't had any treatment for some time. I had thought about having acupuncture for some time before I took the plunge - I wish I had done so years earlier. I can't recommend Stella highly enough.

Treated by: Ms Stella Welton
Dale, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)


4.4 50 Acupuncturist Consultation • Paid: £120


Unfortunately the results have'nt been great, but the clinic is very good and the staff are very friendly

Rosie, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Lovely relaxing quiet environment

4.2 50 Pilates • Paid: £8

I went to the pilates class. It was very good - good teacher & lovely relaxing quiet environment.

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Parking - We have enough parking to guarantee you can always park right outsideAccessible to disabled people - all our treatment rooms are on the groundfloor and wheelchair friendlyPublic transport access - a bus runs to the top of the hill about 300m awayWheelchair accessible toilet - modern bright facilitiesAccess without steps - the entrance has a wheelchair rampDisabled parking - we have 4 disabled parking spaces right next to the entrance

Holistic Health

£35 - £55

CST - Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy suitable for treating any age, from newborn babies to the elderly. The therapist palpates the very subtle rhythms created by the ebb and flow of the cerebral spinal fluid and uses this motion to locate sites of tension and holding patterns within the body. Holding patterns can be located within any of the body’s systems of circulation, respiration, the nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, or within any of the organs. They can be the result of physical or emotional impact, stress, disease or trauma. CranioSacral therapy treats the whole person and by working with the body’s innate ability to heal itself these patterns of tension can be encouraged to release, allowing health and wellbeing to re-emerge.



Hypnosis is the natural state of mind that is experienced by each of us several times each day. It is a trance like state that is both relaxing and safe. You remain completely aware of everything going on around you and cannot be made to do anything that you would not want to do. Hypnotherapy helps to release more of your natural potential. This is achieved by re-programming any negative thoughts, debilitating beliefs and/or behaviours, and thus eliminating their actions which can cause us to lead less-rewarding and stressful lives.

from £38


Reflexology is a holistic therapy based on the belief that there are points on the feet – reflexes – that correspond to organs and systems within the body. By stimulating these reflexes with light pressure the aim of the reflexologist is to restore balance by activating the body’s own self healing processes. Having a reflexology treatment is a deeply relaxing and soothing experience, calming the nervous system and increasing circulation and lymphatic flow.

from £38


Reiki originated in Japan in the early 20th century. The word means “Universal Life Energy” in Japanese. It is form of “hands on healing” which works on balancing areas of blocked or weakened energy. Reiki is not massage. The client remains clothed and the treatment is carried out with the patient lying or sitting ,whichever is more comfortable. The practitioner places his/her hands gently on or above the body of the recipient in a number of non intrusive positions working down the body. The therapist will ask the client few questions at the start of the treatment but will generally not speak during the session Some people feel heat from the practitioner’s hands during the process or other feelings such as tingling or floating. Reiki is a very calming treatment and can help still the mind, reduce stress and assist relaxation both emotionally and physically. It is beneficial for everyone and will not interfere in any way with conventional treatments.

from £40


Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure”, even though thumbs, palms, knees, elbows and sometimes feet are also used. This is a very ‘hands on’ therapy that has been successfully used for more than 10 centuries.Your treatment will take place on a futon mattress at floor level, during which you remain fully clothed (loose cotton clothing is preferable). Comfortable pressure is applied in either a rhythmic manner or as simple holds along specific lines on the body where the energy channels lie. Working with the same principles as acupuncture these techniques harmonise the bodys energy to allow healing to take place.Shiatsu can be helpful in the teatment of neck and back pain, respiratory and digestive disorders, emotional conditions, menstrual problems and skin conditions for people of all ages. In addition, it is beneficial in promoting a healthy pregnancy.

General Practice

£40 - £60

Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional Therapy promotes the body’s natural healing mechanisms to optimise well being and bring relief to symptoms of ill health. It combines knowledge of human physiology, biochemistry and nutrient metabolism to provide the patient with the right balance of nutrients to function correctly.The Nutrition Team at Archway House use a Functional Medicine framework to find the underlying causes of ill health. We assess the function of the digestive, hormonal, immune, neurological and cardiovascular systems and explore the external environmental factors which influence a patient’s health. Because each patient is biochemically unique Functional Diagnostic Testing may be recommended to pin point specific metabolic imbalances.




Health Kinesiology (HK) is a specific branch of kinesiology developed in the 1970’s, which uses muscle testing/monitoring combined with verbal questioning as a means of communicating with a person’s energy system and determining what the body needs in order to restore balance and wellbeing. A wide range of different procedures are available and muscle testing is used to identify the priority order so as to ensure a smooth healing process. Commonly used procedures include the use of magnets, crystals, flower essences, essential oils or the client may be asked to focus on specific thoughts or phrases to help alleviate limiting beliefs/fearful thought patterns. HK can also be used to test for and re-balance BioEnergetic disturbances that occur in reaction to particular substances (or allergens), such as specific foods, chemicals, pollens etc. Sometimes muscle testing identifies lifestyle changes (eg to the diet or work/home environment) that are needed to help support the healing process. HK is a gentle and natural system that is suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly and also during pregnancy. Its holistic approach of attending to imbalances on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual make it a powerful system for healing.

£8 - £40


Pilates is a method of exercise that evenly conditions the body. It stretches and strengthens all the muscles giving the body a well-defined shape and targets the deep "core" muscles that are so important for good posture.The method concentrates the mind and encourages correct breathing to increase lung capacity and blood circulation. It improves bone density and promotes good joint mobility. It ensures that the right muscles in the body do the right job, thus correcting faulty movement patterns. Pilates dramatically increases core strength and when practised regularly it will produce incredible benefits for your body.Intelligent exercising - What differentiates Pilates from other forms of exercise is that it is based on a deep understanding of how the skeletal and muscular framework of the body works. It is therefore extremely safe and beneficial to those with back problems, sports injuries, pre or post-natal as well as those who are 100% fit and want to stay that way.The growth in its popularity is testimony to how enormously effective the method is. Highly recommended by health professionals, it is considered the way forward for rehabilitation and general well-being, whatever your age, as well as the ultimate workout for those who want to greatly improve flexibility, strength and tone.

Massage Therapy

£50 - £65

Aromatherapy Massage

Extracts from plants and trees have been used for their medicinal properties in health care for centuries. In professional aromatherapy, massage is utilised as an effective way of introducing carefully selected essential oils into your body via the skin. Massage also stimulates the flow of blood and the lymphatic system, providing a natural method of eliminating toxins whilst easing aching muscles and creating a deep sense of relaxation. Each essential oil has its own properties unique to the plant from which it came. A skilled aromatherapist understands the character of a wide range of plants allowing them to combine the best oils for each patient. This individual blending of oils makes aromatherapy an ideal therapy to help in the treatment of many conditions affecting the mind, body and emotions.

£30 - £50


from £40

Sports Massage

Hectic life styles, gym memberships, poor posture and enthusiastic participation in sporting events take their toll on our bodies. Whilst regular exercise is generally good for our health, over time it can take its toll on our muscles, legs and back, all too frequently leading to injuries.Sports massage is a powerful and effective way to treat soft tissue injuries. The massage improves circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems. This speeds up the rate at which waste products, such as lactic acid are dispersed from our bodies, relieving muscle fatigue. At the same time, the circulation of nutrients needed by muscle cells for growth and repair is enhanced. Regular massage can identify potential problems before they fully develop, while training advice can be given to heighten your own awareness of posture and biomechanics whilst exercising, to help prevent future injuries.


£35 - £55

Chiropractor Consultation

Chiropractor Consultation - Archway House Natural Health Centre

Chiropractic is a treatment which focuses on reducing your back pain at the source of the problem.Chiropractic can be used safely and effectively for people from all age groups with both short and long term conditions. The causes of these conditions are many and varied, perhaps you have injured yourself taking exercise or playing sport, or perhaps you have ‘overdone it’ in the garden. You could have bent over and picked something up awkwardly or taken a bump in the car. Alternatively you may just be feeling stiff and uncomfortable from years of sitting at the office desk – however it began we are here to help you. Give us a call and start on the road to recovery today!Do you want to know how it works? There is a great misconception that the bones that make up your spine can go out of place, but this is actually quite rare. Back pain may often seem to happen suddenly for no obvious reason but this out of the blue pain is usually the end result of what has been a very gradual deterioration in the alignment and control you have over your spine. Maintaining the correct alignment of your spine is a task performed from moment to moment by your nervous system on a sub-conscious level, in the same way that your heart is kept automatically beating or you drive a car without thinking about it. Occasionally though it becomes overwhelmed, often by poor driving and needs to be re-aligned.Chiropractic adjustment of the spine is particularly effective because we make adjustments to release locked states and stimulate the control centres within your spine to allow them to get back to maintaining the correct joint alignment. Chiropractic adjustments are what we call dose-dependant with the effects building over time with each session. Much like going on a diet or going to the gym takes time to have a lasting effect.

£35 - £55

McTimoney Chiropractic

McTimoney Chiropractic - Archway House Natural Health Centre

Chiropractic is a straight forward method of adjusting the bones of your body to improve the alignment of your skeleton, and through this process help the nervous system to work more efficiently. The purpose of chiropractic care is to realign and rebalance your body to relieve pain and discomfort, and increase mobility. A misalignment of the joints can occur for many reasons; some of the most common are incorrect lifting, car or sporting accidents, falls, stress, and poor posture. This can lead to pain, numbness, pins and needles, or restricted mobility.The McTimoney method of chiropractic was developed by the late John McTimoney over 50 years ago and is taught only at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Abingdon, near Oxford. It is well known for being a precise, whole body approach to chiropractic care. The gentle nature of the McTimoney method makes it especially suitable for people of all ages. Improving the Health of the NationMcTimoney chiropractic has helped thousands of people for over 50 years and around 150,000 new patients consult a McTimoney Chiropractor each year. Over 8000 people are cared for by McTimoney Chiropractors each working day. UK members of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association are registered with the General Chiropractic Council.


£40 - £60

Acupuncturist Consultation

Acupuncturist Consultation - Archway House Natural Health Centre

Acupuncture is a safe and effective practice, which can be used alongside conventional medicine in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions. Some people may choose to have acupuncture as a preventative measure to strengthen their constitution, or because they feel unwell in themselves without being ill in the Western sense. Traditional acupuncture is an ancient Chinese system of healing which enables a person to achieve a more balanced physical and emotional state. Its philosophy is that in good health there is a continuous smooth flow of energy (Qi or Chi) through channels within the body. Illnesses, injury or emotional stress can disturb the smooth flow of Qi, leading to range of symptoms and often the loss of a sense of well-being. The acupuncturist aims to balance the flow of Qi by inserting fine needles into specific points on the body. A person receiving acupuncture will often report both an improvement in symptoms and an increased sense of well-being. As with any therapy, the response to acupuncture can vary from one person to another.


Fertility Acupuncture



Psychotherapist Consultation

There are many different models of therapy. Some therapists have only been trained in one particular model, which probably will not suit everyone. Simon is trained in both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Person Centred Therapy (PCT). Both of these can be integrated into treatment which can privide a more holistic approach which is individually tailored to each person he works with. This modern approach is usually semi-structured and likely to involve some guidance, direction and information. We usually explore elements of your life from the past, present and future.

Archway House Natural Health Centre - Alec Welton

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Private Patients WelcomeNHS
Ms Cindy Townsend -  at Archway House Natural Health Centre

Ms Cindy Townsend

Qualified from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, one of the top Chiropractic training facilities in world, having gained an Honours degree in Neuromusculoskeletal sciences and a Masters degree in Chiropractic Sciences. She has since gone on to complete a post graduate certificates in Clinical Management, Dry Needling (acupuncture), Muscle testing and numerous other soft tissue therapies. Cindy has also gained advanced qualifications and experience in Chiropractic Paediatrics and Chiropractic Pregnancy patient care. Dr Cindy Townsend co founded the Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic with her partner Dr Peter Townsend in 2007. Having grown up in the midlands and working previously for a number of years in Chiropractic clinics in Coventry and Nuneaton, Cindy had always been fond of Kenilworth and the surrounding areas and feels very at home. Having decided that she wanted to become a chiropractor at just 14 years old, Cindy feels she has truly found her calling, and feels passionate and enthusiastic about chiropractic. She has especially enjoyed helping many top flight athletes, celebrities and other sports professionals and has been looking after the World Wrestling Entertainment team (WWE) for the past 8 years as their official European tour Chiropractor along with Peter.
Mr Peter Townsend -  at Archway House Natural Health Centre

Mr Peter Townsend

Qualified from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic, one of the top chiropractic training facilities in world, in 2002, having gained an Honours degree in Human science and a Masters degree in Chiropractic. Peter has since gone on to gain further qualifications in Dry Needling (acupuncture), Advanced rehabilitative techniques, Muscle testing and numerous soft tissue techniques. Outside of his normal practice, Peter also works a a post-graduate trainer for the college of Chiropractors, helping to provide advanced training for recently qualified Chiropractors, Having initially worked in private practice on the South coast for six years, Dr Peter Townsend cofounded Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic with his partner Dr Cindy Townsend. Coming from a medical family, Peter decided to become a Chiropractor after his father was greatly helped following a severe car accident. Prior to pursuing his chiropractic training, Peter was a British and English National champion sailor, and won both the nations cup, and was the winning helmsman for his class in the yachting Fastnet Race. Using his knowledge of high level sports, Peter has provided chiropractic care to premiership footballers, the current Olympic teams, superbike champions and in 2007 years joined Cindy in working with the WWE wrestling tour.
Mr Timothy Jacobs -  at Archway House Natural Health Centre

Mr Timothy Jacobs

Tim qualified from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) having gained a Masters degree in Chiropractic and receiving an award for being the most promising Chiropractor amongst his peers. Tim has gone on to gain further qualifications in Dry Needling (Acupuncture) and numerous other soft tissue techniques. Tim joined Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic in 2010. At that time the clinic had been growing quickly, having developed such a successful reputation in the community as the ‘go to’ place if you’re in pain. Tim felt that Kenilworth Chiropractic Clinic, with its extremely high standard of health care and excellent patient centred approach, was the perfect environment for him to further develop his career, and he loves being part of such a caring and dedicated team. Having a personal interest in sports and fitness Dr Timothy Jacobs has used Chiropractic to help world class sprinters, weight lifters and premiership football teams. Having seen from an early age the benefits that Chiropractic care can have on people’s lives Tim knew that being a Chiropractor was a perfect opportunity to pursue his goals of helping as many people as possible.
Alec Welton -  at Archway House Natural Health Centre

Mr Alec Welton

Alec Welton qualified as an Aromatherapist in 1990, an Acupuncturist in 1993 and began practising Feng Shui in 1995 and Zero Balancing in 1997. Initially practising in Nuneaton and Leamington, Alec moved to the area and set up the centre with his wife Stella, in 1997.
Stella Walton -  at Archway House Natural Health Centre

Ms Stella Welton

Stella Welton specialises in Classical Five Element Acupuncture and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. She qualified from the College of Traditional Acupuncture in 1992 and has been in private practice since then. She ran busy practices in Leamington Spa and Nuneaton before moving to Market Harborough and founding Archway House. She is a practice director.
Marie Steadman -  at Archway House Natural Health Centre

Ms Marie Steadman

Marie Steadman initially trained at the Shirley Price Aromatherapy College, qualifying as a therapist in 1995. She went on to qualify in Shiatsu in 1999 and most recently began specialising in Sports Massage, training with the London School of Sports Massage in 2002.
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