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Holistic Health Clinic

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53 Beaconsfield Road, Preston Circus, Brighton, E.Sussex, BN1 4QHUK

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Monday09:30 - 17:30
Tuesday09:30 - 17:30
Wednesday09:30 - 17:30
Thursday09:30 - 17:30
Friday09:30 - 17:30
Prices from £35 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Multi-specialty clinic - 53 Beaconsfield Road, Preston Circus, Brighton, E.Sussex, BN1 4QH, UK. Staff: m russell.

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Hypnotherapy Follow up Treatments from £50
Hypnotherapy Initial Consutation from £75
Reflexology from £45
Stop Smoking - Alternative Treatment £99 - £150
Indian Head Massage from £35
Reiki from £45

Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition - Initial Consultations from £90
Nutrition - Follow Up Consultations from £55
Hopi Ear Candling from £50
Shiatsu. from £50
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For more information about Holistic Health Clinic in Brighton please contact the clinic.
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Lucy, UK17.05.2015
They did respond promptly but did not offer what I was looking for.


  • CThA - Complementary Therapists Association (UK) 
  • CNHC - Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (UK) 


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Holistic Health

from £50

Hopi Ear Candling (1 hour)

Contact us for full details.

from £50

Hypnotherapy Follow up Treatments (1 hour)

Contact us for full details.

from £75

Hypnotherapy Initial Consutation

from £45

Reflexology (1 hour)

Contact us for full details.

from £45

Reiki (1 hour)

Contact us for full details.

from £50

Shiatsu. (1 hour)

£99 - £150

Stop Smoking - Alternative Treatment (2 hours 45 mins)

plus 1 hour acupuncture
from £80

Weight Loss - Alternative Treatment (2 hours 15 mins)

Contact us for full details.

General Practice

Nutrition Counselling
from £90

Nutrition - Initial Consultations (1 hour 30 mins)

from £55

Nutrition - Follow Up Consultations  (50 mins)


from £55

Kinesiology (1 hour 30 mins)

Massage Therapy

£50 - £70

Aromatherapy Massage (1 hour)

£50 - £70

Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour)

from £55

Full Body Massage (1 hour 30 mins)

£55 - £70

Hot Stone Massage (1 hour)

from £35

Indian Head Massage (1 hour)

Contact us for full details.

£50 - £70

Massage (1 hour)

• Massage There are many different types of massages and bodywork that can be used to treat the problems of an individual. While these are different in the techniques and methods used to perform the massage and bodywork, the fundamental principles that govern the workings of massage therapy and bodywork remain the same.Massage is one of the oldest stress relieving techniques and remains one of the most effective ways to unwind. Massage relieves muscle tension and promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Regular massage can help by addressing symptoms such as muscle tension and insomnia, as well as releasing toxins from the body.Massage is very effective for:Muscle tension/back, neck, shoulder pain/sports injuriesStress/anxiety/migraineInsomnia/fatigueDepressionThere are a wide variety of massage techniques including;Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Sports, Trigger Point, Traditional Thai and Indian Head massage. Each of these techniques are used to achieve different results. In any one treatment any or all of the techniques may be used, depending of the needs of the individual.

Contact us for more details

£50 - £70

Advanced Clinical Massage (1 hour)

£50 - £70

Pregnancy Massage (1 hour)

Sports Massage
£50 - £70

Sports Massage (1 hour)

£50 - £70

Sports Massage. (1 hour)

from £50

Swedish Massage (1 hour)

Thai Massage
from £50

Thai Foot Massage (1 hour)

Contact us for full details.

from £55

Thai Yoga Massage  (1 hour)

from £75

Thai Yoga Massage (1 hour 30 mins)


Cranial Osteopathy
from £42

Ongoing treatment (30 mins)

from £55

Initial appointment. (1 hour)


Acupuncture Treatment
from £50

Acupuncture Treatment (1 hour)

from £65

Facial Rejuvenation (1 hour)

from £55

Acupuncturist Consultation (1 hour)

Low cost option  (Wednesdays 40 mins). Otherwise one hour £40. Acupuncture is a system of medicine that has been practised in China and other countries for over 3000 years. In Chinese medicine, vital life energy called Qi flows through the body via a network of subtle energy channels or meridians. Disease occurs when the natural flow of Qi in these meridians becomes blocked, depleted or out of balance. This can be caused by factors such as emotional stress, diet, overwork, infection or injury. Along each meridian are a number of acupuncture points at which the Qi can be directly affected. By inserting fine needles into these specific points an acupuncturist can stimulate or sedate the flow of Qi to re-balance the person’s energy thus remove the cause of disease.Each acupuncture treatment lasts one hour. A full case history will be taken to assess your symptoms, medication, past history, lifestyle, diet and sleep. Diagnosis is made based on your individual symptoms, examining the tongue and feeling the pulses at each wrist for quality, rhythm and strength. A number of points on the body are carefully selected to be needled, typically 3 or 4 occasionally more. These are left in place for 20 minutes whilst the patient relaxes.The number of treatments required varies since each patient is different. The longer you have had the problem the more treatments you are likely to need, but most people notice the benefit after 4 – 6 regular treatments. Sometimes only 1 or 2 treatments are required.


from £40

Counselling (1 hour)

from £55

Counselling. (1 hour 30 mins)

Holistic Health Clinic - 53 Beaconsfield Road, Preston Circus, Brighton, E.Sussex, BN1 4QH,

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m russell

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53 Beaconsfield Road, Preston Circus, Brighton, E.Sussex, BN1 4QHUK