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About Capital Hair Restoration - London

Capital Hair Restoration of Harley Street provides both Surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Packages for men and women who are experiencing Hair Loss.

We offer Hair Transplant procedures in our UK or European clinics with a uniquely personal service which gives our patients an unrivaled customer experience. Please see our London What Clinic profile for reviews of our Hair Transplant procedures or search for us in Google or Trust Pilot.

Our Services:

FUE Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

Hair Restoration Programme

Hair Replacement

Our FUE Hair Transplant Service is the most minimally invasive Hair Transplant Procedure available today. It involves extracting Individual Hair Follicles with a tiny punch one follicle at a time. This enables our surgeon to extract Hair Follicles without any linear scarring.

This procedure ensures that the recovery period for the patient is as short as possible allowing each patient to return to their normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. This method also allows each patient to maintain any hairstyle that they choose post-procedure. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is virtually painless. Once the Follicular Units have been extracted, the Surgeon will create tiny incisions into the recipient area and will then place the donor follicular units into these incisions with the aid of their surgical team to complete the procedure.

Capital Hair Restoration provides FUE Hair Transplant procedures in the UK and In Europe and we highly recommend a free consultation to discuss exactly what can be achieved for you with this treatment option. Whether your Hair Loss is in the early stages or advanced, it is highly possible with our exclusive options that a fantastic result can be achieved for you. We often perform procedures with up to 4000 Grafts in a single session.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involves making an incision from the back of one ear to the back of the other ear and removing a strip of skin 1cm-1.5cm in height from the back of the scalp. This strip can contain thousands of individual hair follicles that are dissected individually from the strip and prepared for transplantation.

Our surgeon will then create tiny incisions into the recipient area and will then place the donor follicular units into these incisions with the aid of their surgical team to complete the procedure.

There are many benefits of FUT including preserving the density of the donor area for future transplantation and enabling the surgeon to achieve a large number of Follicular Unit Transplants in a single session.

FUT is considered to be a minor out-patient surgery. The procedure can take from 3-8 hours and will be under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. There is little discomfort during the surgical procedure. The donor area where the grafts have been harvested is closed up neatly with a trichophytic wound closure leaving a neat linear scar that will not be detectable unless the hair is cut extremely short. If the patient wishes to keep a very short hairstyle, they should only consider the FUE technique.

Capital Hair'sRestoration program is an ideal option for those men looking to stabilize their hair loss or improve the density of their hair naturally without the need for surgery. We combine scientifically tested and clinically proven treatments and products only to ensure the very best results for you. These treatments can be used conveniently at home without the time/financial constraints of in-clinic treatment

It is firstly important to diagnose the reasons for your hair loss and to discuss your expectations. Once this has been done, if we recommend our Non-Surgical program, we will propose a detailed treatment plan exclusively for you. You will be able to benefit from the program around your existing activities and you are free to style your hair as you wish throughout your treatment.

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Patient reviews

4.8 from 21 verified reviews
Bolivar Diaz, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I was very happy with the information

4.5 50

One hour of meeting. I was very happy with the information.

Treated by: Mr Darryl King
Ben, UK
( Review verified by phone)

The end result is truly amazing, it has restored hairline and confidence

5 50 Hair Transplant

Daryll, Matt and the team were model professionals and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Right from the initial consultation to post-op, where they answered any questions I had and keep in touch with me to ensure it was progressing as expected. The end result is truly amazing, it has restored hairline and confidence - this is only after 6 months as well!

If you are concerned or curious about the whole process then I would highly recommend the team at Capital Hair Restoration. It's a truly personalised service that put you at ease every step of the way! Thank you again to the team there.

Treated by: Mr Darryl King
Aurélien, UK
( Review verified by email)

Even a year after the operation, I have received an email to check on me

5 50 FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction • Paid: £5546

FUE 1800 - August 2017 - 28 years old.
Everyone is very worried about hair transplant but you shouldn't be. Darryl just walked me through the process during the first meeting and 2 months later it was D-Day.

Pick-up from home in the morning 8 am ( a Sunday cause it was the only day that was possible for and Capital Hair Restoration make it happen). Darryl was there to welcome me, it is so nice to see a familiar face.

Around 9:30 am I got my head shaved so the surgeon and I could see the new hairline. I went following the expert advice for something very natural.

At the end of the day I was back home, the first days are itchy I must admit, especially for a nervous person like me. Darryl was calling me to make sure everything was alright, a little bit of swelling 2-3 days after ops due to analgesic, then after a week to 10 days, I was outside.

Day 30 to 90 is the hardest time when your new hair is falling and you remain with a short and bad haircut. After 3 months the charm is operating, 9 months after I was trying a new hairdresser and I had to tell-show his picture that I had hair transplant cause he wasn't believing it.

5* service, you know what you pay for!

Nice team. Good facility in London City and the operation took place in East London. You can trust those guys. You may find cheaper, but you are doing this operation to look better and gain your confidence back, not to take a risk.

Even a year after the operation, I have received an email to check on me. A very professional team.

Treated by: Mr Darryl King
Daniele, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

The procedure took one afternoon and was almost painless. After 9 months the results are great

5 50 Hair Transplant • Paid: £6000

Hair transplant, about 2000 grafts. The procedure took one afternoon and was almost painless. After 9 months the results are great. Very professional and highly recommend.

From initial consultation to advice both before and after the treatment, I had a very positive experience. Please note this is not a “clinic”. Consultations are held in central London and the treatment is contracted to a surgery just outside London. This wasn’t very clear at first but not a problem in any way. Would strongly recommend.

Hugh, Ireland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Everything was explained clearly and treatment went as planned

5 50 Hair Transplant • Paid: £4267

Everything was organized through Darryl and Clive, well prepared and hassle-free. Everything was explained clearly and treatment went as planned.

Very professional and no hassle.

Garreth, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

My new hairline looks fantastic and am looking forward to the results

5 50 FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction • Paid: £5500

FUE hair transplant - £5,500. My new hairline looks fantastic and am looking forward to the results in 4-6 months time. You can see my pictures and follow my progress on Instagram - my_fue_journey.

Great overall experience. Was picked up and dropped home, lunch was provided and Dr. Williams / team were very friendly and professional. Darryl was also contactable throughout and answered any questions I had.

Treated by: Dr. Williams
Kieron, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

A lengthy process but actually quite relaxing too

5 50 Hair Transplant • Paid: £4700

Capital Hair gave me a great experience from start to finish through my transplant journey. All the information was clearly explained beforehand in a one on one consultation and in the months leading up to surgery. You are given the option to book the appointment in advance and pay off in installments which is very handy if you can't afford it all in one go.

My procedure was done in Istanbul which was really straightforward; I was met by Darryl at the airport and upon arrival was taken to a great 4* hotel. The consultation with the doctor the following morning was really clear about what was achievable and helped put any worries or concerns at rest.

The procedure itself was a lengthy process but actually quite relaxing too! There's some discomfort with the anesthetic administered but after that, it's plain sailing!

I've just returned from my transplant surgery in Istanbul today and have been given all the necessary aftercare medications and protocols and am looking forward to seeing the results over the next few months!

It's been an extremely personable process and it's great to have Darryl go with you as it feels like you're hanging out with a mate who happens to know everything there is to know about hair follicles!

All in all highly recommended and will be passing on Capital Hair Restorations details to all my friends and colleagues.

Treated by: Mr Darryl King
Nick, South Africa
( Verified user)

A benchmark of quality

3.5 50 Hair Transplant

If the customer is always right, then everyone reading this should be able to take my word when I say that the Capital Hair Restoration Clinic in London Is a benchmark of quality within the medical industry. I was pleased to have received such quality care and service when I went in for my Hair Transplant. My recommendation goes without saying and is completely unconditional.

The Clinic was everything I thought it would be and everything I paid to get. A clean establishment with professional staff and practices, reasonable prices and a great clinical experience.

Roshni, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

It was a good experience and I don't regret choosing them for this procedure

4 50 Hair Loss Specialist Consultation

I established confidence in choosing Capital Hair Restoration based on their reputation and my treatment went well I have to say, the staff was pretty friendly.

As good as they are they are quite pricey but I feel that I got my money's worth. It was a good experience and I don't regret choosing them for this procedure.

Daniel, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I couldn't be happier with the experience.

5 50 Hair Transplant • Paid: £3995

I have just recently had a hair transplant with Capital Hair Restoration in Turkey. Now, day nine post-op, and I can honestly say I couldn't be happier with the experience. The accompaniment with the trip to the Turkey helps ease and reassure any reservations you may have prior to having a hair transplant done. It is very common to see similar hair transplant patients in the hotel and around in Turkey in general. You will see the odd person in the airport after having the surgery done. The hotel room is modern and very clean with a pleasant bathroom. The actual day of the surgery is a fairly easy start to the morning with a full breakfast at around 9:00 am. You are then transported by a private car to the clinic. You, Darryl, and the doctor will have a chat about the surgery and what to expect and what is achievable (which will have already been discussed back in the UK). Following that, the actual surgery is a fairly fast past, which is actually beneficial as it does not allow you to become over apprehensive before surgery. The only uncomfortable bit of the surgery is the initial local anaesthetic. The pain is minor, but it can be felt especially around the bonier part of your head. The rest of the surgery is pain-free. Depending on the length of the surgery, you can get a bit restless, but there is the opportunity to have a toilet break or a food break. My surgery lasted around seven hours all in all. The recovery after the surgery is pretty straightforward. The first night is a bit tiring as you don't want to damage any of the graphs. Following that, you just have to make sure not to bang your head on anything and take it easy for the first week. My head had cleared up by the eighth day post-op, and all the scabs had come away and nothing was noticeable, which is surprising as my graphs were packed fairly densely. I am now looking forward to seeing how the graphs mature over the next months. After all the anxiety and build up to the decision to go ahead with a hair transplant, I have to say Capital Hair Restoration made the whole process comfortable and made it feel like a very normal thing to go and have done, which was very positive. Darryl sorts everything while you're out in Turkey, and is great company for the trip. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of getting a hair transplant, and would encourage them that it doesn't have to be the scary experience that it may seem when thinking of getting it done. Thanks, Darryl. I couldn't have done it on my own.

Having gone to a number of hair transplant consultations, I was very used to the offers many practices offer, as well as the advice you get from the consultants. With Capital Hair Restoration, I sat down with Darryl and he explained to me what was achievable with my hair and the options open to me. From speaking with Darryl, I instantly knew he was experienced and knowledgeable on hair restoration. I originally came across the clinic through the WhatClinic website, and after I had taken the consultation, I was encouraged that the reviews I had seen on the website turned out to be true.

Treated by: Mr Darryl King
Thomas, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

They really know their stuff.

5 50 Hair Loss Treatment

From my first meeting with Capital Hair, I was reassured and made comfortable. I went for the procedure. I was well informed of what was going to happen and was happy to go ahead with it. The day of the procedure, I can't say a bad word about them. They met me at the train station. Took me to where I was getting the procedure done. Told me what was going to happen and supported me throughout the whole day to make sure I was OK. I had a few questions, but they knew their stuff and made me feel real comfortable.

After the procedure, they went out of their way to drive me home. I would recommend talking to Capital Hair if you are thinking of getting it done. They really know their stuff. Thomas Waldrom, Exeter Chiefs Rugby Player.

Treated by: Mr Darryl King
Paul, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I couldn't be happier with my experience and most importantly with the results

4.5 50 Hair Loss Treatment

Making the decision to undertake a hair transplant was not an easy thing
to do.

The cost and logistics of it all can be a little overwhelming, not to
mention the prospect of the treatments themselves.

Fortunately I had already undergone a hair transplant under a reputable
London clinic and was well aware of the costs, the procedure itself, and
the general treatment plans that followed.

However it was unknown to me at the time that there was also an option of
being taken abroad for the procedure. I found this out after meeting with
Darryl at Capital Hair Restoration. I honestly wish that I'd been
introduced to Capital Hair sooner because there is much more variety in
the services that they offer compared to other London clinics.

It was nice to be put at ease straight away about my decision for a second
op and to have my options layed out clearly with an open table for
discussion. Deciding to go ahead with a second transplant was nothing more
than a personal choice spurred on by the quality of the package offered to
me by the company.

In my case, getting a flight abroad and 1st class treatment was going to
give me a much higher number of grafts compared to another procedure in
London. It was also a much better price than my first procedure.

It was clear from the start that I was in good hands and being seen
through the process by someone with a professional attitude and healthy
knowledge of the hair restoration industry.

So I agreed on a package to go abroad and from that moment everything was
taken care of. I was kept informed of progress and relevant arrangements
as we went along.

The trip itself is well put together and efficient. We were met at the
airport and directed and treated with a 1st class service from beginning
to end.

The flights were comfortable with a decent meal and a good selection of
entertainment. Once we landed it was a relatively quick queue through
passport control before a short wait for a private car that took us
straight to the hotel.

Once we arrived at the hotel there was a little confusion with rooms.
This was short lived as Darryl very quickly fixed the situation and got me
settled into a room.

I was however allocated a room with 2 single beds. The next morning Darryl
had me upgraded to a double bed suite in preparation for my op for maximum

The rooms themselves were comfortable and clean with nice en suites, in
particular the shower facility's.

The next day after enjoying a very good quality breakfast buffet we were
taken by private transport to consult with the senior doctor overseeing my
From there i was directed through the procedure by a professional team.

The whole process was quick and efficient and with my first procedure as a
comparison I can honestly say I felt better over all with the service
Capital Hair provided.

My recovery has been much better than I had anticipated after my previous
op and im just glad I didn't waste my money in some high priced clinic in
london again.

Anyone looking to undergo any procedure like this should be vary wary of
what your actually buying. Having experienced my first procedure and then
Capital Hair I would be silly not to recommend at least arranging a
consultation with Darryl first, just to gauge the market and make yourself
more aware of what's available for your money.

Capital Hair are a 1st class choice as far as I'm concerned.



David, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I felt very happy in their hands.

5 50 Hair Transplant • Paid: £4500

Like most I was very apprehensive about having a hair transplant.  I agonised for years about it and then I discovered Capital Hair Restoration.

They explained the process extremely well and answered all of my questions.  At first I wasn't keen on having the procedure in Turkey.  It seemed fairly scary to travel rather than having it done in London.  Having agreed to the procedure I jumped on a plane as soon as possible.

Darryl met me at the airport which was great as I didn't need to plan my trip.  He had booked my flights, transfers, etc.  I instantly felt at ease at the hotel as within minutes I saw two blokes who had just had their procedure.  This was a big thing for me as I was so very concerned about walking into the hotel after having my hair done and everyone staring.  I realised that this was not going to be the case as it just seemed the norm.  Great relief.  The hotel was so use catering for hair transplant patients.  They even sat at breakfast with a bandage on, not a problem.  That said I did have my breakfast in my room the day after as that's just what I preferred to do. Of course Darryl arrange this for me which was great.

The day before my procedure I even got to me one of Capital Hair Restoration clients who had just had his hair done.  It was great to ask him questions.  Also funny as we both said we weren't telling anyone we were having it done. 

On the day of the procedure we got picked up.  The clinic was very modern.  Staff were great.  The procedure didn't hurt at all.  I was basically laying in a chair for the best part of a day with the staff singing around me; very relaxing.  Darryl was there with me all day and kept checking I was ok.  The most amazing thing was that they managed to extract 5,000 hair units which was a record.  In the UK they would only do a couple of thousand per day meaning you would have to go through everything again the next day.  Now that I have had the procedure I was so happy to get everything wrapped up in one day.  The thought of going to sleep and having to sit all day again is not ideal.  This way you are in and out and all done - perfect.  The clinic were very slick to extract that many and put them back in my head.  They clearly have done this hundreds of times before you could tell they knew exactly what they doing.  It felt like being on a very well tried and tested production line.  I felt very happy in their hands.

After the procedure they provided some medication and instructions on what to do.  I then went straight to bed.  Found it a little difficult to sleep due to the bandage and the fact you had to sleep upright a little but not too bad.

The next day the bandage was removed at the clinic.  I met other patients in the waiting area.  We were all discussing the procedure, we all seemed so happy we had the procedure done.  I now didn't feel conscious at all.  I even walked around the city with Darryl with my head completely on display.  I just didn't care anymore.  One of the main benefits of being abroad is that I didn't know anyone so why care.  That night I flew home with the hat on the clinic provided to protect my head.  The hat actually worked really well as I didn't have to worry about being stared at or damaging my transplant.

The next few days my heads felt a little soar.  To be expected of course.  Both the top and back of my head felt numb.  I started to apply water to my head as instructed to keep it clean and help remove any small scabs.  Before long I was applying the shampoo provided and starting to get more confident touching my hair.  Its a fairly long recovery process but everyday things get a little better.  Its totally worth it.

It took a few weeks for my head to start settling down.  Each week he numbness was reduced and my hair was growing.  I was lucky as I didn't experience a lot of shedding, probably only 20% fell out evenly.  I still have a little numbness now at 7 months but very minimal.

As I said earlier I didn't tell anyone I had it done expect my wife but I think my family were a little suspicious as I kelp getting compliments like you look so much younger.  As the months went on I managed to keep my hair short by cutting it carefully.  Each month my hair grew thicker which just made me get a little more excited.  I was counting down the months.  I am now at month 7 and I am so happy with my hair.  If no more grew now I would be happy.  Come month 12 it should look amazing.

In hindsight I think my journey would have been a lot easier if I was honest and told people I had it done as it would have stopped my locking myself away for as long as possible to allow my hair to grow.  That said I am a private person and didn't want everyone to know so it worked for me.

I was extremely happy with the service Capital Hair Restoration provided.  It was flawless.  I would recommend Capital Hair Restoration, Darryl and the clinic 100% to anyone.  They were all fantastic.  The whole experience was very easy and enjoyable.  I wish I had done it sooner, but now that I have I am very happy with the results.  In this day and age no one should worry about getting a hair transplant done.  Its now very achievable, not ridiculous expensive and can be done in a day.  How amazing is that!!  Anyone thinking about doing it should.  The procedures the easy bit.  The hard part is deciding whether you admit to people you've had it done.  Whatever you decide ultimate all that matters is that you are happy with it.  I know I am!

Fantastic. Very professional, friendly and efficient. Extremely happy with my results.

Treated by: Mr Darryl King
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