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What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is the term used when one woman donates her eggs, for medical research, or to be implanted in another woman as part of an assisted reproduction procedure. The egg donor may be related or unrelated to the recipient. Once the donor has agreed to donate eggs, the eggs are retrieved from her ovaries through an ultrasound assisted surgical procedure. Egg donation supports IVF assisted reproductive procedures, especially for women whose eggs are of poor quality or for women who are too old to conceive.

How long does the Egg Donation procedure take?

While the actual egg retrieval process takes just a few minutes, the administrative and screening procedures for egg donation could take about a month. The procedure is performed under conscious sedation or mild anaesthesia.

What is the recovery time after Egg Donation?

The recovery time after egg donation is usually one month. The donor’s response to the post-ovarian stimulation medications will determine whether she can travel after the eggs are retrieved. This depends on each individual donor. The donor should travel only after the doctor certifies that she is fit to travel. It is important that the donor takes the prescribed post-operative medications correctly. The donor should not indulge in strenuous physical activity or sexual intercourse for a few days after egg donation.

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Moscow Next Generation Clinic - Fertility Clinic in Russia

Moscow Next Generation Clinic

Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 3, bld.3, Moscow
The dream of every family couple to have a child sometimes crashes against a problem called "infertility". But this is not a doom: our programmes of treatment of various types of infertility, their competent selection, ongoing monitoring and consulting help most of our patients. Sometimes the problem of infertility is solved just by administering hormonal drugs, in this case there is no need to use the complex and costly methods of assisted reproductive technologies. Our doctors never prescribe procedures not needed by the patient, but they are armed with the whole arsenal of techniques, from the basic to the most complex. One can also make use of the programme of postponed motherhood, which supposes vitrification of oocytes in the young age, with their further use in more mature age, for generation of embryo and conception with the use of in-vitro fertilisation. The cryoconservation of embryos in the bank of our clinic allows a woman not to be subjected to hormonal stimulation in the future, but to use the embryos remaining after the first transfer. IVF programs we provide: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) IVF with ICSI IVF in natural cycle Egg / sperm / embryo donation programs Artificial Insemination (AI) Programs for female patients with reduced ovarian reserve, oocytes banking, embryo banking Postponed maternity In vitro Maturation (IVM) Fertility preservation programs for cancer patients IVF with PGS/PGD Androlog
Egg Donation from 21000 ₽
Fertility Specialist Consultation from 5000 ₽
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation from 148500 ₽
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Nova Clinic - Fertility Clinic in Russia

Nova Clinic

20, Lobachevskogo Street, Moscow, 119415
4.5 from 1 verified review
The medical center for reproductive and genetic health Nova Clinic is highly qualified professionals of assisted reproduction techniques: gynecologists, embryologists, urologists, andrologists, geneticists and endocrinologists. Most of them are PhD in Medicine and have been helping people to become parents for more than 12 years. Nova Clinic specializes in infertility treatment (IVF, ICSI, IUI, donor programs, embryo adoption, fertility preservation) and in surrogacy arrangements for international patients (full legal support). Nova Clinic arranges transfers and accommodation for their international patients in Russia and provide them translation services during their staying in Moscow. Nova Clinic: conceiving miracles!
Egg Donor from 511568 ₽
The clinic provides the following information about the donor:- Nationality,- Age,- Height / weight,- Education,- Profession,- Blood group and rhesus-factor,- Colour of hair / eyes,- Form of face / nose / ears.
Fertility Specialist Consultation from 3815 ₽
Our fertility specialists and embryologists are highly experienced in the field of Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART). Our main goal is to do everything possible to make your dream of having a healthy child come true. We have an individual approach to each patient and render medical services of high quality.  Our fertility specialists are highly-qualified professionals with degrees in different fields of medicine. We detect problem, study it carefully and suggest a most efficient method of treatment.
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation 246671 ₽ - 511568 ₽
"Nova Clinic" offers you the most modern method of sterility treatment. In vitro fertilization, or conception outside a woman's body, "in vitro", which allows you to go round obstacles and reasons on which conception became impossible. Almost in any situation we find a solution to help your child to be born. If the standard treatment for 1.5 - 2 years have not yielded positive results, so it's time to see a specialist in the field of IVF. 
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VRT Center - Fertility Clinic in Russia

VRT Center

Kochnovskiy pr-d, 4 корпус 1, Moskva, 125319
For more information about VRT Center in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Egg Donor from 174000 ₽
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation in the natural cycle in the preparation of eggs from 47500 ₽
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Limited Liability Clinic

Limited Liability Clinic "IVF Center" - Vladimir

ul.Tihonravova, d.10B, Vladimir
For more information about Limited Liability Clinic "IVF Center" - Vladimir in Vladimir please contact the clinic.
Egg Donation  
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation  
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IVF Center - Vladimir - Fertility Clinic in Russia

IVF Center - Vladimir

ul. Tikhonravova, 10, Vladimir, 600037
For more information about IVF Center - Vladimir in Vladimir please contact the clinic.
Egg Donor  
Fertility Specialist Consultation  
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation
Krioperenos from 32990 ₽
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