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North Cyprus IVF

North Cyprus IVF

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143 Bedrettin Demirel Caddesi, Kumsal, Nicosia, 99010Cyprus

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Free consultation. Prices from $100 - Enquire for a fast quote from North Cyprus IVF. 7 verified patient reviews.

Popular Treatments

Fertility Specialist Consultation free
Egg Donor $4500 - $5000
IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation $2000 - $2500
PGD - Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis $2000 - $2500
Embryo Donation $5000 - $5500
Egg Freezing $2000 - $2500
ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection free
IUI - Intrauterine Insemination from $1000
Blastocyst Transfer free
Embryo Freezing from $500
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About North Cyprus IVF

North Cyprus IVF was established in 1998 and has an excellent reputation Internationally. As the first ISO 9000 qualified clinic in Northern Cyprus and being a pioneer in the field of fertility treatments, we have assisted thousands of patients to become parents. Named as the "leading IVF clinic in Europe in egg donor IVF treatment" by Fertility Road magazine, we are also the only clinic in the North to have its own Genetics Laboratory, therefore all genetic testing and screenings are performed on the premises. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr Savas Ozyigit is an accredited IVF Specialist with numerous publications and a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

We provide a broad range of treatment options including conventional In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI), Egg Donor IVF with both known and anonymous donors, Sperm Donor IVF, PGD, TESA, PESA, MESA, Egg and Embryo Freezing (Cryopreservation). In addition we specialise in miscarriage investigation and are able to offer cutting edge treatments as yet unavailable in many other countries, including stem cell therapy trials. Our clinic is the only licensed provider in Cyprus for 


 for gender selection and family balancing.

We also collaborate with multiple renowned fertility clinics around the world. With our partners we are able to offer surrogacy arrangements for our reproductively challenged couples as well as same sex couples in a collaborative process. 

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Patient reviews

from 7 verified reviews
Dainess Messanga, Turkey
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Excellent overall service

5 50 Fertility Specialist Consultation

Excellent overall service.

Ruthy, Cyprus
( Review verified by email)

Professional, one feels one is in the right place

4.5 50 Fertility Specialist Consultation • Paid: $1500

I had PRP treatment. Great communication, care and professionalism. Friendly and reassuring staff, Angie and Ibanna were most helpful. The doctor is excellent and they are a great team. Lovely building.

Excellent well organized, clean cheerful, brand new and welcoming.
Professional, one feels one is in the right place.Thank you.

(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

I Will recommend anyone to contact what clinic for medical tourism and treatment

4.5 50 Fertility Specialist Consultation

Whatclinic has been so much of help to my husband and I to get in contact with many hospitals with response. I am yet to begin my treatment

Great, in fact fantastic. I Will recommend anyone to contact what clinic for medical tourism and treatment

Judith, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I was treated as person and I really felt comfortable

4.5 50 IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation, Egg Donation • Paid: $4000

I had IVF with donor eggs, as I had failed IVF in UK and was informed that my ovarian reserve was low. The price was excellent compared to the UK, I think the procedure cost just under £4000 (excluding medications and test)

I was a bit sceptical about travelling to Northern Cyprus to do IVF procedure as I was scared that because of my ethnic background I would be treated differently, but this was not so. I had a wonderful time, the staff were friendly, helpful and welcoming. My ethnicity was not important to staff, I was treated as person and I really felt comfortable. Doctor Savas is very experience, knowledgeable and is an expert in his field. On entering the reception area on my first visit I was greeted by staff, one staff in particular called me by my name. The clinic was clean and the atmosphere was one of warmth. I chose this clinic because after sending my medical records to them the team was able to sit together and discussed my situation. I later received a detailed emailed from them discussing my medical records step by step and outlining the best treatment route to take based on findings from my previous results here in the UK. I was impressed and this led me to believe that the team was knowledgeable. All my emails were answered promptly and they were able to give accurate answers to my questions.

Treated by: Prof Savas Ozyigit

Thank you, Judith. It is people like you who make this job so rewarding. Hearing these means the world to our team. I am so pleased to hear that you are happy with the treatment you have received. We are always here for you whenever you require any assistance.

Prof Savas Ozyigit
Kathy Soames, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

The whole experience was far more pleasurable, efficient and inexpensive

5 50 IVF with Donor Eggs • Paid: $4500

Excellent. The treatment was extremely well planned. I had had many miscarriages and failed IVF in the UK. The team bent over backwards to try to work out what had caused the problems and found a mutation in a particular gene, which had been missed in the UK. The problem could easily be treated once identified and the IVF worked first time. The whole experience was far more pleasurable, efficient and inexpensive than the UK. Thoroughly recommend them.

Dear Kathy, Thank you for this great review! I am glad that you were pleased with your treatment. It is feedbacks like this that make our job so rewarding. Thank you!

Prof Savas Ozyigit
Yvonne Adams Clarke, UK
( Review verified by email)

Made our visit personal to us

5 50 IVF with Donor Eggs • Paid: $5050

Cannot fault the team, all the staff are brilliant ,made our visit personal to us, all staff spoke extremely good English including the Doctor who made us feel very welcome.

Would recommend to anyone looking for IVF in Northern Cyprus and the costs are very good.

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  • Ministry of Health (Cyprus) 
  • ISO Certification - International Organization for Standardization (International) 
  • ESHRE - European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (International) 


FertilityObstetrics / Gynaecology


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International travel - We can assist with Visas if required and advise on flights.Local travel - All ground transfers included for patients staying in Northern Nicosia.Local accommodation - Discounted Hotel rates and apartments available.Translation servicesTours and vacation services - Upon RequestPick up service from hotelPick up service from airport - We include free airport pickups from Larnaca and Lefkosa airports.

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Blastocyst Transfer

$4500 - $5000

Egg Donor

gg (oocyte) donation IVF is the treatment option forcouples with female infertility factor. In many instances, the female’s eggproduction could be insufficient, egg quality maybe poor or the age of thepatient does not allow her to conceive with her own eggs. This option is alsoexplored when the female is already in menopause and unable to produce eggs. Inthis case, a healthy egg donor is chosen and her eggs are used to fertilizewith the husband’s sperm. The formed zygote is then transferred into the wife’suterus. An egg donor is the person who donates her eggs to be received byanother woman who is not able to become pregnant with her own eggs. An eggdonor needs to meet certain criteria. Her body mass index must be withinhealthy standards and the acceptable age range for a donor is between 21 and29. In order to ensure that a donor is physically, genetically andpsychologically healthy for the donation, she has to undergo a number of tests.At North Cyprus IVF, we make sure egg donors comply with all the health standards prior to making a donation.

$2000 - $2500

Egg Freezing

Recent advances in the In Vitro Fertilization process have now allowed us to successfully freeze, store and later thaw and fertilize cryopreserved human eggs. Oocyte cryopreservation is aimed at three particular groups of women: those diagnosed with cancer who have not yet begun chemotherapy or radiotherapy; those undergoing treatment with assisted reproductive technologies who do not consider embryo freezing an option; and those who would like to preserve their future ability to have children, either because they do not yet have a partner, are not ready to have a baby yet but would like to keep this option for future, or for other personal or medical reasons.

The egg-retrieval process for oocyte cryopreservation is the same as that for in vitro fertilization. This includes several weeks of hormone injections and hormonal contraception in order to stop ovulation, followed by more hormone injections to stimulate ovaries and ripen multiple eggs. When the eggs have matured, additional hormone is given and the eggs are removed with an ultrasound-guided needle through the vagina. The procedure is conducted under sedation. The eggs are immediately frozen.

Frozen eggs can be stored for as long as the patient wishes, but this must be stated precise

$3500 - $4500

Egg Sharing

$5000 - $5500

Embryo Donation

Embryoadoption is the treatment option for couples with male and female infertilityfactors, for single women with infertility factors, or for people who do notlike their genetic traits. In this case, a healthy egg donor as well as a spermdonor are chosen and donor eggs are used to fertilize with the donor’s sperm.The formed zygote is then transferred into the patient’s uterus. An egg donoris the person who donates her eggs to be received by another woman who is notable to become pregnant with her own eggs. An egg donor needs to meet certaincriteria. Her body mass index must be within healthy standards and theacceptable age range for a donor is between 21 and 29. In order to ensure thata donor is physically, genetically and psychologically healthy for thedonation, she has to undergo a number of tests. As North Cyprus IVF,we make sure egg donors comply with all the health standards prior tomaking a donation. Sperm that we use, on the other hand, comes from a cryobankin Denmark with a certificate.

from $500

Embryo Freezing

Embryo Cryopreservation (embryo freezing) is the freezing of "excess" embryos for use in future IVF cycles. This option is often explored by couples undergoing IVF treatment where the excess embryos that will not be transferred into the uterus are frozen for future use if the IVF attempt fails. Even when the IVF attempt does not fail and the couple is able to conceive, the frozen embryos can be used for the second pregnancy. The major advantage to using cryopreserved embryos in future IVF cycles is that the female does not have to undergo ovulation induction, which also dramatically reduces medication cost. Success rates are variable depending on patient characteristics and embryo quality.

This could also be an option for couples who do not wish to get pregnant immediately but would like to prepare their embryos in advance for future use. This way, they can avoid lower success rates of conception at older age.


Fertility Specialist Consultation


$100 - $300

Fertility Test

$1500 - $2000

FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer


ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

At North Cyprus IVF, ICSI is a routine part of the IVF treatment.

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is recommended when there is a reason to suspect that achieving fertilization may be difficult, even when the IVF procedures are used. ICSI is most often used with couples who are dealing with male infertility factors. Male infertility factors can include any of the following problems: low sperm counts, poor motility or movement of the sperm, poor sperm quality, or sperm that lack the ability to penetrate an egg. However, we use ICSI in all our IVF treatments to give our couple the highest chances of success at no additional cost.

There are basically five simple steps to ICSI which include the following:

1. The mature egg is held with a specialized pipette.

2. A very delicate, sharp, and hollow needle is used to immobilize and pick up a single sperm.

3. This needle is then carefully inserted through the shell of the egg and into the cytoplasm of the egg.

4. The sperm is injected into the cytoplasm, and the needle is carefully removed.

5. The eggs are checked the following day for evidence of normal fertilization.

IMSI - Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-Selected Sperm Injection

from $1000

IUI - Intrauterine Insemination

IUI (Intra Uterine Injection) is a fertility treatment that uses a catheter to place a number of washed sperm directly into the uterus. The goal of IUI is to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chance of fertilization. IUI is a fertility treatment often selected by couples who have been trying to conceive for at least one year but who have no known reasons for their infertility. It may also be selected as a fertility treatment with any of the following conditions:
-Low sperm count
-Decreased sperm mobility
-Requirement of donor sperm (sperm donation IVF)
-A hostile cervical condition, such as cervical mucus that is too thick
-Sexual dysfunction

Although IUI still requires the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg on its own, it is important to make sure that the sperm is healthy and mobile. IUI provides the sperm an advantage by giving it a head start, but it still has to seek out the egg on its own.
$2000 - $2500

IVF - In Vitro Fertilisation

$2000 - $2500

PGD - Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

PGD genetic diagnosis is performed as a part of an In Vitro Fertilization cyclewhere multiple eggs are produced, retrieved from the ovaries and fertilizedwith the husbands sperm in the Embryology Laboratory. IVF is necessary to giveus access to the embryo in vitro. At their earliest stage of development, oneor two cells are removed from each embryo through a procedure called embryobiopsy. These cells are analyzed in the PGD Laboratory to determine whichembryos are free of genetic abnormalities. This sophisticated andtechnologically advanced testing identifies which embryos are free ofabnormalities and more able to achieve the patients goal of a healthy baby.PGD is used to screen abnormalities in chromosomes X, Y, 13, 18 and 21, whichshow majority of the defects that cause the common genetic disorders.

Gender(sex) selection IVF is also a growing concept in the field of IVF. Allowingparents to choose the sex of their baby prior to conception has raised a numberof debates on the issue, but regardless of what has been said and written onthe subject, sex selection has been a way balancing families and eliminatinggenetic disorders that are associated with X or Y chromosomes.


Sperm - FISH Analysis


Sperm Assessment

$250 - $500

Sperm Freezing


Surgical Sperm Retrieval

from $500

PESA - Percutaneous Sperm Aspiration

from $500

TESA - Testicular Sperm Extraction

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Women's Health Consultation

Obstetrics / Gynaecology


Obstetrician / Gynaecologist Consultation

North Cyprus IVF - 143 Bedrettin Demirel Caddesi, Kumsal, Nicosia, 99010,

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Private Patients Welcome
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savas Ozyigit, MD - Doctor at North Cyprus IVF

Prof Savas Ozyigit

Job Title:
  Fertility Medicine, Gynaecologic Oncology, Gynaecology, Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Obstetrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  English, Greek, Turkish

Dr. Savas Ozyigit is a pioneer in the field of obstetrics & gynecology, as well as infertility, in Northern Cyprus. Dr. Ozyigit has served as the chief of surgery at the State hospital of Nicosia "Burhan Nalbantoglu" for over 15 years. He is the first IVF specialist to practice in Northern Cyprus and is the founder and director of the very first IVF clinic (North Cyprus IVF), which was established in 2001.

Dr. idil Aslan, PhD - Doctor at North Cyprus IVF

Dr Idil Aslan

Job Title:
  Medical Genetics
  English, Turkish
Dr Ahmet Ozyigit - Embryologist at North Cyprus IVF

Dr Ahmet Ozyigit

Job Title:
  English, French, Turkish
22 007185

143 Bedrettin Demirel Caddesi, Kumsal, Nicosia, 99010Cyprus