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Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

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Enquire for a fast quote ★ Very Good ServiceScore™ 7.8 from 102 votes ★ Customer Service Award 2022 ★ 5 verified patient reviews. Visit our Dentist - 164, Triq in-Naxxar, San Gwann, SGN 9030, Malta.

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About Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

This practice set-up was accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons, London as being a centre of clinical excellence. Our facility uses state-of-the-art technology allowing us to show you what is going on every step of your treatment helping you to be relaxed and confident that you have chosen us for your treatment. We aim to provide the highest quality dentistry and cosmetic techniques in comfortable and relaxed surroundings. We plan and perform all stages of treatment in a manner that minimises discomfort during and after treatment. Based in San Gwann, Malta for the last thirty years and now under new ownership and management, the practice can provide up-to-date treatments and services in a relaxed and caring environment coupled with the latest technology. Our patients can see the progress of their own treatment via photos taken at each step, through their treatment journey. Our aim is to make the dental experience as relaxing and pleasant as possible for our patients. From the first contact on the phone through to the final treatment, the comfort of our patients is our primary concern.

It's important for us that you feel relaxed and confident in your treatment journey.

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Patient reviews

4.9 from 5 verified reviews
Joseph, Malta
( Review verified by phone)

She is great with kids and the clinic is state of the art

5 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: €40

Dr Lara is a wonderful dentist. She is great with kids and the clinic is state of the art. Impeccable service. Totally recommend.

Treated by: Lara Cassar
Joseph Cassar, Malta
( Review verified by email)

Prompt and qualified service

5 50 Dentist Consultation

I have had a difficult operation, which turned down to be perfect in its outcome and following the dentist instructions, my long term problem was solved. Prompt and qualified service.

Thanks for the review

Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology
Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology
Maria Vella, Siggiewi, Malta
( Review verified by phone)

I'm so impressed by the service provided

5 50 Dentist Consultation

A clinic like no other, well done! I'm so impressed by the service provided. A friendly recommendation - it is the dental clinic to visit in Malta.

Anthony, Malta
( Review verified by phone and email)

No comparison to any other

5 50 Dental Checkup

No comparison to any other.

Very professional, Delicate, Dedicated & Clean.

Rita, Malta
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Will recommend to anyone who is worried to have this treatment.

Dental Implants

Had implant treatment by Dr Lara Cassar.
Attention to detail. Successful and aesthetically pleasing results!
Will recommend to anyone who is worried to have this treatment.
The treatment was totally painless.
Professionally treated. The best on the island.
All treatment options were very well explained. Very reasonable fees.
All members of the team were reassuring making you feel relaxed and at ease.

Treated by: Lara Cassar
Anthony, Malta
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Nicely treated

4.7 50 Paid: €50

Price as quoted. Nicely treated and examined, satisfied.

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  • RCSEng - Royal College of Surgeons of England (UK) 
  • BDA - British Dental Association (UK) 
  • Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme (UK) 


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Air Abrasion


Bad Breath Treatment


Bone Graft


CEREC Dental Restorations

CEREC Dental Restorations - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology
Guaranteed for 5 years.

All-ceramic crowns

Teeth that are too badly damaged to hold fillings can benefit from porcelain dental crowns, which strengthen your teeth and blend with your natural tooth colour. A crown is an artificial restoration which fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth.
Nowadays, there is a variety of different materials. In most cases, we use the modern technique of all-ceramic restoration, which offers a metal-free alternative, which can give the high strength combined with great aesthetics and is suitable for all areas in the mouth.


Cosmetic Dentist Consultation

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

Prior to your visit at our facility, we will assist you by answering any questions in regards to our practice, philosophy as well as the details regarding your first visit. Any relevant patient forms will be provided to you.

Upon your first visit to our clinic

You will be greeted by one of our staff. Our highly-trained clinicians will review your past dental history and then do a full examination which will include: head and neck examination, cancer screening and detection, full mouth digital radiography, and caries detection, as well as periodontal screening examination. Once this diagnostic evaluation has been completed, your visit may include cleaning and debridement of your teeth and gum tissue.

On your second visit

Any additional records needed, such as study casts of your teeth and mouth, or intraoral digital photographs of your clinical situation, will then be taken at that time.

Complex cases may require a third visit

In which you will be given a thorough explanation and answers to any remaining questions that you may have. A treatment plan for your case with different options, will be provided to you along with an estimate of the costs of treatment. We will answer any questions you may have once you have decided to pursue further treatment.

Dental Bonding


Dental Bridges

When a missing tooth leaves a gap in your smile, we use the finest in modern ceramic materials to craft a very real-looking replacement that can be anchored in place by crowns. This is all made in the laboratory and then cemented in place with a special adhesive.


3-Unit Bridge


Maryland Bridge


Permanent Bridge


PFM Bridge


Porcelain Bridge


Temporary Bridge


Dental Checkup


New Patient Dental Examination


Dental Crowns


Gold Crown


Permanent Crown


PFM Crown


Porcelain Crown


Temporary Crown


Zirconia Crown


Dental Implants

Dental Implants - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

The process is based on a process of integration of titanium or zirconia to the surrounding bone. This allows the new replacement tooth or teeth to have a very strong and stable base, maintaining the surrounding bone. This is the reason why implants give you the comfort, functionality and beauty of healthy teeth.

In order to understand how implants work it is important to appreciate the way in which healing takes place. When a tooth is taken out it leaves a hole in the gum which fills up with a blood clot. Within two months the hole in the jaw is covered with gum, slowly over the next six months the bone fills the hole completely.

The healing of implants depends on this natural process.

Traditional dentistry, which relies on bridges, partial and complete dentures, simply cannot compare to the “good as new” quality that advanced implant technology can give you. Teeth are rarely lost today, because every effort is made to save them. There are a number of reasons why teeth may need to be taken out.
• Dental Disease
When very little of the tooth remains because of a lot of decay. For example root filled teeth with failed post crowns or broken teeth.
• Gum Disease
The supporting bone around the tooth is lost due to pocketing and infection, in some cases even leading to tooth mobility.
• Unsuccessful Root canal therapy
Teeth that have been root canal treated can be prone to persistent infection resulting in a poor prognosis and are often removed.
Implant therapy is the replacement of the root with an artificial root that is made from titanium or zirconia. The procedure can be used to replace one tooth, several teeth or all the teeth.



Immediate Implant Placement

In case where there is no active infection and the gum and bone is intact, it is sometimes possible to remove a tooth which is failing or which has been traumatized and to insert an implant at the same time and bring it to function with a temporary tooth. Should immediate replacement not be possible additional bone grafting and soft tissue gum corrective procedures may have to be employed.


Mini Implants


Restoration of Implants


Single Implant

A single tooth can be lost in the front of the mouth and restored in a number of ways:

• Moving teeth into the space
Orthodontic treatment can be viable for young individuals, but more complex in adults. It
depends on whether the adjacent teeth are of the right shape and in the right position.
• Removable Partial Denture
Main disadvantage that it is removable and may come away unexpectedly. It can cause further gum disease of tooth decay if not maintained correctly.
• Adhesive Bridges
These are secured by bonding to the adjacent teeth on either side and are effective at replacing a missing tooth, but might not last indefinitely especially when there is a strong bite.
• Conventional Bridge
A predictable procedure, which requires the cutting down of healthy teeth on either side of a gap in order to support the bridge. This is a major disadvantage because it involves destroying healthy tooth tissue.
• Implants
An implant replaces a missing tooth and is an independent restoration. It has the advantage that it stimulates bone to stay and get stronger. This is something that will not happen with any other option. Implants are usually a more cost-effective and satisfactory option.


Dental Sealant

This innovative treatment is an evidence-based preventive way that allows a parent to protect their child from the potential distress and discomfort of future dental treatment. Prevention is an important aspect of our work at 

ProDent Care 

and we believe it can never start too early. That’s why we offer this treatment aimed at reducing the amount of dental work needed in adult life.Fissure sealing is a technique where a resin is bonded into the fissures on the biting surface of the back teeth, thus reducing the amount of food able to get trapped there and so preventing decay. This is generally done at age 6-7 and again at age 11-12 when the first and second adult molars come into the mouth. Many adults today have fillings on their back teeth that could have been prevented if fissure sealants were around when they were children.


Dental X-Ray


Digital Dental X-Ray


Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Panoramic Dental X-Ray


Dentist Consultation

The Dental Clinic and Centre for Dental Implantology


Dentures - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

Our modern dentures will look just like your real teeth. At our office, we can provide you with the right dentures to restore your smile and self-confidence.

This is a plate with a number of false teeth on it. It may be all acrylic or metal and acrylic. Both types may have clips (clasps) to help keep the denture in place in the mouth. Depending on where they are, some of these clips may show when you smile or open your mouth. We will guide you to choose the best type of denture, depending on the condition of the remaining teeth.


Acrylic Dentures


Chrome Dentures


Dentures Adjustment


Dentures Repair


Fixed Partial Dentures


Full Dentures


Immediate Dentures




Removable Partial Dentures


Emergency Dentist Consultation

Emergency Dentist Consultation - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

We do our best to treat you on an emergency basis as soon as possible. These are available to anyone, whether you are a regular patient with us or not.

We also offer an ‘out of hours’ service to cater for dental emergencies however this does incur a ‘call out fee’.


Endodontist Consultation




Non-Surgical Extractions


Surgical Extractions


Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

Why do we havewisdom teeth?

Adultscan have a maximum of 32 teeth. The wisdom teeth or third molars are the lastto come through, right at the back. They usually appear between the ages of 17and 25. Although sometimes they appear years later.

Nowadayspeople often have jaws that are too small for all 32 teeth-28 is often the mostwe have room for. So if all the other teeth are present and healthy, there maynot be enough space for the wisdom teeth to come through properly.

Wisdomteeth are extracted:

·         whenit’s clear that they will not be able to come through into a useful positionbecause there is not enough room, and they are also causing recurrent pain ordiscomfort

·         ifthey have only partly come through and are decayed or causing decay to thetooth infront of them- such teeth will often decay as it will be difficult toclean them as thoroughly as your other teeth

Do they always causeproblems?

No.If there is enough room they will usually come through into a useful positionan cause no more problems than any other tooth.

Oftenthere will be some slight discomfort as they come through, but this is onlytemporary and will disappear once the tooth is fully in position.

What is an impactedwisdom tooth?

Ifthere is not enough room, the wisdom tooth may try to come through, but willget stuck against the tooth in front of it. The wisdom tooth will normally beat an angle.

What problems shouldI be prepared for?

Ifpart of the wisdom tooth has appeared through the gum and part of it stillcovered, the gum may become sore and perhaps swollen. Food particles andbacteria can collect under the gum edge, and it will be difficult to clean thearea effectively. This is known


Family Dentist Consultation




Amalgam Filling


Gold Filling


Root Filling


Temporary Filling


White Filling

White Filling - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental ImplantologyWhite Filling - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology


ProDent Care

 we use tooth coloured fillings (material: composite resin) as much as possible. These come in a variety of different shades enabling us to match the colour of the filling to the shade of tooth, therefore providing a much more natural look.In the past, composite resin used to be considered an inferior material, however nowadays technological advances mean it is now as reliable and it is widely used by leading dentists throughout the world.


Fluoride Therapy


Gingivitis Treatment


GTR - Guided Tissue Regeneration


Gum Surgery


Gingival Flap Surgery


Gum Contouring and Reshaping


Soft Tissue Grafts


Implant Dentist Consultation

Implant Dentist Consultation - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

We welcome you into a professional environment and listen to your concern. There is time for questions and a period of reflection.

Assessment at this stage will involve:

• Your teeth,

• Your gums

• Your muscles of facial expression and mastication

• Your jaw joints

• Your soft tissues biotype

• Your bone biotype

• The way you smile

• Your mouth in function

• Your face, its form and profile.

• Your health is carefully assessed in conjunction with your specialist if need be to ensure your well-being through the treatment and the avoidance of any compromises with your health.

We will look carefully and assess how you would respond to treatment.

After careful assessment, we respond by presenting all possible treatment options together with a written recommendation and estimate.

Once you are comfortable with the proposals a decision would be made to proceed with the treatment.


Inlay or Onlay


Composite Resin Inlay or Onlay


Porcelain Inlay or Onlay


Lingual Frenectomy


Mouth Guard


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation


Oral Cancer Screening


Paediatric Dentist Consultation


Periodontist Consultation


Periodontitis Treatment




Restorative Dentist Consultation


Root canals

Root canal therapy (RCT) is a technique used when the internal part of the tooth, the pulp, has been irreversibly damaged. The usual cause of this is bacterial invasion of the pulp due to decay or trauma. When this occurs the pulp which is the blood and nerve supply, becomes infected and the long-term health of the tooth is compromised. This often results in a dental abscess which can be very painful and may cause swelling in the mouth and face. At 

ProDent Care

, we use the most advanced techniques of root canal therapy to treat this often distressing condition.
Root canal therapy is basically the systematic cleaning and filling of the pulp space enabling the tooth to be saved and remain useful in the mouth. Once root canal therapy is completed the tooth is restored. Often this is with a tooth coloured composite resin although it may require a crown due to the weakness of the remaining tooth structure.
Teeth treated with root canal therapy can remain in the mouth as long as a normal tooth, but they should be regularly inspected as part of the routine dental check-up to ensure that there is no decay as this will often be undetected by the patient.


Complex Root Canal


Incisor Root Canal


Molar Root Canal


Premolar Root Canal


Root End Surgery


Single Visit Root Canal


Sinus Lift


Teeth Cleaning


Scaling and Root Planing


Ultrasonic Scaling


Teeth Contouring and Reshaping


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

n office whitening techniques can be utilised in a one hour session using the 



‘Pola Office’

 system to achieve dramatic results quickly but this must be followed up by home whitening which will be provided in the form of trays which can be carried out at home. Should there be any crowns, veneers or white fillings these do not change colour and may have to be replaced at a later time.

In-Chair and Take-Home Whitening – For our patients, we have easy and convenient methods for teeth whitening that will brighten your smile up to 10 shades. You will see an immediate improvement in your teeth color. Our take-home method is simple to use and produces more visible results in 7 to 10 days.


Chemical Teeth Whitening


Home Whitening Kits

What does whitening involve?

The total treatment can usually be done within two to three weeks. We will construct a tray, after taking impressions at the first appointment. Once we do the in-chair treatment. You are given a bleaching home kit, regularly applying the whitening product over two to three weeks for thirty minutes to an hour every time. However. there are home kits which are safe to use for a longer period of time everyday, and results are visible within one week.


Whitening Top Up Treatment


Zoom! Teeth Whitening


TMJ - Temporomandibular Joint Treatment


Non-Surgical TMJ Treatment


Surgical TMJ Treatment


Tooth Jewellery


Treatment of Dental Abscess


Treatment of Orofacial Pain



Veneers - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental ImplantologyVeneers - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of the tooth. Sometime, a natural composite material is used instead of porcelain. It can improve the colour, shape and position of teeth. A precise shade of porcelain can be chosen to give the right colour to improve a single discoloured or stained tooth or to lighten front teeth.
We use the finest porcelain veneers available to restore crooked, damaged, or discolored teeth. A veneer can make a chipped tooth look intact. It covers the whole front part of the tooth with thicker surface replacing the fractured part. Veneers can be used to close small gaps, if orthodontic treatment is not suitable. If one tooth is slightly out of position to the rest, a veneer is sometimes fitted to bring it in line with the other teeth.


Composite Veneers




Porcelain Veneers

Medical Aesthetics


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

Developed in Sweden, 

[Treatment name removed]®

 treatments can temporarily reverse the aging process for our London patients. [Treatment name removed]® uses a natural, biodegradable material to combat the thinning of the natural collagen fibre layer that supports our skin. As we age, this layer begins to break down, allowing the skin to sag and wrinkle. [Treatment name removed]® is a thick, transparent gel derived from non-animal, stabilized hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is found in the skin as a vital structural component. [Treatment name removed]® returns skin contour by adding volume to the tissue.

[Treatment name removed]® is injected into the problem area using a thin needle. Typically, a treatment lasts 10 to 30 minutes, and can often be administered without anesthesia. Results of [Treatment name removed]® treatments are immediate. Sometimes a follow-up injection in 2-4 weeks will be recommended, and then you can enjoy results that can last up to a year.
Many fillers similar to [Treatment name removed]® are made from animal sources and therefore require batteries of skin tests to determine that there will be no adverse reactions when used on human subjects. Because [Treatment name removed]® is a filler made from non-animal material, no such tests are required. [Treatment name removed]® is natural and safe, and our patients will welcome the confidence that a younger, healthier look can inspire.


Collagen Filler


Fat Filler


Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental ImplantologyLip Augmentation - Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology

Treatment for Wrinkles

Prodent Care Dental&Centre for Dental Implantology - ProDent

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