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ul. Kołobrzeska 63, Gdańsk, 80397Poland

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Prices from 200 zł - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Good ServiceScore™ 6.0 from 111 votes ★ 1 verified patient review. Multi-specialty clinic - ul. Kołobrzeska 63, Gdańsk, 80397, Poland.

Popular Treatments

Plastic Surgeon Consultation
Breast Enlargement from 16200 zł


Chin Liposuction from 3600 zł
Abdomen from 8200 zł
Hips from 6100 zł
Buttocks from 6100 zł
Thighs from 6100 zł


Cartilaginous Part Correction with Topical Anesthesia from 6100 zł
Cartilaginous Part Correction with General Anesthesia from 8200 zł
Bony Part Correction from 10100 zł
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About Perfect Medica

Medical services of a high standard are offered at this clinic located at Gdansk in Poland. Low cost and high quality services are offered for health tourists by the highly qualified and experienced team of doctors, surgeons and nurses. The clinic is fitted with advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment and leading edge procedures are performed while treating patients. Services provided at the clinic include ophthalmology, orthopaedics and traumatology, general surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery including the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and body proportions and the administration of age reversing facial injectables.

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Patient reviews

4.0 from 1 verified review
Krista, Poland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

I would recommend this to a friend

4 50 Plastic Surgeon Consultation

I have always had heavy eyelids. As I have aged, these have gotten even heavier, to the extent that I had trouble with mascara smearing and have never worn eye shadow as it never showed. I chose to get an upper eyelid procedure. Th cost was 4900 pln. I would recommend this to a friend as the treatment is common and the clinic was good.

I chose this clinic because I read reviews and visited it. It was professionally run and was very clean. The doctor spoke English but not all of the employees did but they were all professional and friendly.

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jerzy, Poland03.07.2015
Very fast, kind, and professional response.

Plastic Surgery

from 16200 zł

Breast Enlargement

Breast Lift
from 18100 zł

Mastopexy with Implants

from 12100 zł

Mastopexy - Breast Lifting

Breast Reduction
from 8000 zł

Breast Reduction (One Side)

from 14200 zł

Breast Reduction (Both Sides)

Brow Lift
from 8200 zł

Forehead Lifting

from 8200 zł

Eyebrow Lifting

Eyelid Surgery
from 8200 zł

Suspension eyes on strips of fascia lata - two eyes

from 4100 zł

Upper Eyelids

from 4600 zł

Lower Eyelids

from 9200 zł

+ Lower eyelids general anesthesia - Upper and lower eyelid (general anesthesia)

from 6200 zł

Eyelid Suspension on Fascia Lata Bands (One Eye)

from 6200 zł

Suspension eyes on strips of fascia lata - one eye

from 5000 zł

Folds nakatne - one fold

from 7500 zł

Folds nakatne - two folds

from 10100 zł

Face Lifting Without Foreahed

from 14200 zł

Full Face Lifting

from 5500 zł

1st Degree Gynecomastia

from 14200 zł

3rd Degree Gynecomastia

from 8200 zł

2nd Degree Gynecomastia

Inverted Nipple Surgery
from 6200 zł

Nipple Reconstruction (One Breast)

from 10100 zł

Nipple Reconstruction (Two Breasts)

from 6100 zł


from 8200 zł


from 6100 zł


from 6100 zł


from 6100 zł


from 3600 zł

Chin Liposuction

from 3600 zł

Protruding Ears Correction with Topical Anesthesia

from 2600 zł

One Ear Correction with Topical Anesthesia


Plastic Surgeon Consultation

from 6100 zł

Cartilaginous Part Correction with Topical Anesthesia

from 8200 zł

Cartilaginous Part Correction with General Anesthesia

from 10100 zł

Bony Part Correction

from 12200 zł

Nose Reoperation

Tummy Tuck
from 11100 zł

Removal of Skin and Sub-skin Fold - Small Abdomen

(Without Navel Relocation)
from 13200 zł

Removal of the Fold - Big Abdomen

(With Navel Relocation)
from 15200 zł

Removal of the Fold with Navel Relocation and Epigastric Hernia Surgery

from 6100 zł

Epigastric Hernia Surgery

Medical Aesthetics

from 700 zł

Dermal Fillers (1 Area)

Laser Hair Removal
from 200 zł

Upper Lip

from 200 zł


from 400 zł


from 300 zł


from 600 zł

Armpits and Bikini

from 400 zł


from 600 zł


from 600 zł


from 400 zł


from 2100 zł

Lip Filling


Spider Veins Treatment

from 2500 zł

Foam Sclerotherapy of Large or Short Saphenous Vein, Ultrasound Guided

from 3500 zł

Radical Surgery of Large or Short Saphenous Vein

from 600 zł

Sclerotherapy (Obliteration) of Telangiectasias and Reticular Veins

from 1800 zł

Mini- Phlebectomy

Eye Care


Eye Specialist Consultation

General Practice


Cancer Screening

Breast Check
from 6200 zł

Implant Removal (One Side)

from 9200 zł

Implant Removal (Both Sides)


GP Consultation



Orthopaedist Consultation

Perfect Medica - ul. Kołobrzeska 63, Gdańsk, 80397,

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Private Patients Welcome
Dr Irena Grobelny -  at Perfect Medica

Dr Irena Grobelny

She and her work are the best showcase. According prefers "concrete action" that paid off widespread theory that Irena Dam is one of the absolute top most recommended plastic surgery specialists. Compliments, clever and classy changes the direction of the conversation, to talk about their patients and relations with them. It is their will to focus on. We are committed to talks about how important first contact. "Trust is not a myth, is a database that allows for excellent patient-doctor relationship. After so many years of practice, time enough for me to see if this important link is made. "The vast majority of people reporting the problem to Irena Dam, knows what is expected, and the doctor emphasizes that every patient comes with a high degree of individualism.
Dr Jacek Grudzinski -  at Perfect Medica

Dr Jacek Grudzinski

He sufficient to refer to, or even solidify the impression that this is a man who knows what he wants and firmly down to earth. A long line of surgeries and numerous consultations is a testament to his professionalism. No wonder, because Jacek Grudzinski is a doctor very involved in what he undertakes. "All the pleasure of working with the patient lies on his qualification, and surgery of viewing, as pleased with the results." He adds that not prefer solutions, where his mission would be the same procedure - wants to have a personal contact and ensure that the patient after surgery feels all right. This approach determines to work from morning to night, which would not be possible if not for the fact that his work is also a passion.
Dr. Marek Muraszko-Kuzma -  at Perfect Medica

Dr Marek Muraszko-Kuzma

During the consultation on the one hand expertly and very clearly illustrates the planned operation, on the other hand, infects patients positive thinking about themselves. He is patient, considerate, and at the same professionally trained for the profession. He says about himself that he is satisfied with the life of a workaholic, which can provide a number of operations carried out each day with a calendar filled for the next months. Asked about the most important issue in the relationship with the patient, without hesitation replied: "Trust.
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ul. Kołobrzeska 63, Gdańsk, 80397Poland