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2, Sneh Riviera, Next to Model Colony Lake, Off FC Road or Lakaki Road, Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar,, Pune, Maharashtra, Maharashtra, 411016India

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About Aesthetics Medispa-PUNE

The Finest Cosmetic Clinic with one of the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in IndiaWelcome to Aesthetics Medispa, one of the most advanced and comprehensive medispa in India, a centre which offers state-of- the-art Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic medicine for all your wellness needs. With an Aesthetic surgery centre and a luxurious day spa under one roof, we offer a unique and holistic approach to helping you look good and feel better. We use the latest tested and peer reviewed scientific advances to rejuvenate or reshape you. We will help you improve the way you look and regain your inner confidence.Dr Ashish Davalbhakta is the Founder Managing director and Board certified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa. He specialised in Cosmetic Surgery after extensive training in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the India, UK and USA. He pursued specialist training in the world-renowned Plastic Surgery units at Chelmsford and Cambridge, UK. He has worked as a consultant in the South Manchester University NHS Trusts Hospitals and in various other capacities in the National Health Service of UK for eight years. He has been awarded the membership of various international organisations of repute, including the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. Currently he has been elected as the National Secretary of Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of India and Regional education chair for International society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

This international exposure enables Dr Ashish Davalbhakta to run Aesthetics Medispa at the same exacting standards of safety, cleanliness, hygiene and patient outomes as experienced in UK and USA. Another unique feature of Aesthetics Medispa is that it is an exclusive centre, which deals with Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetology, and wellness under one roof. This ensures that you get the right treatment for your problem each and every time. There is an exclusive focus on Aesthetics, hence we are able to deliver superior aesthetic results with scientifically proven and approved treatments.

Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta
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Patient reviews

4.9 from 25 verified reviews
Sachin, India
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

What she promised me in the first session it work out as she said to me

Pigmentation Treatment

I have taken treatment with Dr Madhuri Pawar ma'am here at the Aesthetics Medispa-PUNE for lip and skin pigmentation. At the very first counselling session, she explains a problem in detail and asks to take care of some precautions from my side along with her treatment, as she suggests it combine efforts which gonna help me to overcome my skin problem. After taking 6 sessions of Chemical peel along with laser I found a tremendous improvement in my skin condition. Hats off to Dr Madhuri and her team, mind-blowing service, to the point and honest treatment with deep knowledge, You can trust her treatment with closed eyes (Why I am saying this because I was taking skin treatment from last 9 yr with other Dermatologist but I never found such result still know, and what she promised me in the first session it work out as she said to me. Thank you Dr Madhuri Ma'am and team.

Sony Deshmukh, India
( Review verified by phone and email)

I was truly amazed at the post-op results of my nose transformation

5 50 Rhinoplasty

Post Operation Review

Let me take the pleasure of this overwhelming opportunity for me to express my deepest gratitude for the surgery that was recently performed by Dr Ashish Davalbhakta.

Dr Ashish Davalbhakta is skilled, compassionate and the best doctor I have ever come across.

It was really difficult finding a highly skilled surgeon with best-proven results in Pune but I was wrong. Dr Ashish Davalbhakta is the best cosmetic surgeon I have ever come across who is world-class, living and working here is a major blessing for us. He is a great listener and guide’s us the best.

At Aesthetics Medispa Dr Ashish Davalbhakta approaches the surgery like an artist approaches painting and does give its patients more best possible desired results. I found him extremely professional and perfectionist in his job which is his passion.

I was suffering from a breathing problem due to a saddle and a fractured nose bridge and had a lot of medical issues related to the same. I decided to consult Dr Ashish and I confidently reached out to him. All my queries were heard out patiently and he very well suggested the best options based on the necessary requirements, which made us very confident to undergo surgery.

Dr Ashish Davalbhakta’s skilled hands have nicely performed this difficult open nose surgery of a skeletal reconstruction of a fractured nose from the rib graft leaving a slight invisible scar which would get lighten periodically. Considering and keeping the balance of rest of my facial features Dr Ashish has drastically enhanced my overall appearance by giving this facial transformation in form of improving the shape and size of the nose by using all his high professional and perfection expertise and the ability to maintain a Natural Look post-surgery, which has highly impressed my entire family and friend circle.

I was truly amazed at the post-op results of my nose transformation. My nose got a very good structure along with a sharp bridge and height with nicely sharpened tip and equally similar refined nostrils. This rhinoplasty surgery has positively given me completely different looks as the nose height was built; the area around it had a positive impact. My eyes and lips looked more defined they looked much beautiful than earlier. Earlier my face was round in shape but now it looks oval in shape and much beautiful.

I wanted to convey my heartfelt thanks to Dr Ashish Davalbhakta for the miracle he has brought to my life by giving me this new looks. He has done an amazing job with my surgery and gave back my confidence with a beautiful new look. I felt better, just in two days post the surgery. The invisible sutures were healed so well in no time with very less pain. My breathing problem was solved as well as my looks were corrected and the overall performance was remarkably awesome.

I must say it takes a year’s together experience and the passion towards the work that needs to treat the comfort level of a patient before it can successfully diagnose the condition and prescribe a good treatment plan. Dr Ashish Davalbhakta is one of those special people who plan the best possible and do the best possible to his patients at Aesthetics Medispa.

At Aesthetics Medispa the pre and post-operation kindness, caring, respect and all the bedside manners put me at ease and helped me gain confidence during and post my surgery by Dr Ashish and his team of assistant doctors Dr Madhuri and Dr Sonali they are not only appreciated but will never be forgotten. They were extremely friendly and highly professional with whom I felt more comfortable to share my healing stories.

I was very confident during my surgery as I knew I was in result-oriented safe hands and made me feel very sure of the outcome. God bless you all. I am extremely overwhelmed with the results. They are getting better day by day. Dr Ashish Davalbhakta. Thanks for being a great surgeon and a great human being!

You were an angel sent my way. Your outstanding skills as a surgeon were in the right place at the right time for me. I will be forever grateful for you and your kind staff. Thank you!

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta
Anonymous, India
( Review verified by phone and email)

My recovery was smooth, the sutures healed very well and 80% of my stretch marks are gone

5 50 Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

It has been 4 months after my surgery and every time I look at myself I feel WOW!

Initially, I was a little worried about post-surgery recovery and about getting a good scar (coz of my body’s tendency of pigmentation). But my consultation with Dr Ashish Davalbhakta helped destress me. He explained the procedure very well and set reasonable expectations. Also, even before I could mention my concerns, I saw how he was planning to give me the best possible results and a good scar and I knew I was in safe hands.

We have known Dr. Ashish since a few years, he is very knowledgeable, professional, a highly experienced surgeon, with miraculously skilled hands. He has great bedside manner and truly cares for his patients’ comfort and well-being. He is an incredible doctor, very focused and aiming at excellence. The only empathetic doctor with the gentlest hands I have ever experienced. He and Dr Madhuri did the best to make me feel very comfortable and at ease, even during the most awkward consultation (before and after pictures Ugh!)

My recovery was smooth, the sutures healed very well and 80% of my stretch marks are gone. Dr. Ashish did a wonderful job performing my cosmetic enhancement procedures. My tummy tuck, liposuction and fat grafting have all turned out terrific! The contouring results are incredible. I have a good scar and a firm flat tummy! I highly recommend Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta for cosmetic enhancements.

Aesthetics Medispa maintains high standards for patient satisfaction. The office staff is great too, from the receptionist to Assistant Doctors, they are all very friendly and caring. They did a great job making me comfortable pre and post-surgery.

Thanks to Dr. Sonal for being so patient and caring, I was touched with some of your gestures. Thank you, Dr. Madhuri, for being by my side and making this whole journey a comfortable one.

Dr Ashish, I can't thank you enough, I appreciate and am grateful for your efforts and patience and for giving me this new me. I am completely satisfied with the results, in fact, have received more than expected. Best Wishes!

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta
Ri, United Arab Emirates
( Review verified by phone)

I am very satisfied with the results and cannot wait to see the final result

5 50 Rhinoplasty, Lip Reduction • Paid: ₹200000

I am an 18-year-old girl. I recently got a rhinoplasty and a lip reduction is done at Aesthetic Medispa. Dr Asish is a wonderful doctor. He is very realistic and knows what he is talking about.

I am very satisfied with the results and cannot wait to see the final result after all the swelling is gone. Dr Asish and his team take very good care of us and I really appreciate That.

I would really recommend Aesthetic Medispa to anyone.

The clinic was very clean and beautiful.

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta

Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback. It helps us improve our services. We endeavour to satisfy each and every patient and such feedbacks help us stay on track. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery.

Ashish Davalbhakta
Ashish Davalbhakta
Asma, India
( Review verified by phone)

I found he is a well behaved and an experienced surgeon, he is excellent in terms of surgery

5 50 Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty

I had liposuction, rhinoplasty and tummy tuck with Dr Ashish. I found he is a well behaved and an experienced surgeon, he is excellent in terms of surgery.

My favourite sister Vaishali who is like a friend or a sister to me and her behaviour towards patients kept me attracted visiting the clinic. She gave me the courage to come for the surgery all alone. I was looking for a makeover and he gave a new life to me. Besides money, it's about the satisfaction, respect and care which we get in the clinic.

Dr Madhuri also behaves as a friend and is a very good doctor. All the staff are very well behaved and the doctor's assistants ( forgot her name). Took care of me as my own mother, she went out of her way and get me things to eat once after surgery, as I'm all alone.

I would like to tell everyone that if they want a good doctor and a relaxed, peaceful environment. This is the best choice.

Excellent. I will never forget, it was like a holiday to me.

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta
Vaibhav, Kuwait
( Review verified by phone and email)

He is truly an artist. He listened to smallest of my concern that I had

4.5 50 Rhinoplasty • Paid: ₹100000


I am extremely satisfied and delighted with the work Dr. Ashish performed on my nose. He is truly an artist! He listened to smallest of my concern that I had and customized the nose I wanted.

He goes above and beyond explaining and illustrating how the procedure will go and forecast my look post-surgery on a simulator.
The results are exactly what I wanted. I also had breathing problem (obstruction in the nose), turned out trouble free and smooth breathing post operation.

I am happy with the results! I would like to Thank all the staff working with Dr. Madhuri, Anesthesia specialist, Nurse and Dr. Ashish himself. All staff is so pleasant and professional.

The care was excellent and pain-free and to my surprise, I quickly went back to my working life in the middle east in a couple of weeks which earlier doubted. I am sure that I will be back in the future for further care.

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta

Dear Vaibhav, Nice to hear from you. Many thanks for a feedback. I am really happy for you. It is quite satisfying to hear that all the effort and skill we put in has paid off in a good result for you. You were a particularly difficult case, especially with the thick nose skin you had. We would love to see some post op pictures and happy if you could post them I would be happy to help you or any of your friends if they contact us. Regards Dr Ashish Davalbhakta MBBS MS Mch ( Plastic ) FRCS(UK)

Ashish Davalbhakta
Ashish Davalbhakta
Nilima, India
( Review verified by phone)

Care provided before and after surgery was very good

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty. Great experience and outcome. Care provided before and after surgery was very good. Dr. Ashish is an amazing surgeon! Thanks a lot, Dr. Ashish and team for made it possible.

Extremely comfortable environment. All the staff were amazing and helpful.

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta

Thanks a lot Nilima for having taken time out to post a feedback. Your review means a lot to us. I am happy our efforts have come up to your expectations. Your feedback will motivate us to deliver the high standards of care that you expect from us.

Ashish Davalbhakta
Ashish Davalbhakta
Pratik, South Africa
( Verified user)

Overall, a very nice clinic with competent staff

4 50 Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty done at Aesthetics Medispa and I’m happy with the results. I chose this specific clinic because of the high online ratings it received.

When I arrived at the clinic, the first thing I noticed was how well-organised everything was. The staff was efficient, and the whole process went smoothly. I paid the same price I found online, so there were no unexpected costs involved. I’ve had three follow-ups so far, and everything seems to be going well. I healed up quickly after my operation. Overall, a very nice clinic with competent staff.

Leena, India
( Review verified by phone and email)

I appreciate your kindness, transparency and skills as a surgeon

5 50 Rhinoplasty

Treatment Received: Rhinoplasty by dear Dr. Ashish.

It's been a pleasure for me to share my experience. You make a big difference in what I was initially told. You are truly a remarkable Dr. Thank you so much for the excellent treatment and post op care I got. Since I had the procedure I am extremely confident. I appreciate your kindness, transparency and skills as a surgeon.

All team members were so professional. The way everyone show there concern and care towards the patient is exceptional. The outcome I received is all because of an excellent team effort. Thanks to all.

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta

Hi Leena, Many thanks for posting your feedback on the treatment received from us. i am glad that our sincere efforts at trying to deliver the result that would you wanted, worked. I am also happy that our efforts at improving our systems and procedures to deliver top class service is also showing results. We aim to continue to deliver a service that is second to none. Wishing you all the best. Would love to see you again in our clinic. regards Dr Ashish Davalbhakta Chief Consultant and Director of Aesthetics Medispa

Ashish Davalbhakta
Ashish Davalbhakta
Neha, India
( Review verified by phone)

The best in Pune

5 50 Breast Implants • Paid: ₹150000


Experienced doctors and very good, experienced and helpful staff. The clinic is also well maintained and well equipped. Very nice. The best in Pune.

Hi Neha, Thank you very much for taking time out from your busy schedule to post a review. We are glad you liked the facility and service we offer. We strive to be the best and I am glad it is being seen so. More important to us is your recovery and satisfaction. Medicine is an evolving science and we use your feedbacks to continuously improve. Best wishes and warm regards. Dr Ashish Davalbhakta

Ashish Davalbhakta
Ashish Davalbhakta
Kiran, India
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)


Breast Implants

I had to do breast implant for gaining self-confidence and get rid of demoralizing comments by others. I studied about the surgery and surgeons for almost 2 years and finally decided to go ahead with Aesthetics. Words will be short to explain my feelings and life lasting happiness i got, after this successful surgery. All pains, doubts, complexity vanished in just few days.

My surgery was done by Dr Ashish who gave me expected rejuvenation. His expertise in his field, his politeness and understanding patient's personal problems, is . Dr Ashish made me very comfortable in the first meeting itself and I could wholly trust him. Dr Ashish and his team treated me at a very personal level. I thank every member of Aesthetics who gave me lifelong satisfaction.

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Politeness and understanding

Breast Implants

I had to do breast implant for the sake of gaining self-confidence and get rid of demoralizing comments by others. I studied about the surgery and surgeons for almost 2 years and finally decided to go ahead with Aesthetics. Words will be short to explain my feelings, that will last for long, after this successful surgery. All pains, doubts, complexity vanished in just few days.

My surgery was done by Dr Ashish who gave me expected rejuvenation. His expertise in his field, his politeness and understanding patients personal problem, is outstanding. Dr Ashish made me comfortable and I could wholly trust him in the first meeting itself. Dr Ashish and his team treated me at a very personal level. I thank every member of Aesthetics who gave me lifelong satisfaction.

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta
Arpit, India
( Review verified by email)

This was my best experience

5 50 Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

Amazing was conducted by Dr. Ashish...he was always very transparent...made us aware of all prospects and helped us take the right decision the end..results were better than expected
Team is better that expectation...not only on skill part and professionalism but also on attitude part....they make u feel u r a family....this was my best experience so far with any healthcare institute

Treated by: Ashish Davalbhakta
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  • APSI - Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (India) 
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Tummy Tuck is a also know abdominoplasty, is a surgicalprocedure to remove excess skin and abdominal fat from the middle and lowerabdomen. The surgery to correct the pendulous skin of the tummy and make yourabdomen more firmness by best surgeon Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta at affordable costin Pune, India

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Ashish Davalbhakta - Surgeon at Aesthetics Medispa-PUNE

Ashish Davalbhakta

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine
  English, Hindi, Marathi
  • MB MS MCH (Plastic Surgery)
  • FRCS (Glasgow)
  • Consultant Aesthetic and
  • Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon 

Dr Davalbhakta Is a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon who has had majority of his Cosmetic Surgery training in UK and USA. He qualified with MS in General surgery from B J Medical college in 1993. He acquired his Masters in Plastic Surgery from Bombay University in 1996 with distinction and went onto specialise in further reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery in the United Kingdom. He has done fellowships in Hand and Microsurgery, Breast aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and Cosmetic surgery in various centres including the world renowned plastic surgery unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge, St. Andrews Centre for Plastic Surgery, Chelmsford, The royal Preston, Mt Vernon among others, acquiring his FRCS in 2000. He Worked as a Consultant in the South Manchester University NHS Trust Hospital. He has carried out pioneering work with Mr Niranjan in Pedicled Perforator flaps, breast asymmetry and tuberous breast conditions and has presented his work at numerous international meetings. 

He is currently practicing as an Honorary Consultant Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon at both Ruby Hall Clinic and Oyster and Pearl Hospitals in Pune, India. He is the founder and Director of Aesthetics Medispa, a unique health, wellness and Cosmetic Surgery centre, the first of its kind in pune, India. He has been honoured with Assistant Professorship in Plastic Surgery at Bharti Vidyapeeth, a deemed university.

He specialises in Body Contouring surgery ( Liposuction and Tucks) and Surgical and non Surgical rejuvenation surgery (Face Lift, Anti wrinkle injectables and fillers) cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, facial cosmetic surgery including rhinoplasty. 

In order to provide the latest and cutting edge treatments to his patients Dr. Davalbhakta travels extensively attending numerous international courses, workshops and conferences on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

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2, Sneh Riviera, Next to Model Colony Lake, Off FC Road or Lakaki Road, Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar,, Pune, Maharashtra, Maharashtra, 411016India