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What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure performed to remove fat from the cheeks of patients in order to give them a slimmer face. The procedure involves the extraction of buccal fat pads. Buccal fat pads are fat deposits that are found deep inside cheeks.

How long does Buccal Fat Removal take?

The buccal fat removal procedure takes about one hour to perform. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed under general anaesthesia or conscious sedation.

What is the recovery time after Buccal Fat Removal surgery?

The recovery time after a buccal fat removal procedure is about two weeks. Some patients are able to travel three days after the procedure. However, it is prudent to consult a doctor and undergo any prescribed tests before travelling after the procedure. Furthermore, all post-operative prescriptions and advice for travel should be strictly followed. Patients will be given a strict diet to follow after the operation. A mouthwash will be prescribed and they will be required to rinse their mouth several times a day. Patients will also be asked to sleep with more pillows to elevate their head.

What are the alternatives to Buccal Fat Removal?

Alternative procedures to buccal fat reduction surgery include the minimally invasive liposuction of the face, weight loss, a healthy diet and the administration of age reversing facial injectables.

We have all the information you need about public and private plastic surgery clinics that provide buccal fat removal in Germany. Compare all the plastic surgeons and contact the buccal fat removal clinic in Germany that's right for you.

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Praxis Dr. Moheb - Hair Loss Clinic in Germany

Praxis Dr. Moheb

Bramfelder Dorfplatz 6, Hamburg, 22179
For more information about Praxis Dr. Moheb in Hamburg please contact the clinic.
Buccal Fat Removal  
Eyelid Surgery  
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from 54 users
S-thetic Lounge Cologne - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Germany

S-thetic Lounge Cologne

Gladbacher Str. 44, Cologne, 50672
For more information about S-thetic Lounge Cologne in Cologne please contact the clinic.
Buccal Fat Removal  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation up to 40 €
31 more treatments
from 18 users
Dr. Med. Dent. Stefan Gonschior - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Germany

Dr. Med. Dent. Stefan Gonschior

Kurfürstendamm 212, Berlin, 10719
For more information about Dr. Med. Dent. Stefan Gonschior in Berlin please contact the clinic.
Cheek (buccal) fat pad reduction  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Nose job  
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Medical One - Costa Rica - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Germany

Medical One - Costa Rica

Ayarco Sur, Ayarco Sur
For more information about Medical One - Costa Rica in Germany please contact the clinic.
Buccal Fat Removal  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
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Aspen Aesthetic Clinics - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Germany

Aspen Aesthetic Clinics

Theatiner Str. 46, Munich, 80333
Aspen Aesthetic Clinics are specialists for high tech fat removal, liposuction, skin tightening, fat transfer for aesthetic and orthopedic treatments
Buccal Fat Removal  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation 407 € - 8143 €
Aspen Aesthetic Clinics  Overview:Starting Procedures  (in every country)innovative big area gentle body-jet high tech liposuction or small area fat removal / harvestingautologous modern fat transfer for smaller (wrinkles,hands,face) and bigger areas (breast and buttock enlargement)combilipos with laserlipo for skin tightening or small areas fat removalExpanded Procedures - combination with [Treatment name removed] - future in aesthetic, already in some countries      fat and matrix fat cells transfer (from breast enlargements to wrinkles treatment)immediate “own fat” [Treatment name removed] application for vascularization and healingrapid isolation of high quality stem and regenerative cells during fat harvestingadd fat transfer with [Treatment name removed] procedure and others to your existing conventional or similar fat removal liposuction methods and fat transfer approach Orthopedic treatments with [Treatment name removed]  orthopedic treatments with own fat [Treatment name removed] for range of diseases, incl. osteoarthritis pain, and injuries treatments with [Treatment name removed] and regrowing new, functional tissue
Breast Implants  
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Asthetische Plastische Chirurgie Munchen - Dr Kremer MD

Asthetische Plastische Chirurgie Munchen

Mauerkircherstr. 40, Munich, D81679
4.5 from 1 verified review
Our Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center in Munich (Bogenhausen) has been founded by Dr. Kremer after the returning from the US as a highly specialized center for cosmetic surgery in order to deliver "state-of-the-art" treatment using the latest, safe and least invasive methods of plastic surgery to our patients. We are seeking after a relationship of personal trust with our patients that will continue for many years. Dr. M. Kremer therefore sets great value in a detailed, serious and honest personal consultation that considers your expectations, your looks and your personality equally. Because: Not everything that can be achieved by plastic surgery is necessarily good for you!
Buccal Fat Removal  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation up to 75 €
Rhinoplasty from 4500 €
38 more treatments
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Yuveo Clinic -  Dr. Rene Schumann

Yuveo Clinic

Kaiserswerther Str. 119, Düsseldorf, 40474
The YUVEO Clinic was founded in 2013 by Dr. Rene Schumann and Dr. Daphnie Averkiou (Specialists in Plastic Surgery). The YUVEO Clinic complies with all modern requirements and safety standards, according to the German regulation §30 Konzession der GeWO für Privatkliniken (Business Regulations, Private Clinics -  included in this regulation are regulations for climatization of the OR using clean-room technology, validated instrument storage and sterilization, and so on). There are 4 beds available for inpatient treatment. Our forte lies in individual patient care. All operations, as well as local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, twilight sleep, and general anesthesia, are carried out by experienced specialists.
Buccal Fat Removal 2785 € - 4870 €
Remove sweat glands from 2285 €
Rhinoplasty 4720 € - 5670 €
57 more treatments
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