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Central Chiropractic, Pain and ED Clinic.

Central Chiropractic, Pain and ED Clinic.

024 7610 0664

12 Park Road, Coventry, CV1 2LDUK

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Prices from £45 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Very Good ServiceScore™ 7.0 from 204 votes ★ 5 verified patient reviews. Multi-specialty clinic - 12 Park Road, Coventry, CV1 2LD, UK.

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Chiropractor Consultation

Chiropractic Treatment and K Laser Therapy Pain Relief from £45
Chiropractor Consultation from £50
MSK Digital X-Ray's per area, no written report from £90
Deep Tissue Massage Alternative,IDD Disc Therapy x 10 Proven Results, Recommended by Neurosurgeons from £65

Sports Massage

Ultrasound Scans for MSK Per Area from £145
Sports Massage and Room Hire from £75

Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment £45 - £65
Medical K Laser Therapy for Pain Relief from £45
IDD Therapy x 10 Proven Results, Recommended by Neurosurgeons from £65
Dry Needling / MSk Acupunture pain relief from £45
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About Central Chiropractic, Pain and ED Clinic.

At Central Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Pain and ED Clinic. Our clinic provides IDD Therapy,Medical K Laser Therapy, both Radial Shockwave Therapy for musculo skeletal conditions and Focused Shockwave Therapy for Erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, Chronic pelvic pain syndrome and Greater trochanteric bursitis, which provides conditions with quick and effective pain relief even in the most acute pain presentation. 

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound scans and ( Pain relief injections,) Digital X-Ray's, allow us to diagnose conditions or injuries accurately, No guessing. No maybe's, No waiting for results. 

    are performed at this leading clinic located in Coventry.. 

  1. Highly qualified and experienced chiropractor Maria Kibkalo has six years of medical training, with a further five years chiropractic training and 23 years of experience to provide private care for the range of musculo skeletal conditions. 

  2. Treatment is always tailored to the patient needs and abilities.

  3. Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture,  IDD Disc Therapy, ( Video below ) MSK Shockwave / Focused Shockwave Therapy and  K Laser Therapy, 

  4. The modalities above are effective in treatment of  muscle and joint pain, foot and ankle pain conditions including

    Plantar Fasciitis, Heel spurs, Achilles Tendinitis. Crepitus.

  5. Neck and Shoulder conditions such as impingement, Arthritis.

  6. Bursitis, Rotator cuff tears and  injuries; Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow, 

  7. Wrist and Hand conditions, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dupuytren's contracture, Trigger Finger, Repetitive strain injuries.

  8. Leg and Knee conditions - Knee, Patellar tendinitis, Thigh- Iliotibial band syndrome, Crepitus. 

  9. Hip, Greater Trochanteric bursitis, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, impingement syndrome. 

  10. Hamstring and calf - Joints, Strains injuries, all types of sports injuries, Shin splints. 

  11. Slipped discs of cervical and lumbar areas, Sciatica and Trapped nerves.  

  12. K laser treatments are reported to be effective in management of Fibromyalgia, repetitive strain RSI, injuries, soft tissue injuries associated with Stress fractures and joint problems.

Physiotherapy and K Laser therapy are used to treat patients suffering from arthritic pain, neurological pains, muscle and joint pains and post surgery rehabilitation.

Central Chiropractic Pain and ED Clinic is located very close to Coventry city centre with excellent transport links. There is large car park for 25 cars on site and 2 hour on road parking. 

Shockwave for Erectile Dysfunction (English)
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Patient reviews

4.9 from 5 verified reviews
Nici, UK
( Review verified by phone and email)

I can wholeheartedly recommend and wouldn’t consider going elsewhere

5 50 Acupuncture Treatment • Paid: £45

I was recommended to Maria many years ago. I had suffered a whiplash injury and the pain went all the way from my neck through to my lower back and worsened during cold or damp weather. After suffering for many months and thinking I would just have to live with it, I went to Maria on my friend's advice but admit I was not hopeful. However, after just a few visits, I felt the pain decreasing and gradually everything started to loosen up. I was shocked at how ‘tight’ I had become from being tense because of the ongoing pain.

After around 6 sessions, I was able to stop going and felt absolutely fine. Every now and then I get some pain or stiffness due to tension but a couple of visits to Maria and I’m right as rain again! Now I only have to go every few years! I think the last time I went recently it had been over 6 years since my last visit.

I recommend everyone to Maria including my own grown-up kids who also go when they need to. I can wholeheartedly recommend and wouldn’t consider going elsewhere:)

Treated by: Dr Maria Kibkalo
Joseph, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Prompt attention and was well informed

5 50 Osteopath Consultation

The Clinic staff were Professional and the service was Excellent. I received prompt attention and was well informed of the procedures prior to commencement of treatment and also well informed of each step as treatment proceeded.

Welcoming and professional: I chose the Central Chiropractic Clinic based on the recommended shortlist of WhatClinic Support and the fact that Central Chiropractic Clinic offers the treatments I needed.

Gladys, UK
( Review verified by email)

Delighted to see a gradual improvement in my situation

5 50 Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Ultrasound Therapy, Dry Needling, Cardiac Monitoring

For the past two years I have been struggling with chronic pain in my lower back. I have experienced nerve pain in my right groin radiating pain down my leg and into my foot. The pain has varied from day to day which I believe has delayed diagnosis. The pain has changed my life quite dramatically on a physical level.
Unable to be comfortable when sitting I now stand at work almost 90% of the time.
In desperation over the time I have tried various treatments in the hope I could get some reprieve.
The NHS system has been unable to achieve any diagnosis to date for the pain. I have had two lots of steroid injections into my lower back. This has produced even more pain and very unpleasant side effects which I have found harder to cope with.
I have over the time tried various treatments, physiotherapy, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, osteopathic, yoga, walking, not walking and the list goes on, prescribed medications several neurological drugs and antidepressant’s.
In desperation 5 months ago I finally tried The Central Chiropractic Clinic, Park Road, Coventry.
To my surprise discovering they have not only a holistic approach to treating the whole of the body, but also they have many new treatments and up to date approaches all on the same site this I had not come across in any previous clinics.
For example IDD Therapy, Shock Therapy, Laser treatment, Dry needling acupuncture, x-rays and ultrasound. Alongside the chiropractic and physiotherapy expertise which I have experienced all of these.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to the whole team, Marie, Roy and John. Who have all treated me with the utmost dignity and professionalism at all times. Always supporting me emotionally and treating my sometimes debilitating day to day pain with a welcome smile of understanding. I have needed to call upon them in an emergency as the pain has been unbearable some days. They are positive, compassionate, approachable and very professional always listening to the daily challenges I have faced with the pain. They have encouraged me to stay in contact with the conventional methods that have been offered to me and to keep them updated.
As a result of the complexity of my condition and with a combination of the treatments used I feel that they are managing my pain and I see a gradual improvement in my situation.
I can now post this information for all to read as I can at least now see some light at the end of the tunnel and that I have regained some control over my life with their help and support.

Gladys - October 15

I choose these from recommendation. My first visit went well so I decided to continue and have received an excellent experience throughout.
It is worth knowing that all staff have experienced all of the treatments used and therefore are very well aware of what the patient experiences during and after therapies.

I would have no reservations in recommending their services to anyone in need of help.

Gladys -October 15

Treated by: Dr Maria Kibkalo
Heidi, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Treatment went fine

4.5 50 Sciatica Treatment • Paid: £50

Treatment went fine, had acupuncture and laser treatment for back.

Anonymous, UK
( Review verified by email)

The care and service provided were excellen

5 50 Sciatica Treatment

Very pleased with the results! The care and service provided were excellent. Laser therapy delivered very quick pain relief for my sciatica. Will definitely use this clinic in the future!

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  • ACPSEM - Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine (UK) 
  • RCC - Royal College of Chiropractors (UK) 
  • BCA - British Chiropractic Association (UK) 
  • GCC - General Chiropractic Council (UK) 
  • HCPC - Health and Care Professions Council (UK) 


Parking - Private car park for 25, On Road Parking for 2 HoursAccessible to disabled peoplePublic transport access - 200 yards for central train stationWheelchair accessible toiletAccess without stepsDisabled parkingPatient bathroomWireless access

Clinic services

Emergency serviceOpen weekends - Saturday by appointment only

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Back Pain Treatment
from £65

IDD Therapy x 10 Proven Results, Recommended by Neurosurgeons (1 hour, 10 sessions)

from £45

Medical K Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

£45 - £65

Back Pain Treatment

£100 - £780

Focused Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (25 mins, 6 sessions)

from £60

MSK Extracorporeal or Focused Shockwave Therapy (25 mins, 6 sessions)

Chiropractor Consultation
from £45

Chiropractic Treatment and K Laser Therapy Pain Relief (45 mins)

from £50

Chiropractor Consultation

from £90

MSK Digital X-Ray's per area, no written report (30 mins)

£135 - £145

Ultrasound Scans for MSK Per Area

£45 - £50

Prenatal chiropractic care

Sports Chiropractic
£45 - £60

Sports Chiropractic/ K Laser Therapy / Shockwave Therapy

£45 - £60

Sports Chiropractic

General Practice

from £50

Diagnostic Imaging Consultation (30 mins)


Chiropody / Poditry Consultation

GP Consultation

DVLA D4 Medicals


GP Consultation Room Hire

£50 - £100

Medico-Legal Reports Room Hire


Pre-Employment Medicals Room Hire

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment
£100 - £780

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment, Focused Shockwave Therapy (6 sessions)

£100 - £780

Sexual Dysfunction Focused Shockwave Treatment


Ankle Injury Treatment
from £60

Achillies Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur,Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy

from £60

Ankle, Foot, Calf, Knee,Thigh and Hip Injury Treatment, Shockwave Therapy /Low Level Laser Therapy


Biomechanical assessment

from £45

Dry Needling / MSk Acupunture pain relief

from £45

Knee Rehabilitation

from £60

Foot Pain / Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spurs. Shockwave Therapy


Photomedicine - Therapeutic Laser Therapy

from £50

Physiotherapist Consultation

from £50

Posture Management

from £45

Pregnancy Related Disorders / SPD back and Pelvic Pain (30 mins)

£45 - £65

Sciatica Treatment / Herniated/Slipped Disc,

£45 - £50

Shoulder Rehabilitation, Frozen Shoulder, Bursitis, Tendinitis, Injuries.


Spinal Rehabilitation - Neck and Back Injury


Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation - Strapping and Taping

Sports Injury Rehabilitation - Strapping and Taping

£45 - £60

Foot Pain,Plantar Fasciits, Heel Spurs, Achilles Tendinitis, Stress Fractures.

£45 - £60

Sports Therapy / Hip, Grion, Thigh, Hamstring, Tendon Knee,Calf, Shin Splints,Ankle Pain, Extracorporeal Shockwave and Laser Therapy

from £60

Soft Tissue Therapy, Extracorporeal Shockwave and k Laser Therapy

from £45

Tendonitis , Bursitis Treatment and k Laser Pain Relief

£45 - £60

Tennis Elbow, Extracorporeal Shockwave or K Laser Therapy

£45 - £60

Trigger Point Therapy

Massage Therapy

from £65

Deep Tissue Massage Alternative,IDD Disc Therapy x 10 Proven Results, Recommended by Neurosurgeons

from £75

Massage Therapists and Room Hire

Sports Massage
from £75

Sports Massage and Room Hire

from £145

Ultrasound Scans for MSK Per Area


Myofascial Release
from £60

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

from £90

Digital X-Ray per area


Osteopathic Room Hire or Rent.


Acupuncturist Consultation

Acupuncturist Consultation Room Hire

from £50

Acupuncturist Consultation


from £60

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Alternative Shockwave Therapy

from £60

Dupuytren,s Contracture Shockwave Therapy

from £45

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

from £60

Trigger Finger Treatment/ Shockwave Therapy



Impotence Treatment

Holistic Health


CST - Craniosacral Therapy


Pain Management - Alternative treatments that are Effective Shockwave Therapy and /or Low Level Laser Therapy, IDD Therapy are all recommended by Consultants and Neurosurgeons.




Central Chiropractic, Pain and ED Clinic. - IDD Therapy spinal decompression

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Dr Maria Kibkalo

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024 7610 0664

12 Park Road, Coventry, CV1 2LDUK