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Prices from £26 - Enquire for a fast quote from Compleet Feet and Aesthetics Emsworth.

Popular Treatments

Beauty Salon Enquiry from £50
Laser Hair Removal from £40
Chemical Peel from £60
Laser and Pulsed Light Vein Treatment £60 - £180
Non-Surgical Facelift from £26
Cellulite Treatment £80 - £160
Skin Peel from £50
Cryolipolysis £300 - £400
Facials from £26
Hand Rejuvenation £60 - £180
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About Compleet Feet and Aesthetics Emsworth

Compleet Feet  is an independent Laser Fungal Nail and Podiatry Clinic (established since 2011) in Alton, Hampshire. We have a laser fungal nail clinic  in Brighton, East Sussex, and in November we opened up a new laser fungal nail clinic in West Sussex/ Portsmouth.

Compleet Feet has an aesthetic part to the business which offers advanced skin care and anti-aging treatments. The clinic does not offer any treatments that are not backed by sound clinical evidence. All our skin care and anti-aging treatments are results driven. How many of us actually know what is the right treatment for us, understand our skin's needs? We encourage all new clients to have a Visia Skin Analysis to answer these questions. A specific skin care programme can be devised, and results monitored. 'Beautiful Science with Beautiful Results'.

One of the clinic's main treatments is the successful laser eradication of fungal nails. We can offer the Lunula Cold Laser which was showcased on ITV's 'This Morning' March 2013 with Dr. Chris Steele. Current success rate are 92-97% , on even the most severe of infections. We also offer laser treatments for warts and verrucae for the most diificult cases whereby other treatments have failed.

Compleet Feet now has 3 podiatry led Laser Fungal Nail Clinic in Alton, Brighton and Emsworth.

Consultations are £50 redeemable against treatment. Prices are competitive and we do try to tailor package costs to suit your budget.

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Parking - Free parking at Brighton Clinic

Accessible to disabled people - Ground floor only

Public transport access - Brighton clinic off the A27. Easy access. Park and ride service.

Wheelchair accessible toilet

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Beauty Salon Treatments

from £50
Beauty Salon Enquiry

All our non-surgical treatments are backed with sound clinical evidence. We ensure we have treatments and products that actually work. We encourage new clients to have a  Free Visia 3D Facial Skin Scan to analyse the skin to devise an appropriate treatment programme for particular concerns or problems. Results can be monitored. 'Beautiful Science with Beautiful Results'.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening (30 mins, 6 sessions)
We have 3D Lipomed  Focus Fractional Radio Frequency Skin Tightening which can treat any age and virtually any area of lax, crepey skin:

  • Under eye sagging and bags
  • Necks and decolletage
  • 'Bingo wings' underarms
  • Stomachs
  • Inner thighs

We have one of the most powerful and versatile RF devices with large to very precise heads to focus target the required area. The skin is gently heated up with electrical wavelength energy to tighten and remodel collagen. The skin becomes thicker and less lax in appearance. RF has long been proven to be very effective in safely treating lax skin.

RF skin tightening works brilliantly in conjunction with CACI treatments for the ultimate in 'non-surgical face lifts'. 

VISIA™ Skin Analysis (20 mins)

Visis skin analysis is now free. We want to encourage as many new clients to come forward and scientifically find out what their skin really needs to repair skin damage and keep a youthful glow. Prevention and protection is the key to healthy and beautiful skin.

Body Treatment
Body Treatment
from £80
3D Lipomed Body Contouring (1 hour)
from £80
3D Lipomed body contouring (1 hour)

We are a weight loss and body contouring clinic with the latest in hi-tech devices to define curves and create shape. We have the acclaimed 3D Lipomed which can destroy fat cells to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat through cryolipolysis (freezing) and has radio frequency to tighten loose skin after weight loss or aging. To help with weight loss and significantly reduce circumference inches we have the Verju green beam laser. This is the only laser with FDA approval for cellulite and inch loss.

We are one of only two clinics in the UK to have this technology. To help you decide which is the right treatment programme for you and to help explore your weight loss issues we have a highly trained weight loss counsellor to talk to.

£60 - £180
Hand Rejuvenation (30 mins, 6 sessions)
We offer the gold standard in treatments for hand pigmentation, age related sunspots the Alexandrite Q-Switch laser. This laser is used in tattoo removal and works in the same way with sun spots by effectively shattering the unwanted pigment so it is then safely absorbed away through the blood stream by normal processes. 

The sun spots will fade. Several treatments could be required and a medical consultation and 'patch test' is required before any treatment can be performed.

from £60
Chemical Peel

Compleet Aesthetics uses a range of chemical peels from Dermaceutic for skin rejuvenation, but does not offer the very deep peels, which have a long downtime. Light to medium peels offered to freshen up the complexion are:

  • Milk Peel - Superficial 50% glycolic acid 1.7pH for deeper acne and oily skin. 4-5 treatments required. £60 per treatment.
  • Mask Peel- Superficial 30% glycolic 2.5pH for oily skin and revitalization. 4-5 treatments required. £50 per treatment.
  • Cosmo Peel- Medium 15% + 18% TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) for aging skin, smokers complexions and sun damage. A deeper peel requiring 2-3 treatments. £80-100 per treatment.
  • Spot Peel- For pigmentation, use in combination with Milk Peel. Only 1 treatment required. £300 per treatment.
from £26

The CACI facial is the ultimate in non-surgical face lifts. It stimulates facial muscles using micro-currents to improve skin tone and facial contouring which injectables cannot improve e.g jowls, neck and eye bags. It is a relaxing and pampering facial. We offer different types from toning to intense hydration.

from £50
Skin Peel

Compleet Aesthetics does not offer the very deep skin peels which remove many layers of skin, and have a long downtime. Refer to Chemical Peels.

from £40
Laser Hair Removal

Compleet Aesthetics uses the medical grade Fotona long wave length Nd:YAG laser with a new powerful  10mm lens and a highly effective FRAC3 programme with unparalleled results in the world of laser hair removal to achieve safe and effective permanent hair removal. It is safe on all skin types and colour. There are tried and tested settings to effectively treat fine to coarser hair types. Hair follicles have a 3 stage growth cycle. The hair follicle can only be effectively destroyed when the hair is in a growing phase, therefore several treatments are required to catch those hairs that previously might have been resting. Unfortunately the laser works by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle, so if there is no pigment, and the hair is white or very blonde it will not be effective, so electrolysis is required. Compleet Aesthetics has a trained therapists in blend electrolysis to achieve maximum results.

Prices vary due to size and area to be treated.

Medical Aesthetics

£80 - £160
Cellulite Treatment (1 hour, 6 sessions)
We have 2 advanced hi-tech systems for the treatment of cellulite:

- 3D Lipomed

- Verju Laser

The acclaimed 3D Lipomed is the latest in complete body contouring and is favored by many celebrities due to the brilliant and quick results the system can achieve. It combines cavitation, radio-frequency skin tightening and dermology RF to successfully improve the appearance of cellulite. Cavitation  naturally breaks down fat cells to release their fatty lipids into the interstitial  tissues, dermology helps to massage the lipids into the lymph system and smooth out bumps, whilst the radio-frequency skin tightening helps to create new collagen to strengthen and repair lax skin.  The results  are truly  impressive.

Our other system for the treatment of cellulite if the Verju laser, which is the only 532 nm green wavelength laser with FDA approval for significant circumference reduction. It is proven to be very effective in treating cellulite. We are one of only 2 clinics in the UK to be lucky to offer our clients Verju treatments. 

£60 - £180
Laser and Pulsed Light Vein Treatment (30 mins)
The laser treatment of small facial and leg veins is one of our clinical director's main specialties. The clinic has a Fotona long wavelength laser which can safely and effectively eliminate spider and broken veins. Small facial veins are the most responsive to the infrared thermal beam. The laser can effectively treat:

  • Blood Spots (Cherry Angiomas)
  • Rosacea
  • Blue superficial leg veins
  • Treatment resistant warts and verrucae

A medical consultation is required with a 'patch test' prior to any treatment.

£300 - £400
Cryolipolysis (1 hour)
Our clinic has the second generation 3D Lipomed system which offers a 3 dimensional approach to treating exercise and diet resistant pockets of fat, cellulite and skin laxity.The cyrolipolysis is also known as fat freezing. An area of unwanted fat is comfortably frozen to minus 5 degrees to permanently  break down fat cells. These unwanted fat cells are safely  eliminated from the body through normal detoxification processes.

It is highly effective with sound clinical evidence and backing to prove it delivers brilliant results similar to liposuction, but without the pain or protracted down time.

from £175

Dermal Rollers are a micro-needling technique to improve the appearance of fine wrinkles and scars to improve skin tone and reduce imperfections. A hand held small roller consisting of 200 very fine sterile needles is rolled over the skin, which has first been anaesthetised with an anaesthetic cream to cause micro-trauma and inflammation. The body responds by sending blood to the area for healing to stimulate new collagen production which in turn plumps up the skin. This is a very effective skin rejuvenation procedure, with minimum potential damage to the skin and little downtime compared to other skin rejuvenation treatments. Several treatments are required for maximum effects.

from £75
Facial Thread Veins Treatment

Compleet Aesthetics uses a specialist medical grade vascular Nd:YAG laser by the world pioneers and experts in laser care Fotona, for safe and effective removal and reduction of small thread veins on the face. Rosacea is easily and effectively treated using the laser. There are safe and tried laser settings for each procedure to achieve efficacious results.

from £26
Non-Surgical Facelift (30 mins)

Compleet Aesthetics offers the CACI non-surgical face lift loved by many of the celebrities including Michelle Collins and Lisa Snowdon. It is a facial toning system which uses micro-currents to re-educate muscles of the face and neck, targeting areas which injectables cannot effectively improve e.g. jowls. Skin and muscles can respond very quickly, so results are noticed from the first treatment.

We are unique in that we can combine our CACI treatment with RF skin tightening to give ultimate results. 

from £70
Spider Veins Treatment

Compleet Aesthetics uses a specialist vascular long wave Nd:YAG laser by the experts and pioneers of medical lasers Fotona to treat small veins up to 4mm in diameter on all areas of the body. We do not treat larger varicose veins. If we are unsure of the main underlying vascular problem supplying the small vein we will recommend a vascular diagnostic assessment by an experienced sonographer. This can be arranged to be carried out at our clinic. 

The cost of treatment varies on size of area to be treated and several treatments may be required.

General Practice

from £35
Chiropodist Consultation

Our sister business Compleet Feet offers a complete foot healthcare service:

  • Routine Chiropody/Podiatry .BUPA provider. Claim back your costs. Other Medical Insurance Companies e.g. Simply Health redeem costs.

  • Podiatry Biomechanical Assessments for musculoskeletal lower limb problems e.g. lower back, hip, knee, ankle and

  • Foot pain. Could be related to poor foot and ankle alignment.

  • Minor Nail Surgery

  • Laser Verruca Treatment with Nd:YAG

  • Orthotics- We have a large range of off-shelf orthotic insoles and can cast for specialised prescription orthoses.
£160 - £200
Minor Surgery Consultation

Compleet Feet can perform minor nail surgery. Complete to partial nail removal of ingrowing or problem nails. A permanent and very easy solution to painful ingrowing toe nails. A local anaesthetic is required to numb the toe being treated for  a painless procedure. BUPA provider. Claim back your costs.


from £150
Acne Treatment

Compleet Aesthetics has a tailored approach to problem skins. We have a variety of treatment options available which can be used in conjuction with each other to achieve effective results including Fotona laser Ng:YAG for active acne, Dermal Rollers to reduce the unwanted affects of acned skin e.g. pitting, scarring, and Chemical Peels to freshen and improve skin appearance. An appropriate treatment plan is decided during a free consultation, this will include looking at future skin care. The clinic has a specialist skin care range by Dermaceutic and Environ. These include a range of products which are designed to be used after chemical peels and laser treatments, and are clinically tried and tested.

Age Spots Removal
from £100
Birthmark Removal

Compleet Aesthetics uses the Fotona long wave vascular Nd:YAG medical laser to reduce the appearance of Port Wine birth marks. It can also reduce Cherry Angiomas. Several treatments may be required, and a patch test is required.

Dermatologist Consultation
Milia Removal
£30 - £60
Mole Assessment

Skin cancer is on the increase and is often missed with fatal results. Compleet Aesthetics have the Free Visia Facial Skin Scanner. This can detect potential UV damage which you cannot see with the naked eye. A lot of photothermal damage can be reversed with the correct skin care regime e.g. using products high in Vitamins A and C. Our intensive skin care range Environ was originally formulated to help clients who had developed skin cancer.

from £50
Pigmentation Treatment

Compleet Aesthetics combines the use of specialised Dermaceutic Chemical Peels and creams to treat pigmentation and Environ formulations. The Dermaceutic home treatment protocols have been developed with dermatologists support to maximise the results of your treatment. Hydroquinone, the conventional skin whitener is not used, as can cause skin hypersensitivities.

from £100
Rosacea Treatment

Please refer to Facial Thread Vein treatment.

from £160
Wart Removal

Compleet Aesthetics works in conjuction with its sister business Compleet Feet to offer the gold standard in quick and effective eradication of hand warts and verrucae using the Nd:YAG Fotona laser. Only 1-2 treatments using the laser are generally required to achieve results. This is a unique treatment offered by only a handful of Podiatrists nationwide. £160 . To make treatments comfortable we offer ankle blocks. 

Toenail Fungus Treatment
£65 - £600
Toenail Fungus Treatment

We are specialists in the treatment of fungal nails both hands and feet. We are experts in differentiating fungal nails from other conditions, and can help you to treat your nails from simple conservative methods to more effective laser technology. We have both thermal lasers and the new Lunula Cold Laser which has a remarkable success rate in treating the most severe of infections.

When treating fungal nails we spend time on nail plate preparation and restoration, we sanitize infected footwear, take cultures and give you specialist information on home care.

£200 - £600
Laser Nail Fungus Treatment (30 mins)

 Compleet Feet have been an established Laser Fungal Nail clinic since 2011.We have vast experience in treating fungal nails with laser technology. All consultations are with a Podiatrist, which is so important in being able to get your infection properly identified and graded. We offer offer the conventional Nd:YAG thermal laser or the new Lunula Cold Laser. This is 92-97% effective on even the most stubborn nail infections. Laser is used to target the dermaphytes and dermal spores in the nail and surrounding skin. The Lunula not only kills parasitic fungi, but it increases circulation and nutrition to the nail plate, stimulating it to grow out faster than conventional treatments.Until a nail plate completely grows out it is still damaged and therefore vulnerable to getting re-infected, this is why so many treatments fail!

tissues. More conventional treatments which involve taking medication and applying laquers can cause systemic and tissue toxicity, and are lengthy in application and not always very effective. Using a laser only requires 4-6 sessions of treatment, depending on how infected the nails are. Infected footwear are sterilised in a specialised silver ions steriliser, Klenz, to help break the cycle of infection.

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