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Neelu's Beauty Arnotts

Neelu's Beauty Arnotts

12 Henry Street, DublinIreland

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Upper Lip Electrolysis from €35
Chin Electrolysis from €47
Side of Face Electrolysis from €45
Chin and Neck Electrolysis from €90
Eyebrows Electrolysis from €35
Underarm Electrolysis from €85
Bikini Electrolysis from €85
Abdomen Electrolysis from €45
Chest Electrolysis from €55
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About Neelu's Beauty Arnotts

Meeting all the needs of customers with a personal touch is the main goal of the highly trained and experienced therapist and her team at this salon located at Dún Laoghaire in Dublin, Ireland. Non-invasive and effective appearance enhancement procedures using products created by the therapist are used to improve the appearance of customers. The salon has served the needs of customers for over 25 years. Services include facials, nonsurgical facelifts, manicures and pedicures, eye treatments including eyebrow threading, hair removal by waxing or electrolysis, blemish treatments using electrolysis and male grooming services.

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Marie, Ireland08.07.2017
Very good

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Body Treatment
from €65

Arasys Toning and Firming (30 mins)

Another revolutionary treatment available at Neelu’s is ‘Arasys’ – the system that really works for inch loss toning, muscle building, body toning and superficial body toning. Arasys provides unparallel inch loss, intensive toning, lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction all in one. Each programme will help to increase your circulation, metabolism and aid weight loss. It is a most safe and comfortable system and is suitable for both men and women. This system also has a diuretic effect by stimulating the removal of waste products. Even someone who exercises regularly can benefit from Arasys treatment as it has the advantage over exercise in being able to exercise lazy muscles, for example the inner thigh. Arasys also achieves a contraction that is far stronger than can be achieved with normal exercise. It may take a client 2-3 hours in the gym to attain the same effect that can be gained in one 20 minute Arasys session.
from €475

Arasys Toning and Firming (10 sessions)

from €175

NUE 4 in 1

Organic Grains / Crystal / Oxygen / LED Light).
from €130

AGERA ® Aesthetic Anti-ageing

Dry, mature skin can be flaky, dull with fine lines and wrinkles. This regimen is designed to provide maximum regenerative capabilities of the skin through aggressive vitamin delivery, controlled exfoliation, hydration and environmental protection. Skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated then treated with bio-active, vitamin delivery therapies to stimulate, repair and firm for smoother, younger-looking skin.
from €130

AGERA ® Aesthetic Hydrating Oxygen

Oxygen generating treatment, excellent for tired, sluggish skin polluted by environmental toxins, solar damage, smoking and improper diet. Detoxifies, stimulates cell regeneration, increases circulation and hydrates whilst a dull complexion is lightened and brightened. It is an excellent treatment to restore a natural healthy glow for tired and sluggish skin.
from €130

AGERA ® Aesthetic Deep Cleansing Acne

Oily, acne prone skin tends to have enlarged, clogged pores and blemishes. Skin looks shiny and feels greasy. This regime provides thorough cleansing with exfoliation to help control oil and treat problem skin. Skin is deep cleansed and gently exfoliated, then treated with detoxifying agents to purify problem skin types. It eliminates surface bacteria and prevents future breakouts. Anti-inflammatory ingredients counteract and soothe problem skin whilst enzymes work to soften the skin for extractions.


from €145

Face Microdermabrasion

from €275

Chest Microdermabrasion

from €150

Microdermabrasion for both hands for hyperpigmentation and aged, dry hands.

from €275

Microdermabrasion for acne scarring back

from €18

Eyebrow Threading

from €18

Lip Threading

from €28

Chin Threading

from €40

Lip and Chin Threading

from €30

Forehead Threading

from €50

Luxury Manicure (50 mins)

Luxury manicure is the ultimate skin softening parafin wax treatment that brings you fast and effective heat therapy for blissful, soothing relief from arthritis, brusitis, tendinitis and strain
from €110

Anti-aging manicure

It is a treatment where you will notice visible difference, even after one treatment, in the feel and look of the skin of the hands. It includes crystal organic grain microdermabrasion with spray of oxygen and cool light for firming and rejuvenating the skin. Hands are massaged with powerful peptides and Vitamin C that helps repair, perfect and replemish sun damaged, stressed hands
from €20

File & paint colour

from €30

Basic pedicure with colour

from €75

Luxury pedicure with parafin wax

from €95

Deluxe pedicure (50 mins)

includes basic pedicure, massage, mask and deep heat
from €15

Abdomen Waxing

from €36

Full Leg Waxing

from €15

Bikini Wax

from €45

Brazilian Waxing

from €22

Full Arm Wax

from €22

Half Leg Wax

from €15

Underarm Wax

Medical Aesthetics

from €35

Upper Lip Electrolysis

from €47

Chin Electrolysis

from €45

Side of Face Electrolysis

from €90

Chin and Neck Electrolysis

from €35

Eyebrows Electrolysis

from €85

Underarm Electrolysis

from €85

Bikini Electrolysis

from €45

Abdomen Electrolysis

from €55

Chest Electrolysis


Semi-Permanent Makeup

Massage Therapy

from €40

Foot Massage

from €50

Back Massage

from €75

Back and Scalp Massage

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