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Yume Aesthetic Clinic

Yume Aesthetic Clinic

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#04-08 International Building, 360 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238869Singapore

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Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation $50 - $80
Treatment for Wrinkles $80 - $600
Dermal Fillers
Lip Augmentation
Yume Medlite's Tattoos Free from $1000
Radiesse™ / Radiance™ Filler
Stretch Marks Removal $400 - $1000
Thread Lift
Teosyal™ Filler
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About Yume Aesthetic Clinic

Yume Aesthetic Clinic's philosophy resolves around our central belief of providing quality care yet remain affordable and competitive.

In Yume, our strengths lies in our filler and laser services using well known brands such as Radiesse E-Matrix and Medlite.

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Medical Aesthetics


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Medical Aesthetics

$400 - $1000

Stretch Marks Removal

Combination of both vela smooth and e-matrix for both superficial and deep skin tightening resolving mild to moderate stretch marks


Cheek Augmentation

Fillers can augment cheeks, increasing the curves of the face, offering a more aesthetic appearance.  The result is distinctly more youthful.


Chin Augmentation


Dermal Fillers


Radiesse™ / Radiance™ Filler


Teosyal™ Filler




Lip Augmentation

$50 - $80

Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation - Yume Aesthetic ClinicMedical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
Beauty is not having the biggest eyes, the most perfect noses and the sharpest chin - it is the right balance and the right proportions that form the most aesthetic you.  Wrap these features in a even even coloured, smooth, wrinkle-free, scar-free skin and you have amazing beauty.  That is what we strive at at Yume, letting you have a wholesome aesthetic consultation, bring to your attention the right balances to your features, the plausible and practical goals for your skin and creating a harmonius satisfying end result via the aesthetic treatments best suited for you.
from $1000

Yume Medlite's Tattoos Free

Yume Medlite's Tattoos Free - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
Tattoos may be once desirable but you may wish to remove it now. Conventional methods of tattoo removal are very destructive leaving complications of scarring. Now tattoos can be effective removed by Medlite® with the minimal risks of scarring and complications.

Thread Lift

$80 - $600

Treatment for Wrinkles

Through an effective combination of treatment for wrinkles, fillers and laser treatment to address face in different level and stages of aging creates a more distinct rejuvenation effect to the skin. Lasers treat fine wrinkles effectively while treatment for wrinkles addresses active wrinkles. Fillers volumise the skin and replenish the collagen lost in time.

General Practice

Weight Control

Basic Health Screen

A comprehensive screening is done to first uncover any biological obstacles which impedes your body's ability to lose weight. It is important to exclude the presence of obesity related co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea or joints problem as these are obstacles to weight loss. This includes: A one-on-one in-depth consultation with our physicians. Your medical history, past illnesses, family history, habits, medications, supplements and all symptoms are explored and evaluated. After the consultation, a thorough physical examination is performed. Setting a goal agreeable with your level of motivation. Biochemical tests will be conducted to access your body's biological functions. Electrocardiogram, resting heart beat and exercise response tests, when indicated, assess the electrophysiological status of your heart. It is an important assessment of your exercise potential.

Nutritional Theraphy

The Nutritional Therapy program is structured with a minimum duration of 2 months and with multiple consultations on nutrition. This includes: Multiple consultations with our doctors. Assessment of your current diet, including its caloric content and nutritional value. Diet modifications will be introduced in different phases according to the pace of the individual patient.Practical diet strategies according to patient's likes and dislikes.

Pharmacotherpy and Supplementation

Both meal supplementation and pharmacotherapy are excellent for achieving short term weight loss. The meal supplements used is safe, affordable and medically proven for good results! All drugs used for weight loss are backed by strong scientific evidence for safety and efficacy. Both of these are effective and safe as it is prescribed along with the close medical supervision of our doctors.



Exercise Therapy

The Exercise program is tailored according to your lifestyle and work demands, and focused on aerobic training and musculoskeletal fitness. Aerobic training boosts your cardiovascular fitness and maximizes your caloric output according to your level of fitness. While musculoskeletal training increases your muscular mass which decreases your fat percentage mass and augments your metabolic rate.


$80 - $150

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment - Yume Aesthetic ClinicAcne Treatment - Yume Aesthetic Clinic

Acne consultations start from $30.  Medical acne treatment offers effective and economical clearance of most acne conditions.  Complete acne clearance can be further enhanced with the use of acne specific lasers and chemical peels.

$100 - $300

Birthmark Removal

Birthmark Removal - Yume Aesthetic ClinicBirthmark Removal - Yume Aesthetic Clinic

Birthmarks, are inherently deep pigments, and usually do not respond to treatments such as IPL, chemical peels that are superficial in nature and do not penetrate deep.  Medlite has proven to be a safe and effective treatment for birthmarks as the laser penetrate deep without harming the top skin.  In most cases, with sufficient treatment, medlite can create up to 80-90% clearance.

from $80


Cosmelan - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
The COSMELAN® formula is a safe skin formula, a simple procedure, to offer effective results for the removal of surface pigments while upholding high margin of safety. It is highly versatile and adaptable to the needs of each user and skin type. Within just one week of starting COSMELAN®, the pigmented patches start to get smaller and the skin becomes more luminous, smoother and rejuvenated. It is also painless!

Beauty Salon Treatments

from $400

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment - Yume Aesthetic ClinicFractional CO2 Laser Treatment - Yume Aesthetic Clinic

ECO2 Fractional Co2 laser, from Lutronic, is effective in treating crater and boxcart acne scars with a clearance of 15-25% each treatment.   Results are permanent.  Contact us to find out more.

Body Treatment
from $150


Velasmooth - Yume Aesthetic ClinicVelasmooth - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
Velasmooth™ is the first medical device clinically proven for the effective treatment of cellulite. It features the revolutionary ELOS - combination of Bi-polar Radio Frequency (RF), Infrared Light energies, plus negative pressure and tissue manipulation. Vacuum and specifically designed rollers manipulate and smooth out the skin; the synergistic combination of infrared and conducted RF energies increase oxygen intracellular diffusion by heating out the skin. This powerful combination of technologies results in an effective reduction and shrinking of the fat cells and a distinct smoother appearance of the skin, which means an improvement in cellulite and reduction of fat bulges. It is a PROVEN SOLUTION for multiple treatment areas such as: Posterior Thighs Cellulite, Buttocks, Outer thighs & Hips, Upper Arms, Neck, Saddlebags, Love Handles and Abdomen.
from $80

Contour Calves

With [Treatment name removed] contouring techniques, the calves can be reshaped to provide a slimmer outlook. The results are clinically distinct.

from $4000

Breast Fillers

Breast Fillers allows the augmentation of the breasts, without surgery, with these advantages: It is minimally invasive and therefore there is minimal discomfort. Very little recovery is needed and can be even done during lunch with you going back to work after! It allows the surgeon to fill and shape the breasts aesthetically to a natural shape and feel ! Material for breast filling is physiologic, safe and creates excellent aesthetic results. Aqualift, one of the the materials that is used for breast filling lasts relatively long. Breast fillers or breast filling has very minimal scarring.

Zeltiq Coolsculpting (2 hours)

Coolsculpting is a new non-invasive way to reduce fat using a patented cooling technology. The result is noticeable, natural looking fat reduction in the treated areas. Zeltiq distinct itself from other "Cryolipolysis" procedures by being the only FDA approved treatment that is embraced by thousands of practitioners worldwide, while being clinically proven by dozens of clinical trials and studies. At Yume, our Zeltiq-trained medical team will ensure a great experience each time you visit. The values of each treatment are made transparent to all our patients.
$100 - $250

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel - Yume Aesthetic ClinicChemical Peel - Yume Aesthetic Clinic

Although largely chemical peels are replaced by new generation lasers that offer a cleaner andmore efficient skin rejuvenation and skin de-pigmentation.  However chemical peels still have their place.  From gentle glycolic peels for gentle exfoliation to deeper peels for de-pigmentation and rejuvenation - they are great to give an instant glow to the face and to augment laser procedures in creating a more radiant jubilant skin.

$100 - $200

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions - Yume Aesthetic Clinic

Lartisse with clinical studies showing results up to 3-4 mm eyelash growth.  Is a popular product in yume.

Facial Rejuvenation

E2 E-Matrix

E2 E-Matrix - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
In YUME, we carry the latest eMatrix platform, the new improved FDA approved, CE-Marked E2- which consists of both Sublime and eMatrix applicators that target both superficial and deep skin, that when it is used in combination, effective addresses the aging skin.


Anti-aging - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
[Treatment name removed]®, a purified protein, can visibly smoothen and soften facial wrinkle lines. It works by relaxing the facial muscles and results can be seen within days. The most common locations for [Treatment name removed]® Anti-Aging are: 1) Between the eyebrows i.e. Frown Lines 2) Forehead Lines 3) Cheek Lines 4) Eye Lines or near the outer corners of the eyes, referred to as "Crow's Feet".

E2 Sublime

The basis for Sublime is elos technology, which combines broadband IR light (700-2000 nm) and bipolar RF, therefore achieving bulk dermal tissue heating. The IR was shown to stimulate collagen synthesis, while the RF causes immediate breaking of hydrogen bonds in the collagen triple helix, leading to contraction and resulting in the immediate and long-term improvement of wrinkles and facial contour. The FDA-approved, CE-marked, eTwo system was shown to be effective in treating wrinkles, scars, acne scars, textual irregularities, tone, striae and superficial skin lesions.

Fillers Anti-aging

Dermal fillers are substances that are introduced just below the surface of the skin to replace lost volume and/or structure, thereby filling lines, wrinkles and folds from within. Dermal fillers can restore a smoothen appearance.

Reshape Brow

Reshape Brow - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
The wonders of [Treatment name removed] never cease to amaze. Besides removing the aged lines, it is able to lift the brows and widened the eyes. Be it the arched, flared or the horizontal brow, [Treatment name removed] is able to shape your eyebrows according to the occasion and preference.
from $500

Contour Jaws

[Treatment name removed] Contour is able to reshape the face and sharpen your features. This results in an attractive almond shaped face for the ladies and a youthful sleek look for the guys.
from $450

Fillers Nose

Fillers Nose - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
While traditional rhinoplasty will require you to take a week off to recover from the post-operative pain and swelling, the 'modern rhinoplasty' using fillers require only a few minutes. This procedure has the added benefit of safety and the advantage of giving you an option on the suitability of a nose job.
from $700

Fillers Cheek

Fillers Cheek - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
Fillers can augment cheeks, increasing the curves of the face, offering a more aesthetic appearance.
from $700

Fillers Chin

Fillers Chin - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
Fillers augmentation of the chin has made it possible, not just to have an oval facial shape, but also added definition and character to the whole face.
from $500

Fillers Lips

Fillers Lips - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
Fillers are introduced into the 'main body' of the lips to provide volume while contouring is performed along the lip line. This will lead to a fuller and more sensuous appearance. You do not have to live with the 'bleeding lipstick' appearance anymore. With fillers, redefining the lips will give you a more youthful and appealing outlook.

Renew Skin Pores

Renew Skin Pores - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
This is one of the latest applications of [Treatment name removed] that involves the placement of tiny micro-droplets of the solution into the superficial skin of the face. The [Treatment name removed] technique reduces oil production and is particularly useful in acne prone oily skin. Furthermore, such a procedure will close the pores and gives a tightening and lifting effect to the entire face, giving it a radiant look.
from $80

Medical Tx

from $80

Medical Acne Treatment

This fast acne removal treatment will definitely provide a swift and effective solution. Mild steroids administered directly in small doses into a few isolated acne cysts or nodules can help reduce redness and inflammation and relieve the pain associated with these cysts. This is followed by the eventually resolution of the acne in accelerated time in just 5-7 days!

Medlite C6 laser

Medlite C6 laser  - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
This treatment can help to lighten pigments and thicken the skin, thus alleviating the dark circle appearance.
from $450

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers - Yume Aesthetic Clinic

Dermal fillers distinctly augments and sharpens the nose, the chin and the cheeks, fills up the temples and forehead to create an overall younger more attractive image.  Fillers can also fill out dark eye rings and eyebags to distinctly reduce the look of fatigue and age. Contact us to find out more!

from $80

Yume Medlite's Blemish Free

Yume Medlite's Blemish Free - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
Using the power and safety of Medlite®, pigmentations can be effectively removed with good recoveries!
from $80

Yume Medlite's Wrinkles Free

Yume Medlite's Wrinkles Free - Yume Aesthetic Clinic
Laser skin rejuvenation with Medlite® is a cosmetic procedure that is well adopted by physicians all over the world to meet the growing aesthetic demands of the busy new age "working class" who cannot afford to take away from work to recover from more intensive procedures, or who wants to a better solution to sun-damaged, aging or acne-scarred skin. It has also become the procedure of choice among top celebrities.
Yume Aesthetic Clinic - #04-08 International Building, 360 Orchard Road, Singapore, 238869,

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