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Enquire for a fast quote ★ Very Good ServiceScore™ 7.4 from 33 votes ★ 3 verified patient reviews. Visit our Medical Aesthetics Clinic - Frankston Private Level 3, 24 Frankston-Flinders Road, Frankston, Victoria, 3199, Australia.

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About True Aesthetics @ Frankston


True Aesthetics is one of only a few Platinum Specialist Rejuvenation Clinics in Australia, based in Melbourne @ Berwick, Frankston and Mornington. We specialise primarily in wrinkle fillers, wrinkle relaxers, severe sweating and double chins treatments.

We provide natural results using the most effective, state-of-the-art treatments to keep you looking beautiful and youthful.

At True Aesthetics, we have put together a specialised team who are all experts with extensive experience in their fields to provide a platinum service to our clients that are continuously cutting edge and result orientated based on scientific proof.

Kas Hollingsworth is our nurse practitioner and registered division 1 nurse, trained medical theatre assistant, and our principal injector with 20 plus years of experience in this medical field.

Kas is at the forefront of the latest developments and techniques used in cosmetic medicine.

Kas and her team at True Aesthetics are passionate about providing the best outcome for their clients. Every client is unique and all treatments offered in our medical rooms are tailored to meet the client’s needs. Clients’ visiting our platinum clinic receive personalised attention focussed on their results fitting in with your budget.

We want you to leave True Aesthetics feeling refreshed, vibrant and confident with your appearance.

We invite you to scroll through the services we offer. If you would like to make an appointment please use the online portal or phone our rooms.

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Patient reviews

5.0 from 3 verified reviews
brian, Australia
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I would recommend!

5 50 Excessive Sweating Treatment • Paid: $850


Just wanted to let other what users aware that I consulted with 3 other practices on the Peninsula for hyperhidrosis treatment and found Kas Hollingsworth from Renaissance Skin in Mornington, very competitive in relation to cost and the Medicare rebate has helped with the cost. I was so embarrassed with this condition but since having my treatment, I can now take off my jacket and wear my business shirt without the sign of sweat. She used a full vial of [Treatment name removed]. There are lots of questions raised when being injected, I made certain I cited the vial of [Treatment name removed] before she administered, I have heard other practitioners, dilute the product to save costs, so be aware what clinic users, do your homework and ask the right questions. Kas is a super talent and very patient. I would recommend her any day of the week.

Treated by: Mrs Kas Hollingsworth
KIm, Australia
( Review verified by email)

Dermal Fillers

5 50 Dermal Fillers • Paid: $640

I'm 39 years old and my lines bothered me a lot, probably from all those years of smoking Alpines! And I've been thinking to have Dermal Fillers / treatment for lines and wrinkles for a long time and was hesitant because of the side effects and droopy eyelids. But finally I had Dermal Fillers done by Kas Hollingsworth and I love it so far! No side effects at all. Easy to deal with and she booked me straight in. Found her details on this what clinic site and I would recommend anyone thinking of having cosmetic injections to contact her. I’m a fan.

Treated by: Mrs Kas Hollingsworth

I have just attended Q-Med [Name redacted] Symposium Aug 2012 - @ Chowder Bay, Sydney -Guest speakers included Dr Mary Dingley “No one will know, Everyone will notice”, Dr Woffles Wu, Todd Sampson discussed CREATIVITY VS FEAR and Professor Bob Khanna, believes: The Eyes are the window to the soul, The Mouth is the voice of the soul, the Face is the Home of Beauty. He believes that the eyes and mouth are the most important parts of the face, because they are the areas of greatest contrast, and that is what we are programmed to notice. Also, the lips are the only visible SEXUAL organ! “Every woman deserves a pout” Please contact our rooms all your skin care needs. 03 8768 5000

Mrs Kas Hollingsworth
Mrs Kas Hollingsworth
Helen_Brakes, Australia
( Review verified by phone and email)

I would recommend you contact this clinic.

4.9 50 Treatment for Wrinkles • Paid: $700

Treatment for lines and wrinkles

I have recently had Injections from Kas Hollingsworth; if you are thinking of having Treatment for lines and wrinkles or treatment then I would recommend you contact this clinic. Treatment actually worked quicker than Treatment for lines and wrinkles on me. I'm a fan of both Kas and her treatments. Watch out for other clinics with diluting the product- Kas u can trust immensely because of her results- Thanks Helen

Treated by: Mrs Kas Hollingsworth


  • ASPS - Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (Australia) 


Parking - underneath hospitalAccessible to disabled people - liftsPublic transport access - easy accessible from Frankston Railway StationWheelchair accessible toilet - yesAccess without steps - yesDisabled parking - yesPatient bathroom - yes

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Medical Aesthetics


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers - True Aesthetics @ FrankstonDermal Fillers - True Aesthetics @ Frankston

Injectable Fillers will transform fine-lines or deep creases, furrows, wrinkles, scars or other skin depressions allowing a more natural and refreshed look. They can give enhanced shape and definition to lips and lines around the mouth and remove, fill-in or plump up deep lines, wrinkles, depressions, scars and creases around the mouth, chin, cheeks, forehead and eyes. Common Questions: Product- the product is a hyaluronic acid gel that is injected into the skin. It adds contours, creates volume, fills lines ane hydrates the skin. The results are immediate. Fillers last from 9 – 12 months depending on the area treated, the depth of the lines, the condition of the skin and lifestyle factors. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Side effects of treatment may include swelling, redness and occasional bruising. Swellling is the most likely side effect because the product attracts water and hydrates the area which has been treated. Tenderness and swelling normally last around 2-3 days. It is best to have treatment 2 weeks prior to a significant event so as all swelling and bruising will have gone. If you don’t have further treatment, the skin will return to its pre-treatment condition. It has however, been proven to stimulate new collagen growth and may aid in improving the quality and texture of the skin.


Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting - True Aesthetics @ FrankstonFat Grafting - True Aesthetics @ Frankston

FAT GRAFTING Its in vogue for people in their thirties and forties to get fat injections in their faces that restore facial volume and also re-contour, shape and beautify patients using their own fat. Fat grafting is more effective than fillers and has a more permanent effect. In this procedure, you can take fat from any part of the body and inject it into any part of the face which is sagging, it could be those droopy eyes or those out of shape cheeks, says Kas Hollingsworth. While fillers have to be repeated often within weeks, fat grafting is a good idea as it offers a permanent solution and there are no side effects. 


Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating Treatment - True Aesthetics @ FrankstonExcessive Sweating Treatment - True Aesthetics @ Frankston

While sweating is the body’s way of regulating its temperature, some people may sweat four or five times more than is considered normal. If you are one of them, know that you are not alone and the condition is treatable. 

Excessive sweating affects around 3% of the population.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis. The more common type, primary hyperhidrosis, often begins in childhood, whereas secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by a medical condition or a side effect of a medication. Another key difference is that unlike people with primary hyperhidrosis, people with secondary hyperhidrosis usually experience excessive sweating while sleeping.

The most common areas of excessive sweating are the underarms, hands and feet.  It can be very embarrassing, and often a constant cause of concern for the sufferers.

Treatments for excessive underarm sweating

This condition can be treated 2 ways – by using injections or by surgical intervention. At Renaissance Skin Care we offer both.  You can have the injections with Kas, or you can have the surgery with Plastic Surgeon, Mr Tim Brown.

What injection treatment involves

The area under the arm needs to be treated in order to determine which part of the axilla they are sweating from the most. – By means of using an ointment.  Then the area can be injected.  It takes very little time – around 30 minutes.  Patients can return to work/normal activities immediately.

Patients can expect results in 7-10 days (it can take up to 14 days in total).  The treatment usually lasts from 8 – 12 months.  Patients normally return annually for re-injection.

If you interested without any obligation feel free to contact us today!




Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation - True Aesthetics @ FrankstonLip Augmentation - True Aesthetics @ Frankston

As the name suggests, dermal fillers are injected into the skin to ‘fill out’ lines and creases. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical treatment that rejuvenate the skin; giving almost immediately visible results without the risky side effects and long recovery times of surgery.

Dermal fillers stimulate the natural skin collagen by replacing the body’s store of hyaluronic acid, which depletes as we age. The filler is injected directly into the target area of the face. By using a substance that naturally occurs within the body, adverse reactions are negligible and no prior allergy tests are required.

As with any cosmetic treatment it is important to get expert advice on your options. There are a variety of choices available in fillers. The right clinician will be able to advise you on the best treatment to achieve your desired results. It is a legal requirement that a consultation occurs prior to the use of any injectable s and a prescription must come from a medical doctor.


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation


Treatment for Wrinkles

Treatment for Wrinkles - True Aesthetics @ Frankston

Wrinkle erasers remove unwanted wrinkles and skin creases with the use of tiny muscle-relaxing injections

Wrinkles are folds in our skin caused by the underlying muscles contracting. Wrinkles can occur as the result of squinting our eyes, eyebrow and forehead muscles, sunbathing, or looking into bright light and when anxious, worried or stressed.

Wrinkles can make you look older, or tired or angry. The injections prevent selected muscles from repeatedly contracting, thereby creating wrinkles.

Maintenance is the key and will prevent future wrinkles and prevent the look of aging. Injectable wrinkle erasers are a popular non-surgical injection that temporarily reduces or eliminates frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet near the eyes and thick bands in the neck. The product blocks the nerve impulses, temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles while giving the skin a smoother, more refreshed appearance.

Studies have also suggested that injectable wrinkle erasers are effective in relieving migraine headaches, excessive sweating and muscle spasms in the neck and eyes. These products can also be used to re-shape the brow and position of the eyebrows.

True Aesthetics @ Frankston - Kas Hollingsworth

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Mrs Kas Hollingsworth - Nurse Practitioner at True Aesthetics @ Frankston

Mrs Kas Hollingsworth

Job Title:
  Nurse Practitioner
  Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics

Kas – Nurse Practitioner, RN (Div 1) Cosmetic Nurse Injector and Surgical Assistant, Kas has worked with Mr Tim Brown since the inception of his practice. Kas works within the rooms as the clinical cosmetic injector; she has 20 plus years of experience in the medical field and has an excellent rapport with her patients.

She treats every patient with respect, understanding and trust, which over time, has made her one of the most popular injectors in Melbourne. The clinic uses products that are safe, proven and of the highest quality, giving patients the satisfaction they deserve.

Kas’ knowledge keeps advancing and stays fresh and up to date by attending cosmetic and plastic surgery conferences locally, interstate and internationally. She can ensure that the latest advances in cosmetic injecting technology are available to her patients.

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Frankston Private Level 3, 24 Frankston-Flinders Road, Frankston, Victoria, 3199Australia