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Integrated Medical Centre

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D-40 East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, 110065India

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Prices from ₹600 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Good ServiceScore™ 6.2 from 39 votes ★ 2 verified patient reviews. Multi-specialty clinic - D-40 East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, 110065, India.

Popular Treatments

Holistic Health Consultation
Colonic Irrigation
Acupressure from ₹1300
Anxiety - Alternative Treatment
CST - Craniosacral Therapy from ₹1500
Nutritional Counselling
Hopi Ear Candling from ₹2000
Diet and Nutrition Advice
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About Integrated Medical Centre

Integrated Medical Centre

The Integrated Medical Centre New Delhi was founded in 1984 by Dr. Mosaraf Ali and inaugurated by HRH The Prince of Wales. We provide a unique, integrative approach to patient care combining the best elements of traditional and complementary medicine. As no two individuals are the same, our treatments are personalized for each patient depending on their requirements.

What is Integrated Medicine?

Integrated (or integrative) medicine combines traditional and complementary medicine in order to provide a unique approach to treating a variety of ailments, particularly those that have previously


esponded poorly to solely conventional medical treatment. Our approach focuses on harnessing the body’s innate healing power to prevent illness and promote overall wellbeing. For more information about integrated medicine and the services we offer, please see our .

Our New Delhi Branch

The Delhi branch is headed by Dr. Mohsin Ali, a visionary leader and spiritual healer, doctor, medical veteran. He is doctor to ambassadors of numerous countries and senior political bureaucrats. At the centre, he works with a team of practitioners to ensure the best of his treatment is employed upon you. In 2013 we crossed our 5 Lac treated-patients milestone.

Our patients are generally those who have tried various forms of treatments including allopathy and conventional forms but have been disappointed. Our treatment provides hope and brings a monumental difference in a their lives.

Our London Branch

Our second branch in London, is headed by Dr. Mosaraf Ali, an internationally acclaimed, renowned medical doctor specializing in Alternative medicine, also the founder Integrated Medical Centre in New Delhi is a pioneer and veteran of this field, a scholar, a great thinker, doctor, with a patient base of thousands of critical cases successfully treated. Dr. Ali has successfully authored over 10 books in alternative medicine, with the Integrated Health Bible being a best seller around the world. He has over 40 years of medical experience Dr. Ali diagnoses patients by simply looking at them without a word and then goes about treating them.


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4.3 from 2 verified reviews
Nina, India
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Will return soon

4 50 Osteopath Consultation • Paid: ₹1300

Happy with outcome. Will return soon.

Nikhita, India
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.I would recommend it

4.5 50 Back Pain Treatment • Paid: ₹3500

A very warm and welcoming environment. Charges being reasonable too. Had gone there with my mother for her back pain. Drmohsin fixed her.I would recommend it.

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Olga, India20.05.2013
The physician was attentive, asked good questions; informed me clearly about services provided. I don't need the services now (using another provider closer to home), but I will seriously consider a visit for an assessment.


Parking - Cars can be parked outside the centre without difficulty.Public transport access - Nearest Metro Station: Kailash Colony Station (Violet line). 1km away.Patient bathroomWireless access

Clinic services

Text message reminders - We ensure you don't forget your appointment and also request you to be on time so we can attend to other patients as well.Home visits - After an initial consultation with doctor, we decide your course of treatment. If need be, home visits shall be made.Open weekends - We are open Saturday and Sunday.

Travel services

Tours and vacation services - Kindly contact Integrated Medical Centre for more information

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Holistic Health

from ₹1300


A natural healing technique that applies pressure to specific points on the body to improve the immunity and that is used to clear blockage.


Anxiety - Alternative Treatment

from ₹1300


The use of natural plants to speed up the healing process and strengthen the body.


Colonic Irrigation

Available at our London clinic. Not in New Delhi.

Some forms of colon hydrotherapy use tubes to inject sometimes mixed with herbs or with other liquids, into the colon via the rectum using special equipment. Oral cleaning regimes use herbs or people who practice colon cleansing believe that accumulations of putrefied feces line the walls of the and that these accumulations harbor or pathogenic causing and general ill-health. This "auto-intoxication" hypothesis is based on medical beliefs of the and was discredited in the early 20th century.

from ₹1500

CST - Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacraltherapy (CST), or cranial-sacral therapy, is an  therapyused by  and Craniosacral therapy was developed by Dr. JohnUpledger around 1983, and is loosely based on osteopathy in the cranial field(OCF), which was developed in 1899 by . In the United States, OCF, or cranialosteopathy, as it is more commonly known, can only be practiced by fullylicensed physicians (DOs, MDs and, in some states licensed naturopathicphysicians, or NDs) and dentists. Cranial osteopathy is considered an extensionof osteopathic medicine, and its training is therefore strictly regulated by the osteopathic medical profession and its governing bodies.

from ₹1000


Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of curing pain, in which a local suction is created on the skin and pain is treated; practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow and promotes healing. Suction is created using heat or mechanical devices (hand or electrical pumps) on the using bell-shaped cups. It is known in local languages as baguan/baguar, badkesh, banki, bahnkes, bekam, buhang, bentusa,kyukaku, gak hoi, , kavaa mihceme, andsinghi among others.


Diet and Nutrition Advice

Tailored to an individuals health to maximize benefit. It includes dietary modification to help lose weight, gastrointestinal problems and allergies.


Fertility - Alternative Treatment


Holistic Health Consultation

A free consultation with the doctor that will involve talking about your medical history and exploration of the problem in order to formulate a structured plan and initiation of treatment. This can be revised after a few sessions depending on the response to treatment. Generally once or twice, weekly sessions are recommended for 6-8 weeks.

Subsequent Visits: Involves treatment sessions with a combination or single therapy e.g. Marma Massage and /or Acupuncture and/ or Osteopathy. As appropriate and planned by the doctor.

from ₹2000

Hopi Ear Candling

Not Available at our Delhi clinic. Available at IMC London.


Pain Management - Alternative Treatment

Available at our New Delhi clinic.



Available at our New Delhi clinic. 

Please take an appointment before visiting.



Massaging the pressure points on the hand and feet that correspond to the different parts of the body, providing an overall relaxation and restoring balance.



Oriental body therapy uses a variety of massage techniques together with assisted exercises and stretching that are helpful for a wide range of conditions hanging from intestinal disorder to musculo-skeletal problems.


Weight Loss - Alternative Treatment

General Practice


Asthma Specialist Consultation


Diabetes Consultation

IMC helps you monitor your diabetes and keep a tab on your levels.

Knowledge of Diabetes and its complications and emergency situations helps equip a patient better. IMC makes a desperate attempt in educating patients on how to deal with Diabetes in your day to day life.


Dietician Consultation


Health Care Advice


Men's Health Consultation


Mental Health Consultation


Nutritional Counselling


Occupational Health Consultation


Stress Management

The therapy restores the sense of wellbeing with a soothing and safe atmosphere which allows the mind and body to unwind, become quiet and peaceful. Therapeutic massage allows to restoring harmony and quickness in healing and revitalizing effect.


Travel Health Consultation


Weight Control


Weight Loss Consultation

Dr. Alis Weight Loss Programme

, described in his best selling book and dvd, analyses 

4 main types

 of weight gain:

  • Excessive eating and no exercises (common type).
  • Hormonal Type (diabetes, low thyroid, reproductive hormonal imbalances, stress and etc.) this is more common in women. The fat deposited in this type is white in colour and not yellow as in dietary fat. It’s often called "cellulite" which is usually deposited on the area below the belly button, around the waist, thighs, upper arms, bosom and buttocks but rarely on the face neck, hands or the lower part of the legs. In case ofPoly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, similar fat deposit is also noticed. Men too occasionally have similar type of weight gain and they are terribly embarrassed about their breasts. This type of weight gain is managed by controlled clinical fasting, intensive exercise programme and no fat diet for up to a year. General diets have little or no effect on this fat.
  • Psychological Weight Gain due to binging, food addiction and bulimia. Here advising diets do not produce sustainable results. Lifestyle changes and psychological treatments help in this scenario.
  • Familial or Genetic Weight Gain. Here the entire family should participate in carrying out a programme of no-fat diet, exercises and occasional fasting for up to 3 days at a time. Then there is weight gain due to intake of prescription medicines like steroids and HRT.

Women's Health Consultation

Leading integrated health specialist Dr. Mosaraf Ali treats more women than men in his clinic. Now he brings all his experience to bear on this information-packed, encyclopaedic book.

The first part explains why women need their own health bible - gynaecologists and obstetricians cannot understand all the problems of women, says Dr. Ali, so this book offers a pioneering approach to help women understand their specific health issues and deal with them themselves. He explains how a womans mind and body function differently from a mans and describes the many different factors that contribute, including body types and birth signs.

He provides an MOT enabling every woman to assess her own general health, and his own health-enhancingLifestyle Program. Chapters on general health and well being include reproductive health (from menstrual cycles to the menopause), sexuality and sexual problems, pregnancy and maternity care, weight control, skin and hair care, ageing gracefully, general diseases more prevalent in women and psychological problems (from eating disorders to post-natal depression).



Ankle Injury Treatment


Biomechanical assessment


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

from ₹1300

Chronic Pain Syndrome


Exercise Therapy




Knee Rehabilitation



from ₹1300

Physical Therapy


Posture Management


Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

from ₹1300

Sciatica Treatment


Shoulder Rehabilitation

from ₹1300

Spinal Rehabilitation - Neck and Back Injury


Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation

from ₹1000

Sports Therapy

from ₹1000

Stroke Rehabilitation


STT - Soft Tissue Therapy


Tennis Elbow


Trigger Point Therapy

from ₹1300


Massage Therapy


Tui Na


Abdominal Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Fragrant oils that have healing properties are massaged into the skin.

from ₹1000

Aromatherapy Massage

from ₹1300

Ayurvedic Massage

The use of natural oils used to speed up the healing process and strengthen the body through various Ayurvedic techniques. 


Chinese Massage

from ₹1300

Deep Tissue Massage

A preventive treatment that works on neuro-muscular tissues, nourishing the body, mind and strengthening the nervous system.

from ₹1000

Full Body Massage

from ₹1000

Holistic Massage



from ₹1500

MLD - Manual Lymphatic Drainage

from ₹1300

Neck and Shoulder Massage


NMT - Neuromuscular Therapy

from ₹1300

Sports Massage


Swedish Massage


from ₹1300

Back Pain Treatment

from ₹1500

Chiropractor Consultation

from ₹1000

Spinal Manipulation

from ₹1000

Sports Chiropractic


from ₹1500

Cranial Osteopathy

from ₹1500

Myofascial Release

from ₹2000

Osteopath Consultation


from ₹1000

Acupuncturist Consultation

The painless application of needles to stimulate channels of energy, allowing the body to balance itself and restore health.


Auricular Acupuncture


Fertility Acupuncture

Ear Nose and Throat

from ₹1300

Vertigo Treatment



Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment


Spinal Fusion



Impotence Treatment


from ₹700

Digestive Disorders Treatment



Anger Management

from ₹600


from ₹1300

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

from ₹1300

Psychotherapist Consultation

Integrated Medical Centre - D-40 East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, 110065,

Payment information

Free initial consultation


Private Patients Welcome
Dr Mohsin Ali - Doctor at Integrated Medical Centre

Dr Mohsin Ali

Job Title:
  Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chiropractic, Dietetics (Nutrition), Herbalism, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Occupational Therapy, Osteopathy, Psychotherapy, Sports Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine
  English, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

Mohammad Mohsin Ali internationally known in Integrated Medicine. He graduated from Calcutta University. He did his post graduation in Acupuncture and Acupressure from Singapore and working in this field for the past 23 years. He uses pulse and tongue diagnosis and specializes in combining the physical therapies and ayurvedic herbal medicines to treat particular ailments and also de stressing therapy enhancing the quality of life. Currently he is practicing as a senior naturopath and physical therapist consultant at Integrated Medical Centre, London that is Europe’s second largest health care centre. He is also the director of Integrated Medical Centre New Delhi.

He was consultant physical therapist to American Medical Centre, British Medical Centre, German Medical Centre, Japan Medical Centre, Delhi Golf Club, Integrated Physical Therapy Centre (Dubai) and Aashlok Hospital New Delhi.

Dr Mohammad Hasan Ali

Job Title:
  Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chiropractic, Dietetics (Nutrition), Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy, Herbalism
  English, Thai, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

Dr Sheikh Sebgatullah

Job Title:
  Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine
  English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

Mr Ahmed Hasan Ali

Job Title:
  Operations Manager
  English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

Dr Mosaraf Ali

Job Title:
  Acupuncture, Anti-Aging Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Beauty Therapy, Chiropractic, Cosmetic Medicine, Dietetics (Nutrition), Family Medicine, Herbalism, Hypnotherapy, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Osteopathy, Pain Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physiotherapy, Preventive Medicine, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Respiratory Therapy, Sport and Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tropical Medicine
  English, Russian, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

Dr. Mosaraf Ali was born in India and went to a boarding school run by Irish Christian Brothers. He passed the school with a First Division, securing very high marks, and joined The University of Delhi for Medical studies. He got a scholarship to study Medicine in the former USSR in 1973 and continued his medical studies in Moscow. He obtained "The Doctor of Medicine" degree with Honours, securing 38 excellent grades out of 40 examinations taken.

In 1980 he joined the prestigious Central Institute of Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow for postgraduation in Acupuncture. During that period he specialised in Pulse Diagnosis, Iridology, Tongue Diagnosis and Hypnosis.
He returned to Delhi in 1982, worked in a Hospital for a year and opened the first Centre for Integrated Medicine in the world. While working in India, he also studied under masters of Ayurveda, Unani Medicine, Yoga and Marma Therapy.

Between 1988-1991 he was The Medical Director of a Complementary Medical Clinic in Hong Kong"The power to live a long and healthy life is within all of us.." Dr. Mosaraf Ali
He learned Chinese Herbal Medicine there. In 1991 he took up the post of head of The Department of Integrated Medicine at the Hale Clinic in central London. In 1998 he opend his own Integrated Medical Centre in London. It was the first of its kind in Europe.

Dr. Ali did research in stroke rehabilitation using his own technique in two leading UK medical institutions. He trained four batches of NHS doctors in his unique diagnostic and therapeutic integrated medical techniques. He has written 8 books on healthcare and maintained a health column for the YOU magazine in The Mail on Sunday and Top Sante magazine in the UK for 6 years. He regularly speaks at WPO and CEO Universities and is rated as one of the top health speakers at such forums.

Dr. Ali was influenced by his maternal grandfather who was a doctor and a homeopath.
His quest for learning the art of medicine took him to remote parts of India where he learnt about traditional healing techniques and herbs used by tribals to treat common ailments. He used his medical knowledge to understand these methods and use it in his practice. This unique knowledge and experience makes him one the leaders in his field of medical practice.

He began to develop his own techniques and methods of treatment. Throughout the years Dr. Ali earned the titles of "Cure-All Doctor" and "Genuine Integrated General Physician".These qualities made him a Royal Physician and family doctor of many highly influential public figures worldwide. He can treat your backache, eczema, flu, digestive problems as well as rehabiltate stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and sports injuries safely and effectively in the shortest possible time. It is extremely rare to find a doctor who can treat such a wide ranges of ailments.
Patients are immensely satisfied with his art.

What makes Dr. Ali so special?

  • He is a qualified medical doctor who has studied complementary and traditional medicine.
  • He has almost 30 years of clinical experience with over 15.000 patients all over the world.
  • He has developed special techniques for treatment of backache, digestive problems, headaches, etc.
  • His book The Neck Connection is based on a revolutionary discovery, a first in medical history.
  • The Ali Syndrome and The Ali Technique as mentioned in The Neck Connection are his unique concepts.
  • Dr Ali has teaching experience.
  • His diagnosis is accurate and simple.
  • His books have been bestsellers.
  • Dr Ali runs a charity clinic for the needy in the Indian Himalayas.
  • He uses simple language to explain complicated medical matters.
  • He has endorsements from famous people like HRH Prince of Wales, Morgan Freeman, Sylvester Stallone, Samuel L. Jackson, Andrew Llyod Webber, Kate Moss, Jonathan Newhouse (Condé Nast).
  • He has also treated Michael Douglas, Ernie Els, Colin Montgomery, Claudia Scheffer, Sir Richard Branson, Sir Michael Caine, Boris Becker and members of several Royal Families as well as Heads of States and leading business families of the world.
  • All these people have carried out their research on Dr. Ali's experience and capabilities before seeking his advice.
  • Dr Ali is a pioneer and has more experience than many other doctors practising Integrated Medicine.
  • His clinic in London and India, and the clinical spa in Tuscany and Cochin are very successful institutions.
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D-40 East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, 110065India

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